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1000s of Layouts! Design flyers, posters, logos, banners, vision boards & more!
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As featured by Forbes, Product Hunt, Social Media Examiner, and Terra!

⭐ Google Play Editors’ Choice. With 1,000,000+ layouts, join 22 Million+ new users every month for FREE.

From social media posts and ads to infographics, book covers, and collages, Desygner lets you design, edit and customize incredible graphics for any purpose!

With 1000s of unique templates to help you get started, you can make beautiful graphics in minutes!



Key Features: 💯

• One-click Background Remover. Remove the background of your images (Pro+ Plan).
• One-click Resizer: resize your final design into other social media formats quickly.
• Animate your designs. Make your social posts pop with animated videos and gifs.

Edit as you want:

• Add text, graphics, and effects to your photos.
• Import and edit images: crop and use photo frames and apply filters.
• Add videos, tables, links, stickers and shapes.
• Change color, opacity, layer order, rotate, flip, and align elements.
• Edit text: highlight, change fonts, spacing and colors.
• Design from anywhere, available on phone, tablet, or PC.


Don’t pay for individual graphics or image packs

• Billions of IMAGES from Unsplash, Pixabay, and Photodexia.
• Thousand of GRAPHICS. Illustrations, icons, stickers & fonts.
• Extra access to 125 Million Shutterstock Images with our Pro+ Plan


Make eye-catching graphics for your social media posts, blogs or business.

• Social Media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, Tumblr, and much more.
• Logo – Choose from and customize a wide range of logos for your brand or business.
• Flyers & Posters – Sale, Events, Clubs, Party or Inspirational.
• Business Cards – Photographic, Modern, Minimalist.
• Books – EBook covers, Kindle covers, Book covers & Wattpad covers.
• Music – Album Covers, CD, Podcast & Mixtape Covers.
• Price Lists & Menus.
• Invoices, Letters & Certificates.
• Newsletters & Email Campaigns.
• Blog Post and Website – Create high-quality graphics for your Web & Blog posts.
• Ads – Take our templates for your brand or business. (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, IAB…and more)

Or just have fun!

• Level up your Resumes, Profile Photos, and Cover Letters.
• Invitations, Cards – Birthday, Party, Wedding, Engagement, Christmas and more.
• Postcards & Greeting Cards – Thank You, Parties, Weddings, Engagement, Love
• Photo Collages.
• Magazine Covers.
• Planners, Vision Boards, and Mood Boards.
• Awesome Seasonal Designs – International days and more!

PHOTO LAYOUTS & GRIDS | Create awesome photos in minutes.

1. Choose from different trendy photo layout combinations.
2. Search or import images, drag, drop, done!
3. Convey messages in your photos with text or captions.
4. Add beautiful graphics and stickers around your photos!

VIDEO EDITOR & ANIMATIONS | To create breathtaking videos & motion graphics.

• Apply animated effects to any element of your template with one-tap animations.
• Quick edit your videos: crop, cut, add speed, and more!
• Download as GIFs, MP4, and MOV format.

INBUILT PDF EDITOR | To Import your designs, invoices, or any PDF documents!

• Easy Import & make your PDF files fully editable.
• Convert Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, PowerPoint presentations to perfectly editable PDFs.

BRAND LIBRARY | Quick access to all your elements in the design editor.

• Import & organize your brand and graphics.
• Organize your Logos, fonts, color palettes, and predefined text for later use.
• Import & organize videos & documents.
• Organize all your content in folders and subfolders.

Share all your Pro+ benefits with 5 team members for FREE and get designing together!


40 comentarios en "Desygner: Graphic Design Maker MOD"

  1. this is an extremely intuitive video editing software for mobile which also comes with a desktop version that has more functionality. The app is extremely useful, and innovative with a library full of tools, format and layout is superb! My only discord is the color scheme could use a refresh with a new color. other than that I can’t find much to complain about. You’re missing out if you don’t have this app.

  2. I have a movie website and my computer crashed just before a major project was set to roll out. All of my graphics templates for content links were lost with only 10 days to reconstruct them! I tried 9 other apps and none of them suited my needs…then I found Desygner. This app saved my bacon! It has great features and is extremely intuitive! Thank you so much…you saved me from a major panic attack!

  3. Simply one of the most well-rounded and fully featured design apps I’ve ever come across. The app helps guide you through the process of designing 95% of projects most business will need, and it does so with ease. My only confusion is their credits system; you use credits to unlock design templates and the like but how that all works isn’t very intuitive not is it well-explained, especially in terms of how one might acquire or earn additional credits.

  4. I use it quite a bit but do wish there was more artistic text options. It would be nice to be able to curve the words or outline them. I can do some of those functions on my own but it would be a nice auto feature. There’s a few other things that I think it’s lacking on but overall it is very functional. Sometimes it doesn’t save n takes a few tries n it needs the ability to better create a new separate image when using a prior made image as template.

  5. I’ve used this app for a while, both as a paying customer and the free version. While some updates have been done over the last few years to improve the user experience the app still falls short on what I believe are basic design options. – No ability to search templates. If I am looking for a Christmas themed template the search feature does not assist with this. – No ability to shape words. There is no option to fashion text in a circle or make it look 3D like MS Word Art used to let you do.

  6. It’s ok. DON’T BOTHER WITH THE PRO+ PLAN!!! It’s not what you think it is. It makes you believe that you can use all the pro+ photos but in their tos it states you can ONLY use them IN desygner and NOT for commercial use or even on your website or other external sites like for podcasting or ANYTHING. And when you uncheck Shutterstock option you’re literally left with a handful of options at most to choose from. Not “129 million photos”

  7. Hytegia dice:

    I have used this app for everything from flyer design to resumes to funny photos. Downside is that all the good templates are locked behind a pay wall. Good news? Screen shots exist as well as Pentrist. If I had any recommendations for the app, it would be better layer control for use on the phone and better monetization model (more SHAPES, dammit!). But it’s the best bang for its buck on the market, and the more creative persons should have no issues with any restrictions.

  8. This app is very user friendly. It’s easy to navigate and the icons are the perfect size to click on. I don’t have to worry about adds getting in the way and it is just fine without needing to pay for a premium account. I’ve used this app for school projects, personal projects, and even memes because of how universal it is. It’s perfect for graphic designers who are just starting out or writers, be it fanfiction or original works, looking for an easy way to make a cover. It’s the perfect tool.

  9. great app. made a phenomenal logo for my first time using. I wish the makers had a feature where you can actually add highlights of a secondary color to icons and texts. The only thing i needed was to be able to make my texts 2 tone with a certain font. I had one color for the outline and shadowing which took away from the visual effect. overall this is my new go to app.

  10. Liza Liza dice:

    Lip service given in the description @ this app! Very few FREE options available Free versions or pay $ 9.99 a month for the premium version. After I signed up I kept getting 404 error messages. It had me going in circles. After I downloaded the app from the app store and clicked on business cards it kept asking me how I wanted to open it. When it finally opened it, it was so small I couldn’t see it or do anything on the screen because nothing was responsive. Very misleading description.

  11. The application is glitchy, presenting difficulty when attempting to edit images and resize text. When searching for images, there is no way to filter out what is included with the free app, so most of what you see isn’t available unless you upgrade to PRO. Other design editors/makers are much easier to use.

  12. I used this app instead of Adobe Lightroom and others like it for over a year for making various inserts, cards, etc for my art business. Everything was great until recent updates made it almost intolerable. Auto save would cause it to crash, deleting 20 mins or so of work (cross platform, not just on mobile ) or my projects would randomly resize so when I’d print them I would end up trashing several cuz specs were off. Stop adding new features & fix the glitches then Id gladly pay again.

  13. It’s Okay IF you don’t have experience making or editing photos. It’s also not free at all. Try 3 pictures and you have to pay to try anything else. I also have a wider selection available with other products and programs that are actually free at my disposal so no, this would not be something that I would feel comfortable paying for.

  14. Decent, as far as it goes. Some controls are very tricky but the real deal breaker is how often it fails when exporting the final piece. I’ve tried about 20 times today to export an image with some text, and it’s failed every time.

  15. Very poor experience as every time I save my work it does not save. When I open the project to come back to it, it will open as either a new blank project or a template project. The only thing it remembers is the background colour. Very disappointed as it held a lot of promise. Not even entertaining the pro version if this is what the free version shows.

  16. Maria Bah dice:

    The reason I’m rating this with 3 stars is because I’m currently having very annoying issues. Desygner used to be the perfect app for me to design my books but now it has been giving me problems, whenever I want to edit a book, a message comes up stopping me from editing and it talks about a query selector and how a text area is not a valid selector, please, look into this issue because I’m totally confused about it and I really want to go back to editing my books.

  17. I’m totally in love with this app because of the range of varieties of templates. One thing which I don’t like regarding this app is this that it is time consuming to edit. Plus more templates should be offered for free. Kindly look into this and allow more templates for free. I love this app. ❤

  18. It’s a great app undoubtedly. But since yesterday I’ve been trying to edit a project which is very urgent and there is this interface that keeps saying syntax error, failed to execute selector I’ve tried reaching out to the support team but there hasn’t been any response . I’m beginning to feel bad about the app But could there be any assistance please.

  19. It was my go to app for the final edits of my images since almost 2 years. But sadly now it’s pathetic. So many glitches and bugs. The main one being it doesn’t allow me to create portrait posts for Instagram anymore. Please fix this otherwise it’s not of much use

  20. Well it’s a great site, I actually have forgotten about it awhile now but somehow was drawn into it from some point I was at on the web and had my page still and past projects I started etc. So since I was already doing what this site offers already with templates, editing, multiple options on either flyers for an event or a blog announcement or party , it’s endless on what you need all in one .

  21. This is good to go for any creative designer. Just one thing i found not complete is the ability to play around with graphics resolution, to increase and decrease. Thumbs up 👍

  22. carmia dice:

    easy to use program. I appreciate the features that are allowed even with the FREE account. I’ve used for converting media files for social posting. life saver. The free account is more than sufficient while utilizing your own images for posting. If you NEED to use stock images and templates for projects the paid accounts may help save time. Great Work can be created with ANY account. I hope that I will be able to budget in the luxury of the paid accounts soon.

  23. awumdah dice:

    Another app I can’t open purchased on the app store. I can only download on old phones I don’t even use anymore. I like to use the apps I bought before the garrentee runs out. I think I need to disconnect from Google pay. It’s wasting too much time.

  24. I love this app. I would ha e given it 5 stars but lately the previews won’t save and when they don’t, I cannot duplicate or download my projects. If this gets fixed, I will change my rating to 5 stars.

  25. Easy to use with lots of elements, background and so on. I mostly use this app when I need to deliver a flyer urgently. however the shapes should have varieties. we design!!🤗

  26. The app is good but there are two things that bugs me which is “it zooms out & zooms in too quickly…too sensitive” and also, even after I saved a high quality/high pixel canvas, it still give bad quality.

  27. by far one of the best app I’ve came across. very straight foward and easy to use. Over 100 different templates to choose from. highly recommended for business advertising.

  28. this used to be a great design app. I’ve been reaching out for support for a resize issue with no help or resolution, very frustrating. time to look for another way to design social media posts.

  29. I don’t understand it doesn’t allow me to download the design as video and then i cannot resize it. When i try to resize it turns out the same size canvas… this is so annoying. I can give you 5 star if you fix the problem.

  30. It is almost impossible to use on my android phone and equally difficult to utilize the layering. There is no way to easily resize layers and add backgrounds exported in for use. I wish you offered small monthly subscription payments $5 per month is $72 instead of only offering the ability to pay ($59.99 ?) annually up front. The many of the assets I’ve purchased or selected disappeared from My Assets when I went back to the free basic program after the trial period.

  31. Looks nice but worthless as a design and or print app. Saved designs arbitrarily move design elements. Duplicating page does not create duplicate. Replaced images arbitrarily revert to Original. Layers beneath locked layers are unselectable. Rotated design Elements self rotate. Saving design does not Save design. Frustrating to say the least.

  32. Hello dear designer team, your link is not working for many days, it means if you put a link in an image, that link is not clickable, please solve this problem soon.

  33. Wayyyy better than Canva!!! Pleasantly surprised! So many designs to choose from. I’ll be subscribing to Pro for all the features. Very happy with this app!

  34. This desygner app is just awesome 🔥🔥I’m growing my skills on a daily basis… Everyone thinks I’m a Photoshop Pro because of the posters and logos I make and post on social media… I wish I could get more of this❤️❤️

  35. Now it is loading only, without opening any project I try to open for editing. All projects i have tried to open they only load all the time.

  36. Full of bug. I can’t export it in 52*30 in. After selecting resize I give the preferred resize value but it turns into buisness card. Also I start any project with custom size it converts into magazine A4.

  37. It’s easy to use, has a lot of nice stock photos which is why I downloaded it and a great interface for any user. Definitely recommend you download this app for the best.

  38. The app freaks out when using a pressure-sensitive pen, with buggy selections and fake clicks. It is just unusable.

  39. Pathetic,. The app is different from how good it was , can’t make a project, keeps telling me “Type error:e.replaceAll is not function . Sorry I have to delete the app . It used to help me .

  40. Too many issues. I have bought the pro licence. Mobile version needs several amends and has some major problems as well – No longer able to fetch stock images. It keeps saying we could not process your request this time Enhancents 1. A way to nudge elements in all directions. If the element is too small, it is very difficult to place them properly as they are hidden behind the finger 2. SCHEDULING POST IS HORRIBLE. Instead of posting my design, it puts it own branding message.

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