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Sculpt, paint and create in 3D
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This is a trial version, there is only one in-app-purchase to unlock everything.
The limited features are:
– 1 undo/redo
– 1 layer
– project management (save/load/import/export)

– Sculpting tools
Clay, flatten, smooth, mask and many other brushes will let you shape your creation.
Need hard lines? you will also find some lasso/line/curve cutting tools.

– Stroke customization
Falloff, alphas, pencil pressure and other stroke parameters can be customized.

– Painting tools
Vertex painting with color, roughness and metalness.
You can easily manage all your material presets as well.

– Layers
Record your sculpting and painting operations in separate layers for easier iteration during the creation process.
Both the sculpting and painting changes are recorded.

– Multiresolution sculpting
Go back and forth between multiple resolution of your mesh for a flexible workflow.

– Voxel remeshing
Remesh quickly your mesh to get a uniform level of detail.
It can be used to quickly sketch a rough shape at the beginning of the creation process.

– Dynamic topology
Refine locally your mesh under your brush to get an automatic level of detail.
You can even keep your layers, as they will be automatically updated!

– Primitive shape
Cylinder, torus, triplanar voxel and other primitives can be used to quickly start new shape from scratch.

– PBR rendering
Beautiful PBR rendering by default, you can upload your HDRI environment.
You can always switch to matcap for a more standard shading for sculpting purposes.

– Files
Save and open glTF, OBJ and STL files.
Layers and PBR painting are only kept through GLTF files.

– Interface
Easy-to-use interface, designed for mobile experience.
There is also a lot of customization possible!


file: new internal file format, .nom instead of glb.lz4 (compressed lz4), should be faster

material: fix emissive channel
material: add intensity slider for emissive channel
material: ignore alpha channel for texture preview (except for color slot)

texture: mipmap saving fixed
texture: correctly save metalness if roughness is not present (and vice-versa)

dynTopo: try to keep sharp edges intact when decimating
dynTopo: non manifold triangles should stop appearing if the surface is manifold


40 comentarios en "Nomad Sculpt MOD"

  1. I recently downloaded this app as an alternative to Blender, and I absolutely love it, but there is a small issue…. The app keeps crashing while I’m trying to sculpt. Everytime I re-open the tab my few minutes of progress has been lost. It wouldn’t so much of a problem if it wasn’t VERY repetitive. It’s open, sculpt a few minutes, crash, repeat. Besides that though, it’s easy to use and wonderful to play around with. Definitely recommend it!!

  2. Incredible value for the money, with a very good free mode to try it out. This is a fully functional, highly stable sculpting app with features like multi-resolution, model export, texturing, boolean operation, masking, and more. You’ll want to run it on a good tablet for most serious work, but it works well on a phone, too. There are a number of good channels on YouTube with tutorials. Look at the price tag on ZBrush, and be amazed at the value this app offers.

  3. I honestly can’t get enough of this app. A premium quality product! I’m in awe with every little thing I discover when I play around with it. My only gripe is the fact that even though it recognizes IK bones (and you can even properly rotate them) they don’t affect the meshes. If they add support for IK bones, this app — in my view — would be absolute perfection. That is… unless they go the extra mile and add particle support & animation (lol, JK). Thanks for an amazing job, dev team! 🙌🙏

  4. I love it! I want to practice 3D modeling, but it feels like I never have the time by the time I get home… now I can do it on the go anytime anywhere! ^_^ My phone stylus feels useful again. Not having more than one undo isn’t a huge deal in a sculpting program, as it’s pretty easy to smooth things out and rework, but it annoys me enough and I feel like I’ll use this enough to justify buying the full version day one of playing with this. Love everything it has to offer. Sold.

  5. It’s hard to overstate how impressive this tool is for beginners or advanced users of 3D sculpting. If you wanted to sculpt on your phone, seriously don’t bother with anything else. This rivals zBrush and other like minded programs for a 10th of the cost if you choose to buy it. That’s not to say the free version isn’t worth it, it’s definitely good to test out, and it feels amazing. And the updates are fast and they take your critique seriously, you couldn’t ask for better.

  6. This app is fantastic. Once you unlock the full version, it’s basically like a PC app. An update to mirror multiple items at once would be great. A feature where if someone made a mesh or a brush, they could put in like a cloud or archive and other people can download it and use it would be a game changer. And idk if it’s possible but having a beginner tutorial to make like an apple or something for beginners to ease into it and have them learn the basics would be wonderful. But overall amazing.

  7. So far, I love it. I tried the free version, made something, then bought the full version. The layout is fine on my Tab S7+. It isn’t using much ram, so if you have the S7 FE, go for it. It has a lathe! Very capable app for $15! Cheap to me. I looked up some videos, and found the shortcut to the manual. When I got rid of the iPad (the Samsung is just way better for my drawing), I was concerned about missing the apps. With this and kryta – I’m not going back.

  8. When I first used it I was just experimenting and having fun. It was abit difficult since I was on my laptop using a drawing tablet but I had too much fun and I got it on my phone which was easier. It’s sad that there’s only one undo which really bothered me since I made tons of mistakes while making horns for a character I wanted to create as I was experimenting. I eventually got the full version and it’s so exciting and fun! I love it. This is such a amazing app! Keep it up!

  9. Estatic to find this on the app store! I’ve been modeling on SculptGL for years, and was worried about moving to another program with mobile- but the relief I have is vast. It’s very close in operation to the original, and it’s very responsive to touch and easy to adjust! The layering options and deeper topographic posibilities are a wonderful improvement to what I’m used to. I’m overjoyed to be using this app!

  10. Its a great app for “digital clay ” sculptures. There is a bug on my version that prevents the left side buttons from shifting color when active. (No visual signal if you are adding or subtracting, so you are forced test it) 4.9/5 Edit: Uninstalled and reinstalled to see if I could replicate the error and could not. Recommended this to my students as a clay/plaster replacement for asynchronous courses.

  11. Very nice App! I uncerstand this was designed for mobile platforms, but are there any plans to allow keyboard hotkeys? I would like to use them to undo ot invert brushes. Middle clicking with a mouse to rotate views would be great as well. I am using a chromebook with this app, so I was hoping to eventually experience a laptop/desktop environment. But Anrdoid users could use bluetooth peripherals as well.

  12. Amazing app. If you are an artist and want to sculpt on your phone this is where its at! Hard to belive I am using a sculpting app that has more features than zbrush 2.0 did when it released. Layers, multiple objects, dynamic sculpting tools, symmetry, voxel remesh, subd, texturing, rendering, many brushes and more. And on top of all that it feels great. Using my note 8 stylus it is like using my pc in the palm of my hand.

  13. It’s great, but LIMITED undo/redo? A bit questionable. I would be willing to pay full price for premium though. I think anyone interested in mobile sculpting or those who can’t afford a drawing and a pc should try out this app. UI is a bit messy though, I’m sure you would get used it. Edit: I have seen many people complaining about how hard it is to use. To me, I think blender is harder to use. Please don’t try this app only to find out it’s not some drawing app.

  14. Very good app! BUT – It 100% needs Keyboard and Mouse support! I connect to my phone and tablets with a blutooth keyboard/mouse at work and I like to switch over and use painting/sculpting/etc apps to give my mind a break and practice every so often. Mouse and Keyboard support would be a game changer for an andorid sculpting app. I seriously don’t understand why no one is implementing it. Shift+Click for smoothing is NEEDED as well as middle button support for pan and zoom.

  15. this is the best sculpting app i’ve found for mobile! a lot of reviews critique a couple of features that are restricted on the free version, but it’s still very good for being completely free. the 15 dollar one-time purchase is definitely worth it, the app runs incredibly smooth and is easy to learn. i strongly recommend this to people who are interested in getting into digital sculpting. – paranormalplanet

  16. This app is fantastic. I have always wanted to learn more about 3D art and how to create it, and this lets me do that easily without having to sit at my PC. Finding an app of this caliber on Android tablets for once is a blessing! I jumped on purchasing it after playing with it briefly and I am really enjoying it. I highly recommend it for anyone looking at doing this type of art on Android or if you are interested in learning more.

  17. Quite easily the only program android has that you should even consider using. I’d love to see some tube extruder or even some kind of way to pose or rig, even just basic skeletal movement to fix in place, but outside of that, play with this. Buy it. Cheap and effective, play with th clay brush and enjoy what this has to offer. I sincerely hope to see this program move forward and be that one that really started it for android. It ain’t running on an oldie but does on the S6 lite 🖤🧠🖤

  18. This is a pretty great app. I love how I can play with the clay and make things I don’t have the skill to make irl. However, I’ve been having an issue (if it helps I’m using the free version) where I can’t keep any clay I add. It gets added on really pixelly and it smooths away back to the original blob of clay. Idk how to fix this but I think it only happens when I’ve had the app open for a while, because it started ~3hrs after getting it yesterday but after closing it overnight it works fine.

  19. This app is incredible. I don’t usually write reviews or give ratings, but this app is worth every second I’m spending on providing my opinion and every penny I spent on purchasing the full version. Bravo guys! Amazing! Thank you for making this, it was exactly what I was looking for but was beginning to think it couldn’t exist for a mobile device. I’m blown away by how fast I can create 3D objects that can be edited endlessly without slowing down. So awesome!

  20. Like a mobile version of Zbrush in every sense- including absolutely amazing optimization. The app runs flawlessly even on a 6 year old phone (Note 4). The sheer number of features available makes it a genuinely usable solution for mobile 3D sculpting, a task that has never been done on Android before. You could absolutely work this into a professional workflow, which is amazing given the limitations of the platform. Makes the newer Samsung tablets much more attractive for professional artists.

  21. Almost as good as zbrush or a great companion to it and it’s great for on the go. I’ve used zbrush for most of my sculpting but trying to use zbrush on the go can be quite a hassle especially when all I really need is a 3D sketchbook than full zbrush. That said you can easily do a full project in this app. I managed to get 2 full characters out from this on my phone this is more than just a simple 3D sketchbook it’s a serious power house especially for the price. Amazing app!!

  22. The app looks great, but I don’t have the ability to get the full version, and I didn’t get a very good picture with the demo. I couldn’t tell how to change the size of my tools, and when I tested the mask tool I didn’t realize how it worked until I couldn’t undo it anymore. This isn’t a bad review for the app itself, but instead for eather the demo or me who always needs a tutorial on new art apps.

  23. Jesse F dice:

    This app is simply intuitive. The cleanest and most direct interface I’ve seen in a modeling app. Almost anyone could pick this up in a few minutes and create some really cool things. It has deep functionality. It took a good week or two with the app to see where it’s lacking compared Z-brush, an app that is 40 dollars a MONTH. I hope the developer continues to add features and maintain such an elegant interface. An incredibly powerful app for 15 bucks. People complaining about free version limitations need to put in perspective what you are getting for FREE. Remeshing, dynamic topology, super fluid brushes, the only remotely competent modeling app on android at all. Stop being a cheap ass and throw this incredibly hard working developer the tiny price they are asking for.

  24. Sheer brilliance; what an amazing app. I’d never thought such precise 3D mesh modelling possible on a tablet. It’s very intuitive and an utter joy to use. It wasn’t long after playing with the free version that I purchased the full version. The deeper you delve the more features you find. Using a tablet with a stylus pen gives you the best experience, though you *can* get results using a finger on your phone. These developers know what they’re doing. It’s one of the *best* apps I’ve ever used.

  25. I really like the (paid version) app so far, but it has one major flaw: you’re unable to change the location where the app saves your files. I don’t think the files should be saved in the data folder, just like you don’t save files in the ‘program files’ folder on Windows. Could you please let us choose a location on your device to save files to?

  26. Caitlin dice:

    I have to say it’s a good app w plenty of tools and features but I cant ignore the fact that you are unable to re-open files once closed. (in trial version) which I find completely unreasonable and should just be a basic function that you shouldnt have to pay for. I recommend another app called Sculpt+, Sculpt+ allows you to export and import files as well as re-open files.

  27. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it up until I started painting. Now I don’t know what I did but now none of the tools work. The paint shows up black and I can’t even try to fix it because nothing works! And the other issue I’m having is the dumb undo button. I only get 5 undos before the rest are locked behind a paywall so it takes me even more time to try and fix the unnecessary distorted things the brush does. I don’t know if I’m happy enough with the app to pay for it yet…

  28. I was learning Nomad. Everything was great and it happened, a warning stating the Trial version can’t reopen a file. In disbelief, I can create a new file anyway and couldn’t reopen the file. I understand exporting, there is no good reason for not reopening a file. This logic goes against learning Nomad, it doesn’t work. Photoshop, trial let you save and reopen psd files to continue learning the program at your pace. I’m not doing a sculpt an texture grind on my phone for 8 hour.

  29. Im using a z fold 3 from samsung and this program is rockin with the stylus! I get ideas done fast then import into zbrush when im home. This app rates above all others for sculpting and for a good reason. I was surprised to see that premium was a one time purchase rather than some monthly nuisance. Good for me, good for you. Buy it.

  30. 9er B. dice:

    No longer using free version. This app is really worth the price. I am amazed at how a noob like me is able to create things on the fly, honestly. My skills consist of half@$$ sketches and doodles, no formal training or schooling. My one issue is not being able to import reference material in background while working on projects, perhaps due to my “not-so high-end tablet?” Still even then, this is an awesome app and not very difficult to figure out. Your creative juices will flow.

  31. Drownway dice:

    -1 ⭐ for undo/not being able to load precious projects.I agree with export until baught.May consider buying if you guys add:fibermesh,more of an base alpha texture library(than single square/scratch alpha texture),personal mesh library in insert,also more lighting controls for materials(glow/bloom) for hq renders,lights are real jank with metalic mats not much effect(ik reflective),paint texture+stroke type-would like to see in the paint tool side users prob, take a bit to find -1⭐

  32. I’ve seen some bad reviews for Nomad Sculpt, but I don’t believe the reviews have been updated as the app has. I’ve had no issues on this app so far, and I’ve messed around for hours on it. My phone is an S20 ultra if that makes any difference. The app is simple to use after watching a couple of YouTube videos. It’s been a great deal of fun, I may purchase it for my iPad eventually.

  33. My only complaint is that it’s not quite as smart as Sculptris for maintaining shape with a minimal number of triangles, but this is still a fantastic app and really helps me when I need to figure out the shape of something I’m drawing on the go. Premium is well worth it.

  34. Amazing. I’ve been looking for something like this for Android but I never imagined it would be this powerful. The level of detail and the amount of tools available blows my mind. I upgraded to the paid version after only an hour of use. Now I can sculpt on the go with extraordinary results.

  35. Amazing app. I cannot believe this is free, I did upgrade to the premium version but only after trying it, I have just started out and can’t believe what can be done on it. If you are looking at learning 3D sculpting you should pick this up.

  36. Chaser 3D dice:

    Insanely powerful and well worth the asking price. Due to its ease of access it has pretty much become my main program for sculpting. It’s helped me regain some love for sculpting as I can jump in an out whenever I’m feeling it. Big recommend if you’ve got a powerful device with a pressure sensitive pen.

  37. Nice piece of software, only thing is you can’t export in the free version, I understand you need to monetize it, but even with all the other premium options, it’s still a let down that you can’t even get an obj to use somewhere else.

  38. absolutely the best! Since I just started out on 3d sculpting at first it was really confusing but I see now that it’s also way more simple than other programs I tried! I’m giving this a four star because a small tutorial would be useful for new people!

  39. Vodex dice:

    it’s a very powerful app with alot of potential i use it all the time and it’s perfect but it would be better if they added texturing so you don’t have to increase the amount of polygons and lag your device

  40. Khl K dice:

    Quite good, love the performance and interface, easy to use. I hate that there is no way to sculpt with a locked two views image Planes, there is a very tedious workaround, so it can be done but the developers ignore requests to implement this, and it would be so easy for them to do, making me even ditch my zbrush and use Ipad and android to sculpt. Still love it, but disappointed.

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