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Best posing tool for artists! Supports posing unlimited models and props.
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Ever tried googling for a special pose or ask your friend to pose for your artwork? Then you should download and try Magic Poser! Magic Poser is a ground-breaking app that allows you to easily pose ANY number of 3D human art models with props in any way you want! A must-have app for drawing, manga, comics, storyboarding, character design, etc.

No need to use a wooden mannequin that is limited in its flexibility, or buy expensive 3D desktop software. Magic Poser is extremely intuitive, very affordable, and light-weight. Start creating poses within minutes for any artwork in your imagination on your mobile devices today!

A brief overview of our amazing features:

* Super easy and intuitive posing of the human by tapping on control points and dragging. Our physics engine allows you to manipulate the human model like a real doll and automatically adjusts it to the dynamic poses you want.
* Pose unlimited models and props for free! Whether it’s a simple one person pose or a complex scene with background setup, you can achieve it easily in Magic Poser!
* A myriad of models in different styles and head-to-body ratios, ranging from the realistic 1:7.5 models to the exaggerated 1:3 chibi characters. Our free and paid models include male, female, boy, girl, super models, chibis and more in both realistic and anime style.
* Hundreds of free and premium props, ranging from desks and chairs for your anime classroom scene, to medieval shields and swords for your fantasy artwork. You can buy them with our new virtual currency, Wombat Coins!
* You can even customize your model with many hair and clothing options!
* Fine tune your pose through sliders/text inputs to achieve more precision. You can pose every joint of the human body, even every finger.
* Realistic and adjustable studio lighting, with models casting shadows on every other object.
* Besides a large collection of preset poses, you can share and import scenes that you or others created from our PoseCloud online community. No need to start from scratch, you can easily import an airplane, a car, or a whole concert scene directly into the app and start building on top of it!
* Export your finished work as png/jpg with adjustable high resolution to be used in other apps, and easily share to social media.
* Extreme perspective: With Magic Poser’s perspective tool, you can easily create more impact in your illustrations.

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Removed sign-up from onboarding flow.
Optimized application size.


44 comentarios en "Magic Poser MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a tad confusing at first but it’s helped me improve my anatomy and dimensions/perspectives in my art quite a bit. I recommend if you have that super cool pose in mind but just can’t quite get it down, it really helps! I do wish it had more options on proportions and limbs (like different hands, faces, eyes, feet, etc and being able to change their sizes) but that’s ok, I’m honestly just there for the poses haha. Not bad.

  2. Very useful tool! I would like to make a few suggestions 1 . Not all figures are able to swap out with one another example:Kaguya 2 doesn’t swap with the figure lucy. 2. If we could have an option to have presets for other parts of the body ie torso , legs , arms etc it would be a cool way to mix an match different presets 3. If there could be an option to flip the figure from left to right w/o rotating the camera or figure

  3. I don’t recall a proper tutorial on HOW to use the app. However, once exploring functions, the app is relatively easy to use. Would be better if there were size adjustable human models. The model body types and sizes are quite limited, despite an array of 3D models to use. Despite limited human models, there are a WIDE variety of objects one can use with this app. There ARE paywalls with this app. I do not consider that an issue, but consider before downloading.

  4. fairly easy to learn how to use, the tools are nicely labeled as well. although, I do wish more things were free; having to sign in and then having to somehow get coins seems a bit.. ehh. I do also wish there were sliders. it would be a lot easier if you were able to adjust the scale/width/length of just one body part; and/or being able to mirror it. that’s another thing, I do wish you could mirror body parts; having to somehow make something exactly the same as the other side is annoying. <3

  5. Pretty good, but you have to pay for a lot of props/models. The models are pretty well made but are a little difficult to pose at times because it’s easy to accidentally tap on a different joint. Plus I spent 20 minutes setting up a scene and the app crashed before I got to save (still salty about that). All and all: pretty solid, I like moving the model’s pelvis to the beat of whatever music I’m listening to, would recommend

  6. It’s easy to use and has basic models that can fit many different art styles. I love the fact you can move around the light source since not many apps that I’ve tried have this feature. Aside from all that, I don’t mind the coin system for better models, but the free ones are good themselves. I also enjoy how you can see poses that others have posted, and post them yourself if you so choose to. Overall a pretty decent & helpful tool for artists.

  7. Birdy O dice:

    For, the most part it’s easy to use, sometimes can be a little frustrating. Alot of the assets that’re free are actually really usable and versatile, and the purchasable stuff is actually worth it. I wish there were more hand options, posable hands, or more versatile or different body type, models. The clothing & hair options are stylistically limited if you want to use them, and there’s little(and glitchy) to no movement with them so that’s iffy. Good for novice & professionals.

  8. Great for making poses! I’ve loved using it, especially for a group or a couple of people interacting in a scene. A good amount of free content: basic geometry shapes, books, some other stuff, & 11 body model forms (but not alot of body type variation.) To find more free models you to go into the store. No intrusive ads as far as I have seen! I’d like to see hand posing, more body types, and a form of layers or a way to lock models added; I found myself selecting the wrong joints often.

  9. A Smith dice:

    IM NOT KIDDING WHEN I SAY THIS APP LITERALLY CHANGED MY ART. Drawing people in the exact poses I want is unfathomably easy and I used to dislike drawing people and this app single-handedly changed that. Easy to use, especially with stylus but works fine without, and only took 10 minutes to learn. Ads aren’t a problem. Props aren’t free but offers customizable placeholders that work just as well. Very very detailed. Everything any artist could ever dream of in mobile posing software!!

  10. It’s one of the best if not the best. Your not bombarded by ads. It’s simple easy to use. The joint locking is a godsend. I wish you could customize the outfits more with individual articles of clothing, but considering everything else you can do here that really feels like nitpicking.

  11. This app is soooo helpful for correct refrence. Every part of the mannequin is adjustable, and even the lighting is adjustable, helps figure out propper anatomy and shadowing. Love the customizable options also, to change gender, remove clothing, and even a couple hair options. Can add multiple mannequins in the same frame, to accurately portray interactive poses aswell. This app is PERFECTION!! It works differently on every device, so on my s21 it works great! But not so much other devices

  12. I think this is an excellent app for artists! Especially if they cannot find a certain pose on Google per say. The graphics on this poser app are very detailed! Unfortunately, the hair likes to clip through the body at times if the poses are to “extreme”. It was very, very difficult to navigate when I first started out. I almost think you need a tutorial of some sort to step you through how to make a pose, etc. It would be nice if you guys added color to the eyes and eyebrows. Hope this helps!

  13. Not too bad, but what annoyed me was that while in the middle of creating a pose, I noticed the feet weren’t planted directly into the ground! The bottoms of the feet were underneath the gridded ground, so I had to manually move the feet up and then rotate them. I gave up after I finished one foot. Speaking with the rotation feature, the way it rotates when you use the sliding bars is very odd. It slows down and then speeds up and then slows down. It feels like I have as much control over this feature as skating with shoes made of ice. Most of this app does serve its purpose pretty well, but there is probably still much to be done.

  14. This app is awesome! It’s easy to use, and the pre-set poses are really useful. Although,this review has 4 stars because of how facial features work.I can’t find the option to change them! And if there isn’t one, there need to be! The face is one of the most expressive part in the body. It needs to be able to be edited! Great app otherwise! Love it!

  15. It is very difficult to turn the screen when making a scene since it only rotates around the first model you put down. Also there is not much diversity in the character models (it said in desc. that there are models to fit every style) so I’d love it if you made another app for making characters to upload to this one. Thanks! and keep up the good work! 😊

  16. a bit difficult to use because you select objects the same way you navigate, and it almost always chooses to do the thing you don’t want it to choose. nonetheless, it’s an incredibly powerful tool. you don’t need to bother rigging anything, the app does it already, and does a great job of it, too. the posing is very intuitive. it’s got good general controls for lighting, camera, general objects, etc. all in all, it does a great job at what it sets out to do

  17. Yagikuren dice:

    Overall a very good app. They have several models and props. I like how many adjustments you can make and how much you can move them. The models don’t have the ability to change their hand yet, which seems to be the main part of body which artist struggle with so I recommend implementing that. I wish for more props, more realistic trees and objects like food, furniture, etc. But for the most part it is a very helpful app for artists.

  18. Had this for 5 minutes and am already in love. It’s a bummer that some models cost coins, though it is not a lot of coins if you consider what models cost in real life and that you start with 500 coins, but other than that, the program works smoothly, the models are easy to adjust, you can save poses, and it is SUPER easy to learn all the controls. I am so happy. I want to draw right now!

  19. Amazing app! Really helpful whether you need to make a reference or base fo what you’re drawing. It’s extremely easy to use, and the community is wonderful! While I do wish you could edit the base’s figure a little more (whether it be chubby, skinny, athletic, hourglass, etc) they do have a decent range of options. From realistic, to anime, to chibi. Plus, the editing of colors and recently added clothes is an awesome feature as well. I cant wait to see what more will be added in the future!

  20. The camera can be super weird. It works sometimes, but for some reason it loses sensitivity seemingly randomly. It could also use a much larger asset library with a lot more variety (it’s nearly all anime) but I assume that won’t be an issue for long. I can’t really complain too much about that, as it is just a mobile app rather than specialized software. Other than that, its… Well, a mobile posing reference app. It’s impressed me simply because if that, but there’s not much else to say.

  21. Annie dice:

    Overall this app is pretty good, I haven’t found another like it but there are definitely some improvements to be made. I think more add-ons would be a large improvement, things like hair and clothes should have more variety. Also more scenes and places for the models to pose. Things like that along with some modifications to the controls. When it comes to posing the models it’s a little frisky and irritating sometimes.

  22. I almost wish that I discovered this app before I ordered my artists’ manniquins. It’s cheaper in the long-run, provides with a selection of different model types and plenty of props. All in all, you can map out a far more detailed scene for drawings and graphic novels. My only issue is the amount of time it can take to maneuver everything with the controls they gives. Better have an a free afternoon cleared.

  23. this is a very good app. Some of the controls are a bit twirky or hard to get used to, and some of the content you need to pay for. Maybe you could make some of the pro options available, but the user watch an ad to access them, this way they can be used by users who can’t/don’t want to pay for pro, but you still get revenue so you can keep the company going. Just an idea of course. But overall it is a very good app and I highly recommend it for both cartoon artists and realistic artists alike.

  24. Hi, I’ve been using the app for a while, and it usually works flawlessly. But right now, it freezes whenever I try to pose the anime female model? All the other models are fine when I tested them, but it freezes whenever I tap on that one model. It’s the first time I’m using it on my current device, which I bought only two weeks ago. It doesn’t freeze completely. So right now, it froze when I tapped the foot. It gives me the option to rotate it, but I can’t interact with the axis wheel thing. I can save an exit and access the settings, but undo and redo don’t work. I also can’t zoom in and out or move the screen around in any way. This has never happened on any of my older devices, so I guess it’s something with my device. Is there anything you know I could do to fix this? Oh and quick bug report, you guys might already be aware of it, but if you rotate the 1st Gen models’ hands to a certain point in whatever the red axis is, it’ll snap back to the beginning angle, instead of coming to a stop like the other models. I’m not sure if you guys are still working on those models, but if so, it’d be nice if you could get that fixed. Sorry for the wall of text.

  25. Maryam dice:

    It is fun to play with and has lots of free content. Also works as a great reference for art without making your pieces look stiff. However the models are limited and although they have a full range of human motion, they move in ways that humans cannot. The joints do not have enough limits on their range of motion. Overall a fun and useful tool, with a tiny learning curve.

  26. I really enjoy this app a lot. It’s good, and it’s super fun and addictive. But I just wish the camera was smoothing when you moved it. Also when you try to zoom into the character your positioing, the camera gets harder to zoom and it slows down. Not to mention if you phone turns off for a minute on accident on your project, it will either restart the whole thing. Or it will return to it’s Original position. I define recommend this app, but if the dev’s fixed these problems it would be a better

  27. Excellent resource for artists, it’s so much nicer than scouring the internet for the exact pose I want to draw. It’s also really fun to just play around with and create scenes. The only thing that could make it better is more variations on the “realistic” non anime models. Either that or the ability to edit the model’s body type and proportions. As is though it’s already very useful.

  28. ZX76HY dice:

    It’s a pretty good app but has a few issues. I’ve found no way to lock individual body parts which can make posing difficult. Also there aren’t any hand options beyond the default and it’s been a while. I wish there was more variety in the models. There’s just buff and skinny people, it would be nice to have larger body options and maybe some animals like dogs and horses too. Overall it isn’t bad though. It’s good for a quick visual ref and not a waste just could be improved.

  29. Very great app, I use it for making poses for reference when im drawing. Works really well! However, I wish the hands had more presets, as there aren’t many options. Hope more are added in the future! The catalog is easy to access and I can see other peoples art work and poses that they made! This app was easy to navigate, and I got used to the controls in about a half an hour. Would definetly reccommend! It also comes with props you can use so its very helpful!

  30. It’s actually quite helpful for me! I’ve been having trouble mapping out the body on my own so this app definitely helps. My only problem with it is that sometimes the body and joints are hard to move. It’s also a little difficult to get the models in certain positions. But overall, this app is great! Definitely download it if you have trouble with drawing humans, heads, etc. 🙂

  31. This app is really helpful! It’s simple to use, has a lot of free and cheap props (including important/common ones like chairs and phones) and the presets are really good starting points! Because the app is on mobile devices though, i sometimes have trouble selecting what i actually want to do. If there was a way to have this more detailed/fleshed out version of the app available on PC, either for download or like the web browser, then that would be really helpful for ease-of-access!

  32. Aii iiA dice:

    Very helpful and easy to learn and use. I use the app for referencing difficult positions and to see what a body would look like at challenging angles. I suggest it. But keep in mind that the best option is still to use a reference of a real person, because posing a model believably requires some knowledge of how a human moves, and possibly even another reference. But in a tough situation, this app is a life saver.

  33. Dee Vida dice:

    This is great for gestures and drawing references. Plenty of varied models for free, and not super expensive to get more. My only gripe is that I feel that ease of use could be improved slightly. It’s very easy to over-adjust certain parameters, leading to a very unrealistic and “uncanny valley” pose, but thankfully, the Undo button allows you to be super ambitious without ruining your progress. Overall, for literally zero cost if you don’t want anything extra, this is an amazing app.

  34. I like the app, easy to understand and has a simple coin system. There’s no glasses. When I have something really close to the model, it won’t select the object but instead the model. I was trying to use cylinders to create make shift glasses and I wasn’t able to select them again after moving them. The boundary of the selection makes it harder too when up close and it kept selecting the head node. Other than that, the posing is great 👍

  35. With the exception of a few minor bugs, this is an amazing reference tool for both novice and veteran artists. The only thing to keep in mind is so SAVE YOUR SCENES, especially if you’re working with intricate poses (hands grasping objects, etc) The clothing and hair options are limited for some models, but the fidelity you get posing and lighting in a free app is incredible. I’ve got $30 in digital content, and I still do most of my work with the free models. Bar-none, this is an essential.

  36. SUPER-DUPER helpful! It’s really nice to have on hand whenever I need assistance in how to draw a certain pose. I also love that you can adjust the two types of lighting and the skin color of the subjects. But I think it would be super cool if you were able to adjust the body types of the subjects. I mean- no two people are shaped the same way. But y’all don’t necessarily HAVE to do that; I just thought it would be a good idea. Overall, I really do LOVE this app, and I am sooo glad it exists! ♥️

  37. Pretty darned amazing once you get the hang of how things move- personally, I find this to be an AMAZING way to get references for complex poses that I can’t find online. If you’re creative with things, there’s a lot you can make out of all the geometric structures you’re given in the free version. I can’t go all the way in terms of making things look perfectly how I envision them- plenty of restrictions for a number of reasons- but they’re easy to look past. I’d certainly reccomend this.

  38. I would love to see an option for adding in eye color and facial expressions. This app is addictive for sure because the possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination. The only reason I rated this four stars is because it freezes up occasionally and crashes. It doesn’t happen a lot, and is more annoying than anything else. (BUT that could be my phone so I’ll see what happens when I get a new one.) Excellent app regardless.

  39. i have been using a different posing app, but i feel like this one is superior but has a few drawbacks. I dont necessarily like the proportions on the more realistic looking models. pretty often, when i try to rotate camera, i end up grabbing a joint, which gets really annoying. there should also be the option to lock joints. good thing about it the joints interact realistically with each other. one of the biggest problems with other posing apps is the issue with the shoulders and upper arms.

  40. Oliver dice:

    It’s really good for dynamic poses, but there are a few bugs, and some mechanics need working on. For example, when adjusting the ring finger in a the hands, there isn’t a limit to how far you can rotate joint 1, while the other fingers have a limit. The camera isn’t very good, and the movable joints have a bit too big of a selection area, so selecting the character itself is difficult.

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