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Improve and facilitate the human figure drawing with this digital mannequin
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I like to think about this app as a natural evolution of the traditional drawing mannequin, I designed it to have minimal details and just some hints of anatomy, so it generalize well with any kind of character I want to draw. The screen space rotation method and others automatic features make your posing process faster and dynamic. After the latest updates it even supports Inverse Kinematic functions, has the female mannequin and props gallery.
Pose it and view it just the way you need it to strengthen and improve your human figure drawing skills.
Pose it was born as my personal tool to help me drawing the most challenging poses, during the lockdown I had to spend my vacations at home and I gave myself the challenge to polish it and publish it (yes it is my very first app). I hope it now can serve others as good as it served me 🙂


Adam and Eve heads have a slider to reduce the details of their new detailed face.
Poseit now let's you have multiple mannequins, scale them, mirror the pose, copy props and, above all, has new mannequins and let's you combine them and scale each part to create your own mannequins.
Fixes: galleries display all items fully, there is a reset purchase button, sticky feet work less trembly, slowly drifting body parts are now gone thanks to a rewritten dragging system, objs loads correctly in nomad


40 comentarios en "Poseit FULL"

  1. Raine B dice:

    Wow, I’m so impressed on how AMAZING this app it! Its is a bit hard to use but you’ll get used to it. I use this 24/7 and I use it for my art and it helps 100% the only time there are ads is when I ask for the extra props, do you mind expanding the time limit a bit though? It gets kinda annoying when you have to watch multiple ads for props and poses. And idk if this is a bug but If I turn a limb to far it looks all wonky and twisted 😅, I like it its hilarious, but sometimes it’s annoying.

  2. Really difficult to work with. I patterned around with this for about 45 minutes hoping to find software to use for posing for an art project. Ended up loosing motivation and not even accomplishing what I set out to do. The system isn’t intuitive at all and only functions on rotations without a good sliding scale across x,y,z axis’. Wasted a lot of time on this app that could have been spent better just sketching up a few poses until I got what I needed. Wouldn’t recommend.

  3. Pretty damn good so far, took some figuring out after ignoring the tutorial but it was pretty intuitive and reasonably easy to learn. has enough features in the free version that you don’t feel like you’re missing out by not paying for it. Easy to use, multiple body types. Haven’t figured out how to save and move on to a new model yet

  4. I got sick of searching the internet for a pose I failed to draw multiple times so I downloaded this, and I didn’t touch it for awhile due to how difficult it is to use, however if you mess with it enough you can figure it out. Not being able to change the doll was hard so I just added an eve and made adam not visible from my point of view. I’m probably still going to buy a 40$ doll set for this, however for digital and ‘cheap’ purposes, this is great.

  5. You will most likely not get the pose you want with this app.. Doesn’t let limbs move the way you want them to 90% of the time. I have had paper in front of me waiting this whole time for the past half hour and I’ve been struggling just to rotate things the correct way. Very hard to use. It’s not that bad but I have to give it a 1 star so that the devs can see it and maybe make it a little bit easier to move things the right way.

  6. It’s absolutely insane that this app has 3.9 stars. The features that are included are bar none, some of the best features in a mannequin posing app I’ve ever had. The ease of use, and adjusting the mannequin parts are unparalleled. I love it, and it needs better recognition in support of the developer that cares so much to not only consistently implement updates, but also respond to the users of the app if they have an issue.

  7. none dice:

    A noticeable feature missing from this app that is in many others like it, is the ability to customize the proportions of the model. Edit: the newest update has made this the best app of its kind on android. Easily. It might not have the full functionality of something like designdoll, or even magic poser, but the sheer usability makes it my clear choice. The new mannequins have skyrocketed the potential for growth, and it can even scale the proportions now. Simply brilliant.

  8. This app is fantastic, especially with the new updates! The only issue for me as of now is the fact I can’t save any altered models. I went pro by donating with the last major update with the app but when I changed and reset the cache for the new version, it seems to not have saved my pro status. This wouldn’t be a major issue if I could just buy it again but Google knows I have it and won’t let me buy pro again so I’m at a loss on what to do.

  9. This is probably the best poser app I’ve ever used on a phone! The controls is simple and easy to use, the limb movement is very precise and quick, good amount of customizations, and the ads are not very distracting but more of to your consent if you want to unlock some model sets But there is some bugs, sometimes the FPS drops at certain times. And the wooden dolls do bend weird when turned at a specific angle. Probably other bugs. But otherwise, great app! Hope the bugs are fixed soon 🙂

  10. Best free to download app of it’s kind. The execution is flawless and it’s fun to pose the figures, the free ones anyway. I understand watching adds for the “cooler” objects and poses. But locking the best characters and features behind a “pro paywall” is disappointing. Isn’t the type of app that needs a pro feature.

  11. James dice:

    The developer responded quickly after the update lost my Pro activation to help me regain it. I ended up deleting the UnityPurchasing folder in Android>data>com.OneManBand.PoseIt>files>Unity and I think thats how I got the Pro version back. I highly recommend this app. The inverse kinematics makes it easy to make complex poses and the UI is simple yet capable of so much. This developer clearly cares about the product he puts out, and its worth at least a small donation.

  12. This is bar none the best posing app you can possibly get, precise yet easy controls, lots of props and a good selection of models, you can even adjust the proportions or mixmatch parts of other models(adding eve arms onto the adam model for example) this has anything and everything you could possibly need and they are still reaching higher. i dont know how hard it would be to do but I’d love to see a muscle mass/weight adjustment feature someday, for us anatomy heavy artists 🙂

  13. deathbell dice:

    The new additions in the update are amazing! Having multiple mannequins opens the door to a number of possibilities for scenes. Some additions I would’ve like is more medieval style props, like shields, maces, or even a glaive. Overall my experience with this app has been stellar and has help me get my sketches out of my head and onto paper. Thanks for creating a powerful and accessible tool for artists alike!

  14. R.J. B dice:

    great app, however I have bought the pro version twice and it keeps resetting back to default. Not sure what’s going on, but it’s tiresome to have to continually watch ads for something I bought twice. Looks like you can’t change face shapes anymore or the material of the mannequin so that’s a bummer. Please fix.

  15. Charles N dice:

    Fantastic 3D posing app, well designed 3D models focused on being useful for artists. Being able to morph and customize the models, pinning objects to model geometry, saving camera angles, and exporting the obj file makes this an instant favorite. Currently my s-pen only allows camera zooming, it would be nice to be able to manipulate the posing and camera just like with a finger. Great work, I hope you can continue to expand it in the future!

  16. (Redo because I believe I could have written this better.) Great application overall, I find myself using it for anatomy a lot, but I was wondering if there is a function where you can move the models themselves? Such as down to the ground or closer to another object? (A chair for example.) I could possibly be unaware of something as such, but if there isn’t, it would be incredibly helpful if such a function was added. Thank you.

  17. Star Lord dice:

    This has no business being as good as it is. The manikins are very detailed, posing is MOSTLY intuitive (most flaws are limitations of using a touch screen, though), and the ability to pose multiple manikins with props? Immediately got Pro to support 1ManBand. Keep it up, guys! Only issue is my IRL manikin will gather dust. If only this worked on Windows 10, now…

  18. This app is super easy to use and what I’ve been looking for years. Cheaper than poser and easy easier to use. I have 40+ scenes for a project at work and this is precisely what I am needing! Thanks so much for this. Edit: I would like an easier way to adjust the body type/weight… but that’s a small critique.

  19. I’m so glad this last update added props and stuff! Saves me from guessing how a blade or a bow would look in my characters hands, just need shields now and it’s perfect. Loving the app all around!!!! Edit: Now I don’t have access to the Pro I bought a year ago. And there’s no button to restore purchases, just reset local files. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice now.

  20. I really wanted to love this app. I still do, although after about 5 seconds if it being open, it freezes up. When it didn’t freeze, It was an amazing app. The model moved smoothly and I could draw a water bender very well, for your first app, this is pro! My hats off to you 1ManBand I know how hard it is to make an app (Believe me, I tried.) Thank you for this beautiful app, and it was great until it froze. Edit:It worked!!! Great costumer service, responded in less than 5 days. TY 1ManBand

  21. The app is very user friendly and only has ads when you need to temporarily unlock additional things and what not. It’s been very useful in understanding perspective and anatomy. A gripe that I have is the inability to delete the faces, which sometimes like to double up and glitch out and cause my phone to lag. This may be just a one off thing. Now the app has the ability to have two models at the same time, I hope that different body modles or a height slider appear in the future.

  22. Ryan M-W dice:

    It’s a wonderful app for artists, but it has a problem with crashing whenever you try to take a picture, after spending a while trying to get a pose right only to start over. Also, the manipulation gestures are janky since the last update some reason. I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong or what. Overall, I can’t wait to see more improvements on this app as well as the bug fixes.

  23. Amazing and straightforward. Need an app for reference for whatever art/project you plan on doing, this is a great choice. Although similarly to other apps, you need to watch ads/paywall to get the poses. However, the amazing thing is that you can remove the ads very cheaply ($1.00!) if you don’t intend on spending much. This also unlocks everything so its worth it. Any other amount is purely optional and supports the developer. Easy and precise movements and overall better than most apps. 10/10

  24. The features are not on par with similar apps. When you combine that with ads on everything with a weird 10 minute random timer after survey, the link to a data mining service, and pay what you want (which…I can’t explain it. You don’t want to feel bad OR like you are getting ripped off) all makes it feel like a background malware/activity monitor disguised as a simple easy to develop tool. Everything just made me uneasy, and it didn’t seem worth the time. Thanks for actually discussing.

  25. Was looking for a posing app and stumbled upon this one so decided to give it a try, and was certainly not disappointed! Not anymore difficult to use than ones on a PC (like Clip Studio’s) and was glad to see diff sensitivity settings on the zoom/pose/camera. Has a lot of features for being a relatively new app and I’m excited to see more. If I had to complain about one thing, is that the camera feels harder to control than it should be and would like to be able to reset it at least

  26. I love the app. It helps with drawing different poses. I recommend to anyone having difficulties with drawing proportionaly, or drawing different poses. The new update included a lot more features too! You can now add props to the poses, you can also chose two mannequins now! In my opinion, it’s a bit more difficult to move them around in spacez but there’s more good things than bad!

  27. This app is helpful.. Though I do have a complaint or two. When you are moving body parts around, the camera positions quite strangely. Im doing this from a chromebook, so theres nothing I can really do to fix this. It zooms in randomly, and I cant change the camera without changing the perspective. Aside from this, it’s a very well developed app!

  28. Chance dice:

    Possibly the best and easiest to use pose app Ive ever tried out. I use it constantly! The interface is so clean and the controls are simple and logical. The props are good and we get better and more complex ones with every update. I think all it needs are more presets. More hand options, more simple props (poles, balls/boxes of varying sizes) And more reference models, or a way to manipulate the shape/size of the model’s features. It would make this app perfect!

  29. Pretty easily the best posing app I’ve come across. The posing, camera and lighting mechanics all use the same gestures so getting the hang of the app as a whole is incredibly quick and easy. I feel like it does a lot of the hard work for you in terms of how the body parts relate to one another, that way you don’t have these weird, mangled poses. Even the prop items work so nicely, I’m genuinely surprised at how overall well this app comes together, kudos to the developers. The one thing I’m seriously hoping might be implemented is being able to manually pose the fingers, but even then I feel like that’s just being nitpicky. The base app features being able to use the male mannequin; you can get temporarily get the other features (such as the female mannequin, set poses and items) by watching ads or filling out a survey, or get the whole app in it’s entirety by giving your option of a donation from those given, which I found very fair. Even at it’s base, it’s still a stellar app.

  30. I do find this app really helpful to find the perfect poses for drawings. I did find that it was a little hard to maneuver at first, but it was not too hard to get the hang of after a bit. There are also no ads that pop up randomly which is awesome for a free app. You do have to watch ads to unlock pre prepared poses and items but after you watch the ad once it’s unlocked forever. Over all and amazing app, especially for a free mobile game.

  31. I was enjoying being able to get the proportions right on my digital art for once. But then today, when I tried to open the app, it kept closing. I restarted my device, the app, uninsalled and reinstalled, everything. Nothing. It kept closing on me when I tried to open it. Whatever this is, please fix it so I can continue using this app since it’s been most effective in helping me improve my art skills.

  32. Cel Lyn dice:

    While the app is wonderful in its variation in posing as well as being able to make up and save your own, I believe it has more potential if fingers could also be manipulated, there were more body types and heights, and also if you could have more than 1 figure pose with another (e.g. fight/dance scenes) as well as place items around them or in their hands. Otherwise, I especially appreciate the lack of ads.

  33. As an artist struggling with anatomy and poses, I’ve used a lot of posing apps, and none of them are good. Until now. This app is incredible for posing for different uses, and I’ve already used it for two different characters in a drawing. It’s easy to operate, and easy to use for proportions and poses. Best posing app ever!

  34. J Burns dice:

    Not a fan of the controls, I would rather have the gyro (idk what its called 😃👍) separate from the body. These controls depend on your perspective of the body part you’re moving. If the gyro was seperate I think I’d have an easier time seeing what I’m doing (smaller screen problems) and could rotate on each axis individually more easily (again smaller screen problems). The app is great otherwise and I’ll continue to use it and update my review as I get more experience with it.

  35. Amanda L dice:

    I have purchased all of the leading pose apps on Android and iOS. PoseIt is my favorite when it comes to full-body models. The dev is clearly an artist himself and knows what we want and is always landing new stuff. The anatomy is enough, but not so detailed or stylized that it affects your work like most other pose apps. It’s perfect to use in conjunction with other reference. The “animated” props are brilliant. The posing controls are intuitive. I wish I could use it on my ipad too!

  36. I’ve had the app for some time and it keeps getting better and better. The Horse prop and animated functionality’s of it and other props alone are worth donating. (everything is free!!!) My ONLY beef with the app is a slight photo warp that happens when you get to close to the assets. So if your looking for super close and crazy dynamic poses just be aware it may look a bit odd to some. But still worth your time.

  37. (Found a bug[1.3.4]: when I watch an ad to unlock custom pose it won’t unlock.) Amazing! Has almost everything for free not to mention it really feels like the creator genuenly cares about the user and not money. A few things I wish could be added are the ability to adjust individual fingers and more of an age range. Would love the ability to be able to tweak the individual body parts and character hight for more varriation besides gender. These are just sugestion, thanks for your hard work!

  38. Sara Hall dice:

    I love the app, it’s helped me out so much. It is a bit difficult to use on a small screen phone, but that’s not much of a big deal. I would like to see different kinds of models, like animal models poseable cats or dogs etc and maybe even in-between human and animal models. I know making models is a difficult thing, idk the process for making poseable ones, but seeing different kinds of models other than human would be nice to see in the future!

  39. This is the best app I have ever used. Period. My art improved literally overnight. I drew the same character twice in the same pose, one with the app and one without. If I could post photos, I would, because there is THAT MUCH of a difference between the two. I’m so excited to keep using it because I can focus on my character design and creativity without struggling so much with basic anatomy. I highly recommend this app! It does take a little bit to get used to the controls, but it’s worth it!

  40. This is the first time I’ve felt inclined to give a 5 star review in less than an hour of installing an app. The layout is nice and simple, the model is realistic, and it’s all just easy to get used to and pleasing to the eye. The last app I used for pose referencing had models that shared the proportions of an exaggerated anime artstyle rather than an actual human. PoseIt was such a refreshing breath of air compared to that, I already recommend it!

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