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Make something fun or functional in 15 minutes or less with this app.
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Make something fun or functional in 15 minutes or less with this companion app for Cricut Joy smart cutting machines. Think simple, single-material DIY projects like cards, labels, stickers & iron-on transfers. No learning curve – just jump in and start making!

Bust out the perfect card in minutes. Browse by occasion or design your own! Make it special by adding a personal message. Mix & match Cricut Insert Card materials of your choice for stunning designs.

Create pro-looking labels in just a few taps – just choose size, shape, style, font & color in the guided design experience. Or design, cut & apply a custom sticker in minutes.

NOTE: This app only works with Cricut Joy machines. To create more complex projects or to work with unconventional materials, see full-featured Cricut Design Space app.

New to Cricut? Welcome! To use this companion Cricut Joy app, first activate your new machine at

Existing members with a Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker machines? Use the Cricut Design Space app.

1. Insert Cards
Create the perfect card at a moment’s notice. Choose or create your own design and play with contrasting colors to make it special. You can even add stunning foil accents if you have the Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Kit. Then tell Cricut Joy to make it!

2. Quick Labels
Make labels for spice jars, a kitchen pantry, playroom, office & more. Just select one of the professionally designed label styles, size it, add text, choose a font & color, then tell your Cricut Joy to cut.

3. Vinyl Stickers & Decals
Decorate water bottles, notebooks, electronics, windows, walls … you name it. Choose from a library of ready-to-use images or upload your own, tell your Cricut Joy to cut, peel, then stick! It’s that easy.

4. Iron-On & Infusible Ink Heat Transfers
Design team jerseys, reunion T-shirts, bachelorette tote bags, or whatever you dream up. Find or upload an image, type out text, or create a design that uses both. Tell Cricut Joy to cut it out, then follow the instructions to complete the heat transfer.

5. Paper Crafts
Make simple but spectacular gift tags, cupcake toppers, party place cards & more. Design, cut & assemble in just a few steps — and if you have the Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Kit, it’s easy to add stunning foil accents.

• 1000+ greeting card designs
• 23+ professionally designed Quick Label shapes
• 70+ curated fonts*, including Serif, San Serif, Decorative, Stencil & Draw
• Edit colors and font styles
• 80,000+ image library*
• Add text, images, or shapes to design
• Easily position, resize & wrap text
• Preview Cut, Cut-Out, Draw, or Foil styles in a tap
• Easily position, resize, rotate, or duplicate projects
• See changes real time
• Two-finger pinch to zoom in or out
• Step-by-step assembly instructions
• Auto-save projects
• Upload your own SVG files
• Search uploaded images
• My Stuff keeps projects in one place
• Setup & activate machine right from app

“OMG, it’s so cute!” – Wired
“One of my favorite new crafting gadgets.” –
“I’m obsessed.” – Better Homes and Gardens
“Does the Cricut Joy spark joy? Undoubtedly.” – Tom’s Guide
“This gadget is gloriously addictive” – Financial Review

Cricut Joy is a smart little cutting & writing machine that makes it easy to personalize, organize & customize your every day.

– Cuts popular materials perfectly. Ideal for making cards, vinyl decals, iron-on transfers & more. Also cuts materials you already have, like construction paper.
– Writes & draws flawlessly. Perfect for penning a personal monogram, inscribing an invitation, or labeling just about anything.

Chat, Call or Email Cricut Member Care

Use of the Cricut Joy app is subject to terms at (You know how those lawyers are.)


It’s card making time! Design your own insert cards in a few taps - just choose your corner style and size, then add images, text and your own personal message to create a custom card in minutes.


40 comentarios en "Cricut Joy 2022"

  1. The app is good. It does flake out occasionally & doesn’t have nearly the options -even with a subscription- of the other cricuts. It won’t let me design anything longer than 7″ in spite of advertising to the contrary; it is a shame as I wanted to do some banners for my classroom. You can’t crop existing graphics unless you count hanging a graphic over the edge of the design area & can’t layer color easily. If you mostly want to use existing or layer simple images, it’s quite good at that.

  2. The app is fuctional if you don’t mind being disappointed by having to constantly adjust your simple ideas because the app can’t do much of anything or it just bugs out on you. It doesn’t even allow you to use multiple/different colors on the inside or outside of a card project which is very noticeable when you want the image to be a different color than the text… I know the developers are working hard, so I’m just hoping the next version is drastically improved.

  3. I am new to the Cricut family and have enjoyed the projects I’ve made so far. However, trying to edit text in cards either to fix a typo, spacing, etc. Cant be done. I spend more time on the text and trying to size, align, fix spacing and there doesn’t seem to be a cursor. When the cursor does show up, it appears in the wrong spot and you edit the wrong place. I haven’t been able to move the text box before I type either. Please fix this!

  4. Don’t just rely on others reviews for this one! Honestly I wasn’t going to try it, because of the negative reviews. I am super glad I did though! It had a learning curve, but I feel like for me personally it’s fantastic! I LOVE to make cards and I LOVE that I can make them from my phone. The CD space app drives me nuts lately with all of its errors and wasted materials! I LOVE I don’t have to always be on my computer to use it and design Christmas cards as well as make pre-made ones easily! 4*

  5. Not user friendly at all. Too limited with what i can do with the app. And the Windows version is even worse. I have prepaid for the Cricut plus for a year for a product that is causing a lot of frustration. I have uninstalled and installed the Windows app several times. It completely jams up my computer. While I love the concept I am very disappointed.

  6. This app started out great when I first got the app. Now, I can’t download anything and things I’ve uploaded are gone. I can only use the things I’ve saved. Very frustrating, the cricut design space app works fine, but it was nice to have things that can be made with the joy, as that’s the only machine I own. When I tried to get some help with the app, all I got was computer generated responses that were of no help nor relevant to this problem. I’ve tried deleting app and reinstalling, no help

  7. Sarah D dice:

    The app worked for the first “tester” project, and one more vinyl cutting project. I then tried to make a simple card (which was not user-friendly for sizing/ editing), and after I selected the material it just sat and loaded for about 15 minutes. I restarted the app, unplugged and plugged back in the Joy. Gave up. I’m pretty irritated.

  8. L Deezy dice:

    Was able to use the Cricut Design Space app with my cricut joy up until recent update when this separate app was introduced. Does not have even half of the same capabilities as the design space app. Ex: Can’t change items from cut to draw, you’re stuck at the mercy of whatever pre-programmed settings they’ve chosen. Now it seems I’ve wasted $200 on a machine that I can’t even use anymore. SO FRUSTRATING!!

  9. ida Jay dice:

    I used to love this app. But, now I can’t search for images to add. It shows there are a certain amount of images but I can no longer see them, I can no longer see the images I’ve added, and I pay for it. I can open design space and see everything just fine, but what’s the point of having this app if it does not work at all. I’ve Uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve shut down my phone and restarted it. Still the same problem.

  10. New user to Cricut devices. I didn’t want to use my phone with this device so I had to get a new laptop to use the Joy since it isn’t compatible with Amazon devices. The screen had to be manually enlarged on the laptop to better see the design layout because the maximize button sizes the screen to a narrow collumn in the middle of a black background. Alligning things to be printed then cut is annoying because of default layout lines. I had to reconnect the Joy a couple of times before each make.

  11. Marginal at best. I love the cricut and the cricut joy. However, thus app isn’t the most user friendly. Nor is it very efficient at even the small things such as uploading an image with ease. Cricut requires you to convert the image first. Which is tedious and a waste of time. Because then critcut won’t recognize the svg file you just finished converting. This app is frustrating to say the very least. Again, I love cricut. But this app is lacking a lot of important features.

  12. This is so much work to use this app. It truly does not live up to the simple ez- pz demos. It needs to let me choose my own dimensions. And I’m really missing use my saved projects to transfer into a new project. I wanna pluck some things outta my saved projects some times. It won’t let me. It’s not easy at all. It’s just basic, and needs many upgrades.😞

  13. Could be fantastic, but just falls short. Just one example, I had 2 lines of text, they have have be in 2 separate text boxes as the app restricts the size of objects. I set them both to 6cm in height, but they appear different sizes. Press make it then preview and the text is actually 2cm in height. Almost an hour of fiddling about to do something so basic, in the end I just gave up. Very disappointing after spending such on the machine, you can’t do some very basic things with it.

  14. The Cricut Joy machine can do amazing things but the Joy app is ridiculously bad. You can’t save a design in progress and it’s lacking adjustable settings for the machine as far as margins, pressure etc. Since you need the app to tell the machine what to do, it’s rather frustrating. This app would be enough for someone to want to sell it and move to a different brand.

  15. This is so easy and quick to learn. I would certainly recommend it to friends and family!

  16. Will not connect to Bluetooth since update!!!!

  17. Yesterday, I spent 2 hours creating projects for completion today and they’re now all gone. I’m left with a couple of projects, 4 if which I’d deleted. There’s also a glitch when attempting to scroll through the “thousands” of images you claim to be available. After scrolling a few times, the screen jumps backwards, always at the same place, no matter the image chosen, so I don’t get to see the whole range offered. Considering this is a subscription app, it’s very poor

  18. I am disappointed that I cannot buy cards one-off. After having it only a month or 2 I am forced to do monthly subscription. A lot of money already invested for something I got as something fun and useful with the kids. I am not making money off it. Even purchasing foils etc. App works well, but hugely dissatisfied with their new system.

  19. Lauren T dice:

    Disappointing!!! As soon as I click ‘Text’ the app crashes and closes. When entering error message comes up and I have to close and restart to get it to a tally drop shapes in. Can’t get the app on my laptop…so frustrating that it won’t work properly. I guess I’ll continue to draw on my laptop and convert to svg.

  20. It worked great until recently. You can’t view the images. They do not load. Frustrating when you spend money on an app that doesn’t function correctly. May have to move on and uninstall. If you email them they send a generic message informing you to call them. I don’t have time for that. Please just fix it, asap.

  21. So far so good. I’ve only tried the vinyl that comes with it. But I’ve been watching lots of videos & tutorials before I even attempt any project. But I do love it already. It has so much potential once you understand it more. Really can’t wait to put all these ideas into this machine to see the outcome. 4 stars is only due to not actually using it yet… Hoping it goes up to 5 soon

  22. Was working fine up untill today now I can’t view any images when I go to add an image to my project tried reinstaling and hard booting my device. Says how many images are there but none show up just a grey screen below. I have things to make and no images to look at or select. Back to design space for me. Was thinking of signing up for subscription to get more things but don’t think I’ll bother if this is gonna happen

  23. The app will not connect to my cricut. I’ve never been able to make anything amd it doesn’t save your designs either. I’m using a Samsung tablet and it’s never worked at all. Avoid. Machine was a waste of money to me. Incredibly frustrating.

  24. Rubbish app. The app does not work. It does not connect to the Joy machine reliably and when I did get it connect it then went into a never ending loop and I could not make the card. A waste of time. The desktop version works but the Android one needs some serious bug fixing.

  25. Other than the app crashing alot like trying to make a card it crashed 3-4 times before getting it to cut time just in design time it likes to crash but I love it when it works like it’s supposed to can be very creative with the app

  26. Having the same issue as everyone else lately…THE IMAGES WILL NOT LOAD!!! So disappointing. I’ve done the uninstalled, reinstalled, checked for updates on app and phone. When contacting customer service, get only an automated response with instructions for a computer not my phone!!! Fix it please!!!

  27. The app is essentially garbage. Not very polished at all. Glitchy and poorly implemented. We have worked with customer service on card alignment issues. Pretty sure the card sleeves are wrong. Sent pictures, videos etc. To show them the old compared to the new sleeve. They sent more defective ones. Then our firmware has to be bad. Nope. It’s the correct one. Bought the joy just for cards, and am not really impressed with the poor alignment. It was supposed to be load and go.

  28. Gina Wood dice:

    When trying to search for images it will indicate how many it finds but thats it! You can’t go any further. It used to show images for you selection but now NOTHING. What’s the use in having an app but not being able to use it? 0/10 until this gets fixed!

  29. This used to be my go to app for use with my cricut joy. I can search for an image and see how many there are, but I cannot get the images to load. I have tried uninstalling the app, restarting my phone, and searching for updates. Nothing helps.

  30. 2 stars is to much…this app sucks…it crashes 3 out of 5 times i try to use it….and when it doesn’t crash something always happens and i can not get it to work….it’s so disappointed and when I first got this app it had free designs and now there is zero design that are free…so in order to use the joy you have to pay more beside the almost $170 that the joy cost…if i could i would return the joy all together…and my review is being nice and honest…

  31. smagfl dice:

    Biggest rip off ever!! Bad enough they want to sell you their designs, but to force me to purchase a membership to use my OWN designs is plain wrong and shows they’re all about making money….couldn’t care less about their customers or people that purchased their product. Wouldn’t recommend to mu worse enemy. A whole LOT cheaper to just purchase pre-made designs from Etsy.

  32. Design space worked great. I can’t even sign into Joy, which makes my Cricut less than useless. I am very disappointed with Cricut for rolling out something and just dropping support on something that works. Even worse, no messages were sent out about this change.

  33. This app is terrible. When choosing your canvas, you can change the dimensions, but you cannot go over 4.25.. on the original design space and using the Cricut joy, you could actually use the entire width of the vinyl, which is 5.5 inches… can’t even make a 5 inch square design.

  34. Alex dice:

    I’ve made some brilliant designs. Some really good ones that I would love to make. But no SVG can be uploaded to this. Hardly use the app now and just use the design space app instead. I’ve I’d tried the app before buying my Cricut, I’d not have bought a Cricut. I guess it works fine if all you want to use are Cricut stock images that are on the app already.

  35. Used this app for over a year and loved it it was super basic and easy for me then it wouldn’t load images i was trying to search. Been doing this for a almost a month now. Called help line the person helping me was great, told me the design space is app is so much better and i downloaded it but I would rather use the cricut joy app I tried every trouble shooting possible with my phone and app. No luck 🙁

  36. Sarz V dice:

    Was great until recently. Same issue as everyone else, you search for the images and nothing appears. It says there is a number of results for your search, but you can’t see any of them!

  37. Won’t use the SVG files I created outside the app. Font options are not resizable so if you want to make it smaller it won’t allow it. Any sentence or word should be any size not a locked in size for different size applications since outside designs won’t work a majority of the time.

  38. Great for beginners can still do projects without complicated design space, Works everytime, i could not use design space at all when i first got me cricut joy, so this app really helped me still make projects, so simple and easy to use, now im used to design space this app doesnt have half as much options to do.

  39. Everything works as I hoped! I can make beautiful, unique cards in just a few minutes. Everything is easy to edit and arrange. I love my Cricut Joy and this app is a big part of that.

  40. First time using a cricut joy or the app but getting very frustrated at not being able to create things in the size I want on the material I want to use. Not very user friendly – I’ve created the same design twice only to find I can’t select the correct material in the project I clicked on. A way to start off with the material you’ve chosen might be a good idea for beginners? When I did find a project that uses my material, it wouldn’t let me change the size!

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