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Turn words into amazing unique artworks in seconds! Enter a prompt, pick an art-style and watch DaVinci turn your idea into a high quality artwork using the power of AI!

With the power of DaVinci AI’s innovative technology, you’ll create content that’s never been seen before—based on your own text description.

It is extremely easy to use DaVinci!

► Turn words into art
Want to see a BBQ party on Mars or a group of cats having a tea ceremony? Or maybe you’re wondering what lies in the far corners of our universe? DaVinci can show you all that and more!

► Explore art styles
DaVinci has mastered a variety of art styles and techniques: from cartoonish pencil sketches to mind-blowing photorealism. Experiment with styles and see which one captures your idea best.

► Create art from images
If you have an exact concept of what your painting should look like, you may add an image as a visual base for your prompt. Upload a photo or select one from our library, and the AI will transform it into a remarkable masterpiece tailored to your vision. Try out different inputs to see your ideas from different angles!

► Share your creations
Join thousands of lively minds already creating fantastic artwork using their words. Generate unique artworks and share them with the world to inspire others to turn their ideas into works of art.

Privacy Policy: https://davinci.ai/terms
Terms of Use: https://davinci.ai/privacy


Goooooood day, you beautiful humans,
Wooooowwwwww, Avatar creation is now available. Let’s create your perfect avatars. This is the day that you create and share your best-ever artwork. Go on, create beautiful artwork using the power of AI!
To help, we’ve squashed some pesky bugs and tweaked the UI a touch to make the app even more of a dream to use. And you thought that was impossible, amirite?!
It’s go time. Hope you like the DaVinci App!
The HUBX team


40 comentarios en "DaVinci – AI Avatar Art MOD"

  1. Sorry, this is not one of the better AI art apps. You have to watch an ad EVERY time you want to create an image. There really aren’t many options for styles as most are locked away in the pay-for pro version. It all seems very limiting. My advice is to try others with far more options.

  2. Rubbish! I was really looking forward to using this app, but when I open it, all that happens is a screen with moving images and a short sentence saying something along the lines of “turn your words into artwork. Just type in whatever you want to create and let your creativity take over” I’ve tried to start but I can’t even bring the keyboard up to type anything, the screen just stays as it is, nothing changes. Very disappointing! Gonna have to uninstall it as it taking up space!!

  3. While I understand the need to make revenue from the app, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to either give users like 2-3 free ad-less image generations per day. Also some users like myself hate a subscription model but would gladly pay a larger one time fee for a lifetime subscription, so it would be nice if that were an option too. The images generated by the app are decent and the app has potential, but it’s just really money hungry at the moment.

  4. Garbage. I have now paid TWICE for the premium version and it keeps erroring out. I’ve made maybe 5 images and then it freezes up saying error, please try again. Did that for QUITE awhile with no improvement! Would LOVE to get my $60 back, but I’m guessing I’ll never see that again… 😒

  5. It’s been fun all the way up until now! I paid the full amount for full uninterrupted access!!! And now it’s telling me I have to do it again!!! Can anybody say AI literally just stole my money? Or is it the people behind the app!!? I would not even give it tiny germ of a star but it gives you no choice! It makes you give it at least one star to leave a review!!

  6. This app is a scam. When you make the example presets twice you get the same example image back every time. Even when you reinstall the app. This means that the app is just showing you already created images and pretending that it is generating them.

  7. In The ad it says you type in what you want it to create using keywords, that’s not the case. You choose 2 different themes and it mashes it together. It’s slow, not at all what it claims to be in the ad, and mentioning ads. You have to watch an ad just before every single image you try to view. If you want better faster results you then have to pay $5 a week so bout $20 a month or the option of $30 a year. If you get $5 remember to unsubscribe when not in use. I’d rate this app a -5* if I could

  8. I’m kind of confused? I did the one time purchase. Apparently you have to do it again just for the AI avatar but whatever. My concerns are missing features? Can’t upload any pictures in to prompt area and I’m no longer receiving multiple images from my prompt. Just a single image every time now. Do the people with reoccurring payments get more benefits?

  9. The app worked fine on my Samsung galaxy s22 ultra… No crashes or freezes. And the artwork it produced was beautiful and detailed. My problem is with the AI side. It just wasn’t up to the job. Any request that was more complex than a single name or place stumped it. For instance if I requested “Mike. Tyson riding a tiger in laz Vegas * I’d just get a portrait of Tysonsk face

  10. App is greatly improved. No longer crashes as startup. Image generator quality is improved, but you are limited to 5 image gens (with mandatory adviews) then the app demands subscription. After that, it’s basically useless unless you subscribe. So I’m deleting the app again as it’s now useless.

  11. Matt dice:

    After the title screen animation with the app logo with Mona Lisa in the background, I am taken to the turn your words into art screen and the app does not do or let me do anything else I have Uninstaller and re-installed, this app doesn’t even deserve the 1 star cause that would imply that there is still at least something there, it wouldn’t be good, but it’s more than what I’m getting, it must be a warning sign to not use the app, so that it what I will do, time to find a different one

  12. App doesn’t work. Takes me to a screen with moving images that tells me to turn my words to artwork but doesn’t allow me to do do anything. No keyboard or option to go to next page or anything. Was looking forward to this app but it’s just taking up space at this point.

  13. Mark G dice:

    First two times I opened an error came up when creating. Closed app and restarted. Started working but when creating it never finished. Most others do it within 20 seconds. This one kept creating for over a minute and nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing. Dont have time for wonky apps that dont work easily. DAWN, DREAM and WONDER AI apps work without the issue found here. Deleted.

  14. I started the 3 day trial, played around with it for an hour, then gave it 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐’s. When I went back to play around with it, I was locked out of the features I had just used and now have to watch ads. Was it a glitch? I didn’t have to do any of that when the trial started 2 hours ago. I was going to subscribe long term but now I don’t trust it

  15. I like the artwork very much. This has some really awesome filters. I wish it were more responsive. Seems to take a long time to respond to the recreate and download buttons.

  16. The app is basically a scam. The ai takes 20 mins to keep generating the art and the subscription system makes your experience worse cause you don’t give them money. I do not recommend this app at all there are so many better ai drawing apps.

  17. This app is horrible don’t waste your time with it, iv tried it 3 times and it won’t generate anything just keeps vibrating with a message saying creating its been about an hour and it hasn’t created anything I tried something basic af my last attempt and just typed in hell with hyper realistic…still nothing so this app doesn’t work

  18. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I see complaints about it not being free, but a quality service such as this needs server maintenance and a budget to improve its processing. I bought a year with no hesitation.

  19. MrFonzy88 dice:

    If you could have an option to add a photo of your own or take one to use that would be an amazing addition to your app. Also adding dates to events that occurred and in your life andor names of people famous or not even family members or yourself would also be some great concepts to add when making. New versions of this app through future updates would be key ! Maybe an option to post your work for other to vote/rate maybe even purchase?

  20. Currently awaiting updates due to the broken art generation. Avatar generation you have to wait roughly an hour but get 50 unique avatars that are pretty solid. High hopes for the app but currently very broken app that developers need to calm down and properly stabilize first.

  21. martin vt dice:

    I paid for the year, but when you updated recently I’ve lost my access. Keeps asking for me to upgrade to pro. Really annoying, Sort it out

  22. I’m going to delete it right away. Firstly the empty warning message appeared, than you see the subscription page, which hasn’t free/demo options. So you basically can’t even try it without buying.

  23. The app sucks. Waste of 25 $ now I am scared to put any money on any other ai art app. I’m cool with getting ripped off once …but I’d not be kind to the computer nerd that does it the second time. Davinci sucks.gov. blech!

  24. Id vote 5 stars but then the drive to improve would falter and progress wouldnt be made. Besides that its a great app, so i want to see it become better. I hope everyone else enjoys it to.

  25. This only gets a 1 star because the app only opens to the intro page. No X to exit from that page. Nothing.

  26. Currently can not use this app because as i open the application, the menu is inaccessible. No buttons appear on screen to click or use, it tells you about the app but cannot go any further.

  27. Not bad doesn’t limit you to G rated language or thought. Seems really versatile I’ve tried only Six or seven of ai art apps, but this maybe the best of it’s type I’ve tried based on my limited experience thus far. Good job guys and gals

  28. This app is run by the same dodgy turkish cartel that run the Wonder app under a different name and address in Turkey. They have extremely dodgy terms and conditions which allow them access to everything on your device they will even allow data scraping of peoples social media accounts and Internet footprint. It’s basically like inviting a burglar into your home. They also have a tenancy to take the best images you generate for their own purposes. Google should be checking this out.

  29. Lured me in with the cute “singing” photo ad on Facebook. Can’t do it in the free trial so how do I know I can do it if I commit to buying it? The app is clunky and of no use to me.

  30. app works fine, just doesn’t produce renders up to parr with the competition. the same prompt used elsewhere produced far superior results.

  31. Can’t even get past the opening screen it’s like the page is too big and there’s no continue or skip button it just shows me rotating images telling me that I can make these images with just my words but I can’t do anything else

  32. Terrible app. Getting through the ads wasn’t a big issue but forces you to buy the premium after generating only a few images.

  33. Would be 5 star but even free with ads seems to be limited, i made 6 images with ads and after that everytime i try create it rediverts you to purchase premium. If that didnt happen it would be fine its a greate app and generator

  34. This app is absolutely amazing and allows you to finally have your words mean more than they ever could before being intimately connected to art.

  35. So far it is interesting. Using free and I get five if I watch 5 ads which has it’s negative connotations. Pro price (add free and unlimited) is expensive.

  36. You have limited free ai creations and then they want you to buy the premium version to keep using the app. but you can uninstall and reinstall to reset your freebies

  37. Once in while you get a good picture but mostly it’s just weird and often out of topic. This app need A LOT of work.

  38. 6.50$ per week for the pro version? That’s more than double what I pay for a streaming service with countless movies and shows. Try 6.50 annually.

  39. Works perfectly very good artwork but you have to watch an ad every time and you can only do it 5 times every 24 hours

  40. SHAME… don’t soil the name!! When I open the app I can’t get past the splash screen. This is a terrible dev and a waste of time. You should take it down until you have something that will do what you say it will…

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