Fonty – Draw and Make Fonts 2022


Create new fonts and edit existing ones. Draw custom letters and make typography
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Create your own fonts with Fonty – the easy-to-use font making app that provides limitless font customization for everyone. The font editor gives you full creative power to make truly unique handwritten fonts or simply personalize existing ones and express yourself through text. Draw your own letters, use shapes, cut and splice, and even add awesome clipart, Fonty has got it all. Whether you’re a lettering newbie or a seasoned typography master, you’ll never want to use boring old fonts again.


Auto-save and Drafts so you never lose your work

Font Preview to see how your new alphabet looks every step of the way

Easy font export to other devices and applications

Visual guides and lettering hints to help you along the way

Support for over 15 languages and alphabets, with more coming soon

Brushes to make elegant calligraphy

Stickers to truly personalize and beautify your fonts


Fonty Keyboard is finally here. Send callout messages with your own created fonts.


40 comentarios en "Fonty – Draw and Make Fonts 2022"

  1. Don’t be fooled, the negative reviews are from people who don’t know what they’re doing. You’re not going to make perfectly clean fonts with this, but I like it for sketching out ideas that I can clean up on my computer later. A bezier curve tool would definitely be a welcome addition however, as well as the ability to edit kerning, since it seems the fonts just default to monospace right now. Finally, the Fonty keyboard for testing the font seems to be missing the “!” which is a small pain.

  2. this app is a great idea, but the options for making letters are way too limited. you can’t import images, there’s no flip, no way to draw straight lines, no help with alignment, no way to merge fonts, the list goes on. I love that the user interface is easier than fontforge, but you can’t do nearly as much.

  3. Very cool. Even an amateur like me can fairly easily create a cool font. I wish only that we could change the space inbetween words. It’s very wide. Also there seems to be a bug with the upper quotation marks (it won’t take the font) and the exclamation mark (couldn’t find it after finishing the font). Nevertheless , this is a pretty decent and fun app. Thanks for that!

  4. Overall a pretty good app, especially when used with a stylus. but there are some small annoyances ; the fill tool ignores inner shapes and it has a limited set of characters ; meaning you cannot make a complete font. Drawing tools could be better (no straight line tool). Having to install the custom keyboard to use the fonts on mobile is annoying, but there is no way to get around it. (Your phone likely will not let you install the fonts you make)

  5. making my own font was pretty cool, i had a lot of fun. however, I cant seem to install it to any of the apps i own or my phone. plus the characters you can make is very limited. it’d be nice if there was a compatible text on photo editor that doesnt require a monthly/yearly subscription or to be able to “download” my text as an image to later place in my art, ive resorted to screenshotting my text and editing it into my pictures which isnt as pretty or easy or fun.

  6. It’s a great app. So far, I’ve created two fonts of my own. I think it would be bwtter if the drawing feature is made easy. Also, it doesn’t justify that you could turn your handwriting to a font with this. If that’s so, there should’ve been a photo importing feature or something so that you can actually put in an actual penmanship of yours.

  7. Can’t believe I’ve only just found this app, it’s absolutely amazing. Simplicity is very difficult to achieve, this app manages it. Not overly complicated but has all the tools you need. Couple of requests if I may: Copy/paste function within the letter design (aside from the stamp). Corner drag nodes for resizing shapes as finger pinching can be clumsy & inaccurate & a tick button to complete shape sizing rather than it completing prematurely if I accidentally touch the screen. Overall SUPERB!

  8. The app is pretty cool. Easy to navigate. It would however be nice if it let people for example mark the letters edges, so that there isn’t an awkward spacing (for calligraphy). Also, maybe consider adding a pen that makes the line at the beginning and end narrow, so that it looks more natural. Otherwise it works well. It even lets me upload to PicsArt which I did not expect. 🙂

  9. I only have one problem. You can only put your font in pics art instead of saving the text to your phone’s storage. Normally if I want to put my text into a video and or photo, you would have to screenshot and delete the white background, this app would be awesome if you fixed this.

  10. I can’t put into words how useless and time-wasting this app is, I spent Litterly forever trying to make my own font and the only way you can use it is in pictures, and don’t nobody wanna sent pictures to chat with people. It’s such a waste, don’t waste your time, don’t download. Also, when you enable this app, it might and can take passwords, personal data, emails and private conversations every letter on the keyboard you take. I wouldn’t risk it, you wouldn’t either. Don’t download!

  11. It is actually a usable font generating app on its own right. The lack of necessary tools (like being able to adjust the tracking and kerning) bugs me out a bit. However, there could be a work around with this current version, which enables me to do custom fonts of my “handwriting”. This app has potential.

  12. Absolutely love this app!!! you can use it to make so many fun fonts, and I even used it to recreate a made up alphabet my sister and I did as children. 🙂 too much fun. Absolutely recommend it. Especially if you enjoy making your own alphabets up. 🙂 and to the developers, you totally need to make this transferable to computers. So far I can only use it on my cellphone and tablet, but I’d love to be able to use it on my desktop computer 🙂

  13. I’ve created a whole new alphabet and the app created a new keyboard and it all worked until it didn’t. I used it in WhatsApp but it just doesn’t work there. The keyboard is still available but it doesn’t type in the new font just uses the standard one. So disappointed…

  14. This is a very good and useful app, to customize and create font on a mobile device. However, the design tools are not sufficient, plus there has not been any update to the app for a very long time now (almost two years). I can’t wait see more features and customisation added to this app. Please update. Thanks!

  15. Couldn’t find kerning. All the letters seem to be the same width which makes a handwriting font look like a postcode on a printed form. That aside, it’s a fairly good app, but unusable for me.

  16. Hazaard X dice:

    Despite many who say this app is uslesss, it’s actually really cool because it serves its purpose: creating your own fonts. It has many shapes and things to use. Only thing is that there should be more tools to make the fonts look better and that they don’t look so “handwritten”.

  17. Flizzy dice:

    To all the brainless people out there.. You CAN use your font. If you have a system font changer (theme app or something) or you have root (use root essentials app!) you can change your devices font: Select the font by going into Fonty folder, go to Fonts folder and select that .ttf file! do this in your font changer app. If you want to type using your font, then you can only send little images with the text you typed in the font you selected. SEE, you CAN USE IT.

  18. This app would work great, but on Android 12 (In my experience) when you share the ttf to any of the options it gives you, it doesn’t export but just says “File unavailable”, no matter what you export it to. Not sure if this is the app in general, or just no optimization for Android 12.

  19. Amir X dice:

    UM to the developers of this app. I would like to apologize on behalf of what seems to be a smear campaign of sorts. THIS app iw by far the closest to ifont available for android. IT has no ads. IT has smooth pen latency and does entire fonts for you as a set once drawn. PERFECT for those who caj draw and want to create fonts

  20. So this app is great its just that when I wanted to enable it on my phone it said fonts may be able to collect all the text u type,including personal data such as passwords and credit card numbers I like it but I think they are gonna scam me when I want to buy something on my phone and put the credit card number and spend stuff

  21. This has the potential to be such an amazing app, I LOVE it, except the fact I care resize the area I am to write in. And to print in my natural writing I write small, but doing that makes the font tiny as heck and I can’t see a way to adjust the spacing around the characters so everything is tiny and spaced out a lot. I want to use this, but in its current state I can’t… will check periodically for updates.

  22. I think that this app needs to be worked on. They need to put less space between “i” and “l” and also put “!” On the keyboard beacuse they don’t have it in for some reason not only that but when I got it after i made my font I had problems useing it. When I tried to show my friend I made a font it turned it into a picture but the phone said “this is not a photo” so I can’t show my friend unless I screenshot it. In the end I deleted the app beacuse it made me have problems.

  23. Katlady L dice:

    I love how it and it works but the keyboard formed too small I can’t find the explanation mark at all even though I made it and I wanna use it so bad. fonts=useless if the keyboard won’t cooperate with it. I’m also use to the way my original keyboard buttons work(sound when tapping, the tap and hold buttons giving a symbol instead of the letter, and caps button has rules like double tap=caps lock, tap=one letter only is capped, and another tap for just lowercase. I’m also used to auto correct.

  24. While I’d be happy to give this app a 4 or more, it unfortunately doesn’t live up to what I hoped for; while you can make fonts and use them, it refuses to let me use a certain font I created. I’ve tried multiple times to use it, and to no avail. Not to mention the fact that you can’t even customizd keyboard size–a crucial factor to font changing apps. On another note, customization is limited greatly. It is not recommended to those who actually want to change the font on their phone.

  25. The app was easy to use and I was excited at first, however. My reason for the low rating is due to how it was used. I wanted to make it my main keyboard font, but it didn’t do that. Instead, it created an image with a text bubble that had to message inside it. (It seems like this has happened to many others aswell judging by the reviews.) Basically, I wouldn’t recommend this app. Very disappointed.

  26. I think the app has potential, but the supported languages are few. You could also streamline it by asking the user what languages the font should support, instead of limiting it to one single language for each font. This could be done by basing it on one language with a basic alphabet (English for Latin characters), and then append the other characters from the other languages. This should add to the user experience, streamline development, and generally would be better.

  27. The app has a great potential for new ideas from creators. But the biggest drawback is that it doesn’t allow making fonts for a lot of languages that involve abugida or other format of writings. I would highly appreciate if the makers of the app can add more varieties of languages from across the globe.

  28. It’s a nice idea but impossible to use as it has no shapes to make straight lines so unless you can draw perfectly straight and symmetrical letters, your font is going to look like a child made it. There are also no instructions whatsoever, no demo at all. There is a kind of s shaped button but it’s not clear or even unclear what it does. You can import fonts to use as a template but you still have to hand draw over them. Almost impossible to do. BTW I do know how to use tff files.

  29. Ben Wald dice:

    It would be a pleasure to see Hungarian or Lithuanian added to the app.. or the actual Finnish keyboard (which includes the additional signs of Norwegian and Northern Sámi) Also it’s a pain to draw your letter realise it doesn’t look good then having to change to the eraser and scale that up so that you can erase the drawing somewhat efficiently to then go back to the pen having to downscale the thickness again because it’s not about the tool you use apparently.. undo button – please!

  30. The app works, but to make a real font, I’d need two features: stick to grid (meaning when turned on, it automatically assumes the user meant the next point on the grid) and bezier curves. Like, I’m NOT doing that stuff with my finger.

  31. One of my favorite apps now. This is great! 4 stars for now. I’ll give five stars if you can fix the spacing of the characters. Optical spacing is better. I’m a little annoyed when there are letters “i” and “l” in the words. Looks like there’s a space between the words. And also if you add the plus sign in the characters.

  32. No way to save your font as a .ttf file so you can actually do something with it. You have to use their keyboard to use it and even then it’s not compatible with any apps I use! Their keyboard is a joke compared to Gboard, doesn’t even come close – and no swipe! Why is the ! key hidden under menus? IT WONT LET ME SWITCH BACK TO GBOARD! UNINSTALLING!!! Painful to use and since you can’t use your font in any apps because it’s not an actual font file, this app is a real waste of time. 🤦🏻

  33. Very misleading and disappointing 🙁 I thought this app would let me change the font of my phone, but after writing in how I wanted my letters to look, I followed the instructions and all it did was make me able to send images with the font inside them (a text bubble with the words you write). Complete waste of time.

  34. Kawaiizy dice:

    This app is great in concept; the app is simple and easy to use. The font maker itself is polished and refined, but unfortunately I am unable to use the font I made outside of Fonty; whenever I attempt to enable the keyboard on my ChromeOS settings, it says “the administrator has blocked this font” and I can find no way to undo this. Please fix, I spent a lot of time on my font and would be glad to use it! 🙂

  35. No exclamation mark on the keyboard, even though you create one. It uploads your text as an image in any other app. The text image is wrapped in a gaudy ugly speech bubble. No option to just put it on a white or transparent background. Suggested tools: line stabilizer, transform, scale, move, brush shape pen. Problem when using Eraser: Clear. After you clear it then draw a line, if you use undo, it goes back to before you used the Clear function.

  36. I wanted to edit my existing TTF file for in-game purpose, guess what?! You can’t access files on your phone from this app, or at least scan your phone and SD card for existing fonts… Please your app is what most people need, but it is very limited… Add access to phone and sdcard files… I’m uninstalling now, but I hope to see in the future while reading your log of updates that you’ve added access to external or storage files… Thank you

  37. They’re only a few things wrong with this that I didn’t really like 1. The spacing it’s really wide spaced and hard to read 2. When you use it in other apps you can only send pictures of your writing and not texting like normal maybe fix that 3. Make all the font be like around the same size sometimes it’s too small to read sometimes it’s too big I like this app cuz it can make your own handwriting into a font it’s really cool but it doesn’t look good sometimes as pictures

  38. Thanks so much for this app. Although the spacing is a little farther apart. When I first made a font, I sent it to google drive and then I download it. I put .ttf on the end and then it’s ready to use. But you could also look at your Fonty folder in your Phone memory and you would see your ttf font in there without having to sent it to google drive or email first. Nice app. So happy and love it.

  39. I want to use cute fonts of my own handwritings to write messages like in WhatsApp or commenting in social media…but nope. This app cannot do that. All you can do is making pictures of your fonts to your friends in WhatsApp…so basically created a lot of junks on your friends’ storage, that made your friends hated you. Can’t use it to comment on social media either. It was fun though…that is why I still give 3*, although I’m going to uninstall right away…because the keyboard is ANNOYING.

  40. I liked it, I just wasn’t comfortable with it being able to get my passwords so I had to delete it sadly, other wise great app. I liked the shaped / stamps they were really cute mainly the frog one 🙂 really liked that one. And the cat one. I liked that you could make the letter less shakey with a tap of a button!! It was easy very to use. I loved the game I just didn’t want to risk it taking my passwords 🙂 cus I like privacy (obvious reasons) now I’m just rambling but yeah I loved the game 🙂

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