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Design vector graphics in the cloud using smart design tools.
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Looking for the #1 vector graphic design app for Android? Look no further.
Vector Ink will make your whole vector graphic design process much easier.
Vector Ink is great for graphic design, logo design, drawing, character design, vector tracing, designing business cards, flyers, posters, you name it!
Vector Ink offers smart vector graphic design tools that break the limits of creativity, allowing everyone to turn their creative ideas into a reality. 

Draw with stabilizers to guide your freehand strokes. The Draw Tool will automatically join to the nearest open path, so you can lift your stylus and continue drawing without having to manually merge your lines.

Don’t have a stylus? Vector Ink comes with built-in virtual stylus technology, so you can draw with your finger and see what you’re doing without the need of a physical stylus.

Using Vector Ink, a logo designer can import a paper drawing or sketchbook art into Vector Ink, trace the logo sketch using the Vector Ink Path Builder Tool, and export a professional, geometrically precise vector logo.

Creating art in vector graphic design software should be easy but in most cases it is not. A lot of times you are wrestling with a pen tool for hours in order to get the right design you want, or taking shortcuts to give the appearance of a perfect shape. Well those days are behind us now. Vector Ink offers a smart Path Builder Tool that will merge and build the shape you want the way you want with perfect precision and little design effort.
Bring your shapes to life with our color tools. Vector Ink offers linear and radial gradient options along with multiple color picker types and an advanced color palette editor so you can generate, manage, and save your own color palettes for later use.

Built-in Digital Stylus
Draw Tool
Path Builder Tool
Distribute Tool
Pen Tool
Gradient Tool
Corner Tool
Ribbon Tool
Rectangle Tool
Circle Tool
Star Tool
Polygon Tool
Path controls
Boolean controls
Cut and join paths
Stroke sizes and stroke caps
Convert stroke to path
Outline Text (text to path)
Import Custom Fonts
PNG & JPG Import & Export
SVG Import & Export
Export Selection as SVG

Features in-depth:
Path Builder Tool
Merge multiple shapes into one.
Merge a single shape into another.
Trace over an imported illustration or logo grid with geometric precision.
Create complex shapes (that would typically take several minutes) within seconds.
Draw Tool
Freehand drawing with smart guides to stabilize strokes.
Auto connects to other strokes so you can freely lift your pen then resume drawing on the same path.
First-ever built-in Digital Stylus makes designing on touch screen devices easier by allowing you to see where you’re drawing and helps accomplish tasks in tight spaces on the canvas.
Distribute Tool
Distribute copies of a shapes left-to-right or top-to-bottom.
Distribute copies of a shape around a point or around another shape.
Distribute copies of a shape left-to-right and top-to-bottom in a grid layout.
Gradient Tool & Color Picker
Multiple color pickers to choose from (wheel, RGB, HSB, hex pad, and palette picker)
Linear and radial gradient styles
Add and delete gradient stops
Color Palettes
A gorgeous library of color palettes so no matter what you design the color combination will always look legit.
Color palette generator so you never run out of color palette options.
Add an infinite number of colors to a palette and we’ll automatically generate colors that compliment your palette.
Save your color palette to use in other projects.
Add and delete Layers
Group objects
Re-order layers, shapes, and groups
Overral Document
Control the width and height of the Document
Change the Document background color
Import PNG, JPG, and SVG
Export PNG, JPG, and SVG
Export any size
Export a PNG with a transparent Art board
Export any selected shapes as an individual SVG


Minor system wide improvements.
Fixed image export by way of the "Save" option.


40 comentarios en "Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator MOD"

  1. The shape building tool in this app is incredible. However, using the app is a bit of a struggle at the moment. Drawing lines is inaccurate. Layers don’t work properly. And selections are difficult. If the developers can fix the usability issues, I think that is app will change the game for vector graphics on android.

  2. This is an initial review. I have been looking for Android substitute for the magnificent inkscape tool available on Windows, iOS, and Linux. On initial glance and trying a few things I have to conclude that it has all the tools that I want. Paths can be combined via Boolean operations, text can be fit to pass, there are alignment and distribution and copy tools. Given that I don’t have a pressure sensitive stylus I can’t run those features of the application. I will review again after more use.

  3. Best App For Vector design and editor, but not yet perfect. First of all, I cannot find a way to add the new font. The draw tool still not working properly. it have a long trail when I drawing. It does not support for tablet with keyboard yet, so I have to use the third party app to map the keyboard to the screen, and disable it when typing tax. it kind of inconvinience. This is the review after 1 day use. I can tell this is the best app for vector design out there.

  4. I give it 3 stars, because of its buggyness. The text/font disappears every time I tap on the content area to edit the world or text, so annoying. Besides a little changes that need to be smoothed out, I believe this app will be very useful for my self and others. Love the idea of this app. If changes are made, could easily be 5 stars.

  5. So far so good. If the developers keep at it, it could be absolutely killer. A couple of obvious things are missing, like saving and deleting documents (it can be done but it’s clunky). There’s some bugs here and there too, but it appears to only be a couple of months old, and with all the features it has, it’s remarkable it works as well as it does. Overall, this has potential to be the best vector editor on Android as long as they keep improving.

  6. I heard good things! Unfortunately I couldn’t run the app offline, nor could I run it while (via Netguard) blocking trackers of which there were many in the first startup screen alone (and many more to follow in the following intro/ tutorials splash screens). You can see the Exodus Report to get a sense of what personal data is being collected, transmitted, etc. if you value any of the reasons for avoiding the costs of said trackers collecting and transmitting your data & using CPU & bandwidth.

  7. Has a lot of potential, but not there. Pen tool needs to function like all other pen tools for vector. Must be able to click on the last point made to automatically change the anchor for sharp point drawing. This is how its handled for touch vs hitting alt and dragging it. When you click on a point nothing happens. This is major. Also want to see the UI setup for Z Fold.

  8. It works okay… I can’t export svg even after paying, it has a delay every once in a while and some movement bugs and other bugs. And It woukd be nice if they had explained a little more what things do. Maybe if you are familiar but I can’t figure certain things out and there’s next to no resources to figure out anything aside from their tutorials video that doesn’t really explain the app itself. Mostly frustrated that I can’t save svg files. Hopefully they fix these

  9. Kyle Gski dice:

    This is one of the most complex vector illustration pieces of software comparable almost to Adobe Illustrator available on Google Play Store, but the app lags when you start doing more detailed artwork. I only had 4 layers going then it starts slowing down with pinch to zoom & everything else. It’s annoying, you work on something nice then the whole app freeze’s! I’m using a Google Pixel 4a 5G, no way it’s the hardware, it’s the developers fault completely with the lack of updating the software!

  10. Can’t even fully test out this app because they want me to either pay for an extra feature or buy the full version to draw with the stylus that came in my Note. That’s bogus. I have tried at least half a dozen other free drawing apps and they all have a pen setting built in. This app does seem very sleek and nice to use but I’m not giving you money to use a function that comes with my phone, so I only kept the app for about 5 minutes.

  11. This is one of a kind app on Android. Loved it, really. The only issue I have with this is that the shape builder doesn’t work properly. Either selects the wrong area/curves or down not select at all. Just working with it is quite frustrating. Other than that, no issues so far.

  12. This is just awesome. I caught 2 bugs while using – if you have multiple text objects and want to change the font of each one, the last font you chose disappears from the list so you can’t choose it again. The other bug is if you copy something, then paste it multiple times – the second paste doesn’t render properly. That messes with undo as well. A great project, look forward to updates!

  13. I have a simple unicorn that i have drawn in the app. Have been over 3 hours trying to extract the outline. Every time bits get missed or path tool does not turn blue. I submitted the svg to dev. 2 weeks later the developer got back to me and showed me how to fix it. I had ended up with at least 3 identicle copies on top of each other. I had to select the top copy by touching on the path and then delete, repeat this until the image disapeared and then back step once. With just one copy all ok

  14. It needs more work and needs to act more like other vector apps. The tutorials didn’t show up for me, it is sloooow, and I couldn’t find a simple line tool. It didn’t snap to grid worth a darn, grid didn’t scale or go small enough, etc., etc. Great potential, though.

  15. The creativity is endless with Vector Ink. It’s full of tutorials for new users and endless tools to design/create whatever you can dream up. I highly recommend this app for every type of artist out there. Admittedly there is a learning curve for new users and I’m not sure exactly how well it would work on a device without a stylus

  16. m s dice:

    It’s great. There’s nothing like this on Android, that’s right There’s no illustrator for Android no more. Tbh I’d like to see tangents added, that’s one of the things that I’m missing. There’s also responsiveness issues, and the app can start lagging when There’s very specific geometry. Who knows I might just make my own adobe illustrator :3

  17. Whiz dice:

    I wonder what kind of premium features you are offering if even the basics don’t work? I am importing a very basic SVG, and it’s all messed up, collapsed into one layer, without respect to the canvas size. People please take a little more time and make it all work, I will gladly buy your program.

  18. It’s very buggy. Works somewhat for simple stuff. 4 layers gets buggy. 5 becomes unusable. Deleting stuff from one layer deletes it from others. Sometimes have to click stuff 2-3 times to respond. And is very slow overall. Great potential. Hopefully its gets better overtime.

  19. The best vector art app i could find, i searched for a half decent vector art aop for a good 20 to 30 mins and finally found one that isnt full of ads and self promotion, its easy to use for begginers like me and has a few pro features for free unlike other apps, the watermark can be annoying but its easy to just cut it out, i currently use this app for making logos, pfps, and thumbnails for my studio.

  20. Good set of features, however some very basic ones missing: – unable to change point type – bezier corner, smooth or line – pen tool first point is always line. Point + drag should draw a bezier – lots of basic shape operations are needed: break point, break apart, join points, combine, close curve, extract subpath – boolean united shapes: winding fill is not working (overlapping areas doesn’t remain unfilled)

  21. Great potential but super buggy. Sorry. I really thought this app was gonna be it for me but the shape builder feature, layers, and a bunch of other feature fail to respond. Such great tools but its hard to work with when they don’t respond. Shame.

  22. Awesome app. One of the best drawing apps I’ve ever used. No ads, SO many different tools and brushes. A little difficult to figure out how to use them all though. But you can watcht the tutorials and it’s easy!

  23. After purchasing the app it started lagging and glitching every minute. After finishing a vector the SVG downloads as a link. The font and spacing for words was completely off when compared to the app. Would not recommend wasting your time or money on this app.

  24. The app wont even open on my chromebook, i used it on my phone and it worked okay enough that i even paid for the upgrade. I went to use my bigger screen and I only get a blank white screen, nothing at all even loads. please fix and I will update my review accordingly.

  25. Horrific user experience (Tab S7+). Glitchy UI, laggy response, constant unintentional actions , random crashes, sloppy precision, inconsistent palm rejection, and A LOT of T+E learning (tries to mimic the Adobe environment, but some of the icon/tool references make no sense). I’ve been trying to give this one a chance (2 mos) due to lack of options for vector-based graphic design apps and it feels like I’m settling. I’ll revisit this in the future w/ hopes that it’s properly developed further.

  26. Dan Rost dice:

    Definitely not working for tracing on my poco x3 pro on an imported image with lower opacity. Lags a lot , can’t even zoom in/out or make lines well. Also when you press the undo button it resets your layer opacity even if you changed it 10 strokes before.

  27. Really good vector illustration for mobile. Lots of features that AI has. There are some glitches but I’m sure it’s a work in progress, really ups your phone’s capabilities for design.

  28. Great app but extremely laggy which makes it incredibly hard to draw things. I’ve lost my patience many times and also my progress if the app decides to glitch and turn off.

  29. This app looks good,but I found a lot of bugs,can’t touch to change layer,and another function not working like something stuck and lag,please fix it that bugs thanks

  30. You can go over the other users comments to learn about the issues… the trouble of not being able to select elements on the project does make the work take longer than necessary. It’s definitely not perfect, but if you need to do something on the go, this app did come in handy for someone who was relying on a tablet at the moment. Warning: you will not be able to export a SVG (only low res jpg/png) without paying for the feature.

  31. Ominkan dice:

    I bought the app. Wow what a powerful drawing tool. It has everything. I am just amazed at what I can do with it and on a phone. The virtual stylus is genius. The only thing is the layers seem a bit slow in hiding the layers. I have see a lot of vector apps here and I am glad I bought Vector Ink. Not all developers work as hard as this one has and I look forward to updates and new features but I don’t know what more it can have. Thanks for a excellent application at a excellent price.

  32. Despite it is at times so slow, the app by itself deserves a 5 star. But I give it only 2 stars because I paid for the premium features but I CAN NOT USE THE PREMIUN FEATURES OFFLINE. So you have to think twice if you want to pay for it. Or is there a solution for that issue?

  33. Some of the tools don’t work Basically the path and join tools don’t work and forget the premium tools. I don’t need those. But to make a basic yet complex logo . I need the eraser tool for paths to work. I need the unite and destructive tools to work. Fix that and it would be a good app – developers take note .

  34. Keeps crashing before saving. All that hard work vanishes. Very disappointed. I even paid £4.99 to be able to export my SVG but can’t because unable to save.

  35. Lots of the other reviews hit the nail on the head. This app has a lot of useful functionality that, seemingly, all other vector design apps are completely missing. This is by far the best option I have tried. Unfortunately, as others have mentioned, it’s also extremely unreliable and bizarre (possibly glitchy?) In its function. You often have to try clicking on something many times before it reacts. Lots of features seem to not really actually do anything (such as the grid snap).

  36. App pretends to have an import fonts feature. I tried .ttf, .otf, .woff, .svg and various archives, none of those worked, so it’s safe to say, that this feature is not implemented. Most tools are clunky, and if you have too much on the screen, the app starts to behave unpredictably, so if you want to draw something, you better take it slow, and this kinda defeats the idea of creating things on the go. Mostly, because drawing something here and getting back home and using AI takes the same time.

  37. Nice app held back by few issues. First off, i really like the Ul, it’s well tough out and clean. One of the better touch based vector editors. So it’s too bad, that there are annoying bugs in the app. Rounding corners sometimes works on some corners of the rectangle but not others for example. Or document fails to save, when object is sent forward or backward. If bugs like that were fixed and blur added, it would be 5* app. like this it’s sadly 3*

  38. Psalm 8:4 dice:

    Good potential. This could’ve been the saviour for Android as the perfect Affinity Designer replacement. But lots of essential features still missing like the selection tool is very hard to use, keyboard and mouse support(would be great for tablet users), opacity control for imported image, the undo tool is buggy(always switches on the opacity of imported image when undo action is hit), gesture support would be great too, an arc tool would be great. Make it premium so that we can support you

  39. Excellent concept. Could be the best vector app out there, were it not so buggy. Many features not found in competitors. BTW, on my Z Fold 3, toolbar doesn’t show up unless I switch to landscape mode. . Also, no idea how to deselect. Clicking elsewhere doesnt help Here’s hoping the developers keep away it. Just few of the many examples that prevent me from making it my default vector app

  40. Perfect for my needs. Not as fully featured as Inkscape for Windows but more than enough for Android. My search is over good job. 👍

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