Sketchbook MODDED 2022


Sketch and paint on your device with the feel and freedom of drawing on paper
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From quick sketches to fully finished artwork, Sketchbook goes where your creativity takes you.

Sketchbook is an award-winning sketching, painting, and drawing app for anyone who loves to draw. Artists and illustrators love Sketchbook for its professional-grade feature set and highly customizable tools. Everyone loves Sketchbook for its elegant interface and natural drawing experience, free of distractions so you can focus on capturing and expressing your ideas.

• A full complement of brush types: pencils markers, airbrushes, smear and more that look and feel just like their physical counterparts
• Brushes are highly customizable so you can create just the look you want
• Guides, rulers and stroke tools support precision when you need it
• Layers with a full complement of blend modes deliver the flexibility to build up and explore drawings and color
• Purpose-built for sketching, the interface is clean and unobtrusive so you can focus on drawing


• [Android 11 and 12 only] Changes to Android data policies require migrating your Sketchbook data to a new folder in Pictures.
• Updated Color Editor and Color Library
• Color Sets are a new method of creating and storing palettes of swatches
• Custom Gradient for generating 9-swatch blends of 2 selected colors
• HEX color values field to allow copying and pasting color across apps
• Bug fixes and performance improvements


61 comentarios en "Sketchbook MODDED 2022"

  1. Itz Aleycia dice:

    This app is great. But recently its been losing my files. I do a lot of designing on here. Losing drawings that I NEED is annoying. Even if I can reload an image of the save that doesn’t back up the multiple layers that just got forced into a single flat image. Big works become IMPOSSIBLE to work with. If I can retrieve them at all. I really hope this gets fixed.

  2. Inali Koy dice:

    I have used this app for all drawing needs for a few years and have loved it. Being able to export my work directly to an email or another program has been excellent. I’m not sure what is going on, but only recently has started putting all my drawings in the trash can or disappearing them out of existence which makes my anziety skyrocket. For a free app, it has given me many years of joy, but I will have to move on now. This problem only started occurring after I made more folders to organize.

  3. Terrell G. dice:

    I’ve used this app for quite some time and have been quite pleased with it. My only issue with app is that some drawings that I am working on disappear completely. I look through my gallery, trash, and my files but nothing. It has been twice already and it’s honestly frustrating when that happens. I’ve already tried looking online for answers but there isn’t much regarding this issue. At this point I’m going to either screenshot most of my drawings or moving everything to another drawing app.

  4. Blalack77 dice:

    I don’t know why this is rated under 4 stars… Maybe it’s missing something other people are looking for that I’m not – like some high level graphic design tools or something – which is not something I personally even notice. It’s got tons of pencils, brushes and tools all with very realistic look/feel/application/physics. I kill more time doodling on this more than any game. The best app I’ve found for that purpose by quite a margin.

  5. After downloading probably around 6 other apps, this is the one I stuck with. I love the numerous brush options and other settings on the app. It’s one of the better drawing apps. However, it would be a whole lot better if I could use it. Currently, everytime I open the app for more than 2 minutes it starts to freeze and lag terribly. I was worried it was my newly bought tablet, but after opening other apps for extended amounts of time, I’ve come to the conclusion that’s its just sketchbook.

  6. A Leach dice:

    Quality app, and it’s free! Easy to use, works more often than not. The only issue I have is with the Albums Menu screen – there should be options for sorting albums! Options could include sorting manually and alphabetically, but I’m mainly frustrated that new albums are added to the end of the scroll bar. There should at least be an option to default new albums to the beginning of the scroll. The app is otherwise pretty intuitive, and works great with a stylus!

  7. Quality app, definitely RECOMMEND! And free! Like it with the no ads. To start off in my own experience when I was not using it I was on procreate(probably don’t recommend)awful experience there too many ads! And False advertisements so many frustrations on there. Now when I deleted it. I start using sketch book amazing 👏 😍 Brush options beautiful! Even the settings and other options. No complaints no problem with it!

  8. i used to use this app all the time to draw, but ever since they updated the interface i havent wanted to use it. from my own experience, its very good to start off and even continue with it if you dont want to change. the interface (from what i remember) was very easy to use, and i had no problem changing pens and brushes to match whatever i was drawing. i do have a problem with the new interface, as it its a bit more jumbled up compared to the old one, but overall i think its a great app 🙂

  9. The layout is clean and easy to use, there’s multiple tools and nearly 100 or so brushes, erasers, and textures to choose from, everything saves to a single folder in your phone and even saves whatever the last image was that you worked on the next time you open the app after closing out of it. It’s nice and easy to use, I’d recommend it as a free art app to anyone who’s looking for one <3

  10. Joe G dice:

    Love this app overall! It’s great for drawing, some nice tools. Id suggest making the menu smaller to select transfer modes because you can’t see your art while you’re doing that. The app crashed once and lost a few hours of work but that’s kinda my fault for not saving. I’m having sooo much trouble trying to get it to export a PSD. Doesn’t seem to work at all, any suggestions from the devs?

  11. David Aaa dice:

    I LOVE this app. I have been trying to find a good drawing app for a long time and I have finally found one! It’s not too complicated and just simple enough for me to understand as I don’t really like all the bells and whistles that other apps have. I also love how it has brushes that simulate traditional art which I Love because traditional art was never my thing but now that it is implemented in digital I have more options to choose from!

  12. Jaxycle dice:

    Really great, use all my sketching for this and adore most of it. Sadly, the fill bucket doesn’t work (if you want it to, change the background to dark purple and use the bucket then) I would rate 5 if they fix more problems to this like drawing clearing out from error, the black box outta nowhere to make you restart the app, when I merge glow layers they’re brighter, ect… But I finish it off as perfect without the bugs. When is the new update? Would love to have my app stop crashing randomly

  13. I love this. There s a color picker that I use to pick out colors, you can now type the name of your color, they came back with palettes, and a completely new library with an entire section to different kinds of greys(!). Now, you get to make custom palettes (I use it to keep the colors of my character consultant)! Only complaint is I wish they had more watercolor brushes. And I still don’t know how to use the synthetic brushes. Also, the fill in feature where you tap to fill is finicky.

  14. Best drawing app I had ever used, up untill the touchpad on my Chromebook I had been using to draw stopped working and when using a wireless mouse, i’m unable to zoom in and out on the drawings, which is crucial to my sketches. (I don’t understand this, however, as every other app seems to be able to do it.) Untill this is fixed, it’s not five star and I’m unable to do anything with this app.

  15. It was working okay before this last freaking update but now I can’t maneuver the canvas or the tools like I could before. When I try to zoom in the entire screen zooms in and I can’t access the controls or anything. They are full of it as they update and mess it up CONSTANTLY. I have loved Sketchbook since way back, but I can’t tell now which is the case because apps sometimes update on the same day as this idiotic machine. If this is yet another failure in chromebook, I will take this down.

  16. Nichole dice:

    Great drawing app, I like the brushes i like how everything works but i have quite an issue. The app constantly crashes and whenever I re open the app a bunch of my progress is then gone and isnt able to retrieve once again. I hope this can be fixed in the future. I’d also like if you could make it so layers can clip onto others (ibis paint x for ref.)

  17. OUT OF THE (approximately 10) similar apps I’ve tried, this one is, in my opinion, the best thus far. It has selectable canvas size/ clarity,multiple layers (up to over +100), countless redos, numerous brushes ź/‐peñs, etc etc. Free and no ads that I see. I’ll update upon discovery of any emerging situations, if and when any happen to occur?

  18. This is the best app to sketch, it has a bunch off tools and brushes, it very easy to use, and the best part, no ads. But there’s a bug where if you change the background color once, the undo button breaks. It will just undo once then goes back. Even if you made edits after that, it will still not work. The only way to fix it is to save. Besides for that really annoying bug, it’s a really great app

  19. Melissa dice:

    I ended up not being able to use this anymore. The touch sensitivity seems to be highly glitchy after a recent update. Where I put my stylus seems to have no bearing on where the line ends up actually appearing on screen, IF it appears at all. Plus, zooming in *seems* to be fine until I zoom back out and find that a large part of my picture is now GONE. I used to love this app. Now I am so frustrated that I would not recommend it at all.

  20. I have used a variant of this app from the beginning of my trial and errors as digital artist, way back in 2016 (probably further back though, but 2016 was the only year I could find art that I kept) and I loved it. As fate would have it, around June of this past year, the app refused to open anymore. I put the app on my newer phone, but I’m devastated to have lost so much work because I couldn’t access it anymore. Thank you for six great years of artistic improvement though, I’ve enjoyed it ^~^

  21. It’s free to use and has no ads, no pay to unlocks! The layout is simple and understandable, very user friendly; Though I have years of experience. I’m still finding new features after years of use! It sometimes glitches and undos your last brushstroke. On older devices it tends to crash when merging layers or moving things, but I think that’s the fault of my ancient iPad. I wish that the same sketches could be accessed from multiple devices. More patterned brushes would be nice.

  22. April Kay dice:

    It’s a great App. Once you get used to using it! It is very easy to maneuver throughout the brushes and all the tools. When I first started using the App. I felt like there was way to much to learn and understand. But in about a week things felt natural. In a month I was a pro.. lol. One flaw I keep experiencing is as soon as I start my 1st line with any brush it disappears. It occurs 50% every time I begin, Even with cleared cache and lots of room. It’s very weird. Please fix,,?I

  23. The app is fun to use if you’re trying to photoshop pictures, and or screen shots. The only problems I’d like to be fixed is, 1, after just a bit of editing and ect., for some weird reason, it won’t let me do ANYTHING anymore! It just stops me from coloring anything! 2, when I’m coloring or editing, the color I’m using just goes through the thing I’m coloring over! I like the app, but I would like you to please stop these problems from happening again. Please and thank you!

  24. GLOVES dice:

    The app is good for beginners, but if you have a piece untouched for so long and try to go back and edit it, it will show up a pop up with the words somewhat similar to “Loading Error”. This gets ignoring, especially for me because I take breaks from art for 2+ weeks every month so that I can go back with a fresher mind for drawing. It also crashes very often. I had to delete the app and reinstall it multiple times just so it would stop crashing. If I could rate this 1.5 stars, I would.

  25. This was my go to since I have android and always worked well. Two months after switching to a new device, it suddenly refused to load sketches from the gallery. I uninstalled and reinstalled but the problem persists. I uninstalled it and tried other apps but couldn’t find one I liked. Just reinstalled and if the glitch is fixed, it might be my go to again. I’m delighted with the improvements to the color palette, including the ability to create custom pallets. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  26. I love using Sketchbook for digital art, and it has worked great for me for at least a year now. The sheer amount of brushes is wonderful and I keep finding brushes or settings that make certain techniques or steps easier. I would recommend it to both beginners and experienced artists. One thing I would add, if it doesn’t already exist, is a setting where you can “favorite” brushes so they show up first on the brush menu. Other than that, amazing!!!

  27. I’m really frustrated. I am using the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra, and it just won’t work. It happened out of nowhere when apparently android updated their agreements, or services or something. The app said everything had to be migrated, but it just freezes every time. I can’t even hit the learn more button or cancel. This is really frustrating as I really loved the app and love using it for sketches! Idk how to fix this or what to do, but it seems broken for me.

  28. Taylor L dice:

    Love this app and what it has done for my art journey. However, this update has added large undo/redo buttons to the top of the screen with no way to get rid of them. Considering the layout has not changed for years, this is a biiit of a hinderance as I keep pressing the wrong buttons such as pressing the color wheel when I meant to press the layers. I wish there was a way to change the top bar, but good app otherwise.

  29. Mika dice:

    i love the layout, the brushes are great and the layers are also, my only problem is it constantly crashes i’ve deleted and reset many things to try and stop this from happening, aswell as deleting and reinstalling the app, but it has continued recently. there are periods of time where the app works perfectly, but its super frustrating when it messes up.

  30. The majority of the tools were great, I liked how there are layers that you can add, and the drawings I made always come great thanks to your app, but there are some problems I want to discuss about. You can’t optionaly put a layer over or under another layer, and it’s annoying. The animating is pretty mid, since there is limited options on how to animate your drawing.

  31. This is no longer very compatible with android devices. Idk if it’s just me. But the fact that I can’t open sketches after a few days and the fact that it saves twice, once as the image and once as an un-readable file, is stupid. I need to find a new app. By the way: the fact that all of the erasers on this app leave a faint amount of pixle left is ridiculous. It’s an eraser. It should erase.

  32. I switched over to this after ibis paint started going downhill, and it was a big upgrade. A lot of brushes, no ads, good stuff. But after the update, things became more inconvenient and impractical to use. It also has this glitch that won’t let you edit your work after you close it. Even if it was for just 1 minute. That was the deal breaker for me, so I checked back in on ibis paint. All the problems seemed to be fixed, so now I use that instead.

  33. Jasmine m dice:

    I’ll be editing this, while I believe there’s been a bit of improvement, I think there’s a problem when trying to have the background transparent, instead of transparency, all you get is a black screen, and ofc there’s editing apps to probably fix that, but it’s been happening to me as of recent, and idk why it is happening. Also there’s still a problem with predictive stroke and text box, apparently using it for too long can make the app crash. Still can’t open my images too which bothers me.

  34. This is a great app! Most other drawing apps only have a handful of drawing tools but this app has so many that I haven’t even had a chance to try them all yet. None of the drawings I made using this app ever disappeared or deleted itself and I can’t remember the last time I saw a bug. You can even change the portrait size which not all apps have. It’s amazing, you should definitely try it out.

  35. So i dont have this on my phone anymore BUT, I use it on my friends Ipad. The dynamics are really nice and simple, colors and sorting is good, not as many ads, comparison on the color wheel was very nice, just saving it from there to the ipad was odd. It might be just my struggle with my friends ipad but it didnt save to gallery or photos. So we had just screenshotted it. But i prefer it over ibis paint by a good amount, especially if you dont need to see other peoples art. Still works nicely.

  36. I really like the layout and how everything just ‘works’, especially compared to the confusing as anything IBS Paint or whatever, that app is not intuitive. This on the other hand has potential. it just needs a little expansion, but the simplicity -so far is pretty descent… is it the PERFECT paint app..? im not sure, as i havent tried that many… gonna use this for now and expand my impression.

  37. This app is amazing. With familiar mechanics from other programs like Photoshop and alot of its own very useful tools and many brushes of various types, options and ways to customize them to your needs. You get so much for free and no annoyances to ruin the experience. I’m getting the paid version, if only as a “Thank You” to the devs for not only making a good drawing app, but for also (in a sense) reviving my artistic drive. Wait…is there a paid version?? I cant find it..

  38. Crashed once and lost everything. It’s inconvenient but it had ways to attempt to back up lost projects. Otherwise I use this daily for years and it’s onky had issues twice. Sure, the issues were big issues, but the developers went out of their way to fix them. Would 100% recommend.

  39. Does a lot, could be a 5 star, but some overlooked features are holding it back. Blur options, adjustment layers, basic distortion filters, alignment options (in fact moving the image outside the canvas trims it). You can’t even invert the image to a negative. Has great potential, but just limited enough to hinder it.

  40. It won’t let me delete the one test sketch I did. I deleted the album, but when I open the app, my sketch opens in the editor. Pressing the x in the gallery starts a new sketch for some reason. I’m coming in new after an update apparently broke the app, so I’m not even sure if I should waste time on this. Also, it doesn’t even register that my stylus is touching the screen when starting to draw, leaving gaps and not drawing where I meant to.

  41. Using this on my chromebook is amazing until it starts to glitch. When trying to make adjustments to my brush or change my brush, the options will disappear and wont come back until i tap on the screen a few times. The app has been on my system for a few HOURS and its starting this. Really sad because i have been testing sketching/drawing apps for the last 3 days and this was going to the one used.

  42. Been using this app for literal years, best tool for someone who hasn’t got the money for some Procreate- and I was one of the few who got Pro way back in the day. Always has room to improve, the learning curve is there for sure. I didn’t know what half of these buttons did without experimenting. If it doesn’t exist already: the ability to add paint brushes would be an major game changer.

  43. Great app when it works but unfortunately it barely ever does now. Constantly can’t read its own files (.tiff) cause they have been “moved or deleted” when they haven’t. I’ve had to back these up on my laptop to even try to keep the image. Literally no support that I can see to fix it. Now it just says it has a bug and refuses to open, so while I was enjoying using this I’ll be looking for a better program now.

  44. What changed? Coming from a note 9 I used this app while multitasking. Music, YouTube, a reference even. It worked back in may on my old phone, and my new s22 ultra. If I try it now it over extends the layer tab, cannot add new layers. Adjusting the app height adds more issues. It was convenient enough before, I used it like this for years, the update changed my experience overnight and I’m frustrated. This still hasn’t been fixed nor mentioned.

  45. This is the best drawing app I have ever had. No ads. No subscriptions to use all the pens and finally, the only limit is how much your device can handle. It is so simple to use everything is free, LITERALLY EVERYTHING! There is one thing though, im over it now and these drawings weren’t as good, but a while ago when the app updated, I was not able to access my old ones and they showed up as corrupted files in my gallery. Again it hasn’t happened since but it was kinda annoying. Overall 10/10

  46. Ella Lucy dice:

    The app is good, there is only one issue. Anytime I choose a different tool, undo, change colors, zoom in/out, or literally anything, the tool bars disappear and don’t come back until I draw again. It is minor, but pretty irritating. If this problem wasn’t so persistant, I would have given the app five stars.

  47. Great free art app! Plus its ad free. So many great brushes and available options. Pen mode works well but doesn’t cover everything so if your a lefty the side of your hand can still switch brushes, sizes, colors and make other undesirable changes, ven with all the gestures off. I’d consider that minor since that’s because how my hand rests, not the app. My only major complaint is I haven’t figured out how to zoom in or out on a layer without cutting then pasting that layer.

  48. A L dice:

    Surprisingly intuitive! I’m having fun using this app while taking a break from using traditiona media. So far, no ads – fingers crossed it stays that way. Lots of features I would’ve never expected on a mobile app: layers, burn/dodge/multiply, lots of ways to customize your drawing or painting utensil’s size/shape/opacity/flow rate, etc. I’m just using a pen stylus and my phone and actually having fun with digital art for possibly the first time (and I have a digital pen display).

  49. This is the only drawing app I have very used and I have been using it ever since I got an electronic. It’s amazing and fun, but I’ve encountered a problem I havnt really seen before. It’s happened for at least a few years, and may be because of the device I use but- some how my sketches randomly get corrupted and I can no longer open them. This has happened on 2 of my phones, and I don’t know how to prevent from happening because it’s incredibly frustrating 🙁

  50. The issues introduced with the previous update have been fixed. Thank you for listening to us and fixing it. I’m still not giving it a full 5 stars because the Copic colors were taken away and not replaced with anything. We don’t need the Copic colors, but a comprehensive color list would be nice. It would also be nice to have saveable color palettes. Again, thank you so much for fixing the app and making it useable again.

  51. Tea dice:

    I really love this app a ton! It has nice gallery options and wonderful tools for drawing, my only issue is corrupt images even despite me saving them beforehand using the save option. Sometimes when I go back into my folder a drawing I saved still appears there but when I click on it to edit it says “oops failed to open image” this would be my only complaint about this app.

  52. Mmcq dice:

    Definitely worth it, especially on a microsoft surface. I have created some of my best pieces using this app. The customization for each brush is incredible. I absolutely love that I can do anything from lineart, perspective, realism, cartoon, and much more. This app needs better reviews for sure. I have used this for years.

  53. I love this app and can’t find any other apps as good as this one, but I can’t go back to any of my old art pieces. I had this one art piece that had months of hard work put into it. it was almost done but then I started another smaller art piece. The entire thing was deleted and I couldn’t get it back. hours, months of hard work had all gone down the drain, worst part is it was ment for a art contest that was due only two day later. Please fix this I love this app but I can’t deal with this.

  54. I’ve used this app for years, and I love it so much! I’m not rating it five stars, however, because the app has some serious art saving glitches. I spent hours working on a multi layer map to look at when writing my books, and it keeps deleting the progress I make, even when I save multiple times, and it LOADS it correctly multiple times. Portions of my other drawings have disappeared as well, and it pains me to have a grudge against this app. Can this please be fixed?

  55. This is a fantastic digital arts app. I only use this app for drawing and nothing else. It helps me out a lot, but the problem is glitches and errors. Sometimes I leave the app and my progress does NOT save. I have to restart sometimes and it gets annoying. Sometimes black bars appear on my screech when I hide a layer. I hope you guys fix this some.

  56. Esha M dice:

    I am editing my review and upping my stars from 2 to 4 to 5 in order to reflect the newest update. The uppdate fixed all old issues. I got error messages when trying to open my drawings. It would mysteriously be overwritten with any other recently created art. I am finally able to import tiff files to work on existing art after years of that function crashing. No art has been lost since the newest update. Thank you for continuing to update and fix this app. I use it daily and it is indispensable

  57. It’s okay for what it is. It has a lot of brushes, a few okay tools, and decent layer management. However, it lacks custom brush and native layer masking support, and the distortion mapping tool is primitive at best. You’d tend to expect premium software coming from Autodesk, but you’re just not going to find it in Sketchbook, unfortunately. Wouldn’t really recommend for professional grade workflows. Overall, not a bad, but there are definitely better apps available with similar pricing.

  58. Great App. I’m no professional, but I decided I wanted to try and pick up art, this app brought me father than I ever thought I would get. I don’t have experience with professional digital art apps, but to me, a huge beginner, the app is easy to figure out, easy to use, and has a huge selection of brushes to use. I’m impressed with how good my drawings look on here, would definitely recommend for a beginner.

  59. One of my favorite apps. It’s been a long time since I can say I’ve really been impressed by an app. This is one of my favorites, and I replaced iOS paper, with this ever since the makers ruined that app. This is a breath of artistic air, it gives you range to do some of the coolest projects. Thank guys for the creative outlet, I’m loving it!!

  60. I’ve been a loyal user for years now, since possibly back to 2017. I’ve adored using this app, and it was extremely easy to use. But now, every part of it is one wall after another, making a previously 2 minute max process of cropping an image to exact measurements now take 10 minimum. This is seriously making me consider moving to a different application. I do not know if Autodesk has choice in how it presents files on the phone, but if it does, it seriously needs to go back to what it was.

  61. I really liked the app I did, I can draw basically anywhere now. But there was one small complication……. After about a week of having it… It wouldn’t let me zoom in anymore to draw small details it kinda made me a bit mad. I had to delete the app and redownload it just to be able to zoom in again.

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