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Because beautiful tools make beautiful drawings, Sketches has the most beautiful brushes ever seen in an Android App.
Sketches is the drawing application with the most realistic tools, enhanced with a large number of advanced functions and a minimalist and intuitive interface.

Available with Pro options: many tool variants, layers and dozens of additional features.

Pro options are a one-time purchase with no time limit.

• Features
– Over 20 ultra realistic tools
– Layers
– Import photos
– Incredibly realistic watercolor wet brush
– Brushes Editor
– Color Eyedropper
– Advanced sharing and export functions

• Layers
– Use layers to simplify your task

• Stylus support
Discover even more realistic brushes with the use of a Wacom Stylus.

The brushes have been designed so that each stroke behaves vividly and truly like a brush on paper, adapting the pressure, angle, and width to your movements.

• List of tools
– Pencil
– Rotring
– Watercolor Dry and Wet brushes
– Acrylic brush
– Pen
– Felt Pen
– Pen Brush
– Oil Pastel
– Airbrush
– Area and Filling tool
– Patterns
– Text
– Eraser
– Cutter to copy/paste
– Smudge tool


40 comentarios en "Tayasui Sketches MODDED"

  1. First of all there is no free version of this app. If you don’t pay you get an extremely limited preview that the author hopes will convince you to pay. It did convince me, I believe it’s a beautiful app worth investing to. It’s limited tool set is enough to create some beautiful natural looking artwork. It does have a plus button next to the brushes that if you click it claims will give you more tools if you purchase the full version, well that’s a lie. More importantly, no palm rejection.

  2. On my phone, the interface keeps getting in my way. The website says you can hide it with the “L” in the bottom corner under the color swatch. But this doesn’t exist on the phone version. Please fix this. This is otherwise a lot of fun and I especially enjoy the watercolors. But the UI problem is making things impossible for me.

  3. really good even with just the free vers. no layers on the free but the brush quality makes it v good. you can basically plan a sketch and ink over it and the textures are gr8. I love the ink setting where it allows you to blend multiple colors. gives it some fun effects. I wish there were a way to hide the settings you can’t use on the free vers so you can see what you can use more clearly and so you don’t repeatedly click premium items. ik it’s bc they want to bait for it but it sucks a bit

  4. this app is so horribly unstable it’s not even usable. I’ll get a few strokes into drawing something, then it will just stop responding to touch & either crash itself or I’ll have to close it. This happens EVERY time I open it. I have a chromebook that also folds to function as a tablet & if I start in one mode then try to switch to the other, it automatically freezes. This is taking up almost 100 MBs, so I’m not simply going to leave a huge app installed that refuse to work as expected.

  5. Almost loved it until I realized you had to pay to use the very basic feature of any art app, that is layers. I was really disappointed and it immediately turned me off. 😔 That was enough to take 2 stars off for me. It does seem to be really good otherwise. I think it would be great if it even just had a “watch ad” option for temporary use of some features, but a total paywall there is certainly a bummer. I think I’ll be uninstalling it, sadly!! 💔

  6. I paid for the premium version. I like the minimalism of the app, but in a few ways it has failed me. One, it doesn’t auto save. Which is extremely frustrating. Two, you can’t rotate the canvas as you draw, only zoom in. Three, you can’t drag the symmetry tool to anywhere except the dead middle of the page. And today a piece I have been working on “failed to restore” when I had saved it multiple times. Expected more.

  7. I’m liking this app a lot. It’s fun to play around with the different tools to see what effects can be produced. It would be cool if it let you load pictures from your gallery to edit (the import feature doesn’t seem to do anything sadly). It would also be cool if there was a shape generator that could let you produce different shapes with whatever brush is selected and would allow you to manipulate it’s size and opacity. All in all, this a good sketch app with a lot of potential.

  8. Edited: updated review, minus a star – the app has been fantastic! Great brushes and papers avavilable. I recently purchased the full version, which is also excellent. My only complaint: unsaved work. I worked on a piece for 5 hours, exported a copy of the image to my gallery and when I clicked to reopen the thumbnail after saving, the work was gone. Great app, but untrustworthy, so now I am wary to use it again. So it goes.

  9. This is probably the best art program for watercolor I’ve ever used and the price for the pro version is totally reasonable for the quality of the brushes included. I only have one gripe, that being that I can’t import images to draw on. I wish they would add this! It’s probably somewhat odd, but I find I have an easier time doing sketches and lineart traditionally, so I typically take photos of my sketches, and then import them into whatever art program I’m using to color them.

  10. Dolly N dice:

    I love all the beautiful brushes that I can use to create realistic painting effects with my phone. I now use a Nord N10 and it works great! Works okay on my Alcatel tablet but most of the wet ink watercolors will disappear when I dry the ink. I think it could be due to a memory issue since my Alcatel tablet has only two gigabytes of RAM. Not a big problem though since they work perfectly on my phone. Would like to see if it’s due to another issue though. But anyway, awesome, useful app!

  11. Me Bell dice:

    OMG I LOVE THIS APP! This gives ibis a run for their money for sure! I thought originally that it was gonna be like most free apps that make you have to unlock literally everything with a credit card lol but it actually gives you the features that you need and they’re very easy to use! The only downside is you only have one layer to work with, otherwise you have to pay for the pro. However if your art isn’t too complicated or you simply don’t mind because your that confident lol then I recommend

  12. You can’t rotate the canvas and some of the best features are locked behind a pay wall but the payment is very affordable and one time (as far as I know). Love the brush textures amd the layout is pleasant. I like it quite a bit, actually. It feels pleasant 😌

  13. I wanted to love this app but it’s not stable. The app will save your work at some random point and that is not acceptable. You will lose progress/finished work. It’s extremely buggy.. undo will stop working randomly. I’ve lost patience with this. If you like starting over, this is the app for you. I paid for this, ugh!

  14. I really liked this app. I installed it and started using it. Worked fine while using the free version. I paid the extra money to unlock the rest of the tools. They work good but, the app freezes after you try to save or dry the ink for the water color brush. It will then force itself to close and the work is lost. Unsure if does elsewhere. If it does manage to save, and you try to access the saved work it is just a black screen that won’t open. Very frustrating. I really want this app to work.

  15. The app is pretty good, but there could be some things added to it to make it better ngl. I wish there was a stabilizer for the pens (gives neater lines). Also an option to put down a grid. To fix this issue though, I used a layer with a picture of a grid that I found on Google, and when I didn’t need it anymore, I deleted that layer. I also wish the blending tool could be smaller size. When I try to blend in the little corners of my art, it smudges it all up. But otherwise, it’s a good app.

  16. A great sketching app, but don’t expect to do much more than that. So many of the brush options are limited to what the designers set them at. If you want your paintbrush to be smaller, too bad. If you want the pen less sharp…nope. not gonna happen. Which is too bad, because a lot of the features in the app are REALLY good, like the blending and watercolor brushes. as well as being able to tap when using the pen to make a splatter. Not a bad app. But could be SO much better!

  17. This is hands down one of the best sketch apps and most realistic in the sense of tools and material. The only thing I’d have to say it’s missing would be the ability to create standard and basic geometric shapes and the cut option is very hard to paste. Also the fact that the eyedropper activates when you’re trying to do a small area and picks up the color of that small area and forces you to go back and choose the color you want again. It would be handy if it had an option to turn it off.

  18. This is probably one of my favorite apps to sketch in, just from an ease of use/clean interface perspective. Buuuuuut… there’s two big features it feels like it’s missing. 1) Pen only mode, where it ignores all finger input for drawing. I never, ever want to use my fingers to draw, just rotate or zoom. It’s the ultimate palm rejection. 2) Rotation. I like to draw by moving my image around, so you can avoid awkward angles. Almost every single other art app supports this.

  19. The app is pretty good, the only things I’d say is that the creators need to keep layers free, and make it easier to zoom in and zoom out of your drawing. (So basically just make it so you can look at your drawing upside down.) I understand that you need profit when having an app, but please don’t make it so people have to buy to get things you practically need to draw. I’d be cool if there was a fill bucket option, but overall it’s one of the best drawing/sketch apps ive seen.

  20. I normally use IbisPaintX which is p good too with all sorts of brushes, but I needed something simple and this interface does it for me. I do wish I could switch between the most recent brush and eraser, change the canvas size, and be able to record it. but, it has not really crashed on me, so I appreciate it!

  21. i really have loved this app in the past. I used it on my ipad for a long time with no issues. I now have a pixelbook, and it keeps freezing up on me after only 5 to 10 minutes of use! I hope this is a bug that can be fixed. I will be really sad to lose the use of my favorite app! Also disappointed that the patterns are more limited on the pixelbook 🙁

  22. I think it’s only like a 2 star because they’re are a lot of basic features (like selecting different layers) that you can’t use without having the premium version. And it was kind of annoying how you couldn’t zoom in/out very far or rotate your picture. That made it really hard to draw. I think there was other stuff but I can’t remember. Tbh I think you should just try it yourself to see if you like it.

  23. This app came highly recommended for digital sketchnoting. I did some research and reviews on this and other apps and liked what was said about the pro version for chromebooks. However, within a few minutes of trying to use it, it immediately froze. It even stopped other apps from working too. I tried 3 or 4 times and every time within a few minutes, the app froze. I will find another app to use.

  24. It’s pretty good for a free app, but there are a ton of glitches! For example when you do the undo shortcut sometimes it just thinks your drawing and makes a mark, which can get frustrating when your undoing more then you should have to for the marks it makes. It also crashed one time for me, and it was when I was using the auto smoothing line feature for the first time and the crash got rid of my whole artwork I was working on! But other than that it is great to doodle on in my opinion.

  25. Great software and excellent work. Easy purchase in my opinion. However, there’s a problem with the watercolor brushes. I’m getting strange diagonal artifacting whenever I try to paint and blend with the wet brush on my tablet. Tried it again on my phone and it’s doing the same thing. Both devices are Samsung.

  26. App itself is clean enough, brushes are pretty and the layout is nice, but a lot of features are paylocked including layers, which is a bummer and definitely takes away from the rating. The reason why I’m giving it two stars is, like other reviews have said, it crashes every few moments on my chromebook. Becomes completely unresponsive, and I have to restart to get my device working again. I’d really love to see this fixed.

  27. I love the app – everything is great esp the pro perk with chrome. My two complaints are I wish like the straight line setting, there would also be a shape setter which included rectangles triangles and circles. The other complaint is it keeps crashing and doesn’t save. I get scared whenever it crashes b/c my whole screen freezes almost like a virus. But i have antiviral software. Please fix these things and next review will be 5/5 stars !

  28. This app is perfect for drawing! I use this on my chromebook with touchscreen with a stylus, and it is very good. The only complaint I have is that holding on the canvas for too long causes it to switch the current tool to a color pincher tool which is really annoying when I’m trying to think about where I want a line to go… I think the color pincher tool should be included in the toolbar of pens and the hold to switch to the pincher gesture should be removed. Easy 5 stars outside of that. 🙂

  29. Pluto K. dice:

    Likes: simple interface, love how the brushes feel and look, i like the different textured background, love how there are familiar shortcuts. Major issues: no stablizer, cant rotate screen, limmited amount of brush options, have to pay for layers, poor transform tool, android doesn’t have all the same apple features, confusing layer settings. I have minor issues but that’s just personal nit picking issues.

  30. This app works for me and I enjoy using it. I paid for the premium and while I think it’s a bit overpriced, it’s for the most part worth the money. One complaint I have is that I use it on my cell phone, which is tall and slim, and therefore the paper is tall and slim. This means that my drawings have to be tall and slim, which is very limiting and in turn, frustrating. I would appreciate it greatly if we could adjust the proportions of our paper. Thank you kindly. 🙂

  31. Lilyana dice:

    Hello! I am currently panicking because I just went and tried to change the folder name that contains all of my art work and after I did I clicked on it to go back to drawing and my art work was gone! When I click on it it shows me random art works but when I exit to view the rest its all gone! Please help me I know it’s still there! I have almost 2 years saved in that folder😭 This is a terrible glitch and I’m so saddened right now. Please help.

  32. h dice:

    I`m, honestly, in love with this app! Even though it needs upgrades or to be finish, everything with so far is amazing! Although, I have notice with some brushes that they glitch, and small triangles in a line, which looks like some- idk, glitch, and it mainly happens whenever I use the waterbrush, or tap colors over one another. Hopefully, this is fixed soon, as I would LOVE to use this app often! And thank you for started this amazing app!

  33. The app is awesome but… It crashes too much. Brand new computer, app is up to date on updates and it still crashes. I have the pro version and everything which bothers me even more. It just freezes in the middle of my sketches and I have to close out the app and reopen it only to find my drawing didnt properly save.

  34. alex mc dice:

    This app’s default brushes and intuitive UI make it a delight to draw in. HOWEVER when I purchased pro to access layers I was very disappointed. Locking/unlocking, hiding/showing layers is incredibly laggy and managed to freeze the entire app for 30 seconds. It’s unacceptable for a paid feature to be broken. BTW I’m on a brand new Galaxy tab s7. I’ll update the review if this ever gets fixed. I really want to love this app

  35. Color picker disappears. It shows up when I open a new drawing, but disappears after I choose a color and there’s no way to get it back. Unfortunate, because I probably would have bought the pro package if this worked. Being able to work with more than one color is a no brainer!

  36. On my samsung galaxy tab a, this is the best app from the 3 I tried. This app is beautifully designed. The focus is on the canvas and the tools get out of the way. The way it renders the sketches is so good it is as if you are drawing on a physical sketchbook. Really impressed. Never thought an app could replace my sketchbook.

  37. Wonderfull app! Its so easy and simple yet 14 tools! I can only use the free version but like everything is possible in the free version. It says you cant use multiple layers in the free version but you actually can! I hate the drawing apps where theres like 1,000 tools and you dont know where to go to for the layers and its impossible to use at first but with sketches i understood it immediately. There are a few problems though like how the back button doesnt work half the time. I draw manga

  38. I’m not a big fan of digital, but I love this app. In order to match all the options available, one would have to spend thousands on art supplies and have a studio the size of a warehouse. The free version offers a decent array of options to try, I’d recommend it for those just starting in digital art. The biggest deciding factor for me is the one time purchase vs. a subscription service, it is well worth the premium price. Kudos to the developer, I’m excited to see what comes next.

  39. Good idea, great app to start. I paid money to unlock the extra tools but this ruined my experience. Using the extra water color tools causes a large horizontal tear to appear in the painting as you work. If you’re going to use the app just keep it on the free version, the paid tools all cause issues.

  40. Looks appealing at first but with one major downside. The brushes look good, and it’s easy to use (bonus points for the menus looking really nice) but the lack of layers is a dealbreaker, and I’m not willing to pay for pro because I’ll likely never use the rest of the pro features.

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