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Logo, poster, cover, affiche, IG story & post maker! Add text, remove background
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VistaCreate is a full-service design marketing partner for your business. It is an online graphic design platform with thousands of free templates and editing tools. Remove any photo background for free. Add free fonts, music, & animations.

In the VistaCreate (ex Crello) design maker, you can find all the tools you need to create first-class visuals for ads, SMM, & other business needs, and make your brand stand out. With its easy-to-use features and ready-made templates, this app is a real enhancer for your creative ideas. Whether you need a poster, flyer, photo collage, Insta post, or striking video stories, you can easily make a studio-level graphic design by yourself!

⭐️ 100,000+ professionally designed templates

⭐️ 80+ digital and print design formats

⭐️ 30,000+ stickers, shapes, illustrations

⭐️ 6,000+ animated templates

⭐️ 1M+ free premium images

⭐️ 680+ free fonts for your text

⭐️ 6,000+ animations for any creative idea


With our graphic design maker, you can easily create anything from a printed flyer or banner for ads to a complex image collage or business logo. There are more than 80 design formats in the app. Pick the right design template, edit it your way, and impress audiences with your:

⭐️ Social media profile (Instagram covers, stories, profile pictures, photo effects, & filters)

⭐️ Marketing materials (certificates, flyers, posters, ads, etc.)

⭐️ YouTube channel (thumbnails, channel art, & videos)

⭐️ Video and animation (animated effects, full HD video clips)

⭐️ Brand designs (brand book, logo, email headers, wallpaper)


The VistaCreate design maker is a perfect assistant in your creative process. With its intuitive, free tools, the editor enables everyone to effortlessly create professional designs.


Create top-quality visuals without a designer using a vast collection of pre-made designs in the app. Choose the right template for your needs and edit any elements in your design. Change the background, upload your own image, add or remove text, and use design objects as an enhancer to convey your message.


Remove any image background or make it transparent in seconds in our design creator. Experiment with background color, replace it with your own picture, and do whatever you want to make unique visuals for Instagram business pages, brand materials, etc.


Browse an extensive library of graphic design objects in VistaCreate. Enhance your designs with thousands of free stickers, illustrations, icons, and more. Plus, explore hundreds of fonts and find the best text style for your brand book, Insta post, photo collage, or other creative materials.


Resize your image with the VistaCreate design editor in a few clicks. Apply the eraser to retouch your photos or crop your pictures to leave the most important parts of your design. Сreate a standout photo montage to impress your followers.


Unleash your inner creator with free montage editing tools in the VistaCreate editor. Apply animated effects to any element of your template, and make an impressive design for your social media post. Create unique video content for your Instagram stories to take your SMM to a new level.


Benefit from VistaCreate enhancer tools to make eye-catching visual content. Explore our free collection of licensed tracks and add the right music to your picture or video. Apply stunning filters and effortlessly retouch images in our free design editor.


Download your designs in one click, or share them directly to Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms. Save your projects in PNG or JPG, and maintain high-quality visuals with our image creator.

Build a strong global presence through effective visual content with VistaCreate!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with VistaCreate!

You've got a few reasons to celebrate these days:
New Year is coming and the Christmas spirit is still here (hopefully!)
New holiday templates are waiting for you in the VistaCreate app.

The VistaCreate team wishes you inspiration in 2023!

Happy Ho-Ho-Ho!
VistaCreate Android team


49 comentarios en "VistaCreate: Graphic Design MODDED 2022"

  1. Loving the app so far! User friendly and lots of options. Just two qualms: 1. The search functions are practically non-existent and not very helpful. I was searching for a glittery gold background. I couldn’t search “gold” – I had to scroll through pages of autumnal & beach images. Same with looking for a specific template theme. 2. When trying to move boxes it often snaps into place. Usually it’s lined up properly, but when it isn’t it’s impossible to get it placed where you want it.

  2. Great flexibility and free, hard to beat it! I had to make business cards for an upcoming research seminar and kept finding myself restricted by many applications as far as design freedoms. VistaCreate had more modern looking templates, with more control over what data to include and fine tuning the appearance of the text to your liking! Took me like 15 minutes to choose a template (lots of good options) and 2 minutes to make the card! Thanks guys!

  3. This is by far THE BEST app I’ve ever had the pleasure of downloading in this whole crowded, overzealous, overpriced and downright unstable genre. I came across it by accident which is sad because I use Vistaprint and never heard of it. Since I opened it I’ve had a weight lift from my shoulders and a headache subside. It’s simple, fun, ACTUALLY USEFUL & USABLE with real designs, templates and everything you need all in one place. Very HIGHLY RECOMMEND! …And that’s the free version I’m using!

  4. The mobile app works pretty well and the only difficulty I’ve had is trying to move smaller objects/text/masks – even using my stylus doesn’t help, but eventually I get stuff moved around. The web version is entirely unusable. After you move an object/text/mask once you can’t move it again, selecting a single object is nearly impossible, and the layout for options isn’t very user friendly. If I could rate the web and mobile versions separately, the web version would get 1 star.

  5. used it for about 20 minutes to throw together a quick wallpaper for my phone, did almost everything that creative cloud couldn’t. only issues i had was not being able to zoom in while editing, and when trying to move images it keeps snapping them onto edges, preventing precise placement. the background removal is A+, only had one minor issue where it hit something it wasn’t supposed to and i can fix that myself

  6. Brooke ok dice:

    I really like it so far, but it needs more options with font customization. If this app had toggles for adding shadow, highlight, border, gradient, duo/multi colour tones, etc. to font it would be A+. This is the best app I’ve found so far for creating social media graphics since I usually delete the other apps immediately after downloading them for being inadequate. If they improve the font options it would be perfect!

  7. I enjoy most of my experience with this app. One irritating issues voices font choice. With the android version, is there a way to upload your own fonts? And, is there some kind of sample of the fonts included? It can be extremely troublesome to have to scroll through every font in order to sample each possibility. Thanks!

  8. Merrie dice:

    It’s got great features but downloading isn’t very straightforward. That’s my only suggestion – to improve the download process to either your own drive or to a platform and that it be made clear how to do so from the vista create platform. I use a lot of different graphic design platforms and it’s simpler when an instructional message pops up from each platform offering hints to perform certain necessary functions within the application. Otherwise great quality app! Thank you!

  9. Sena S. dice:

    It was working fine up until now-I renewed my subscription for this month and I’m not able to log in because the app prompts a “Get Started” page, you click and it continues to take you to a website through a browser and makes you sign in again…it’s not working!!! Can’t sign into my account and use the app!! I emailed the app creator and still, no response. I want a refund!

  10. I like the ability to customize all items in the template. The best part is a huuuuge library of images, videos, illustrations, stickers, and other elements. It’s very easy to search for the necessary objects – simply enter the topic and explore all the related items. I really enjoy the VistaCreate app!

  11. I paid for a premium yearly subscription, but I haven’t been able to download the designs with a premium content for more than 2 weeks. I use an android app and it’s the same error over and over again, “failed to get subaccount download”. I’ve written to the support in the app and I’ve also sent an email to the app developer. The support hasn’t responded yet and the developer’s email doesn’t exist. So, will you please either fix the issue or give me my money back?

  12. Update: App just had an update and still having the same problem. —————– Stuck on get started page. I’m able to login in on the website but it wants to open the app to do the actual creating. Which I can’t get past the new get started photo. I don’t see an X to bypass it either. Please help 🙏

  13. Overall my experience with VistaCreate was great. What I like most is a variety of ready templates for social media. It’s very convenient because you don’t have to start with a blank canvas. Just pick a template you want and edit it as you want, and your visual post is ready!

  14. Really great app for designing! I like that I can save your projects and come back anytime to edit them. Also, the background removal feature is great; the image background is removed properly, even if the photo has many details. In short, I like the VC app!

  15. It’s intuitive and robust. All tools are so easy-to-use that even my son (9 y.o.) makes visuals for his homework in VistaCreate. I like the app, but the desktop version is even better! My favorite feature is the sticker maker – so funny to make stickers from your photos and then surprise all your friends

  16. I’ve worked in the VistaCreate app for more than 9 months and haven’t found any cons yet. Easy, fast, and user-friendly. No hidden payments are what I like most. You can have a lot of cool features for free, for example, filters, frames, animated effects, and many more. I have paid for the Pro account, and it is definitely worth it.

  17. Amazing app. My favorite mobile editor. I like that I can start my design on the laptop and then continue editing right from my phone. Also, the collection of templates is constantly updating. That’s why it is easy to stay trendy because VistaCreate prepares designs for all upcoming popular events (extremely helpful if you are a marketer)

  18. Best choice in terms of quality/price. With a Pro account paid, it seems like I hired a team of designers. The best part is the “Resize button”, which quickly turns my Instagram post into a flyer or display ad in seconds. I think this app is a must-have for small business owners

  19. Just upload yesterday and realized two projects. Easy and immediate to use. I would really appreciate to zoom in and out the project…. I have glasses…. And, did you already thought about the possibility to let us upload objects, shadows or other things in the library? It would be great!

  20. I have no design experience whatsoever, and this app makes it very simple to create any kind of visual. There are many trending templates for any industry or occasion, so there is no need to create a design from scratch. I can always find the template I need in the VistaCreate collection..

  21. I love the new social media scheduler in VistaCreate. I used to design posts and stories in VistaCreate, and then switched to a different platform to schedule my publications. Now, I can do all of this in one place, and it’s much more convenient!!

  22. neha nair dice:

    This was a great app earlier when it was just crello but after being renamed as vistacreate and introduction of paid plans it turned most free features into paid ones, this makes app users lose trust on this app as nothing new was introduced. Also, after the recent update, it logs me out automatically from the app and the new sign in feature takes you to a web browser. Request you to fix this issue with login interface of the app.

  23. So far this is good. I’ve used Vista print for many services and they are great! The app is not that self explanatory and I’m finding the newer version difficult for me, frustrating a bit. Overall very good!

  24. Better than other simple platforms. The templates are free, all the design objects are free, and photo editing tools are free. I didn’t find any cons. The app is really great, especially as a mobile editor.

  25. Very very nice app because mostly every app don’t use some features in free your app is next level, easy to use everybody can understand easily, all functions i need there are available so i really love this app for making a posters design and etc. Save option is available all formats that’s great things, in short user can use this app easily Thank you so much, after long time i see this type of features for free so please i request you don’t apply to paid version.

  26. Not giving you my credit card info and giving you the ability to dip into my account just to try it out. When you have a “trial” before asking for my bank account info then, I would absolutely buy it if I like it. It’s incredible how companies have gone from, ‘try it and if you like it you can buy it to ‘you’ll have to pay us to try it, and then you can rent it from us’. The greed is getting old.

  27. Jimmy Gee dice:

    It’s awkward to use. Took ages making a template then trying to download it was a nightmare. The image file was compressed and split into two parts for some reason. Gave up trying to get it to work

  28. Ian T dice:

    Really enjoying using the app and considering subscribing, but I’m wary because it has a lot of bugs that only show up after you download your projects. Issues with animations, replaced fonts etc.

  29. I use to love this app. I do not use editing apps often. I have only used it a couple of times and it was amazing. I use to be able to cut out a person and remove backgrounds and then add the cut out to another photo. Now you can not use anything unless you pay. I do not use editing apps enough to pay for them. Especially that high of a price. This used to be a great app. Now it is a money trap. If you use editing apps often and don’t mind high prices then this app is great.

  30. I need simple video editing features, and VistaCreate has it all. I can quickly cut videos, use effects, and even add music to them. And it’s all for free.!

  31. Rob Allen dice:

    The money grab had to come sooner or later…. Things like background remover and resizer were all there to use for everyone and I can’t understand why they have just become a premium feature. No reason for features to be really stuck behind a paywall. This was what are this apart from everyone else. Now just another Canva clone with the pricetag to match. Still a useful app but has become more limiting than it used to be. Shame on the money grab.

  32. Used to use this app to remove the background to my pictures for free and it was all that I used it for. With the latest update it’s now a premium feature and the app now charges $18.99 a month. No thanks. Monetise it with ads and keep that feature free.

  33. Honestly, I like the web version more because it has more advanced tools and better functionality. But the app is quite good, especially if you need to design quickly and create a lot of content per day. So I think the VistaCreate app can be handy for bloggers.

  34. When I am using Playlist font, it doesn’t show full when downloaded. The “P” and the “y” are always cut off/partly cropped even if I put them in the right ORDER.

  35. Yve Hoye dice:

    Very easy to use and lovely templates. Just wish you could have a little more colour choice without using the slider.

  36. VistaCreate doesn’t replace a designer, but it’s a good option for those in need of a quick design. It has thousands of ready templates you can customize for your needs. It literally takes a few minutes.!

  37. VistaCreate helps me cover all my content needs; advertising, social media posts, stories, reels, etc. Looking for alternatives is just a huge waste of time. Highly recommend!

  38. Have subscribed to premium and yet still the text features I need to use are not available. I’ve tried on app and on the website. Basic regardless of subscription. Disappointing

  39. Great 🔥app🔥 Design, creative, very helpful.👍Art work very nice,great 💯options💯 to choose from. Can use for meny types of applications, artials🏁 signs🏁, social media 🏁, and the list go on. You just need to see for yourself.+MORE.🙏

  40. Well, it’s not a professional graphic design editor, but it never claims to be. I like that the app is easy and has all the basic functions for design-making and editing

  41. They app is slow, and it took me 3 hours just to finish an easy brochure. First time using it for a school project, and it is not efficienct enough. It is very difficult to send the files to my other accounts, to just print it off! Won’t use it again, hopefully will be ae to find a way to print it.

  42. Really excellent app, seriously. You can make almost anything, from tri-fold brochures to instagram video stories. SUPER EASY TO USE! And some surprisingly good template options for all your creations. Not a paid ad review, I just really dig this app! 😉

  43. Outdated. The app runs slow and it’s not user friendly. You really have to look for how to add photos and adjust/rearrange.

  44. Used to be great, but over the past couple months it’s become usable and buggy. I’ve downloaded designs only to discover the text has disappeared.

  45. Have some bugs but its okay There are some lag when you work in a book with more than 40 pages and takes time to load. Im considering to pay for it because its very nice even with the issues

  46. You can find everything you need to make amazing designs in VistaCreate. I always start with a template because there’re templates for any platform in the app, like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter…anything you may need! If you want hassle-free visuals, then this app is right for you!

  47. My impression of this platform is very good. It’s a great tool that helps me develop my graphic design skills. Besides, it has many cool features for free, so everybody can afford to design with VistaCreate.

  48. As a blogger, I really enjoy the VistaCreate app! I can do everything on my phone!!! Super convenient. The app helps me prepare many visuals in a few minutes and save more time for other activities

  49. What I like most about the VistaCreate app is that you can create all visuals in one place: presentations, social media posts, covers, and so on. I’ll never use any other app for making designs!

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