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Unlock your imagination and start animating in just a few minutes!
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The new FlipaClip Update with better performance and stability is now available! Now you can organize projects into stacks, switch between light and dark mode, use blending modes, glow effect, add photos, add video, add music, discover new challenges, and more!

FlipaClip is a frame-by-frame 2D animation app used by millions of people around the world! It’s like a flipbook! The app has been awarded “App of The Year” by Google Play Store and so far over 30 million downloads to date.

Unlock your imagination with your own animation style!

Animation has many unique methods and styles. Today our awesome creators are making things like animated Cartoons, Memes, Animé, Stick Figures, Stickman, Drawing on Video, Animating Pictures, Stop Motion, Gacha, Gâcha Life, Furry, Sketch, Music Animated Videos, Loopable NFT, Animals, Fandom, Sketchy, Scribbs or Scribbles on dance videos, and random things. If you are a gamer you’ll love some amazing animations people make of Roblox characters, Minecraft, Battle Royale to name a few!

Many professionals use the app for the pre-production stage all the way to complete high-quality short stories. Storyboarding and or creating animatics is a big thing.

Find inspiration from all these animation styles on the most popular platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Bili Bili, Instagram, and more.

FlipaClip provides the best drawing and animating experience. The intuitive controls make it simple and easy to learn and powerful enough to bring your ideas to life!

What are you waiting for? Create and share your unique animated art with family, friends, and the growing social media community of animators and artists!

Every day thousands of people create content with FlipaClip! Some are even becoming influencers and entertainers making millions laugh with their simple fun animations.

Start animating with FlipaClip today! It only takes a few minutes!


• Make art with practical tools like Brushes, Lasso, Fill, Eraser, Ruler shapes, and insert Text with multiple font options all for free!
• Paint on custom canvas sizes
• Draw with pressure-sensitive stylus. Samsung S Pen and SonarPen are supported.

• Try the new Glow Effect for free!
• New Blending Mode to enhance the look of your creation. Also free.
• Make art on up to 3 layers for free, or go pro and add up to 10 layers!

• Animating frame-by-frame is super easy with an intuitive animation timeline and practical tools.
• Onion skin animating tool.
• Animation frames viewer.
• Guide your animation with overlay grids.
• Frames scrub animation controls.
• And more!

• Easily create, add and edit audio clips using up to six audio tracks for free.
• Add dialogue to your animation with voice recording!
• Import your own audio files for a low cost.
• Get creative with our popular curated sound fx audio packages.

• Animate images you add/import or draw on top of your videos.
• Video animation rotoscopes.

• Save animated movies as MP4 or GIF files.
• PNG sequences with transparency are supported.
• Post your animated videos to YouTube directly from the app.

• Share your animation anywhere!
• Post to TikTok, YouTube, Bili Bili, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr.

• Participate for free in all kinds of challenges we put out.
• Win exciting prizes while having fun!


The two creators featured in the screenshots are:

Rico Animations on YouTube

Ismaael.x on TikTok



Have any app issues or want to share ideas?
Go to http://support.flipaclip.com/
And on Discord https://discord.com/invite/flipaclip


Main page


- Fixed watermark setting not remembered
- Fixed brush settings sliders not easy to update
- Complete layer action after watching rewarded ad
- Fixed audio trimmer with long audio titles
- Optimized Pen & Highlighter responsiveness
- Fixed ruler position and angle not reporting
- Fixed discover hyperlinks not working on text content
- Fixed onion settings causing the app to crash
- Fixed ruler and pasted images shifting after active frame change
- Added Arabic language support


44 comentarios en "FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation MODDED 2022"

  1. This is a good app I absolutely love it I do alot of things here and it improves alot of my art work and progress. just one bug is the ads, everytime I make a animation I see alot of mistakes I made so I stop the video but then a ad pops up. It also happens when I try to create the project and one last thing is that everytime I’m importing a song or audio it cancels it and wants me to try again. it takes me so long to try to fix it, may you fix this problem???

  2. Now listen this app is AMAZING. but I have a problem. Everytime I click “make movie” it finishes but it says “source error”. But when it does load, it only shows the first frame and none of the animation. I thought it was because I didn’t update it. So I did and it still said “source error” I kept exiting the app and rejoining, but still the same thing.

  3. I think that this is an amazing app for mobile animators. But the thing is, I tried downloading this software on my Google Chromebook. Any time I tried opening it, it shuts down every 5 mins, and I can’t finish my animations in time. Even though this app is meant for mobile uses. I also plug in my art tablet in my computer and it makes the app even more glitched. I want this bug to be fixed so it’s available for computer uses.

  4. It’s a great animation app, and great for starters, I’ve been using it for around two years now, and pretty much the only thing I dislike/hate about it is that the brushes make it seem like your animation is pixelated but with less pixels, and the second thing is when you use a very dark grey, blue, purple, red, etc with black outlines it leaves small gaps that make the animation seems lazy.

  5. I once tried it and found something missing. It was when you cut out a piece of the animation, you can’t copy it. I’ve found problems with it such as, “It’s very hard to make symmetry because you can’t make strokes perfectly identical.” and “I can’t copy small details without copying the WHOLE frame and pushing the next frame.” Another problem I found is that it’s been announced that a stabilizer was released but it NEVER CAME!

  6. Love this drawing/animation app but i have 2 PROBLEMs with this game, everytime I zoom into my drawings to add details and fix the lineart. the game freezes and I can’t zoom out or press anything for a while. Then after a bit it’ll let me zoom out again. I’m not sure why it does that but please fix it if you can, second problem is that when I’m using stabilizer mode on 100% it’s really slow for me to draw. It feels like an outdated version of flipaclip. (It’s prob not a bug) normal speed pls!

  7. This isnt a bad app, but there is a problem that has been super annoying in general. And that is the ads, and premium features. First of all the ads are non stop, every time i open the app or try to make a new project theirs an ad, or say if i wanted to add layers i would have to watch an ad for each layer i add. And last, the premium. Its like everything is premium were you have to pay money. Feels like to even do something basic you have to buy it, and its seriously annoying. please fix this!

  8. Siyu G. dice:

    Great app 👍 but it’s not very easy to use. I personally think there should be a feature that is basically onion frame but it shows the frame before it and after it. Would be useful. Also, I feel like there should be some setting you can enable that let’s you roatate the screen because on a phone it would be much easier to draw on a horizontal screen where there’s more room rather than squinting at a small canvas on a vertical screen. That is all! Thanks for the great app! 🙏❤

  9. The only animation app that I use. It’s great, but sometimes when I’m animating, it will glitch out and make the entire screen white and there’s nothing I can do about it. So I have to go out then go back in the animation file but then after 2 seconds it happens again. It also clears the entire frame that you were on when it glitches out. This has happened before like 4 or 5 months ago but it fixed after a while and I don’t know if this is the case this time. Please fix this glitch.

  10. Great app when it works. It was a good app when I had it on my other phone, but now on my new phone (TMobile Revvl 6 5G) it says that it doesn’t have access to memory. I went to setting and allowed it, restarted my phone, made my memory accessible, but no luck. I downloaded and redownload Ed again and again, but no luck. Don’t let this review take away your expectations though. When It does work, its an amazing animation app, easy to use and visually appealing. So it it works for you, download.

  11. This app’s amazing! I even used it for school. The only problems that I have to deal with right now was that the audio sometimes would lag not accurately syncing with the frames, and when previewing files it lags playing the sound after it went past the visual piece so I have to guess a little for accuracy. I’ve been using this app a lot for my own use to practice fun stuff. Maybe add more sounds to the sound library? I don’t have any ideas for it but just suggesting

  12. I’m excited to see a new stabilizer feature! However… The time lapse feature seems to be causing a major glitch. On a longer project when enabled, randomly while working on a frame it completely undoes everything on that frame and then I can’t see the rest until I reopen the project, yet the frame that got messed up is completely empty still. This makes me fear losing important progress

  13. It’s a great animation app and I’ve been using it for a couple years now. But my biggest issue is having to watch ads to put in audios on each project. The app also randomly puts up a warning and crashes the app and deletes half of the work on an animation. I have enough storage so that shouldn’t happen. But overall it’s a good app.

  14. The app is great for people who make animations on their phones, or for people who don’t want to pay for an animating app, along with the fact that there aren’t many good free animation apps, it’s pretty good! But, so far the cons outweigh the pros. I’ve been trying to add in audio, but even if I make a new project, it says the file isn’t supported, even though in the past it hasn’t been an issue. Along with the fact you can’t stack layers together. I ask that the creators fix this immediately.

  15. As someone who’s been using Flipaclip since 2017, I’ve never had a complaint. I’ve recommended your app to so many friends & people who have wanted to get into animation, but didn’t know of a good app. One thing though, could you make a way to insert audio from videos like CapCut does? That would be so helpful & would save tons if space instead of downloading audios. If you ay least take this into consideration, thank you!

  16. I really like the app, its over all pretty easy to use and easy to get used to. Can’t wait to see what the app will give in the future. Except, theres one thing that I request for the app. And that is a pixel brush. So that the app can also gove it a Flipnote feel. Mainly because there aren’t that many good pixel animation apps that also support audio. Just a suggestion though, but I do really like the app. 10/10 :]

  17. I absolutely love it, but there could be a few more tools, smudge and blur tools would be nice. And sometimes flipaclip either: kicks me out of the animation I’m making, selecting a tool I don’t want, deleted frames, or it draws random lines while I try to animate, that last one might be a mistake on my part. But otherwise I love using flipaclip for my animations

  18. Hey flipaclip, I have a suggestion, you know how you can copy frames and even like move them, Could you guys add a feature where you can select multiple audios that you add so that you can move all of the audios and its the same as It was before instead of just moving one audio at a time so that it sounds the same as before. If you decide to do this Flipaclip, I would really, REAlly appreciate It, 🙂 and could you also add drop shadows.

  19. Great app for beginning animators, but recently a bug started happening every time I would make a few frames. It deleted the frame entirely, and the rest of the animation isn’t even visible until you reopen the app. This was annoying at first, but then just before I wrote this my entire animation deleted itself. Literally days of my work just vanished. I’ll change the rating to 5 stars when this is fixed.

  20. I love the app. In my opinion, it’s pretty good for both beginners, and advanced. One problem I have though, is the audio. When I use the option to make a movie, the timing of the audio is off. However, when I look at it in the actual animation. Everything is ok. Because of this, I usually have to delete a couple of frames. Overall, it’s still a great app. (There’s no problems with my device as far as I know. No storage issues, good signal, and wifi. No physical damage.)

  21. Duo dice:

    It’s a good animation app, as I’ve been using it for 4 years now and i recommend it if you want an easy yet high quality app for starting animators but an issue that happened after I updated it yesterday is that everytime I try to use the pen tool now, it won’t let me draw and crashes the whole app. This only occurs with the pen tool for me and I had several other people have either the same problem after updating or audio issues. If this gets fixed then otherwise it’s a great app!

  22. Hey hey! Great app and it’s easy to use! But I’ve seen to have run into a bug or glitch here- you see everytime I try to make my animation into a movie and selecting the option for it to be made into a video, as soon as it gets to 90% the app crashes! Just wondering if there’s anyway for you guys to fix it?

  23. This app is amazing! It isn’t complicated as others and is very easy to use. I do have a problem where it is actually starting to make me a little mad, I JUST learned how to put audio in (since I’m not gonna pay to download audio) and after a day for some reason whenever I try to put audio in it ALWAYS fails, not the ones where I made yesterday but it just started happening today, like each one I make now it fails no matter what

  24. it’s a very good app! frame by frame animation is very easy! my one problem is the music import, when I try to import music it says something along the lines of “selected audio format not supported” when it was the same file I have used previously, aside from this it’s a 10/10 for me!

  25. I keep trying to add sound, but the app forces me out of the sound area, so almost all of my animations are soundless. It’s passing me off because I use the audio to guide my animations for my social media. Please see if there’s a bug, this has been happening on multiple occasions on multiple devices and multiple wifi, so its not me.

  26. LK dice:

    Just letting y’all know the new “time lapse” feature isn’t working. Any time I try to activate it before animating, it turns itself off. I make sure to activate it before animating (it says it’s on), but when I go to animate, it turns itself off. I would love to be able to use it but unfortunately seems to be broken.

  27. On my other device, flipaclip crashes all the time. I put a few lines and it crashes. It doesn’t even save my progress. Ever since the couple new updates, it’s been complete garbage. I have lots of unfinished animations because of this. If you don’t fix this soon, I’m not using flipaclip anymore.

  28. I used to love animating on flipaclip and still do but there’s a glitch. Every time I try to upload from my photos the screen goes completely black, then it says that’s my files aren’t responding so I say ok then I go back in it kicks me out. I used to think it was my storage but I always clean it when I wake up so that doesn’t explain it. Would be nice to know if you TELL ME.

  29. Thank you so much for fixing the issue of flipaclip crashing on the chromebooks! Now I am able to use the new brush update on my chromebook without flipaclip crashing! So far in my opinion flipaclip is very easy to learn and great app to use when learning animating. And It still can be used by people who are advanced in animating. I also want to thank you for adding more brushes to use.

  30. Like many other people, when I got the new updates my premium features were gone. Not looking for some sort of refund, but I suggest that this issue might want to be prioritizes in fixing as I know many people are annoyed. Other than that the app is amazing, and I love the accessibility. Good job overall. 😄

  31. BFU dice:

    I believe I was too harsh last time. This app is amazing and provides simplicity in animating. However, flipaclip keeps crashing for no reason, and at time, key drawings in frames will be deleted. I don’t know why this happens. Oh also whenever I try to import it audio file the app crashes and the audio never makes it

  32. I love Flipaclip, but one problem I run into everyone once in a while is where I mess up the FRAMES, and I can’t go back! I wish there was a way to fix being unable to unmerge frames. But if you don’t make that mistake, it’s a great app. If the developer or developers see this, please fix the problem! Also, if there was a way to get my original creation back, please tell me!

  33. Wow, this app is great! I just wish you could change backgrounds for certain scenes. I mean have one background for a few frames and then change the background.I have one problem now. I have a titanic animated film im making, and it keeps crashing the app. This has gotten annoying. I mean, I’m just animating the ship splitting in half with 5 sounds at once.(okay that’s overloaded) Its gotten very annoying. And maybe add a feature to see other animations! Be pretty cool!

  34. I’ve been using flipaclip not that long but this morning I was gonna make an animation for my yt channel but when I was putting in my audio it wasn’t working. I even uninstalled flipaclip but as always it wasn’t working and I for sure know it wasn’t my storage 🌌 space. And also I am kind of and also very disappointed that this keeps happening. 😞 :Edit 2: well all it said not supported it says that everytine I put in random audio…

  35. I used This app a lot long time ago and the updates are complete garbage because it crashes and every time, when I started drawing my art, it recently went blank and it crashes, it never saves all my process I really hate how that happened, and the worst part when I paste my art it freakin crashes, flipaclip if you don’t fix this…. I’m definitely not using flipaclip anymore!

  36. Kirbeh dice:

    Over all, this app is pretty good. But ever since the new brush updates, my Flipaclip is not running like it used to in other updates. Whenever i scroll, play, or even draw the animation it would just appear a black screen in my chromebook. I can’t exit it or anything, I just had to restart over.

  37. Okay, so there’s this SUPER irritating flaw with the bucket tool. Multiple actually. For some reason, the bucket ignores 1 sized lines so it passes right through, no matter what. Even tested it by drawing a 1 line across the frame and a 2 size line, the color stopped at the 2 size line while the color didn’t stop at the 1 size line. Also, white dots often remain in spots after filling something, and maybe a feature could be added so that it automatically fills in remaining space inside the line.

  38. It’s a really good animation software and it’s easy to use! Edit: After a bit more time of using the app, I’ve come across a few flaws. The problem is that the app often crashes or corrupts frames after a while of working on a project. Fortunately, if you close and open the app again, or open and close said project you’re working on a few times it should return to normal. Though, this time around for me the app crashed and it completely got rid of the frame I was working on.

  39. SSGThasMe dice:

    I’ve been using this for so long and it’s improved so much. I’ve tried out other animation softwares but this one just has it’s grip on me. It has one bug where if your playing an animation without audio the project lags and the frames drop. Other than that I think being able to animate outside frames, a stabilizer, being able to add custom pens, would definitely make it worth while. Still, it’s a good app

  40. Meow meow dice:

    Been using it for 4 years now, very good. The only problem I’m currently having is an issue with the watermark. I paid for premium years ago, the app says I have it, and despite this, when I render my projects, even with the watermark option set to OFF, it still has a watermark on it. Edit: would also like to say that all of the other premium features still work, just not that. It’s not a sign in issue, and the app can SEE that I have premium. Not a google play issue.

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