Mega Voxels MOD 2022

Fun voxel editor to Build Voxel Art & Create 3D Pixel Art with Blocks!
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Mega Voxels is a voxel editor you can use to create voxel art and 3D pixel art with blocks. Voxels, also called 3D Pixels, allow anyone to create 3D models easily using small 3D blocks. You can then play with blocks in tons of fun game modes. Share photos and videos of your voxel art with the Mega Voxels community and your friends on your favorite social network!


– Full-Featured Voxel Editor with intuitive controls
– Dozens of tools and brushes to choose from including Pencil, Bucket Fill and Magic Wand
– Hundreds of 3D voxel models to explore in Library: castles, cars, animals, spaceships, houses, food and more
– Easy to color blocks with simple touch controls. Choose your color palette and tap to paint.
– Draw complex 3D scenes using voxels (volumetric pixels)
– Voxel builder supports Unlimited World Size
– Complete 3D Modeling Capabilities and Toolset
– Import & Export models to common formats including MagicaVoxel VOX, Wavefront OBJ and PNG
– Craft and Build your own City out of voxel blocks
– Simple 3D Model Maker
– Make and Save video animations to MP4
– Powerful 3D Pixel Art Editor
– Preview and Render 3D Voxel Models in Real-time
– View and display your creations in Augmented Reality (AR)
– Use portrait mode and Landscape mode for Phones & Tablets
– Save files locally and on the cloud
– Completely Functional Mobile Voxel Editor App that supports both touch and pen
– Play Fun Block Games with any of your voxel models
– Build Your Own 3D Model on your Phone or Tablet

Fun Game Modes:

– Jump your way to victory in Mega Voxels Jump! Pick from dozens of models or create your own blocky character and hop into action in this insanely fun jumper game
– Watch your 3D voxel models get constructed automatically with Build-a-Voxel mode. In this fun construction game record videos as your models get built with blocks in a cool animated way
– Break your block models to pieces using fun power-ups in the exciting Destruct-a-Voxel game mode. In this building game you can then have them come back together at the tap of a button
– Build your own castle, a house, a spaceship and even a tower in Create Mode. Construct amazing building and structures entirely out of blocks


- New Feature: Android 12 Support
- New Feature: Download Photos & Videos Locally to Device
- New Feature: Create Glowing Voxels
- New Feature: New Emission Panel for adjusting the Glow
- New Models: Dozens of Brand New Voxel Models
- Optimizations: Performance Improvements


40 comentarios en "Mega Voxels MOD 2022"

  1. A very cool app for me but I think adding more colors and presets would be good because these models easily port to blender and look pretty good I think just a little more work into the process of making models would be great example like half blocks or maybe blocks with different textures on them

  2. Derpy CG dice:

    As a 3 year blender artist, I was blown away by the power of this app. Exceptional feature than can’t be found anywhere else. Incredible control over the modeling process and now rendering support including preset camera motions than can be rendered in high quality.😊👌 You just keep making it better and I will keep using😂👍

  3. Would recommend. Simple and and looks great, it’s easy for beginners to grasp, and has filters you can use aswell!

  4. I love 3D pixel artwork, my wish for everything Some Cuteful kinds each make whole thinking, I am make Releaxing to Variously to creating whole around, but bad news, always crashing when startup, it was Determined “XAPK”, that means “Unsupportable when Android 12”, For Massively Stopped for “No Reason”, Why “i can’t Support for When like XAPK”?, once more note: my device works when “1.9.4”

  5. Thanks for reading my first review 🙂, I want to add another suggestion can you add another way in grouping (the one in build section where you can use the drag tool to group a bunch of things the one where you can either scale, group, etc). Because, sometimes i create a big thing where even the maximum size can’t even fit in anymore, when i use the drag tool sometimes the one that i don’t want to get selected getting select. As always keep up the grear work 🙂

  6. This application is top tier you can’t beat it the development team has been extremely helpful and responsive to feed back I had to come back and give them 5 stars because they definitely deserve it

  7. Julian P dice:

    I give this a five star experience because of the complete control I have and the many options. I’ve made many little creatures and whatnot. Five stars

  8. Mercy dice:

    For some reason I xan only build the starter dig and I can’t find a way to create a new build.i went into the building thing I deleted the dog and then tried to build my own building and I couldnt.also I deleted the dog and I thought maybe that was going to create a new building slot.instead it just deleted the dog when I went to my creations thibg

  9. Love this app. I am wondering though. How could i save these in frames and create 3d pixel animations? Like a sort of “stop-motion” technique?

  10. Very fun app to make models, but please let me move the model down and backwards, I always made my model too big and need to move it back, but can’t, if you can’t to that, can you please give the option to change the layout size as well? Overall nice app to try.

  11. Lyreguin dice:

    An easy 5-star, especially relative to the lack of any quality 3D programs on Android. Support team is incredibly responsive and worked to fix an importing issue I had, going back and forth for a week or so.

  12. Crashes a lot… hard to make solid things, the destroy gamemode is fun! Over all pretty fun though

  13. Great app! Definitely great potential and cool if you like remaking retro bit art. One question and this may not be the place, but are these voxels able to be imported over to vox edit or to The Sandbox marketplace?

  14. Super nice app and it’s super easy to build and I am having fun creating stuffs with this app. But there is one problem. Everytime I want to add blocks it doesn’t let me add the blocks please fix this. I will give you 5 stars if you do. Thank you

  15. Ralph dice:

    Very good app with lots of functionality. The only bugs I’ve found are that if you’re working with a large empty block then it won’t let you zoom in enough and playing with the destruction seems to break the files. Other than that it’s really easy to work with and I love how you can view your creations in AR.

  16. I create voxel art on a normal basis and this app has all the features I normally use. I recommend it.

  17. Some Dude dice:

    Very decent and easy app to use! Highly Recommended. But I do find one thing very irritating. The one that’s been irritating me is that the app keeps rotating the other way around even though I have Rotation Lock on. I like to hold my phone sideways when laying down and got pretty used to it. So everytime I turn sideways and hold it straight/portrait mode, It turns into landscape mode. Long story short, I would like it if you add a Rotation Lock feature. Also, Needless to say, I’m a mobile user.

  18. Kyle Love dice:

    A very impressive voxel app. Its packed full of great features like filters and animations to make your voxel models really pop and come to life. it’s lots of fun and easy to get to grips with making it perfect for the seasoned voxel artist as well as the new comer! I spent a long time looking for a great app that I can use on my phone to make voxel models, this is undoubtedly the best out there and does everything I hoped it would and more 😁 check it out, you won’t regret it!

  19. If you want to make voxel (3d pixelart) models or art, this is honestly the best app for it!!! Super good and refined tools for sculpting and painting models, very clear totoriel to show you what the tools do, and even having templates for those new to this kind of art! The adds are super minimal and dont interfeer with creating, and overall, 10/10! I expected it to be some generic and add filled mobile app, but was highly wrong! Even the things you pay for are not necessary,and you can use free

  20. Amazing app and easy to use. One issue I do have with the app though is when taking pictures we are unable to adjust the rotation and position of the camera to a certain value. If we want to take photos of different creations, and want them all taken from the same perspective, we just have to eyeball it. We can’t know for sure, so sometimes, we just have to keep trying until we get the desired perspective. Maybe let us type in values for the rotation and position to get an exact perspective.

  21. Demraw dice:

    This app is fun to use for making voxel arts/creations. But, not long after I start using it there is a bug that keep getting me annoyed until now. Sometimes, when you exit and open back your creation, some of the colors applied to your creation will change into other colors: purple becomes blue, yellow becomes green, black becomes red, etc. This make me have to recolor the voxels back to the color they supposed to be.

  22. This app is excellent, very easy to understand and well formated, the only thing that I think should be added is the ability to duplicate scenes. This would let you create a model with alterations eg: an attacking pose for a character who is in a neutral pose in the original scene.

  23. If you can try making a animation feature where it will move around in vr mode and I love it so much ❤

  24. Coming from a real voxel software on PC, this is wildly good and can almost the same things as any other voxel software can do. It’s designed to be easy and fun and there are loads of different voxel creations to try. The only thing I found to be a bit saddening was the fact most creation tutorials were paid, but that’s it!

  25. To be honest i wanna deleter it i can’t even use the build tools it’s so annoying this game is bad i wish I could rate it 0 please fix it

  26. When I installed this app. I got a virus along with it, even after multiple attempts of removing it the virus keeps coming back. (Edit): I thought it was the app. coz the virus had the same icon as of mega voxels play when I first discoverd it but, perhaps as you say it might have been my phone’s fault, my bad. I can’t give more starts rating coz I didn’t get to use the app. for long enough to know.

  27. Yiwei KoK dice:

    Is pretty cool is been 15 years i been using it and i use this app and procreate and kilonotes-simple and goodnotes cuz is very cool for me and ibispaint x to i use this app in my phone and ipad

  28. Thanks to this app. Because this apps it can help Minecraft player to build basic architecture for beginners or pixel arts

  29. Newt Max dice:

    amazing app. could you make a game where you could implement stuff you make? (like melon playground or kselebox)

  30. This is a really good app when you have voxel ideas and you’re not at home to make it on your PC. It also let’s you export and import .vox files so you can use your scene created in mega voxels play and continue it in magicavoxel. It’s really easy to use and the UI is straightforward and the tutorial is also easy to understand. I recommend this to voxel artists! ❤️

  31. I remember playing this, But I want free models of that one block game! You know Minecraft? To The Developers: Well.. Minecraft Is a Game Where You Can Build What Ever You Want Destroy What Ever You Want Well Not Bedrock And Obsidian But Not Real Enough I Want REAL Destruction Physics Also Craft What Ever You Want Also I Want Singular Voxels To Break Off In Destruction Mode.

  32. it can be a bit hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes really easy and fun! alot of adds though

  33. I spent 3 hours building something, I then I pressed save. But then when I tried to do AR it said “blank file” my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined FIX THE PROBLEM (Now I’m gonna cry myself to sleep because I spent so long just for it to get deleted)

  34. The app is great but thing is that they did not pay attention to this app as much as magica voxel. Like for example emission and lot others. Pls pay attention to this app or give us a magica voxel pokect edition

  35. This game is so cool I never saw a game like this I 1st started to create a dog this is my 1st time even though I ruined my dog a lot of times not to delete it and put it back on But don’t worry I caught the door fully done and this game needs a 100 stars😊😊

  36. This is such an amazing app I always wanted to 3d pixel stuff now I can thank you for making this😁😁😁

  37. Jaman dice:

    This app is intuitive and easy to use. I reported a bug and they had a fix issued for it within 48 hours. You guys have a customer for life.

  38. this is a very good app i can make pixel art 3d models here.very good

  39. I am searching for a good 3d maker for a month and I found it best Other apps lag a lot but this one. is working perfectly fine. Also the multiselecting is a way faster then drawing one by one . Thanks to Go Real Games for this app

  40. The fact you guys never gave up on developing this voxel app is amazing, you guys follow what your followers are suggesting you should add can get you guys more fame in the future, keep up the good work and I hope you’re app goes viral someday

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