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Make and play interactive cards on Castle
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Make and play interactive cards on Castle. Use our small but powerful editor to create digital cards that come alive with elements you can touch and control.

– Cards can be toys, scenes, stories, tiny games, animations, or just simple doodles.

– Combine cards into decks to create worlds to explore, or to tell branching, dynamic stories.

– Browse a feed of new and popular cards made by other creators in the community.

– Follow your favorite creators and get notified when they release new cards.

Anyone can create cards in the Castle editor. Get started with just a doodle in our simple yet robust drawing tool, which includes shapes, layers, and even frame animation. Then bring your drawing to life with motion, physics, behaviors, rules, and sound effects.

Download Castle and discover a universe of fun, personal interactive art!


Hello! This update includes stability improvements to make your Castle experience better. Thanks for using Castle!


40 comentarios en "Castle – Make and Pla‪y MODDED 2022"

  1. ͔ dice:

    Very good game, reminds me of happy wheels but got mixed with tiktok, this honestly has alot of potential to be extremely good but i think the only thing that is holding it back and not reaching its full potential is the editor being buggy and not much flexibility when it comes to the drawing system. I would love this if you can draw more freely and less laggy!

  2. NTMG Play dice:

    Edit: The comments work, just a little confusing and buggy. Amazing, 1 problem. It crashes when ever I press the comment button or stay in the editor for long. But other than that this app is great! The no ads would make this the best app i’ve seen if you fixed the crashing issue. I don’t see myself making any decks until it’s fixed.

  3. Stacey dice:

    One of the best game-making apps for mobile. Fancade and this. But this crashes, frequently, too frequently. Also on my device at least, theres not a single sound, at all. And theres no way to save another person’s game to play later, other than making a copy for yourself. Fix the crashes though, they make it nearly impossible to use.

  4. its okay, definitely needs a more thought out tutorial. should have a color wheel instead of random preset colors, needs the option to just keep the damn image’s original colors, and I should be able to have more than 30 secs of audio. I saw someone get told that these are all intentional because the restraints “power creativity” but if you look at the app, most of the decks are blatant copies with nothing changed. I feel you need to chillax with the restraints. it becomes unfun after a while.

  5. Bel uga dice:

    This app is amazing but, i have problems saving alot and it crashes quite a bit. Problems saving [-1] crashes alot [-1]. But, no ads [+1] phenomenal coding system [+1] and finally, last but certainly no least, an amazing community of people helping others and supporting others [+1]. This app is amazing and if you could fix the two bugs I listed then this would be the best mobile app I’ve ever downloaded, keep up the extraordinary work Monterey’s Coast inc!

  6. Creating is rage inducing. It crashes a lot with just music and having to save manually makes it worse. I don’t think it really matters if I go to the backup thing because it crashes before I even get it back. Suggestion: Make everything auto save. Other than that, the app is perfectly fine. I just can’t make music that well. (Sorry if this seemed like a whole hate review I was just focusing on one thing)

  7. I really like the app and the community in general; but the editor definitely needs tweaking. Please, add some stability improvements and make it just a bit more powerful. You can lag in the editor sometimes and it even crashes alot. Luckily we have backups for that, but it sometimes doesn’t backup some of your work. It keeps freezing too. This app will be at its greatest when the editor is made to be stronger and more rules are added. I’ve lowered my rating to 4⭐ until you improve the editor.

  8. Best experience ever while using this app. Best app I ever used. The games were little harder to make bit now it is easy and the whole castle community is very helpful. It crashes sometimes but it wouldn’t bother me if it would autosave. Literally no ads. Perfect! I would love to give it more than 5 stars rating if it was possible.

  9. I am very disappointed.. The app is very good, the games are amazing.. But the app has so many problems. It crashes a lot of times which made the game that your making unsaveable, laggy, buggy, no tutorials, ect. I really love the people and games in the app tho.. If the crashes, lag and make it auto save I’ll give it a higher rating than 2 stars.. But props for making a back-up file..

  10. I love this game so much! It’s so fun creating games and playing them! But I have an issue, I colored a drawing but I don’t like it, so I erase it but the color is still there, and its teleporting whenever, I try to erase it too, but it won’t, and its even on the game! This is giving me a really hard time making games, I didn’t get this issue in the past Tho.. Please fix this or im gonna cry 😭😭😭 forever ♾️! Also please put a tutorial when Joining the game the first time :>

  11. I love this app so much, just you need to fix the crashing, it constantly happens whenever I try to make decks. Also can you give us a better color palette or a color wheel, a more presice tutorial for making decks. These changes would make this review 5/5 stars and this app infinitely better.

  12. DAvid? dice:

    Very good app, playing this when bored. I’m making a game and I want you to add one of these things: make a button that will let you link blueprints together OR make that you can put text on non-text blueprints. You can add text only with special blueprints and I don’t really like that. Will be glad if you notice ت

  13. I downloaded this from ads, I love making games but it’s just too hard to practice code, this game is perfect for beginners to get game idea’s! 😀 Edit: After playing this game for a little long it became VERY I mean VERY laggy when making a game and there are alot of bugs too, like not opening the comments, can’t use fire button and can’t scroll to next game. Though I hope this game gets updated and the bugs get fixed. Of course I’ll 4 star it for now.

  14. Great game, I just would like an offline version because sometimes when I don’t have internet I still want to make games just not for other people. Only myself. So it would be nice to have an offline version to make games for yourself and not for other people. It can show all your made games you can export to real castle by logging in to your current account on castle or edit and play your game. Thanks If you read this mouthfull review. I’m not a bot, I just like grammar

  15. Love this app! But theres a major problem it just sometimes crashes and your back to the homescreen and ALL of the progress you made that you didnt save is gone, that REALLY annoys me and it made my 4 star review to a 2 star dont get me wrong its a good app but that just REALLY annoys me alot (also you cant adjust the pen thickness and its really laggy)

  16. Overall the app and the concept is amazing but i have many problems while making levels. The app is constantly crashing, and the settings tab is not avaiable when im adding creatures, characters, borders, etc. Really frustrating fix this.

  17. The game is really good except for when I click save for like something for creating my app and stuff it’s just like I have to exit out and then it just obviously gets rid of it because it’s not fully saved and stuff so I hope you guys fix it but until then I don’t think I’ll be playing this game because I can’t do stuff much at least

  18. This is one of THE BEST apps I’ve installed. I would HIGHLY recommend Castle to anyone who has wanted to make a game. Plus you don’t have to worry about unexpected ads in your face, as a matter of fact, they’re are no ads. You can also play others games, like, comment, it’s like TikTok but you actually interact with it. That is all I have to say, amazing game.

  19. this is a very great game to create your own game and see other peoble game the only problems i see is that the game crashes very frecuently and when i mean frecuently is every 5min not only do you lose part of the work(if you were creating something) you were doing but is also annoying and there is some options that need to be added.if you import an imagine from your device it dosent keep the original colors is very annoying

  20. This very easy to use. But it frequently crashes in the middle of creation and making a artwork that too many frame causes a lag on brash tools its delayed. Can you also some how add a scroll for other frame when spawning a character cuz its limit to 8 frames.

  21. This is the best game ever! But there is one issue, it crashes all the time and sometimes when i have done so much work it suddenly crashes and i have to do it again.. please fix it! 🙁

  22. eAGLE dice:

    Hi, This app is the best game maker app I have ever seen, I made a very big game, it is nice and easy to use, But I have some ideas for the game : 1) please add full screen mode so players see the game in full screen. 2) please give the ability for creators to duplicate a whole deck, so they can make version 2 of the game without making the game again. 3) can you maybe add.. like a button that makes the deck in 3d mode or 2d mode, Please? Thank you for the best game maker app in the play store .

  23. I used to like this when i could create games but however everytime i remix a big demo game and then try to make it not a demo (like ratyu’s furry vs human 2 demo) my app gets crashed everytime i try to draw something cool i dont like this because the backups are worthless since they just save every 3 or 5 minutes and making art is a long time, fix this now or else i wont try to remix something

  24. It’s the most wonderful app I ever used, however, I’m not sure if it just me but it crashes like every 25 seconds in. 25 SECONDS and that bugs me a lot. If I find a solution to this problem, I’ll rate this app again because this app really do deserves better

  25. King Seon dice:

    The most hated thing I found about this app is when I go to paint brush I think every 10 minutes the app crashes, so please fix this bug, game is good but please fixe thie bug please it’s very annoying, if not fixed 0 stars! 😡

  26. This is a very good game but I am a bit upset that whenever I’m gonna draw something the game freezes and crashes. If you can kindly fix this glitch I will rate this a 5 star game but the rest? They are very good.

  27. The game is amazing! But there’s one problem, the game keeps on crashing like 15-20 minutes, and any unsaved progress will be deleted.

  28. Hey,You’re app is pretty good,Despite the limit of palletes when importing a picture… I’ve been experiencing a bug while developing a game,The app randomly closes for no reason sometimes,If you can fix this,Thanks!

  29. Yeah, fun, creative and all of that, but i might say, why does it crash like every 5 minutes? I’m making a game and it crashes everytime. Please fix this, this makes the application even boring.

  30. Josphz dice:

    This is a really good app for coding for beginners some bugs including crashes and leaderboard glitches but you can do a lot with this app to make games about really anything! But only in 2d because making in 3d is hard

  31. this app looks simple even in create section but I recommend this for people who get confused with coding and please add an optional save button to add by deck creators so when I have a progress in the game I can click a save button manually or it gets saved automatically.

  32. Good experience, Just too many bugs but it needs a reminder to save at least just that can be nice or make videos on YouTube that are tutorials on how to use the app. This app is good since it does not have adverts i rate 4 stars cause of the bugs

  33. This app is great! I love playing and creating games, but 1 issue I have is that every time I’m in the middle of creating a backround, character, etc…, it just randomly kicks me out. I have no clue if this is just happening to me or what. If you can fix this, I’d be happy to give you 5 stars. Overall, The app is great👍.

  34. It’s fun to create, but sometimes it closes down and took me so long to create an entire remake of my game and it just closes down!! Fix this please, i’m exhausted always losing my creation and inverted my creation that wasnt where i was in progess

  35. Niko Igoy dice:

    I’ll give it a 3 star just because the game keep crashing. Everytime when i work something in deck it crash and lost your works. The game is fine and fun but the crashes are not good.

  36. Very cool app. I’ve already made 1-7 games in this app and 5 are unreleased. This app is easy to use! Though, it sometimes crashes when I’m trying to remix games with a new art, overall very well!

  37. Hey This App Is Great But Has Some Issues:1 When You Making Deck (Mostly Drawing Thing) It Will Crash The App For No Reason 2: When You Drawing Thing (Mostly Make Deck) Sometimes You Can’t Draw You Can Zoom In Or Out, Which Is Frustrating, And You Have To Restart The App 3: When Tap So Fast, (Sometimes) It You Can’t Go Previous Or Next Deck, That All, Can You Fix These? I Giving 4 Star Because I Have This App For Over a Week.

  38. This app is pretty cool because you can make games and play games but there’s one small issue is that whenever I’m creating a game the app always crashes and erases the data so you could fix this please do it

  39. Crashing everytime. It is very frustrating to design a game, and it crashes.

  40. the app is amazing but it could use more brush colors,brush sizes,teleporters for people who just started,clickable buttons wich dk something to improve the app and make it easyer to make a game

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