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Drawing Desk is the free drawing game for adults and kids on Android. Now you can start drawing, doodling, sketching, painting or coloring on your phone or pad. Our unique collection of pro tools such as pencils, crayons, watercolor brushes, 3D brushes, etc will help both kids & adults to create amazing art works. Drawing desk app is the best app to draw art or illustrations.

Drawing Desk app features 5 pro digital art drawing modes, Kids Desk, Sketch Book, Doodle Desk , Coloring Book and Photo Desk. The drawing game welcomes users of all ages and makes the Drawing app a complete creative pack to create art.

Love to draw, sketch, paint , color and doodle ? Want to Learn how to draw ? We got you covered with amazing features,

-Pro sketching tools such as pencil, pen, crayons, watercolor brush, fill bucket, Paint roller,etc
-App supports multiple layers in sketchbook
-Option to control brush size and opacity
-Fully featured Color Palette to draw and paint art.
-Share your paintings , illustrations & sketches with friends.
-Draw game includes 500+ Coloring pages of Animals, alphabet, numbers, -Fruits (Orange, Apple, etc) for kids.
-Draw colorful stickers, shapes & patterns
-Import unlimited pictures to paint & draw on photos.
-App works offline & online! Draw and paint without the internet.
-Coloring game releases new pictures everyday for painting geeks
-1000+ coloring pages for painting.
-Draw effects on pictures using live brushes, magical filters, stickers.

The best app to draw, paint & scribble and to create pro digital illustrations and art.


Bug Fixes and Performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Drawing Desk: Draw, Paint Art MOD 2022"

  1. It’s a good app, I just wish it weren’t so hard to get brushes :/ so many apps like this make it hard to get brushes and you have to subscribe, rate, everything. Please make it easier to get brushes, also I’ve seen a few glitches and bugs where when I do something, the app closes. Please fix these problems as those are the only ones I have experienced, this drawing app would be so much enjoyable. It’s a good app, really! Very simplistic but also enjoyable. I personally wanted to try new apps.

  2. No pressure sensitivity, like 3 brushes, you can actually manually change the opacity of the brushes, but if you’re coming from computer software, you’re going to be disappointed. You can choose your colors based on the RBG standard, or from a color wheel, but if you want layers and more brushes than the 3 you’re given, you need to pay a monthly or annual fee. Overall, it’s not bad for a beginner, but was kind of underwhelming.

  3. Its amazing! The brushes,colors, different genres of drawing, everything is amazingly awesome! I forgot which one it was but on one of the painting genres which I think was coloring book thing(?) That you need to pay. So be aware of that .its really easy to use. I cant explain how impressive and great this app is! I just got it and I love it!! I recommend it to really everyone! There are a few ads not too many and maybe add more colors? Please add more colors. It would really help.

  4. I really like using this app it’s great for drawing. It has plenty of tools to make art that pops. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because the ability to add text is very poorly done I cannot actually see what I’m typing while typing and that makes it very difficult to avoid errors and make sure spacing is appropriate for text bubbles. On top of that I can’t seem to edit text after typing it. This means I have to start over if I miss up. Otherwise I’d give 5 stars.

  5. Honestly I wish I could give it a worse rating, you can just close off the trail and go into a desk but it’s so difficult to figure stuff out. Once I went into the “Skecth Desk” and layers were so hard to use and when I inputed a picture I looked like it was good and in the middle of the screen but it wasn’t. I couldn’t even move the screen to where it was in the middle. No doubt it is fun for just random doodling but when you’re trying to actually get stuff done then I suggest Ibis Paint X.

  6. Everything is great except when ads pop up , it’ll ask me afterwards if I want to resume my drawing and I click yes and it just goes back to the ad and keeps doing this so I lose my artwork. So I started saving through the drawing so when it does that I won’t lose it. Worked for a while but now I can’t even finish the drawing because when I click on it , it goes to an ad and does the same thing as before

  7. Jo W dice:

    Just opened it, so far so good, it opened, got a photo loaded up no problem, watched a few videos to use a few options. I am having trouble keeping the photo in the zoom position, it keeps bouncing back, making it hard too outline the image in my photo, which is what I’m looking for in an app.

  8. Hey, good game and I like it, but I have a few problems, and I’ve only been on for 3 days, meaning there might be more: 1. The weird glow brush-thing, it’s just- a little off. 2. The subscription. 2 layers isn’t enough. 3. The glitch. I spent two days of my time working on art, and guess what? It didn’t delete it no, it’s even worse. I can see it, tap on it, wait a minute for it to load, it shows me a gray screen like your normally waiting for it, then boots me out. FIX THIS PLEASE

  9. Unfortunate. I’m drawing along, beginning to get into the app, a lot of features you can’t use even though you watch commercials, but I’m making do. I go to save a sketch at an early stage, I want to do 2 different things with it, but there’s no way to save. Then I’m CAUGHT IN AN ENDLESS LOOP OF COMMERCIALS! I can’t get to my sketch, I can’t save it, and I cannot continue to work on it! Now I won’t buy a subscription, even if I liked the app, because this has angered and frustrated me. So wrong!

  10. I like the app, but I’ve got some things that kept me from giving it 5 stars. On the sketch desk, there’s a lot of brushes and I love that. But there’s no flexibility in them. Some you can’t make small, some you can’t make big, and some you can’t adjust at all. And there’s no brush that can go to an in between size, so if you need something smaller but not tiny, you’re out of luck. Also on sketch desk, you can’t minimize the brush bar, and it really gets in the way. Other than that it’s great.

  11. “Easy to use” sure, but what makes it more difficult to use is when you’re starting to use it. I can understand providing a “premium option” but I’d rather download something that at least lets me use the basic pencil, pen, and brush with no issue. A premium option would logically give access to advanced brushes not the basic sketchpad. Overall just frustrating and I wouldn’t recommend it to people who can’t shell out almost 25 to 30 bucks on an app that just sits in the background.

  12. I want to like this, but I find it very frustrating that almost no brushes or coloring pages are available without subscribing to a youtube channel. I might have gone ahead and done that, but I discovered that all the beautiful brushes are *nonexistent* in the coloring pages, which are the main reason I got this app.

  13. When you try to use features you have subscribe to the devs’ social media to unlock EVERY tool and feature you try to use. That’s garbage- if you’re going to advertise an app as free, then it should be free to use without strings attached. The amount of ads that pop up just to get to editing an image in the first place is ridiculous, too. Moving on.

  14. Hated it. Couldn’t get ANY of the brushes without an ad or having to subscribe to something, the drawing itself isn’t all that great either. Overall just annoying and dumb. For the coloring pages it’s the same thing, you have to watch ads to even get the pages. Would not recommend to anyone, I’m gonna stick with my ibis paint, way more brushes and little to no ads

  15. Wow,just wow. 29.00$ a year 9.99$ a month. For a app that’s mediocre at best. 1: can’t change canvas size 2: can’t move the canvas just can zoom in and out. 3:low quality brushes 4:paywall. There is nothing good about this app except for the fact you can open it without it crashing. Go get a free art app there’s Hundreds that are far better than this one. I’ve been doing art for almost a decade and have seen a fair amount of apps but this one is just yikes.

  16. There is only one word for this app: pay. Pay for this, pay for that. Pay for everything. Or watch endless videos. Thank you, but there are more convenient apps and by the way they are a lot cheaper than this one. Update: You mean, ALL features of your app are premium? Even when I press to change the color it writes that I either has to pay or watch a video. Even BASIC things are Premium. Update: and you cannot color with pensil. For coloring: Penup, for sketching: Concepts, Sketchbook, etc.

  17. So I downloaded the app, and I tried to draw, then it kept on reloading endlessly and I couldn’t even draw a simple line. Very dissatisfied. Maybe, It’s that I have a Samsung Tab A or that I need to update my tablet but I think there’s something wrong with the app. I was really looking forward to drawing but now I can’t so pls 😭 fix this! Thank you!

  18. Really bad app to draw. I spent 2 hours on sketching pad. And suddenly it forced to quit. Then, I wanted to continue my drawing, somehow my drawing file moved to doodle pad, WHICH IS I cannot edit or continue my drawing since it has different template. Then, it always forced close the app whenever I want to continue that drawing. So, there is only 1 choice, REDRAW FROM SCRATCH!! Super annoying! Too bad I was about to subscribe this app yearly, lucky for me not to waste my money on this app!

  19. I came across this app while looking for something else and decided to check it out. I was sceptical at first due to annual fee….but thought it was still a good price and was curious if everything the app could do. Ive only played with it the past hour but I LOVE IT! THERE IS SO MUCH YOU CAN DO! I YOLD MY HUSBAND HE WILL LIKELY HAVE TO TAKE MY DEVICE FROM ME CAUSE WITHIN ONE HOUR I DID NOT WANT TO PULL AWAY FROM IT! LOL I NEVER RATE/REVIEW, SERIOUSLY THIS IS MY FIRST…..I HAD TO SHARE

  20. It a really fun app! Just one problem… WHY IS ALMOST EVERYTHING BEHIND A PAYWALL!?!?!? Like… It’s annoying to try to color a page without paying unless I do this or do that. Like… Bruh I hate it and I’m a 14 year old without a bank account cause I’m to stupid to know how to make/get one. I hope this review help and STOP PUTTING STUF BEHIND A PAYWALL!!! And last thing… Why is there a bat, butterfly, and bee in the BIRDS SECTION ON THE KIDS COLORING DESK!?!?!?!?

  21. Pop Brace dice:

    This app is ridiculous I do not recommend when I try to create an account it said my emails invalid and that’s its already being used so then I go to do another email already been used aswell at this point I restart my phone and try one more time it says the same thing. No one else in my family has any interest in art and might I add to not have an account.

  22. The app keeps crashing or freezing after a few minutes of using it, it is very frustrating and I am very dissatifisfied, I have lost loads of work

  23. Don’t download this app this is stupid and dumb and doesn’t work I put a photo on the photo drawing thing and it’s wouldn’t even let me colour draw on the photo it is just stupid don’t download it when I’m just drawing not using a picture it’s really good but if you’re using it to draw on pictures and add stuff to your pictures just don’t download

  24. It is ok but everything realizes on getting a subscription and signing in but the thing is I don’t have an account! So how am I going to sign in without an account so tecnecly I can still draw but it is not the same when you are not signed in.

  25. It’s a fun app, but i have to admit i dont like it that much. so here are three reasons why MYSELF dont like. 1. When the things pop up and say you have to sub. 2. When ads pop up 3. When theres just a pop up itself Well i just want an easier way to Get new things. please (◕‿◕)

  26. Decent app. It needs work as far as the placement of certain features to fit the screen though.

  27. I love art and this is one of the best apps I’ve ever Saw with our apps I’ve never saw an app so professional and I’m only 9 years old and I already downloaded a million art apps and another one has been really looking for but this one is just what I’m looking for I love the app.

  28. I hate this game because you have to subscribe to color all of the really good and cute pictures please make it so you can color all the pictures free

  29. So far soooo good and I fell in love with all the tools right away and it brings so much joy to draw and create!!!

  30. I is an awesome experience with this game I can do so much with it I can draw whatever I want and make whatever I want and there are glowing colors 😜

  31. Wounderfull app i recomand u all to keep this app installed in ur phones u can easily practice sketches ,crafts,arts ,paintings

  32. The best app where you can learn to draw, paint, and make sketches

  33. Time to edit my review it’s still good but it likes to kick you out of drawing also my drawing corrupted and no longer exists that fill tool do not use it

  34. It is so nice to drawe on the tablet , if you are a fane of tablet art then this app wel be so good ! So thats wy i gave 5 stars.

  35. Just No.. I wanted something for quick sketch ideas and the very first thing that happened after installing this app was it constantly kept switching from landscape to portrait (kinda glitchy) when I didn’t even move my phone and I had the rotation off. The next was that a stupid ad popped up in the middle of all that. I went ahead and just Uninstalled it. Wasn’t worth trying after that to me.

  36. Sky Fall dice:

    App took a yearly subscription that I wasn’t even aware of. Thought it was free. Don’t download!!!

  37. The game is really cool it’s fun but for the kid one it like just noises it’s pretty fun

  38. I don’t like this app at all because this app allows to start after playing money. Thank you.

  39. Easy trip to far land across the road over the park through optional mechanical aspect of it’s nature

  40. App sometimes goes crazy and it says you have to watch a add for this it is so annoying sometimes

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