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Many kids like to draw and color to be more than just a fun free time activity.
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Kids paint is an Android application for little children’s, with this application children’s can learn to draw with multi colors and they can creative to draw or doodle whenever they want, It’s a free and fun based painting and coloring activity app for kids, It is very easy to use with its view and design.

A wonderful drawing and finger paint app for all little stars, bring out your little artist in this simple magic drawing app and spend a fun time while they are painting, this app is also very useful for your children to improve their drawing and imagination. This android game is especially designed for children, so they can easily draw without any supervision.

Key Features of this Application
✓ It’s a free and an fun base off-line app
✓ Kids can begin their study with this amazing application
✓ 20+ vibrant colors
✓ A magic brush tool with multiple brush sizes
✓ Color choice pallet
✓ Save your kid’s artwork to the photo gallery
✓ Share and print beautiful pictures with family and friends
✓ Eraser available to make corrections

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Please don’t leave negative feedback! Instead, please contact us @ [email protected] and we’ll do our best to solve your issues.


Thanks for choosing the Kids Paint app! This release contains the following features.

✓ Added more brushes and included a quick brush color picker on the brush view screen.
✓ Bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements


40 comentarios en "Kids Paint MODDED 2022"

  1. This app is great for my 8 year old daughter! But there’s only two things wrong with this app… 1. There is no tutorial. My child had so much confusion trying to figure out how to use the app. At first she wanted me to figure out after 15 minutes and I couldn’t figure it out either somehow before tapping everything and telling her. 2. When my child brings up a screen shot/ photo to color on its always on the top of the screen and zoomed in. Thank you for reading this. Please fix! (:-)

  2. Almost perfect. Still great. Biggest issue is no text box. I’ll probably be uninstalling it because of that unfortunately. That would’ve made it 4 stars however there’s another problem. It needs a demo or help area to show how to use it. I clicked around and figured it out, but instructions or a help demo video option to click on maybe, would make it so much better to get started.

  3. Fun way to draw! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it doesn’t offer a zoom feature (or at least I couldn’t find one)! If it had this feature it would be just about perfect! If the maker ever adds a zoom feature I really hope there’s a lock-in zoom you can tap so you aren’t constantly accidentally making marks inn your drawing when trying to zoom! I recommend this app as a great past-time for adults as well as kids!

  4. This program is good but there is an issue with the available drawing space. The space you can actually draw in is about 1/4 the size of the screen. I don’t know if its just because im on a chromebook, or it is just some setting. There is no way to access the app settings either. The set-up was also a little weird to me. Instead of just choosing the eraser, it made you pick a size every time. A little too complicated for my 6yr old daughter. I wish there were more settings!

  5. This app is great because it is free and it shows no ads. Even though it is supposed to be a drawing app for kids, I use it to make pretty good drawings because it is easy to use. There are a variety of colors and tools to choose from. My only complaint is that there is no eye dropper tool to match colors to each other. I like the recent update that was added, this app is great. 👍 ☺️ ️ ❤️

  6. It’s not easy to control all the features 😒. But also when I changed colors it wouldn’t draw and I can’t change th palate color group so 3 stars. And I just installed this game today.ميراي

  7. Dark blue text on black background (“New drawing [yes/no]” is definitely not optimal.

  8. I do not like the way the app does color choices…go back to individual squares with colors please!

  9. I’m sorta the experienced ones about digital drawing, i’ve made complicated and time taking illustrations, but this app, such a simple app but it piqued my interest! The color shuffle is such a fun stuff to play with! But, I’d prefer infinity canvas or huge sized ones, the canvas is just small and that’s the only prob. Rather than that, it’s a fun experience using this!

  10. Great app! I love this app for its ad free. Please add more brush.

  11. It is fun but the pens didn’t work if I wanted to draw a the pen it would work

  12. It is good game but you should also add calligraphy pen for Urdu and Arabic writing thanks

  13. Nooooooooooooo…. Why did you guys made the menu more complicated 💀💀💀💀💀 I want the older one ( the not the oldest one, the old only one)

  14. This is amazing app 3000star. But plz upload pdf feature on it annotations pdf

  15. I love it having colors in the background. T is hard at first cause i dont know where to start but It is fun in the end especially when i see the colors and circles that can be resize . It is just hard to write in. I hope there is a text box to put what you want one has to say and it would be space saving if there’s a text box with the font and size needed to use. Thanks

  16. It’s absolutely amazing I use it all the time! Even though I’m a kid,I love it!!!👌

  17. I love this app!it’s amazing. it’s so easy to draw and it’s so much fun!there are so many colours and stuff.but there’s 2 things that I want. 1:I want a text box. Writing stuff is very hard that’s why I want a text box. 2:make it more easier to use the shapes.i find it really hard to use so if you make it easier I would really appreciate that.apart from that this app is amazing!!!!!keep up the good work!

  18. Awesome. Many other apps were hard to use because they were too complicated, this is simple enoughr even kids can understand how to use it. So many options and colors and it has a gallery which is cool. It has brush sizes, it has fill in color or paint bucket, and is easy to save to phone.

  19. Nice drawing app but my 8 year old has trouble accidentally deleting or starting new drawings and forgetting to save. I wish there was an auto save feature and that when you clicked new drawing it asked if you want to save your current drawing first. Seriously, like this would be such a amazing app otherwise but kids aren’t great at remembering to save and have big emotions about losing hard work.

  20. It was great ,it is so easy to use the app and it is fun . This is kind off the most best app I ever used because whenever I use this I never bored or like I don’t want to . My favourite subject is art and that’s why I feel like when mistakes in it feels so angry because it is just perfect but from one mistake it is all messed up but in this app I could undo it.I don’t have any stress wile doing this.

  21. Earlier I mentioned the app crashes when trying to open a background photo to draw on. I discovered that this is because I had disabled Google Photos app. Any app that relied on Google Photos would also crash. Most apps I use do not use Google Photos; & I would prefer if this app let me open files using my default file manager or anything but Google Photos. Other than that, I LOVE this drawing app! Thank you!

  22. Perfect I need an app for teaching volleyball rotation, it is good for free painting, no ads I saw yet ( 3times use ), tools can hide so you have complete screen, just small bugs sometimes ( when clear whole page last item will remain until you start drawing again, then it will go itself, but its ok) Goo brush size, tools I recommend

  23. Looks like a very nice app. It has many tools to work with and some happy images as working tools! A perfect app for kids, even for me! This app can relaxes me from the stress and my problems! Relax and feel the magic of the colours with kids paint! I give 4 stars for now! Maybe 5* soon!

  24. M Askar dice:

    One of the BEST drawing apps for any age, no ads and free! You guys are awesome! I will be using this app to teach my kids foreign languages. I myself will mess with the beautiful preset colors and brushes. Honestly, I like it much better than Samsung notes and Autodesk. Thank you very much.

  25. It is very good game .it is also a very free from ads. It is also very low mb game. but only one thing bad. I give 4 stars Because when i rough the one part of the drawing ,it roughs the whole part of the drawing. please fix that problem. So, i am give 5 stars.

  26. I like this game but it’s hard to draw…. Very few colors… I like it! I think computer/PC is good for this game but, I suggest new colors and “remove” button please! I would give it 5 stars! 🙂

  27. John Wick dice:

    Really great app. It works perfectly well and is easy to use. Litterally the only problem I have so far is that there is no text box. Fix that developers and it’s definitely 5stars.

  28. hi! this is actually really useful for kids, i use it for concept art on the way to school. my only problem with it is that you have to click the move button every time you want to move it but im used to pinching.

  29. Used app first time today and nice and easy to use with no ads. One question, when using with Lenovo c340 chromebook, when in tablet & portrait mode the bottom half of screen did not keep drawing marks, only the top half did. Not sure if a bug or a setting issue?

  30. Terrible app. Once the screen blacks out it crashes your phone (not just mine this has happened to) and you can’t switch your phone on, luckily I messed about with my phone for ages and managed to reset it.

  31. A handy tool to keep the kids engaged, with fun, learning, exploring & improves their art skills..the cream on the cake is students will learn to use Microsoft Paint tool easily, once they hve a hands on this app. As the learning is going digital, kids Paint app is no exception

  32. Very bad app it doesn’t undu the picture

  33. Best app for online painters .

  34. This app is awsome it is very easy to use and there are so many colors you can paint with and there are cool tools you can use and it doesnt even take up alot of storage its basicly free so if I were you I would definitly get the game.

  35. Very poor experience worst game ever I dont recommend this game

  36. AMAZING This game is easy to navigate and has a wide variety of colours. I feel like this game a.most teaches you to paint. PLEASE BUY!!!!

  37. I love this app! I have one major problem, though. Whenever I save a picture to my gallery, It zooms the picture out really big. Anyway, love this app!

  38. Lé Bob dice:

    The overall was good you can make basic shapes,the fill was nice but YOU CANT PICK YOUR OWN COLORS?!? yes there are many color to choose from but I don’t want that color olso YOU CANT BLEND COLORS!!!! Something’s were fine some I think they completely forgot I think I deserves 3 stars

  39. I like this app cuz it lets your mind run free but I wish there was more color options I also wish there was a text box if you could fix that that would be great also I wish there was a guided tour for beginners because when I downloaded the app I had no idea what to do I like this app cuz it has no ads overall I think this is a great app

  40. Great app…. couldn’t be simpler and gives all the freedom to operate and use different simple features. For an amateur like me it is a great de-stresser.

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