WOWSHI – Pattern Tape Coloring MODDED 2022


Wowshi provides immersive design experience for craft and washi tape lovers!
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Welcome to WOWSHI – an immersive design experience inspired by washi tape, a decorative Japanese adhesive tape popular for crafting and journaling.

◈ Simple, creative, and fun! ◈
WOWSHI provides an immersive design experience for craft lovers and washi tape enthusiasts alike! To create your own special washi art, simply choose your favorite tape collection and fill in the blocks with decorative patterns.

◈ The possibilities of WOWSHI are endless! ◈
Your creations can be used for greeting cards, recording memories, and much more. WOWSHI is a relaxing creative outlet to express yourself and relieve stress all with the ease of opening an app.

Did you know that while you immerse yourself in art you can also relax, relieve stress, and improve your focus? WOWSHI offers all that and more:

◈ Explore Numerous Unique Pattern Designs◈
-90+ curated templates, with more coming in the future!
-Festive Fun: Templates and tapes for Christmas celebrations!
-Artsy illustrations : Artwork for every day life such as plants, animals, desserts and fun art in general!
-Photo frames : Personalize photo frames for a handmade touch!

◈ Craft with Specially Curated Tape Collections ◈
-200+ different tapes available for every need.
-Adjust the pattern density to your liking.
-Shuffle mode to get creative and switch between different pattern combinations.

◈ Enjoy the Immersive Creation Process from Start to Finish ◈
-Look: refresh your work with a set of carefully handpicked washi tape.
-Feel: enjoy the good vibes as you color!
-Listen: create on a deeper level with authentic crafty sound effects, your own playlist, or in peace with the silent mode option.

◈ Relive the Fun by Watching A Recap of Your Creation Process ◈
-The beauty of the artwork lies not only in the finished product but also in the fun along the way!


4 comentarios en "WOWSHI – Pattern Tape Coloring MODDED 2022"

  1. Lauren Parajecki dice:

    Love it. It’s so cute and aesthetically pleasing. There should be more designs though or like something where you could submit a design. Being an artist myself and working a little bit with washi tape, there are so many more tape styles out there. More tape please or even a way to modify the tape colors as well would be really cool. Overall, I love the idea and would love to see more done with this in the future. Keep up the good work! Edit: please add a way to turn off the vibration

  2. ꧁Acri Ros꧂ dice:

    This is such a great app!! It has so many designs to choose from! There are no ads as well which thank God 😂🙏 But there are a few things that I don’t like. 1) The sound for the washi tape 2) Most of the time the colouring doesn’t work which is VERY annoying

  3. Naomi D dice:

    So relaxing and fun. I love all the tape colors and patterns. The results always look good. I feel like an artist

  4. Brandy Taylor dice:

    I absolutely love this app and wouldn’t change anything. I would add more variety of washi and a option to washi your own photos!

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