PENUP – Share your drawings MODDED 2022

PENUP is a creative SNS based on Pen generated images.
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PENUP is a creative SNS based on Pen generated images. Share your imagination with global creative minds.

[Main Features]
– Drawing: Anyone could draw easily and comfortably
– Coloring: You can do coloring on various beautiful sketches
– Live Drawing: Foster your drawing skill set by following along the drawing video
– Photo Drawing: Draw by using photos
– Challenge: Challenge yourself with new topics
– Popular: Enjoy some real-time popular artworks and share your own drawings
– Drawing Comment: Express through drawings in fun manner and interact with one another

————————————————-Regarding the App Access Privilege————————————–

The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

[Optional Access Privilege]
– Storage : To upload a drawing to PENUP or download a drawing from PENUP (Android 9 or lower)

If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, please update the software to configure App permissions.
Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in device settings after software update.


• Added Canvas Rotate, Lasso, and Line and Shape Auto Adjust features
• Improved picture import feature


54 comentarios en "PENUP – Share your drawings MODDED 2022"

  1. WhyTigr Lovesya dice:

    You asked for features. While the drawing application has some really unique brush features, here’s a couple of ideas that would just make the whole notes ecosystem indispensable. 1) integrate and simplify the brush creation engine from MyPaint; Doing so would instantly become superior to 98% of all other tools. 2) allow saving to different image formats, or at least allow us to export our layers to create animated gifs *and* also export time lapse creation videos. More to come if you want.

  2. Mellifluous Din dice:

    I really like it, it’s a cute and simple drawing app with all the basics like layers, different types of pens and brushes, all the colors, and I think you can import stuff, too. Just simple and straightforward with all the right staples, I really love it, a nice surprise that came with my device.

  3. Peter Calci dice:

    So far I love this app. It has actually reinvigorated my artistic side. I haven’t drawn since I was a child. Its my first expereince with digital art and love the flexibility and versatility of it. Only reason im not giving 5 stars is i still have so much to explore in the app and Im not a fan of how it deletes your “recently used” colors you make manually. Would prefer a save and delete custom palette.

  4. april m dice:

    A sudden update this month 12/2022, moved the palette to the center of the image blocking it so you can’t choose the next color while your last color is visible. Loading the implements is confusing now because of 2 reasons. It won’t stay on “swatches” when you leave it that way. And second, clicking 4-5 times to load and save a brush color is annoying. You used to just double click and you could resume painting. Well, that’s how it’s been for the first week anyway. I like the sharing part though

  5. Toph Ski dice:

    Good app but no option to sync between phone and tablet. Edit (in reply to the developer’s comment): Unfortunately, there is no way to sync *drafts* of drawings, coloring pages, live drawings, etc… between the phone Penup app and the tablet Penup app even if logged into both devices with the same account. It would make this app much more convenient and useful if a drawing that was started on my phone could then be saved as a draft and resumed at a later date on my Tablet and vice versa.

  6. This is a good app, but it has some flaws. For example, there is no lasso tool for me to use whenever I want to move an image that I drew, I can’t change the size of the canvas, rotate it, or flip it horizontally or vertically, and there is no symmetry tool, either. It felt a bit lackluster. It would be great if they added these options for future updates.

  7. This is exactly what I was looking for. Unrestricted color creation, adjustable tools, importing images. I basically wanted a sophisticated digital coloring book that allows actual coloring with the S Pen, as opposed to automatic filling. PENUP came with my Galaxy S6 and I can’t believe it’s free. It does more of what I want than the paid apps I was comparing. The coloring pages library is massive. There are enough mandalas alone to keep me busy for years. Thanks, Samsung!

  8. I love the app, I use it all the time, and it feels good and responsive. If I have any gripes it would be the lack of both the variety, and customization of the brushes. For example, the oil brushes’ smallest setting is large compared to the pencils, and trying to get the fine details is next to impossible. Overall, I love it and will continue to use it, but please consider adding a fine-tip brush.

  9. squidud dice:

    Fantastic with minor flaws. First, this app has great tools available and natural feeling brushes. It’s simply perfect for the s pen. I only see 3 things wrong: 1. I wish I could set a custom canvas resolution so that I could make higher resolution drawings 2. I want to be able to rotate my phone to draw in portrait mode as this would give a bigger area to draw on 3. It would be extremely helpful if you could move around parts of the drawing after making it, like the ability to free transform

  10. Amazing drawing tutorial app! A few things that I would change to make this a 5 star app would be: 1. Have “chapters” during the live drawings to easily scrub through tutorial. 2. Two finger tap to undo (like Infinite Painter [like Procreate]) 3. Have a tap gesture to turn my layer on/ of easily 4. Save utensil info so I can easily switch between instructor’s pens/ brushes & colors without going back in the video. With all that said, I freaking love this app and show it off all the time!

  11. Joe Hamad dice:

    This app makes me wish I had an ounce of drawing ability. However, the coloring part anyone can do. Then, after learning how to use different pens, even colored pictures can be made to look decent. New color “fill in” feature lets you fill-in hand drawn lines. Great for photo templates. I mean, honestly, if you have S-pen you should have this app. No ads and fun even if you are talentless like me!! -Joe

  12. I really love this app❤️. It really calms me down after a long day. It is great to use and I love making art on it, but I think it would be a lot better if there was a shape maker. Like a circle, square, and line. Those would be really useful while drawing. A dark mode feature would be cool too🙂. 😁❤️❤️ Thank you

  13. Great to learn to paint and see what others do with the same image. I love it Better than any others like it. I just wish the coloring images weren’t so childish and awful, honestly. Why not have more landscapes, nature, people, architecture, etc? Just weird little images that give you nothing to do most of the time. Please? I check every night and I’m disappointed almost every night.

  14. Frowogy dice:

    good, just a few issues. first, it would be way more enjoyable if you could spin the canvas, add layers without having to be precise on the add button, and if your colors carried across brushes. second, the first page it opens on, where it shows big posts, makes it so that smaller creators will have a hard time growing. lastly, there is a HUGE problem with art theft, almost every artwork that is high definition anime is stolen, and they get tons more likes than original artworks.

  15. It’s VERY easy to get “lost” in this app with hours of peaceful, relaxing coloring. There are more pages to color than I could ever keep up with even if I were to do it as a full time job. There is a wonderfully diverse set of drawing/coloring tools each of them customizable.

  16. IsRsAr dice:

    I really the app. Always new Contests for drawing, the drawing options. It’s great but I am just requesting 1 thing and it is if you can add a options to copy layers. That would be very helpful. I think this would be a bit to much but can there also be a mode to move the layers around the screen to? Thank you 👍🏻 😊

  17. Not intuitive or very useful. I just wanted to draw on one of my screenshots like I used to do with my Note 8. This app makes you “post” to a PENUP account. When you first open an image under photo write there is a grid that is not the full size of your image and seems to only size smaller, not larger, and once reduced in size I couldn’t figure out how to make it bigger. Very non-intuitive app. Going to un install.

  18. I love love love this app. Unfortunately, when I open my drafts lately, some of my layers are completely blank & nothing I can do to recover them. So whatever painstaking time I had spent working on those particular layers was time wasted. I contacted customer service about this maybe a year ago; got a generic reply that was not at all helpful. It had seemed stable for the last few months, but these last couple weeks I’m losing layers again. Does anyone else have this issue?? So frustrating!!!

  19. Really fun and well-developed app! I can’t wait to see the improvements that are yet to come. One really cool addition would be to save “favorite colors”, like when you find *juuuuuust the right* tone for hair, skin, shading, etc. it would be super cool to have a little drop menu in the drawing screen where you could pick from those same colors you’ve saved for future artwork. Thanks for such a fun app!!! Nice work!

  20. 7/8 update – cannot save any of my drawings since the software update two days ago. I have to screenshot and then pull from my gallery when i want to continue. I love this app, really. Very rarely do I tune into my artistic side but lately I’ve been drawing a ton. But the app needs tools, like a ruler or shapes that can be copy and pasted into sketches. I spend more time drawing thick lines to erase so they’re even than I get to spent drawing and it’s incredibly frustrating and time consuming.

  21. s c dice:

    Overall I like it. What I don’t like about it is that in order to use filters, I have to post to the penup community. I understand that this is a sharing app, but there should be an option to keep drawings private. Why is it that the drawings can be saved to drafts or to a device, but can’t be saved to collections unless posted? I think it’s ridiculous that collections & filters aren’t accessible unless I post. Also, the fill color should have gradient colors to it too, not just solid colors

  22. This is a good app with so much potnetial. I personally would like to raise the score more if the options weren’t too simple. I think it would be perfect if you could add layers, zoom in/out where ever, and a select tool so it’s easy to fix a sketch. Not to mention, when I start to draw, there are code bars that form where I draw. Is that an astetic/there a way to turn it off? This app is functional and easy to use so I will keep it. Please update so I can love it more! Got something good here!

  23. Penup is a fun app to use for drawing and coloring, especially if you are just exploring tablet use for such purposes. My biggest gripe is that if you want to set up a sign in profile, it *DEMANDS* access to your contacts. If you go in and adjust your settings after signing in, you cannot make use of the profile. Contact access is compulsory even though it has nothing to do with its primary functions making it highly suspect.

  24. 4/5. I really enjoy using this app, I really do it’s easy to use, straight forward, and has a great community. What sets it apart from another good app that I use and preventing this one from a 5 ⭐ is: The lack of layers. As a drawing app I was hoping for a layer system, sadly there is none. The ability to turn and the canvas instead of my phone. It would be more convenient if you could turn the canvas. and Lastly which I would enjoy most is some tools to draw straight lines, squares; circles.

  25. I love the features, but wouldn’t rate 5 stars. This is because it is not good for those of us who draw with the app instead of having 2 drawing apps at once. One way you could fix this is by adding a layers tool. Another way to fix it is by adding more drawing tools, such as a highlighter. Lastly, you could add sensitivity controls. Another thing I think you should add is collaborations. With these, one could post a base and others could color it, or people could have conversations through art.

  26. I really love this app, which is why it’s so hard to give it a low rating. So, I installed the update, no big deal right? Wrong. It deleted all of my drafts (which were thankfully saved on my device’s storage). It’s just a bit annoying to have to edit a picture in gallery just to continue a draft the app thinks I never did. Edit: was three stars. Now five because I’ve gotten more used to the new format and have worked around the issue, plus there’s still no ads. It’s a good free art app.

  27. Love it before, but…..the changes with the latest recent update are less user friendly than previous version. The tool bars are different, and the color palette does not offer as much blending as I like, it’s much more limited. I do not like the pan feature. The app is very slow to load artwork now and will just spin, spin, spin, until I give up and say forget it. The issues are not my phone, Note 10+, worked perfectly before. If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Now it just aggravates me.

  28. I live the functions on this app. However, I’m giving it a 3 star versus a 5 star simply because your app does NOT have an automatic save feature. I worked on a picture all night last night until 7:54 AM and the app crashed & I completely lost EVERYTHING I did on a picture. It’s gone. Never to be retrieved. To an artist…that’s DEVASTATING! Because not every picture comes out the same. All the hard work put into it and it’s just gone! Not the worth the time unless you constantly save it.

  29. Wish there is an option to fast scroll to the bottom of new and popular lists. Needs a quicker way to access drafts, instead of loading artwork first, then opening the drafts folder. At first, i didn’t know where the save button was, it should be more prominent. Also, an option to create custom color palettes, and ability to change default drawing tools.

  30. Im very excited about the addition of layers! As I said before, this app is far more fun to use than other programs, but unfortunately since the update it’s been crashing on me pretty often. I’ll draw for abt 5-10 minutes and get kicked off my draft, it’ll offer to restore what I was doing, and maybe half or none of the changes are there, even though the preview has all the changes. I miss the circular color picker, I’d like for that to be an option, and custom palettes would be really great!

  31. LOVE IT! Would love even more if there was a way to take a photo or other picture and use it as a background for a coloring page. Also if there was a metallic silver and metallic gold and metallic bronze. Only problem I have is that there’s really no fine tip solid drawing utensil. The “pencil” is too crayon like, the next option I get is the paint brush but the fine tip is still too thick. Would also love to see a paint bucket in drawing section. And an erase button that works like the bucket.

  32. I honestly stumbled upon this app on accident. I needed something to ease my anxiety during a 2 hour flight. I don’t even remember the flight because I was so consumed by the pages to color, its super relaxing. I use this a lot before bed to unwind and relax after a long day. I love it so, so much! Definitely wish there were more festive options during the holidays, but otherwise its perfect! It’s my favorite distraction 🙂

  33. It’s a pretty nice simple drawing tool for quick sketching or doing some fun quick drawings. I do wish this app had more features, for instance I would love to have a layer function. Every drawing app swould really also have a selection tool as well, but that’s my opinion. For what it is it’s actually pretty nice in its simplicity, and has a lot of decent brushes despite the limitations.

  34. I like the app so far, but I will say that it is in need of layers. This is very important, especially for coloring. Would help a lot if they added a layers function along with some other tools like rotate, invert, resize, and something similar to the lasso tool in Photoshop. Also, I’m not sure if this is already an option, but there needs to be a way so that you don’t have to share your drawings with the world just to save it. I like to keep sketches and nobody should ever see those things.

  35. It started off as a great coloring experience, I love the color picker and blending brushes. I’ve never been able to blend well before at all. But a few issues are making me want to look elsewhere. -I haven’t seen this mentioned, but the color was leaking/shifting in many places! It would bleed past the line in one direction and leave white color in the other direction, so a space no longer looked as filled in as when I first colored it with the fill feature. By the end the colors were leaking onto other already colored spaces and trying to get rid of them was a pain. This, more than anything, was frustrating. -I spent many days working on and saving many drafts of the same picture, and discovered they saved every time as a new picture in my gallery–over 77 I ended up deleting when I finished. Not sure if other apps do that, but I certainly don’t need all these copies of my drafts cluttering my gallery… -I tried to search for a new picture to color by category, and all it showed was other peoples’ artwork, so that’s useless. It’s a shame because I was really liking it before I had to deal with those three things.

  36. I love this app. It has helped me create great paintings – better than I could do on a physical canvas. So much that I started selling them! I do have 3 suggestions. 1. The ability to do a dry blend with a brush. Maybe a “clear” color? I love using the oil brush to blend marker or acrylic strokes. 2. The ability to “dip” more than one color at a time. Two or more toned brush strokes would be amazing! And for blending! 3. Higher resolutions and duplicate canvas for the same painting

  37. I have always been creative; painting, sketching, photography, etc. I have tried other drawing/painting apps in the past but never found one that I truly enjoyed, they were ALL uninstalled…. until now! I love working with “actual” mediums, but this app is perfect for when I want something more laid back. I really like the pressure sensitivity and the coloring pages are so relaxing. Didn’t think it was possible to love my Note 9 more, but this app is the cherry on top! Thank you!!!

  38. This app is amazing. I love to see how much thought and detail I can put into my work. At the same time the glitches and the undoing the work that I’d be working on for a minute is very tedious but the app is still amazing. (Usually when I’m at least sketching for at least 5 minutes or at the max 10-15 minutes, the app itself wouldn’t have any of the progress I just did saved and i would have to start over from where i was at the beginning of those 5-15 minutes. So I just save it constantly)

  39. The app is great! Its probably my favorite drawing app the you can get in the play store. This app allows you to keep a consistent line with no matter how much pressure you apply with the pen and the best layout as far as placement of the tools and space in which you draw make it easy to change the stroke type and the color easily. My only gripes with the app is the lack of layers and that you’re not gonna get illustrator of photoshop quality. 7.8 out of 10 for me. One bite you know the rules.

  40. J. Childs dice:

    It would be 5 stars if I can figure out why the live drawing steps (colors, blending, etc) don’t match when you draw it yourself following each step. I don’t know if its user error or what but its very frustrating when learning how to paint since I’m a perfectionist. Paint colors don’t blend nicely like how its shown during each step, nor does it seem like the colors match perfectly either during the live draw. Free handing has been fun and again, my review will change once solved

  41. Pretty good for the most part, but not having a paint bucket or option to choose a canvas color is hilariously inept for an art app. That and some sort of indication that you are near the edge of the canvas when drawing while zoomed in is desperately needed. Like an outline of the canvas would be useful. Having to constantly zoom in and out to see if you are going to have room to finish is silly.

  42. Very high quality drawing experience. The tools feels very true to its real world counterpart. I do wish there was a quicker means to change colors and I don’t like the color resets when you change tool. I really like the social elements to the app too. I feel like I am learning to draw thanks to the live drawing aspect.

  43. This is a really great app. I love the way the paint option let’s you mix colors. It makes a really nice fade of colors. The pen is smooth and it has so many options of things to color and draw. You are able to draw on your own photos and other users post their work and can give inspiration.. your color options are great. The one thing that is weird to me is that you can only pick up to 5 color choices at a time and I love all your shades. I use this app daily. I really do love it.

  44. This app is great! I have always loved coloring on my phones but the PenUp app has made coloring much more fun. There’s hundreds of pictures to chose from to color. And they add new pictures everyday. You can publish your colorings and interact with others that color also. And there’s not just coloring. If you happen to be good at drawing, there’s a section dedicated to sketching/drawing. I genuinely love this app and have no complaints! Thanks for making this app free!

  45. This is awesome creating art is amazing in this app. There’s an array of different types of pens and the color palette is one that’s got it all. It’s user friendly easy to navigate and very enjoyable to there a really nice wall of art by other users they are very good artist too. If you can’t draw, no worries there an entire section for coloring pages. The choices are endless. I love this app, I recommend it for all.

  46. This app is great for both people that like to draw and people that like to look at others artwork. The amount of tools that can be used to make artwork is good. I do wish we could add favorite custom colors and keep the favorites in a specific section. There have been a few times I’ve been kicked out of my drawing and some work not saved, some other times none of the drawing gets saved when it kicks me out of it. I haven’t seen anything that you need to pay to use. I enjoy using this app.

  47. So absolutely love this app, I use it quite often on my s22 ultra and was thrilled when I realized it could go onto my computer as well. Except, it just won’t. I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 and I can find it in the Microsoft store, but everytime I try, the button to download disappears. And I can’t figure out a way around this. Also, this isn’t the only Samsung app that is doing this. Apps also meet the system requirements on my computer. Any insight would be delightfully about this Thanks!

  48. brotha c dice:

    simple interface but has everything you need for a reallyngood drawing app. brush customization would be nice, as well as a zoom feature. some brushes you cant change the size, only the opacity, and others vice versa which is annoying. perfect for the samsung pen for quick drawings though. 👌 👏 🛌

  49. Really like penup. Great brushes, love the auto fill for coloring. The live drawing is a really cool feature! Only things that I think would improve user experience are: 1. Access to your profile on the bottom menu bar in place of the my feed button. So we can get to our drafts without having to go to the little profile bubble at the top. 2. Traversing the live drawing time less sensitive. 3. Adding autofill/insert shapes when drawing

  50. It’s good! Not perfect, to be sure, but good enough for four stars! I really like the ability to use a background photo. My biggest issues are that one, if you don’t zoom out a lot, your window only goes to the edge and it would be nice to have even a small margin. Two, well, brushes. It would be nice to have a greater selection, or even just access to the fill brush whenever you need it.

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