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Sketchers United was created to offer a replacement app for the discontinued Sony Sketch app, and is developed by core members of the former Sony Sketch team.

This app starts out modestly with ambitious plans to expand to become a platform for young people and amateur artists who wish to grow and learn and collaborate with peers.


This is a maintenance release that fixes bugs in the previous version, most importantly some problems with notifications.


4 comentarios en "Sketchers United MOD"

  1. Samantha _39 dice:

    I love the opportunity that this app has! It really does have the chance to allow amazing artists to flourish and express themselves…there’s just a few issues. I recently got the app and the very first problem that I noticed was the lack of likes/interaction that people had(most likely due to the setup; making it more like instagram’s setup would really help I think). Adding more features and making it a bit less generic would help so much also. That’s it for now…it has a chance though!!!

  2. Pokken Pix dice:

    This app is pretty cool! We can share art, talk to other artists, collab together, and there is no ads! But I have a few things that seem to bug me: Sometimes the app will say “Service not available, please try again later” or “Sign in with Google” when I’ve already done it. Sometimes I can get into the app but it just loads tho my internet connection is very good. It’s only these problems that bug me, otherwise the app is fine and you don’t have to fix anything.

  3. Kelli Schroeder dice:

    While I did enjoy Sketch, it was always in need for improvement. The same goes for this app. I believe that it shouldn’t just be a copy of Sketch, and instead, it should have more of its own traits. There’s lots of room for improvement. For example: the chats. We should be able to make our own, and send videos and images. That is something that Sketch lacked. I also believe that the chats should have been based off of something better than Sketch, such as Discord. This would better the app.

  4. Miranda N dice:

    Very nice! The design! The features! I look forward to the unique possibilities of the collab feature that sounds like it’s coming soon! Having an app about art that didn’t have a place to draw was weird at first but I don’t mind. It would be nice if I could scroll through posts, sort of like Instagram… That’s all! 🙂

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