Adobe Capture: Illustrator,Ps MODDED

9.1 (3372)

Illustrator, Photoshop, Fresco, color picker, svg, pantone, vector, font finder.
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9.1 (3372)
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Adobe Capture turns your Android phone/tablet into a creation machine for graphic design.

Imagine looking through your camera to see patterns, vector, and even fonts. Now imagine turning those visions into design materials to immediately use in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Fresco, and more. The power to transform the world around you into creative elements to build your projects is in the palm of your hands today.

Remove Background from Images
Take your photo inspiration and transform the background to use in your projects. Create high quality graphics to use in your projects.

Vectorize on the Go
Love poster? Looking for photo to sketch, pencil sketch? Create vector instantly with Shapes. Turn images into smooth, detailed, scalable vector with 1-32 colors, for use in logos, illustration, animation, vectornator and more. Point and shoot at your drawing or upload a photo and watch it magically transform into clean, crisp lines, pencil sketch.

Identify Typography
Looking for font finder? Find your perfect font using Adobe Capture. Take a photo of the type you like (in a magazine, on a label, a sign, anywhere!) and watch a list of similar Adobe Fonts magically appear.

Create Color Themes and Gradients
Designers, rejoice! Looking for customized color palettes, color match, color picker? Find an inspiring gradient? Find color by number or hex? Color grab? Aim your camera at the scene that has the colors you want and grab them to use in your artwork.

Build Beautiful Digital Brushes
Can’t find the right brush to paint? Take a photo or use an image to create brushes that match your creative vision. Use your brushes in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fresco for rich painterly effects.

Craft Intricate Patterns
Love wallpaper? Looking for patternator? Capture inspiring images and generate patterns with Capture preset geometrics. Easily create beautiful, colorful patterns that fit with your creative projects by using your vector shapes with our precision pattern builder, patternator.

Generate 3D Textures
Generate realistic PBR materials for use in 3D design straight from the camera. Modify your materials for even more texture or blend the edges for seamless repeat tiling on your 3D objects.

Capture Light and Color
Love photography? Collect light and hue to turn into beautiful color grading profiles for your images and videos with Looks. Record the magic of a sunset and transfer that feel to use in your photos and video projects.

Adobe capture is one solution for all graphic design needs such as color match, color picker, photo to sketch, patternator, color finder, font finder, pencil sketch, vector, pixelcut, photoroom, background eraser, background remover, background blur, mask, blur image, photo gallery, exposure, canva design photo video, remove background, photo editor, digital camera, background editor, photo studio , pantone, indesign, imagine, svg, matterport, fresco, Creative cloud, adobe express, vectornator, lightroom, substance, digital art and more.

Seamlessly Sync Creative Elements
All your element save to Adobe Creative Cloud libraries. Instantly access your digital elements from your Creative Cloud account in all compatible applications.

MediaPost Appy award winner 2016!
Compatible Adobe Apps and Programs for Creative Assets
Photoshop, Photoshop express, Adobe Fresco, Photo shop Sketch, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, adobe photoshop mix, adobe Illustrator Draw, InDesign, Dimension, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Animate, adobe photoshop fix, adobe xd, adobe spark post, cc express, canva and adobe spark.

The free, basic Creative Cloud membership includes 2GB of complimentary storage for file syncing and sharing.

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What’s new in version 9.1

Edit Graphic Masks

In the new Select mode, quickly add and subtract areas of the mask after you remove the background of your Graphic.


Performance and stability improvements.

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40 comentarios en "Adobe Capture: Illustrator,Ps MODDED"

  1. this app a must have for all designers and artists of all kinds. super user friendly, easy to navigate, clean looking interface, and super smooth operations. would love to see more editing features when creating certain types of creations but with how easy it is to use the same design between Adobe apps through creative cloud it isn’t all that pertinent. the auto capture feature is a game changer too as it suggests some super cool creations that may not be thought about.

  2. I really do like the app, it’s a great tool for creating vectors for use in other art apps, but there’s a GLARING issue that I cannot overlook: If you open up another app or just tab out to view a bit of reference material while you’re drawing, the undo button will stop working. You can get it working by going to the save page and back…but if you do, it will suddenly revert to the last saved state, or even revert entirely to the base image you’re working on. I’ve lost hours of work now. Hours.

  3. I know this app can be wonderful, if I can ever complete a picture on it. Please add a feature to allow users to save a work in progress. I have spent countless hours getting a picture just right to end up hitting the wrong button or getting interrupted too many times and losing EVERYTHING! I don’t have time to waste. Its frustrating and very stressful.

  4. Please fix! Almost everytime I go to either save or am working on a shape design. It randomly closes out, and I lose everything. Especially if I’ve been working on a shape design for several hours. Yes, I know that seems like a long time to design a shape. But I like the fact that you can take a picture of something, and then turn it into a shape just by cleaning it up. I really do love the app, because its pretty easy to use and helps me get my product designs done faster. So please fix!!

  5. this app is by far one of the coolest applications out there for artists or anyone who wants to have some fun. it allows you to capture color schemes of the scenes around you so if you wanted to recreate it and the digital painting it will be much easier. it also lets you capture shapes which you can then use in Photoshop or illustrator to easily be able to color in something that intrigues you. these are just a few features on Adobe capture that I love but I give this app to thumbs up.

  6. so far it’s doing exactly what I ask it to do. but it kind of sucks at converting line art to vectors without more involved lighting setups. but you can use photos out of your library… so that’s more of a mixed bag. you should be able to set levels that you want it to use for the vector thing, you can’t. but the color chooser from your camera was cool. overall it’s a bunch of things that are useful for digital painters

  7. This app is way more interesting than I originally thought it was! It’s the best app I’ve ever found for finding color schemes from surroundings or from any photo. Not only color schemes, but it also creates brushes, patterns, gradients and more. I’m having so much fun collecting patterns, palettes and brushes!

  8. This app is an invaluable creative helper. You can create vectors from anything in the world around you, snapshot color palettes that you can use in design and color grading, plus more. I still haven’t figured out a use for the pattern feature but I’m sure I will in time. This is pretty amazing considering the app is developed by lizard people.

  9. Absolutely amazing! I have thought of this concept for many many years, leave it to Adobe to nail it once again!!! I’ve used all of there softwares my whole life, but I’ve always wanted to vectorize hand drawn sketches, snag a color I find while out and about, try and find out a font genre on the fly, etc etc etc etc etc!!!! This app is the most important tool in a graphic designer’s bag of goodies, by far!! Thank you Adobe for making this app free!!! I am going to promote this everywhere I go!!

  10. Fun. Wish it would not punt you back to live camera everytime you save, but leave you with the image you were last working from. Wish cloud assets usable outside adobe software. Wish more pattern options were available. Hogs all the bandwidth to the point of crashing other devices/ tasks. Makes my phone run really hot. Pattern maker is addictive.

  11. Alena Nik dice:

    One of the best programs to help artists. Saves me a lot of time with vectors: I prefer to draw on paper. AC turns captured drawing into vector in no time. All I have to do then – is to make final adjustments on PC. Thanks for so simple and powerful program. My only wish is to be able use it on PC.

  12. I love Adobe software and their support of beginners and novice artists putting it out there in the medium. I rate this a solid 4☆s.Two things prevent the last ☆ for me. Novice users(me) not familiar with industry terms and functions, need a type of glossary to become familiar with these operations and how they work more quickly to avoid frustration. Also the App could use a better look.IE: Samsung Style Dark Mode(see internet). Just a suggestion.👍👍👍👍

  13. Freaking amazing. I thought I’d have to do a TON of work digitizing my doodles and drawings. But this does it for me so quickly. The only downside is that it saves the images pretty small if you don’t have a creative cloud sub. So I got one and it now show all my Adobe capute images right in illustrator in the library menu, and I can resize up as big as I want without losing sharpness, etc. . I love it.

  14. Great at first but after 7 images it is no longer saving any of my new images that im trying to work on. I change it to vector shapes and go to save and it pops up for a second and its gone from exsistance. I need to export file into image so I can later illustrate it, please fix adobe so the file won’t disapear and let us export the image before we save it. Great app but those problems are making it harder to progress, please fix thanks we’d appreciate it.

  15. EDIT: It works fine now. It wasn’t the same error experienced by the engineer in the reply (I always had access to the social sign-on links), but it seems to have been resolved regardless. ORIGINAL: Can’t get past the sign-in screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I tried logging in with both my adobe id and a google account. I also cleared the cache. I can sign into other Adobe apps on my phone without issue.

  16. Wonderful to use; I use it all the time. Would like to see an issue with the app fixed. When you’re labeling or naming your finished image, the cursor jumps back to the beginning (Shape123), and you have to start over… a tad annoying… but I’ve endured it. Keep up the great work.

  17. Mr Stein dice:

    Adobe Capture works fine on IOS devices I’ve used, however, with android, it’s horrific. Getting files, libraries, etc, is a headache to try to get uploaded to the Creative Cloud, assuming it even works. Between libraries, it is extremely bugged and often chooses one library to put everything in, even if you explicitly had a file uploaded to a separate one. I’d rate much higher if it worked as seamlessly as the IOS version, and without the bugs.

  18. E. O. dice:

    Hello, Adobe can you make an application that allows me to paint, rotate, multiply, gradient, and copy and paste art and objects, like illustrator, but on my phone. During the winter months our power goes out, after we get a strong cold front, then all i’m left with is my phone to make art. That’s when I wish I had access to Illustrator.

  19. I was under the impression this app could be used with existing images. Apparently it only works with the phone’s camera. Very misleading.

  20. It doesn’t sync libraries and to boot, I try and log out and it doesn’t let me, saying I don’t have wifi access. Charming.

  21. Images lost the smooth effect now. Looks good on app but after moving to pc image loses the smooth effect. Never used to do this

  22. How do I use it as adobe illustrator mobile? And why did you guys shut it off? It was such a great app. I only used it to draw. Now I can’t find any app that’s as comfortable as illustrator

  23. BE Knoll dice:

    amazing how easily you can create assets, color schemes, fonts, brushes… just wow!

  24. Jasmin S dice:

    Unusable. Whenever I create a new asset I can’t access to it anymore in the main menu and I also can’t access the library it’s in because it’s read-only and I have to contact the owner for access even though I was the one who created the library. So for each asset I have to create a new library that only holds that single asset only for me to find out that I can’t access the library anyway

  25. Great for turning pictures into svg for cricut which is exactly what I needed it for, nice to find an app that actually does what it says for once

  26. Fast and extremely useful. But I’ll need to upgrade my storage soon.

  27. This is a very cool tool to use to turn photos into svgs

  28. It’s ok. Just wish it could capture brushes better. Also it just made like 20 copies of one of my brushes and I don’t know how it did that. The brush captures need to be worked on but seeing as it’s the only thing out there I don’t have choice. It needs the ability to crop the brush all the time along with many other features that can and would benefit the community and artists out there. We should be able to make them just like we do in photoshop but with the camera ability. save to sd card

  29. Great start, needs more app compatibility across the Adobe mobile line. For instance, patterns generated on Capture are only able to be imported by Illustrator and Photoshop on the computer; mobile versions are not compatible. Would also love to see a feature where one could export short videos of the pattern angle being manipulated. It looks so good when tweaking the angle, like a live kaleidoscope. Very smart and addictive app, though.

  30. It has some great features. I love the pattern maker, and how it suggests other assets when saving. The shape feature seemed great…I can now say, having used it way too many times, that it always ends up being frustrating & results in twice the work than if I go directly to illustrator. Seems fine in the app, but on the computer you realize it adds a ridiculous number of vectors that you need to clean up and simplify unless you’re looking for a fuzzy image. Why isnt there Fresco for android?

  31. Other than a degree of slowness in saving and accessing from the Library, this app is a blast to use. The patterns generated just by pointing the camera at even the most mundane of subjects is unexpected and a thrill. Not even explored what else this app can do, but I imagine an essential tool for textile designers. Thoroughly recommended even for just its pattern generating prowess 👍

  32. Really great App! Something more than I expected! 4 stars instead of 5 are for one, though, annoying functional flow, which requires a small improvement. Exactly, the use-cases when you’ve captured a shape for example. Then you have spent around an a hour, refining it within the native Editor UI provided along the App. A sudden tap on phone’s `Back` button, or equal guesture on the screen and you’re OUT and all your changes lost! Think just adding the confirmation dialog may save the situation!

  33. The developers have thought carefully about an app that will run on a cameraphone (instead of the desktop) but have resisted the tempation to try to do everything that a mobile camera makes possible, instead they have crafted features that are genuinely useful and innovative. It’s very impressive and I see it evolving into something very special.

  34. Joe Ta dice:

    It keeps crashing on Samsung Note 20. It used to work just fine before.

  35. I m new in in but found the color option very useful to get color theory.. Very useful

  36. Good tools for graphic design! A must have for designer.

  37. It looks interesting for now. I just installed it and just pushed me to rate. When i’ll see what it does i will be back for rating. LE: It does good edits, conversions, collage (very easy to do) and it saves them. To save it you need to press share, no save button. Also, too many times asks to go premium, event the star shows which are premium. That’s kind of annoying if you encounter more than 10 times in one photo editing… Overall, it’s simple and good for what it do.

  38. All i want is one image converted so no I will not ‘sign up’. And no you cannot have permission to use my data. That is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

  39. A F C dice:

    I love capturing color and find this a way to way to find paint colors for my home.

  40. This is not a free app with no required login as stated. You can only use it 10 times.

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