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Used by professionals. Drawing app for illustration, animation, manga & comics.
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Clip Studio Paint is the complete illustration, comic, and animation tool used by over 20 million professional and hobby artists worldwide¹. Get up to 3 months free! Or get one hour free every day on your Android smartphone.* To keep drawing beyond the 1-hour daily limit, purchase a plan (details below).

●Draw as you please with Clip Studio Paint
Over 40,000 free and premium brushes by creators worldwide
Use Liquify to tweak your art after the fact
Pose 3D models to help you draw people, animals, and objects at tricky angles
Draw, animate, add sound, create comics, and more!

● Supporting your growth as an artist
Free courses on the official Clip Studio Paint website & YouTube channel
Thousands of user Tips available on our site
Download over 100,000 materials by community members
Share your work easily on social media – record a timelapse of your process

Brushes that go beyond:
・Default pencils, pens, markers, pastels, watercolor, ink, oil brushes, and more
・Customize brush texture, shape, dual brush setting, edge, spray effect, and more
・Thousands of brushes made by creators to download
・Import your favorite ABR Photoshop brushes
・Make line art like a pro with Line Stabilization
・Use your fingers to adjust the line thickness and shape

Limitless layers:
・Create up to 10,000 layers
・Set reference layers to fill effectively
・Create layer masks to control your effects
・28 different layer effects built in
・Create vector layers for vector drawing

Color smart:
・Lay down flat colors with smart fill tool
・Instantly color with the automatic AI colorizer
・Use the Sub View to import images and sample the colors
・Gradient maps offer greater control over your colors

Comic, manga, webtoon tools:
・Create speech bubbles, frames, and action lines with a single tap
・Comic/webtoon templates
・Preview your webtoon on your smartphone before you publish
・Manage multi-page works
・Collaborate with a team in the same project file
・Explore a range of comic fonts
・Countless screentones available

Full animation studio:
・Make anything from GIFs to full-length animations
・Add sound, camera movements, and more

Professional Tools:
・Import/Export PSD files
・Import 3D data to create backgrounds quickly
・Use rulers to make shapes, snap to perspective, draw symmetrical lines, and more
・Apply gradients to complex shapes instantly

Pen pressure available with all plans except the smartphone plan
・Supports Samsung Galaxy S Pen pressure sensitivity
・Compatible with Wacom graphics tablets (One by Wacom, Wacom Intuos, with DeX mode support for Wacom One on Galaxy devices)

Grade features
・FREE: 1 hour a day on Android smartphones
・PRO: All the features you need to create stunning illustrations & short animations
・EX: All the above + multi-page functionality for comic/manga artists and unlimited animation features
*You must have a Clip Studio account to purchase a plan

¹Research: Celsys

● Target Devices and Specifications
・Android 9 or later (ARM32/ARM64)
・Minimum free storage space: 6GB
・Minimum memory: 3GB required, 6GB or more recommended
・Internet connection is required to authenticate the app
・Recommended display size: 6″+ (smartphones), 10.4″+ (tablets)

・ChromeOS supporting Android 9 (ARM32/x86/x86_64)
・Minimum memory: 4GB required, 8GB or more recommended
・Recommended display: WXGA (1280×768) or higher

● In-app purchases
・Required to save the canvas and export it to various file formats on Android tablets and Chromebooks.
・Required to use all the features of the app on a smartphone with no time limit.

The smartphone plan does not offer pen pressure sensitivity.
If you would like to use pen pressure using DeX mode and the S Pen, sign up for any plan besides the smartphone plan.

Terms of Service


・The **Edit Set** dialog, which manages auto action sets, can now be resized on non-smartphone devices.
・Fixed an issue that caused irregular conflicts when using Teamwork.
・Other issues have also been fixed.


40 comentarios en "Clip Studio Paint 2022"

  1. Was very good for the first few months! The subscription is for sure worth it, you can use much more features. Was very professional and I like the different brushes. Had to get the screen replaced on my chromebook because I cracked it, and after I replaced it, the drawing started flickering? It would turn darker and lighter, since my chromebook is higher quality with brighter colors? I don’t know what’s up with that yet. Edit: I fixed it! Don’t know how, but it stopped doing that

  2. Please allow autosave for tablet mode on the Z Fold 4. I don’t see why this shouldn’t be working. Also tablet mode on fold should fill the entire screen. On the tab Ultra I think the software can be better optimized for they keyboards trackpad. Also, please give the option to support the full wide color gamut of both devices displays ( free apps like Krita already do). Also a single device plan really should be able to be activate and deactivate w/no limits if the devices are the same platform.

  3. My experiences using clip studio paint was amazing. When it came to drawing there is little buffer, there is a variety of colors to choose for coloring line art andeverything is easy to locate and if you want you could even use shortcuts to make it easier. But there is a downside for using the 3d models (android tablet) For example it causes lots of buffer and makes posing difficult so may that be fix in the future please? But other than that this is a very good art program for new or pro artist

  4. I got this software as a bundle and have been using it for five years. Love it on the laptop, not a huge fan with a drawing tablet, and hate the way it works on the phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which comes with a stylus. After some trial and error, I upgraded my subscription to access different drawing settings, but turns out I paid $2 more for the exact same thing. Don’t know why the pen pressure is only usable during the trial period and completely inaccessible when paid.

  5. Changing my review after working with it for a while. It’s HUGELY problematic that it hasn’t been designed for the tablet at all – it’s just the pc interface just shrunk down to fit. My palettes keep disappearing because it’s too easy to hit the wrong thing and I CAN’T GET THEM BACK because the help is only for the PC. I can’t work with it if I can’t find my *%@# tools! And I PAID for this! Back to IBIS.

  6. The drawing aspect is fine. The app tricks you into a false sense of security about your artwork being backed up (it probably isn’t so be careful). I had problems with the downloaded pens not staying. I can’t find any information on how to fix it. OK so I go through the steps to figure it out myself. I delete and re-download the app and all of my artwork is gone……because your profile isnt enough, you HAVE to have it backed up to your cloud, thanks for making that known.

  7. YJ dice:

    1. The tool settings (ie. type of brush) take up so much space on the side but if you minimize it, it takes too many steps to change the brush. I keep it open to save time, but it takes up ~1/4 of the potential drawing surface. Also, I change the tools accidentally because of the screen sensitivity and the tools setting being so big. 2. Convoluted process of importing images. You need the image to be in your Clip Studio “data” to import the image in your project and it fills up really quick.

  8. i just got clipstudio on my computer ( chromebook) and it wont even open..i tried looking for solutions but nothing has worked. I dont know whats going on with it but i hope they can fix it soon. There isnt alot of art apps or programs ( that are decent or good ) for chromebook an i had high hopes , which quickly plummeted when i clicked on it and it showed a black screen then closed out of itself and thats all it does when you click on it..

  9. This app is only good if you have the money to subscribe to it. Once you use up your measly HOUR of free trial, your forced into basically using a higher quality Microsoft Paint. Not only that, but the controls are overly complicated and the end results are almost never worth it. This app always makes the art come out choppy and weird, plus it’s difficult to even save to your device! Overall, totally not worth it. You’d be better off with literally any other art app than this.

  10. Great on PC, phone is difficult. I’ve been using it on my laptop for I think close to a year, and it’s absolutely incredible. I almost never use any other software, on PC or on my phone. That being said, I can’t even get to the login screen on my phone without being faced with a a gray screen and my phone notifying me that it’s not respond. I’ve tried multiple times, on multiple different occasions, with the same results. Still absolutely phenomenal on PC, though.

  11. Clip Studio Paint is okay for 10 minute art pieces, but other than that, I would suggest getting something else. If you change tabs for more than about 30 seconds, It WILL crash, deleting everything. I’ve lost some of my favorite art pieces just because either I was kicked out of the app, or I switched tabs for about a minute. I do not recommend this app and will most likely not be re-installing.

  12. This app is not for everyone (including me) but there are some cool things in it like being able to animate and make books and comics and stuff but it is kind of hard to navigate. I do appreciate the tutorial when you’re first getting started but it is kind of hard to read because the image moves faster than I can read. If the tutorial was more like the short easy to read tutorial in ibis paint x then I would like it a bit more, but even so, this app is not for everyone, and not for me.

  13. I love being able to work on my art both on my computer and on the go. The controls are almost exactly the same as the PC application, and it makes it really simple to switch between my tablet and computer. My only criticism is that I wish I could export my PC projects into my app version, it would make my work even more seamless. Great for artists that need the ability to work on their projects from anywhere.

  14. The drawing aspect good. However, there are some major flaws. First, it keeps crashing. It crashes when I switch windows for a few seconds. Lost some drawings this way. Second, it often can’t find my license. I open the app and it asks me to buy a license. Sometimes I have to give up and can’t draw that day. Lastly, and this is why it is getting one star, it deleted every single drawing of mine a couple days ago. 6 months of work gone. Done with this program.

  15. nicolai dice:

    Can be a fairly small area for drawing depending on how u set it but its still really good! I find it easier than the PC version but that’s basically only due to the fact that I am able to zoom with my fingers. Not letting me draw with my hands is also very helpful as I cannot accidentally make marks all over the canvas. Overall it depends on what you like for your drawing programs.

  16. Great, if you only use portrait mode. I have multiple drawing tablets to use on my android tablet and ALL of them respond the same way. They work fine in portrait mode, but the moment I switch to landscape it just doesn’t work. The pen only goes across 2/3 of the screen then hits a “wall”. I just want to draw in landscape! It shouldn’t be an act of congress to get a fairly basic function of tablets to work on this program.

  17. On PC, I’m still a loyal customer; however, this app just isn’t it. This is one of the only art apps I’ve used on my Galaxy Note8 that doesn’t detect pen pressure (despite having the option to adjust pen sensitivity), which is a big no-no for me. Paired with the “switch to eraser” option that I can’t seem to change to a vector eraser, as well as the unoptimized layout (why’s there no tool change button?), this app isn’t worth more than the free apps available.

  18. Everything was working fine until I purchased which ever version is for comics. I was able to use any of the brushes and they would stabilize and would have tampered ends depending on the pressure of the pen strokes. The strokes are all the same size and are rounded. I can not change it in the settings to taper the end and no matter how much I adjust the pen pressure settings and the tilt setting its is still the same. It looks like I am using the windows draw software from elementary school.

  19. T Pinez dice:

    Please I love this with all its brushes available, the animation ability, the access to download more – but for the past month I’ve been losing progress in my works time and time again due to sudden crashes. I save every 10 minutes usually but there’s lots to lose in that time frame! I shouldn’t have to anxiety save after every brush stroke. App needs a major bug fix for all the crashes it does.

  20. L. M. dice:

    I’ve had the program for years on my laptops because it was better than anything Adobe offered and had more honest practices. Now they’ve moved to a subscription model and I can’t use a product I already purchased. I would very happily purchase a one-time payment license for a second device but I will never pay a subscription fee for an art program. Absolutely diabolical of them to have done this.

  21. Clip Studio Paint is one of the the most recommended digital paint tool out there so i was overjoyed that a version has com out for mobile. However I’m haveing some serious issues with this version. Firstly the interface is a bit confusing but by far the game breaker is that the pen pressure doesn’t seem to work. It works fine on other art apps so I know it’s not the device. I actually paid for the Pro subscription and would like to be able to actually use the app. Thanks

  22. A terrible version due to the fact you have to pay monthly, and not a one time fee. This payment requirement just doesn’t work for Android users used to paying a one time fee for apps, but this one requires you to pay monthly! You’d be better off with other Android painting apps. There are loads of them, and they only cost a one time fee. The interface on the app could be improved, too.

  23. It used to work really well but now it keeps crashing and I can’t open my old drawings. I’ve even been paying for the subscription. Update: Had to delete and reinstall the application because i couldn’t open any of my artwork or create any new artwork at all. This resulted in all of my previous artwork being lost, now I’m super upset and I’ve canceled my subscription.

  24. I use this app on my galaxy tab s6 lite and it’s great! All the functionality of the desktop app, including easily customizable interface. I havent ever had anything but positive experiences with csp. I understand some people are disappointed by the subscription based service, but at $25 per year for the pro version, I dont think that the price is bad at all for all the functionality you get. I highly recommend this app for a tablet, but I could see it being cumbersome on a smaller screen.

  25. Ethan dice:

    The first issue being that it doesn’t keep artwork open, so if you don’t save it at the end of your session even if you don’t close the app it will close your work and you loose any progress. Second which is my biggest issue, is that even when you own a license it will randomly deactivate and want to reverify which is not good on a tablet without internet. Even if you connect to wifi, you will loose your work due to no autosaves when it’s unactive.

  26. I have no idea what these low star reviews are about, I work in landscape mode on my iPad. It keeps your artwork up if you don’t force quit the app. You can also set up auto save to prevent losing your art if there’s a crash. You can save your work with quick export which goes straight to your image files, or air drop/direct share Yes, a subscription is annoying and feels predatory, but it isn’t unique to CSP at all. It’s still cheaper and way more accessible than other powerful art tools.

  27. Great art tools! Performs well on mobile! Functionality is nearly as good as the Desktop version! However, I purchased EX for Desktop, assuming that it would be a simple one-time purchase. I was hoping for the same on mobile, but alas, that isn’t the case. I do not want to pay a subscription for a piece of production software. That’s why I don’t use Adobe products.

  28. I prefer Clip studio over Adobe photoshop for drawing. Clip studio’s price is better. You can use clip on several different types of devices like a phone, laptop, chromebook, tablet, Android or Apple and PC too. The drawing/painting tools are great and you have access to so many options to add to your tools for free or paid. Clip studio is a great drawing/painting app.

  29. I kinda hate this app lol. The brushes are really nice but honestly it’s just way harder to get used to than Photoshop. I have a tablet and it looks like the app is meant for PC. Which is anoying. Everything is so unconvenient to use. Like I can’t quickly change the size on my brush. And like it’s too complicated to figure out how to change the annoying mechanics such as the laggy rotation of the canvas.

  30. great drawing app. I love the fact there is it always show tutorials for new user to be able to learn, it has a fairly easy to use interface The only thing that is missing is the one time purchase option, I notice that it not available here but available on the pc version of this app, it would be nice if that option were to be added here too

  31. I cant believe this, to much lag I tried to exit out the apps they may have been running and taking up space but still didnt work. Also there are alot of stuff you can use,it gets me confused, and stressed because of all the stuff and i don’t kn how to use some of them. Right when I get on there is an ad. And at least right in the middle of when im moving my paintbrush, there is an ad. The update there was recently, it just made it worse! The game Please make it better thank you for fixing this-

  32. ur mom dice:

    I decided to download it, because I saw an intruiging ad, and I opened it up, went to launch it, and it said I only get an hour of free usage every day. This is ridiculous. I already have a fantastic app (Ibis Paint X) that is completely free, and very useful, so when I saw this, I thought it was obsurd. I am very disappointed. The ad did not mention the need to pay. Very dissatisfied.

  33. Digi-Cow dice:

    I love clip studio on my pc and always recomend it BECAUSE it’s a one time purchase. I decided to still try the trial version, thinking I could save my stuff to my account cloud and it told me it couldn’t connect my license with this device. Since I can’t even sync with my account on top of the subscription only aspect, I don’t recomend this. Try medibang instead.

  34. Devi Nox dice:

    So I love CSP, I do, on the PC. But my PC no longer works now and I thought I could just move everything to a tablet and continue. NOPE. I’m not paying monthly for a program I already have. It’s not a viable option for me and and honestly, there’s f2u drawing apps out there that support the file format I need. The mobile version is pretty much useless and will eventually get more expensive than EX at full price.

  35. Great art app, except I can’t use it. I already have a license with CSP but it says I can’t use it on this device for some reason, and you can’t save anything you draw on this app without buying it. There’s no point in a drawing app if you can’t save what made. This app also calls for monthly/annual fee it seems? No. The one-time-payment thing is one of the reasons I like CSP.

  36. ari sweet dice:

    Been using Clip Studio Paint EX on my work pc since 2015 and love having it on my note now too. There’s a few small things that are mild annoyances thanks to the limitations of using this on my phone instead of my PC, but nothing that truly lowers my enjoyment with the program at the end of the day. All of the lil quirks that are kind of annoying are easy enough to work around that it’s barely even worth mentioning, but I feel obligated to all the same.

  37. Not an easy to use app, the interface for mobile devices still needs a lot of work. Takes a while to get comfortable with toolbars and toolsettings, but then gets ok (just ok) with user customization and habbit.latest update broke the app for stylus users – I can t find how to turn off the gestures, and program keeps switching me to color picker and switches selected color automatically, making it a challange to draw even a single line. I also have actual subscription, support team pls help

  38. Had clip for years , love it and this. I could navigate this version fairly well. It’s a good app so far. I have a suggestion for the app, especially on android. Not everyone has a samsung note with s-pen , and clip doens’t have sonarpen support. Perhaps clip can implement a sort of touch sensitivity to simulate pressure sensitivity. Like what artflow, medibang, and infinite paint goes by how much of the finger tohces the surface and adjusts brush size in response. Please consider.

  39. I have been using Clip Studio Paint on PC for a long time now and loved it. Having got an Android phone with stylus decided to give it a try. Really enjoying it except 1 issue. Not a deal breaker but trying to do details slowly, it can sense it as a hold and by default holding changes your tool. I turned off hold to change tool and it still brings up the eyedropper to change colors. They fix that and I would rate 5 stars.

  40. The app is great. Except with all the limitations i cant finish my art within an hour to be able to even save it. So i wanted to sign up for three months free but its forcing me to subscribe and thats not what i wanted. I just wanted to sign up on clip studio and get three months trial like youtube does. Were when u first start it it gives u a month free without forcing u to subscribe to premium. And an hour isnt even remotely enough. Ive never heard of anyone finishing a drawing that fast.

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