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Photo editor, graphic design, background eraser, collage, png and avatar maker.
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Bazaart is an award-winning photo editing and graphic design app that will help you easily create beautiful photos, professional designs and stunning collage art. Get ready to discover endless creativity!

• Create mind-blowing AI avatars of you, your cat or dog
• Magically remove the background from any photo with the magic background eraser
• Cut out photos like a pro with handy crop and eraser tools
• Create fantastic images using a powerful AI art tool and magically turn your text to image
• Enhance your photos with powerful adjustments: exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrance, warmth, tint, shadows, highlights, and blur
• Design your own WhatsApp stickers
• Add thousands of amazing backgrounds, stickers and shapes
• Add text using a great selection of beautiful fonts
• Apply fabulous photo filters to your photos
• Create custom edge styles for photos with the outline and shadow tools
• Blend photos to create mind-blowing effects
• Select photos, scale, rotate, position, duplicate and flip with simple touch gestures
• Use photos from your gallery, Google Photos, Dropbox and more
• Create designs in a wide variety of preset sizes or in a custom size
• Save your image as a JPG or PNG (transparent background)
• Share creations on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Text, Email, and wherever you want

Premium is a monthly subscription providing full access to magic background eraser, a huge library of backgrounds, fonts and stickers, VIP support and removes the watermark.

Your Bazaart Premium subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your Google Play account unless you unsubscribe. Refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

Need help? Please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you quickly!

BAZAART® is a registered trademark of Bazaart Ltd.


Replace anything with AI 🤩
Change hairstyle, replace outfit or try a new tattoo!

We hope you enjoy it and do send us feedback to [email protected], we’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you ❤️ Bazaart, please rate us on the Play Store! TYSM 🙏

With love,
The Bazaart Team


40 comentarios en "Bazaart: AI Art & Photo Editor MOD"

  1. I really loved this app when I had Apple devices. It made beautiful art with me. and this app and Android do not seem to get along at all. It lags. It freezes and crashes alot to the point I have to constantly restart my device. I paid for the full subscription and I don’t enjoy it anymore. I have saved what I with it. I am breaking up. It really is you and not me. Also, The Avatar feature wants you pay for the Avatar even if you paid for full subscription.

  2. Yifang He dice:

    (Note: I’ve just recently contacted support so I may be able to resolve this issue.) Usually, this app works amazingly. It works as its designed for. However, recently I opened a project on the app that I had been working on when my phone stopped responding. I was, by sheer luck, close and open the phone using my fingerprint and then I decided to reopen the project, as it had deleted the majority of my work. Instead, it has left my phone unresponsive, including restarts, so I can’t use anything.

  3. My photos almost always end up warped after I save them which is incredibly frustrating. Sometimes when I am creating ads for work, the text will suddenly get really warped and blown out for no reason. I can’t just fix it either, I have to redo everything. It’s definitely not worth the money for premium in my opinion.

  4. I have an Android and I don’t think all the features on iPhone are available. For instance, I can’t even outline a pic once I’ve removed the background. And every time I zoom in to clean up some edges, the pic saves poorly and the quality goes down. I just wanted to try the product and they just charged me 6 bucks because my trial ended. No warning, no message. Just collected their 6 bucks. I tried the app once and got charged. Overall, a pretty bad experience with this app…

  5. It was confusing and the options were VERY limited. All I wanted to do was add a boarder to my image which had a transparent background, and couldn’t find the button. I saw someone create a video with this SAME APP saying that you can create boarders. I scrambled with it for 10 minutes, then decided to go to settings and use the help icon. But instead, you have to send an email to the company instead of there just being a bunch of questions listed to choose from. I would go it 0/5 stars even!

  6. During the trial, I find it easy to use. After days of finally deciding to subscribe and paying the monthly subscription, I find the App very time consuming that I have to take a lot of pictures again and again because everytime I do the “Magic” for the background purposes, most of the time, parts of the “Subject” are “Erased”. I tried a lot of tricks to avoid it, but that is not what I pay for. I am paying for convenient in doing the background clarity.

  7. I love the end results. It’s awesome for product photography and making posts for my store but it’s sooooo slow and seems to only work a quarter of the time. So frustrating I end up giving up and trying to run it through a different app for all the finishing touches. Please fix it because it would be an awesome tool for sellers like me if it worked all the time like it’s supposed to.

  8. The interface is VERY user-friendly. If took me about 10 minutes to get the gist of how to navigate the tools. I like that there aren’t SO many tools. A few photo editing apps have an overwhelming number of options. For filter apps and makeup apps that’s fine and dandy, but for the slightly more technical side of photo editing, like removing backgrounds for example, the fewer buttons and the easier it is, the better! Great job, 5/5 ⭐

  9. I love this app! I use it all the time to make the pictures I need transparent. Since I’ve had the app there’s been several things added that have made this app really great. You can add a great variety of backgrounds & stickers, opacity, editing adjustments such as vibrancy, exposure, temperature etc. You can even set your final picture resolution! Thus app continues to get better w/every update I recommend this to anyone, the possibilities are endless!!

  10. **Updated: Still not sure why it wouldn’t update at first, but I logged in the following day and it worked. It’s a fair app, but as far as I can tell, the only unique quality is an okay ability to crop the background. Not worth a monthly fee to me, but I can see where people who post a lot of photos would enjoy it.** Doesn’t work. Tried signing up for the trial, and got a verification email from Google play, but the app just says, “Wait a moment” eternally.

  11. This is a great app. All due respect, but I have two problems with it. 1, snapping. It gets annoying whenever I’m trying to get something perfectly aligned but then.. BOOM! It just snaps onto the middle of the page. 2, quality. Whenever I save my pictures, the quality of the photos decrease a lot. I can barely even see them. I know this app is new, but PLEASE fix this asap. Other than that, this app is amazing. I’ve made so many masterpieces with this app. Thanks for this app! God bless.

  12. Brain dice:

    The one thing I downloaded this app is LOCKED! The background remover. That should have been mentioned before you download. This makes this app useless. There’s tons of apps that offer the same features without locking it up. Here’s an idea: have an ad for the app in the corner of the saved image that can be removed if you buy the full version. Deleted before I was able to use. GARBAGE!

  13. I have been using this app for about a year now. I haven’t found an editor that has matched what I need done like Bazaart. Worth at MINIMUM the 7 day free trial, for certain! Thanks guys for making a profound app. I would only ask that you add newer, while keeping the older background. I use them a lot and don’t want too may double backgrounds. 😀

  14. Love this app, simple, easy to use and makes quality graphics. I recommend Bazaart to everyone that asks how I make my graphics. I just wish you could add more than 20 layers. I can add more but have to save the graphic then go back in to start a new one, click use photo then add more layers that way, but wish it could support more than 20 layers on one graphic.

  15. DJ dice:

    Now I love this app but I downloaded the app on my Nord 10 one plus and nothing was as good as the apple iphone version. I used the iphone version and loved it but I got a new phone, the version for this just doesn’t compare. There’s no filters, I can’t change the size of kind of eraser I want to use, and it’s just not the same. I would give this app 5 stars, it really is a great photo editor but everything has to be the same across all devices so that there’s equal use for everyone.

  16. When I first download this app about a week ago it worked perfectly.So I subscribed since I will use this editing tool a LOT. I was fast and accurate. After the most recent update. Not so great. After I go and edit a picture it sits a buffers nonstop when I go to edit another photo. I does it both when I hit the back button on my phone and when I use the back button in the app. I have no idea why they made a new update but the previous update worked wayyyyyyyyyy better. It is now useless.

  17. I’ve always said I’m not paying for no photo editor, and here I am lol!! This one is absolutely worth it!! So many different things to choose from with this one. Backgrounds, Stickers, Etc. I’m honestly super impressed with this. Definitely takes my photos to another level! If you like editing photos, this is the one!! One of the best editors I’ve use!!

  18. was good, until recently. The magic function worked a few weeks ago, able to remove backgrounds so I could edit product photos. Now its not removing any of the backgrounds no matter what my lighting is like or how close or far away my stuff is. So annoying… might have to find a different app that doesn’t change its functions or capabilities after a few months of purchasing

  19. Update 5/20/22: I changed the rating from 1 star to 4 stars to reflect the fact that after several emails they finally understood and fixed the design of the app so that the options to save/share would appear on the tablet screen. Thank you! Original: The Android version of the app does not give me an option to save my projects other than in the app itself. I did a lot of work and now wasted time and I cannot use. The ios app allows me to save as pngs.

  20. Apps that say they are that and a bag of chips, this is not even a bag of chips, the features in the free trial are less than basic. A fee trial should be just that a free trial. Not try these less than basic features and pay to trial the premium. No thanks. I have tried and paid for a ton of junk photo editing apps. Good bye.

  21. Excellent so far, it actually lets you resize the entire photo to fill wallpapers and album art, this is the only app I’ve found that does. Now I can use pictures I couldn’t before because they didn’t fit on the screen.

  22. A little hard to figure out without any tutorial at least. Personal dexterity required as well. Handicapped by free version mainly. A little bit more options there might compel me to opt in to premium when I get better at it. UPDATE: THIS APP SUCKS! JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I HAD IT FIGURED OUT IT STARTED FREEZING UP AND I’M PRETTY SURE IT LOST A PROJECT I TRIED TO SAVE IN MY PHONES GALLERY AND IT NEVER SHOWED UP! I’M DONE WITH IT! AND THEY WANT YOU TO UPGRADE……REALLY?

  23. SandHater dice:

    Latest update doesn’t work. Was a big long-time user and the most recent update has made the app crash to the point where it is simply unusable. Please fix so I can give 5 stars!!!

  24. Bro this app dosent work i download it bc it looked fun and then when I opened it i didint go the menu instead i went to projects immedtly and then I said ok bc i dont really care i just want to edit photos then after created a new project selected the size and then nothing happend when I see people using them they have down in the options like photos erase and stuff but for me it just gave me a weird + button when I click it i saw photos but I see photos from my gallery not from the app.

  25. This is truly an amazing app! It is very si.ple to use and allows you to combine pictures easily and edit with ease.

  26. Very disappointed. I paid twice for the AI avatars and they looked absolutely nothing like the pictures I uploaded. Waste of money.

  27. K M dice:

    This is so great for photography backdrops! I love it! Use it for every ad I make. Gives everything a very professional appeal. Good variation of wallpaper or backgrounds but I hope to see more options added as well… worth the small expense!

  28. Shambles, over tge last few years ive watched you remove features to make them premium tools. Things like stretching and skewing become unavailable plainly. This isnt bad software, but it costs money to do the basics now. In 2020 you mightve made some headway, but now youll be prisoner to a subscription no doubt.

  29. Keeps crashing today and then not letting me edit what I was doing so have to completely start again. Happened loads now 😭

  30. Bazaart is great. the only thing that is not nice is premuim. because we downloaded the app for what it showed us on the ads and now its expensive. But overal a nice app

  31. Jim Oneal dice:

    Great app for building my promos. For a list of currents apps that are paying and ways to make money in your spare time visit

  32. It was awful when I kept on trying to add photos it would stop and I would have to keep on redoing it it’s just one of the worst apps I have ever used.

  33. Fein-x dice:

    Paid for the AI pictures because i didnt know if i wanted premium. It took my money and never gave me the pictures!

  34. I experiment this app in Iphone for at least 3 years already using it, I love all the tools, are amazing and during this period the app has shown huge development, totally eficient, BUT sadly I had to download to my android and I figure out, it is not even close, no tools like font size, or shapes where you can replace the color with a picture, no storage of image or web searching, Is digusting, it is just like a basic app.. sorry.

  35. Love the app, my Premium keeps getting cancelled though. I subscribed last week, and got an unrequested refund. Dev gave me a month free for my trouble and the next day, I got another email saying it was cancelled. I DON’T WANNA CANCEL THIS! I like using the app and would like to stay subscribed. 3 stars until someone can tell me why my Premium keeps getting cancelled for no reason.

  36. Overall it is a decent app but I paid for the premium monthly and I have an Android as to where a friend of mine has an iPhone and also pays for premium monthly but she has more features than I do as to where when I paid for the premium all I got unlocked was the magic option.. 10/18/22- I can no longer open the app. It tells me the app has a bug and to clear the cache, which I’ve done. Still can’t open the app to use it

  37. I would rate it 5 stars if it wasnt for a few bugs, the app can be slow (especially when typing) and it never downloads so I have to save it in another app which is a little annoying but I love the app I use it for making thumbnails for yt and it works well but those bugs NEED to be fixed

  38. I love this app. it’s like the photo editor for dummies. I can finally photoshop pics like a pro. Thank you Bazaart!!!

  39. So far, I am having fun and loving this app. It’s doesn’t break the bank, and it allows you to create using layers and so much more.

  40. I am very pleased with the Bazaart app for creating composition for my artwork. Easy to use. Good result.

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