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Powerful photo editing tools & digital art! Edit pictures & AI-generated avatars
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Create amazing digital art & stunning photo creations with Photoleap’s powerful AI image generator and image effects. Powerful photo editing tools, graphic design, digital art & more, at your fingertips.

Whether you’re looking for a picture editor, building graphic designs from scratch, or just adding a magical touch to your photos, Photoleap is the all-in-one design app you need. Enjoy NEW photo effects!:

– Picture retouch to create HD photos out of old snapshots
– Instant photo effects will revive & restore your photos until they look brand new
– Photo effects & advanced editing tools to sharpen pixelated or blurred photos
– Retouch old photos to look natural & realistic with professional-level tools, in one easy tap
– Give family portraits a new glow! Easy photo editing will refresh your old photos and give them a new edge
– Give color & brighten your memories with natural & easy-to-use photo editing tools

– Easy-to-use photo editing to add stunning backdrops to your photos
– Try the background eraser to remove & replace what you don’t like
– Create clean packshots to use for social media & graphic design
– Easy-to-use photo effects to add visuals to your picture backdrop before you share with your friends

Prefer to start from scratch? Use the AI image generator to watch your imagination come alive & create works of art, instantly.

– Turn your selfies into works of art with AI avatars
– Input your photos, pick an art style & watch your avatars come to life
– Create abstract, deep dream AI paintings with advanced neural networks
– New AI technology turns your selfies into whatever art style you dream of.
– Animate yourself into your favorite paintings or cartoons, or design a completely new look for yourself and your family

Photoleap is part of the award-winning Lightricks suite of apps, which includes a wide range of video and image editing solutions. Among them:
– Videoleap, the Video Editing Tool
– Facetune, the Selfie Photo & Video Editing Tool
– Lightleap, the Professional Image Editing Tool
– Boosted, the Marketing Video Editor & Maker

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Introducing the new Photoleap app, now available on Android with Text to Image!
Just describe any scene you can think of & watch as AI-generated artwork appears in seconds.
From “An alien-ballerina scuba diving in the style of Picasso” to “A painting of a seagull pondering the meaning of life in a photorealistic style”, anything is possible!
Let your creativity run wild, the only limit is your imagination.
Try it for yourself and blow your mind.
Now go create stuff!
The Photoleap Team


40 comentarios en "Photoleap AI Art by Lightricks MODDED 2022"

  1. Deserves 0 stars 1. False advertising, their ads misplead by adding “midjourney” text to their title. 2. I tried the trial, results are pretty bad, nothing is really usable, as opposed to midjourney. 3. I passed the cancellation deadline by 1 day, and requested help from support, for two weeks, 6 emails, not 1 response. I am really disappointed.

  2. Didn’t work. Just sat there with the wheel of death while it was supposed to be accessing my photo gallery. After that, I tried restarting my phone. It made the entire phone buggy – even my whatsapp stopped working and my fingerprint recognition on my phone. I have a Samsung 21s Ultra so it’s not as though my phone wasn’t good enough for the app. If you read the fine print, this app says it shares your info w/3rd parties. I think it is just a big data collection scam. AVOID.

  3. Taking the time to do a review. Out of all the apps found ..photoleap is pretty awesome, other ai art makes crazy art work but has a pay wall.. mostly restricting how many you can make a day as free user. Photoleap only asks for cash to remove the watermark so you can experiment all day..letting your imagination free. I’d recommend this app to anyone

  4. I give this two stars only because it’s free, runs free, and doesn’t have an over abundance of advertisements. The AI generation of images is sup par. It could take hours until it accidentally makes the image in your description, and even then, you’ll see trends in it’s compositions and imagery. So the AI is dumber than dumb. And I really couldn’t see me using this over Google images, when looking for references, or a base to concept images.

  5. Amazing! I use it everyday. It has an amazing AI Art generator, with lots of styles. I looked online, and it said it costs money (it doesn’t) and it said it is a photo editing app, but it only has filters and crop (you can do with most gallery apps)

  6. As A.I text-to-image Apps go, I have NO COMPLAINTS at all. PHOTOLEAP has been a great resource in my digital art creation…. No mess no fuss… What you ask for in prompt, is generally, -(barring a text-tweak or two)- , exactly what you get.

  7. This AI Image generator is an interestimg proof of concept, but still needs a lot of tuning to. When you describe what image you want to generate, it casually picks some words from the input and ignores others. For example “Hotdog eating icecream” leas to number of pictures that combine icecream and buns, or dogs an icecream. Which is a pitty, because the palette of styles is impressive: from old-style cartoon, over noir to a photorealistic.

  8. I frickin love this app! If im stuck on an idea and cant get it right, i type my design, feeling, topic, word, paragraph, color, smell…anything!!! It comes up with ENDLESS!! Images in many styles…amazing!! I illustrated my book in 20 minutes!! Love this app!!! Thankyou Photoleap!!

  9. Milkonous dice:

    This program is incredible. The pictures most of the time are so extremely good. And there are different styles to choose. I’ve spent hours writing whatever I imagined like “a guineapig wearing a pumpkin Halloween costume” 😀. I’ve tried a few other programs and this one is absolutely the best. I just cannot find anywhere informatiom how to buy a full version so that there is no watermark.

  10. Very nice app with great utility, that provides an awesome experience. No intrusive ads. In fact, no ads at all! Great app. Kudos to the developers.

  11. Clean design, easy to use, no ads, fast results. The App does its job well for a new and improving technology, without lags and with very fast results. A missing feature is the option to add your own picture as a reference. It would also be nice if the watermark was less visible.

  12. The AI generated images are pretty atrocious and the “faces”, if you can call then that, whenever it attempts to generate a human looking face are absolutely hideous.

  13. After the trial ended it automatically made me pay for a whole year, I didn’t like that at all, was expecting to get at least a warning.. Right now I’m trying to get a refund but nobody seems to respond to my email.. That is why I’m giving it 2/5 stars.

  14. The apps glitches regularly.”Oh oh, something went wrong” error message in your face 7 times out of 10. Results are often horrible. When it does work a little the result still needs professional editing to be decent. Not really as advertised. Don’t try using resulting images for commercial purposes (glaring potential copyright issues).

  15. Rez T dice:

    Pretty impressive. Very fast and the results from the prompt was accurate. Great variety different art filters.

  16. I paid for a subscription and I also paid again right after just to get an AI photo edited all just for it to literally freeze In the middle of it generating… I want my 4 dollars back asap!

  17. Not recommended they robbing my money when I pay for ai avatar the payment is successful but suddenly it’s say something went wrong.. Google play must be banned this scammer .. because I try to find how to refund or how to get the result there’s nothing I can do

  18. Paid for the photos and constantly doesn’t work edit(after 5 attempts it worked but it’s terrible rendering of your photo its not AI as claims ) 🙃. Dont waste your time or money

  19. AI is very good at artwork orientated generations, but it has problems with facial features and proportions in case you want to add your own style of art and artists through prompt instead of selecting a style given in the app. I highly recommend training AI on list of popular digital artists and maybe refocus back on facial details after the general base artwork has been made.

  20. Was charged after the free trial, despite cancelling the subscription before the end. Don’t download unless you want your money stolen.

  21. Its just repeats I can’t make images even after creating fewer images……then what’s its purpose……and human faces it makes….are just absurd

  22. This is absolutely awesome!!! Ai Art can make a human like a real person!! How perfect it is!! Also the place and others!!

  23. I have seen some impressive results with this app. Key word: some. For some reason it simply does not know what a crocodile looks like… and some of the generated images I received for that request included naked female bodies, which was disturbing, but not as disturbing as the fact that only one of these was flagged as pornographic.

  24. Photo leap Just took the art world to the next level. Not only do we get the Convenience of obtaining the art that we need for whatever with the ease of simply describing it to your phone and a couple seconds later there’s an original piece of art. And if you don’t like that particular rendering of what you described , well then, you just have it generate another Interpretation of what you described to it And within a few seconds it will come up with a Different rendition of your description.

  25. Jon Best dice:

    This is more of a 4.85 rating than a 4.00 rating. Pictures are hit or miss, but that’s ok because they’re quick. I would like to see a way to remove the ads by maybe watching an ad, ability to use previous generated art as a reference, and name files before saving them

  26. I got this app because a friend recommended it but when we compared the apps we found that her IOS phone has a much more upgraded and seamless version than my Android, our apps are both updated so that seemed like the stand out option as to why they’re so different. I very much would love this version to mirror that one.

  27. I tried a bunch of these apps since I heard about the whole idea, and they were okay but average. They were always alll like go to the premium version. This is wonderfully different. It’s as far as I can see completely ad free and produces images you can be proud of and all without asking for a single red cent! Upshot here? Buy ’em a coffee, guys!

  28. One of the best apps to use for text to image AI photo generation. Also quite easy to use and it’s creates images quite fast. Would be nice if there was an option to change the ratio and resolution of the photos generated but overall it’s a really great app. Thanks

  29. Ok, the developers responded so I am changing my review, even if Android is on a lower update as of right now and I do not have access to features, it is still a stunning app I use for inspiration for art, overall amazing and I’m excited to stick around when the add Sketch AI to android.

  30. This app does not disappoint in any way, shape, or form. Would I prefer to not have the watermark? Of course. But it’s not a big enough issue to really complain about. Out of every other AI app I’ve tried, nothing can compare to this one in my eyes – I’m happily addicted 🙂

  31. Not all that impressed with output. Other generators work better. Too expensive to upgrade. Others are cheaper.

  32. The UI is fine everything is ok except for one thing the AI I know it’s not perfect but still this is worse than others…it keeps on adding people to the images when you never mentioned it anywhere and it keeps generating random things you never said it should overall worse thus far

  33. Was a good, fun free app but suddenly it wants $2.99/week. I don’t know what changed to make it worth a weekly fee but I’ll pass.

  34. Pretty good AI ARTGEN. VERY FAST! NO NAGS! Negatives, bad interface issues (click SAVE, then START AGAIN, you go back to start screen with blank prompt, totally idiotic! Good news, click <— arrow and new image generates). Bad news, if they compute your image or prompt us "RUDE", no image! LAME! No outpaint, no inpaint, no in-place prompt edits, essentially a severely crippled but fast Stable Diffusion ARTGEN with NSFW (lamebot filter) on. COPY PROMPTS TO CLIPBOARD. Annoying watermark.

  35. KRAZYPOET dice:

    Stable Diffusion is free if you know what you are doing. The app is great and if we had the ability to remove the watermark without having to manually do it later , it would be solid gold, right up there with wombo and others. Otherwise glad to see these.

  36. INCREDIBLE Honestly I think censoring words like nude and suicide is a bad thing as art is expression of all things. Good and bad, ugly and beautiful, happy and sad. Also please give an option for a full image as most of the time the ai is out of crop/proportion when making an image as it’s almost like an incomplete painting. Honestly as it is, it’s quite an incredible app but could be further improve to the fullest extent.

  37. JKV dice:

    Great app! Generates some seriously amazing artworks! Great for concept art! One critique I have is either allowing NSFW art as a setting, or at least make it regenerate the art if it detects it to be NSFW. Sometimes a completely innocent search term like ‘roman house’ can generate the NSFW prompt which takes me back to the main screen which is quite annoying. I hope this gets resolved somehow. Apart from that critique this is my favourite app for quickly generating cool concepts!

  38. I LOVE this AI. It completely gets my style and image instructions and I really like the style options. However I cannot eat any of the images because of the watermark. Also would like to upgrade to higher quality. I would gladly pay for these options! Light works please add this!

  39. Seems good so far! Even though AI can’t always guess what I’m picturing it’s still really incredible! Anime style could be improved on though, most things doesn’t tend to look cute in anime style, then again I probably didn’t search for the right things But otherwise I do recommend it! Found this app by an ad on Instagram lol

  40. Dog dice:

    All of the previous (limited) functionality of the app has been entirely removed and replaced with this stupid text to art feature. The photo editing, collages, background removal, all gone. All of my creations have disappeared. I am incredibly disappointed that the already limited and pricey app that I used nearly everyday has gotten even worse, reducing everything to one function.

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