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SketchPad makes it easy to sketch, doodle, or even just scribble, on the go.
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Let your imagination run wild. Unleash your creativity with SketchPad. Draw, illustrate, sketch, doodle, or scribble – the choice is up to you.

The app is extremely lightweight, at a download size of just 5 MB.

SketchPad aims to provide a simple way to turn your screen into a canvas without any hassle. Unlike most other drawing apps, SketchPad keeps it clean. It’s just a canvas and you.

You can get started on your Sketch pretty much straightaway after the app is installed. No setup required. It’s really that simple.

• Simple UI
• No ADs
• No In-App Purchases
• Customizable Brush Width with Instant Preview, for those bold strokes and fine details
• Multiple ways to pick colors: Palette, Spectrum, and RGB Sliders
• Unlimited Undo/Redo, because it’s okay to make mistakes (still limited by device capabilities)
• Optional Shake to Clear feature – just shake your device to clear the Canvas (requires accelerometer)
• Export as PNG or JPEG image
• Directly share image from SketchPad (automatically exports image to device)

“Shake to Clear” is good for when there are no sudden movements, so don’t use it in the bus for serious Sketching. However, it is great when scribbling to pass the time.

SketchPad is capable of working offline. However, sharing your Sketches with others might not work without a network connection. The Storage permission is required only to save your Sketches to your device. I do not steal your precious files.

Exported images are saved to “/Pictures/SketchPad/” by default. The Storage path can be changed to a directory of your choice in Settings to suit your needs. Saving Sketches to “/DCIM/Camera/” should make the images show up in most Gallery apps. On Android 10 onwards, due to changes in how storage works, all pictures are saved to “/Android/data/com.kanishka_developer.SketchPad/files/Pictures”, irrespective of the setting.

The focus of the SketchPad Project has always been on the User Experience. Do send in your thoughts, or just come say “hi” at [email protected]. 🙂


This is a recompilation of the old source code; not the new one with all the shiny new features, just to comply with Play Store policy changes. The redesign of the app is still underway.

As a side effect, storage is now broken thanks to Scoped Storage introduced by Google on Android 10 onwards. Please find all saved files in /Android/data/com.kanishka_developer.SketchPad/files/Pictures. You should remain unaffected if your phone runs Android 9 or older. Sorry for the inconvenience.


4 comentarios en "SketchPad – Doodle On The Go FULL"

  1. Benjamin dice:

    The app works fine for me, I am able to doodle things that I’ve got stuck in my head with relative ease. The reason why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is it could use a couple of extra textures to draw with. Sure, we’ve got the paintbrush, but what about Pencil, Crayon, jagged brushes, or even just like a line drawing or zoom function. Not trying to nit pick, I know drawing applications are difficult, just a bit of room to grow.

  2. MasterofBasics dice:

    I really like this app because it does as advertised; it scribbles and doodles. Its pretty good and easy to understand, but my only idea is a fill tool; that would be super helpful. Thanks 🙂 UPDATE (10/6/21): Rediscovered this app (and review) so I redownloaded it. I have dark mode enabled so the background is black. It’s supposed to turn your black draw color white but it doesn’t do that instantly; takes a little finnicking. Doesn’t even look like the app has updated since my first review…

  3. A Google user dice:

    Simple app, all I need. This is a simple app, but that’s good. It’s no Photoshop or Illustrator competitor, but it gives you exactly what you’d think: A screen to sketch on. Clear, clean UI, easy to use, and unlike the other apps I tried it doesn’t force you to work the way it thinks you should work. Just start it, grab your stylus, and go. Only problem: my Galaxy Gallery app doesn’t display the updated SketchPad directory Only suggestions: Let me set image save directory; save to SDCard.

  4. Caylah Sanchez dice:

    It was fine in the beginning, but it got laggy and slow later. I do not recommend this app. When I pressed the undo button, it took 5-8 seconds before it actually undid the action I just did. Plus, it just doesn’t recognize my finger. When I draw a line, it makes dots instead of a line. That’s my thoughts. My opinions. Again, I do not recommend this app.

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