GemsFlow – Diamond Painting Logbook MODDED 2022


GemsFlow is about all your diamond paintings in one place.
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GemsFlow is about all your diamond paintings in one place. Keep track of your masterpieces – see at a glance what paintings you have on hand, which paintings haven’t come in yet, and which ones you’re working on.

Moreover, the GemsFlow app is the perfect way to keep track of the diamond drills you have in stock. Using the app you can quickly check which colored drills are left from other projects in case you run short of a certain color on another picture.

Key features:
– Quick access to all the information about your diamond paintings.
– A wish list of diamond paintings you like, to remember what you want to get and where you saw it.
– Keep track of the diamond drills required for every project.
– Keep track of the diamond drills you have in stock.
– DMC / Aurora Borealis, Diamond Dotz color codes lookup table.
– Supported Project’s Information: Name, Canvas Size, Cost, Drill type, Date, Project status, Notes, Rating, Used Colors.
– Create an account and have all your data securely stored in the cloud and automatically synchronized between all your devices.

You don’t need to buy a log paper book! Just get this app and you’re all set for your diamond paintings tracking!


Fixed the displaying of the canvas sizes.


40 comentarios en "GemsFlow – Diamond Painting Logbook MODDED 2022"

  1. I found the UI to be very intuitive. I would like an artist field and a sort by artist. I did have some trouble with the drill entry. The first time I didn’t tap the check mark to save. It would be nice if there was a default of .5 bag for the drills. Overall, I’m so glad that I’ve spent the time to do an inventory. This will help make sure that I don’t double buy.

  2. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the app. Have been using it since September and haven’t really had any issues. There is one functionality that I would love to see though. It would be great to select a painting and instead of the adding hours feature to have a start and stop button to log hours. I usually add my start time then go in and edit to my end time, but it can be tedious. Also having an optional timer in settings to alert you when you’ve been working for so long (to take breaks).

  3. Use this app much more than I thought I would and have recommended it to several people. I love that you can track all projects, the built in color charts and the inventory option! I do think it would be better if the inventory sort of adjusted itself, like when you add a paintings colors- it should update the amount you have in stock too automatically. Minor adjustment, definitely not worth losing a star! Keep up the awesome work!!

  4. This is actually a pretty good app. It let’s you keep track of a lot of things pertaining to your diamond paintings, which I love since I have over 200. I love that you can add additional photos, which I do. I take a picture after completing each project; it’s nice to keep it with the rest of the information. I wish this app had a few more filters, such as allowing you to filter for how much you’ve spent in total. You put in the price, tax, shipping, but nowhere to see a complete total for all.

  5. Love the app but with all the new projects out now such as bookmarks, notebooks, keychains, ect it would be nice to be able to have a category for these as well as just the canvases. Besides that, i have no complaints. I’ve tried several other apps over the last couple of years but really didn’t like them. This one is structured nicely and is really easy to use.

  6. Great app to keep your diamond painting stash organized. You can catalog with in-depth detail or simple information. They are updating and improving indexing elements constantly to keep up with the craft as it grows. I don’t have to worry about duplicating inventory and helps me stay focused on maintaining a reasonable amount of stash. I really appreciate the image capability. It’s so nice to see what I have on hand and what I’ve completed or gifted!

  7. Nice app that certainly fills a niche! However, there needs to be a way to add an order number & sort by order number & date, as I’m sure not many of us buy one at a time & it makes no sense to have them sorted alphabetically. At the very least, they need to be sorted by purchase date. On the color # row, we need to be able to add the number of AB drills or special drills. Need a way to print the project page. Add these options & it will be perfect!

  8. I love this app. I also keep a physical log of all my completed works but this app allows keep track of both finished and not started. The only thing I wish is that we can push a key or tap the screen when the app is open to start a timer for when we work on our kits. That way we don’t have to manually enter the total hours ourselves.

  9. Add location for storage. Kitted or not. Both location and kitted should show on list page. A way to condense the data to fit on single page so info may be shared. Away to send and share project or wish list. A way to get picture from a website instead of being forced to save it on device to put picture in project. These are what I would like to see added. Looks like a good start. Also might be nice to have a way to search for conversion from Dmc to Diamond Dotz or the reverse.

  10. Love the app! ESPECIALLY love how I can keep track of which drills I have on hand. Only thing I would change is to make it possible to choose to upload more than one photo at a time on a particular painting. I take photos throughout the process of working on a painting, and often just leave them on my phone until I’m done. It would be so much easier to be able to upload all the photos that I’ve taken all at once. As it is now it takes forever.

  11. Good app. Could use a little work on the inventory portion of it. Does not relieve inventory when projects are complete. You have to go in and adjust inventory manually, Which is time consuming. Will recommend, but hope for some change in the inventory potty.

  12. This app is great. It really helps keep my current work, my completed work and my stash organised. With the notes, I can keep track of where things are stored. I gave it 4 stars due to the fact, one time all my info was lost. And I would to see more customization available. Being able to create our own heading etc would be nice

  13. Customer service via email was exceptional. They helped me transition from one cell phone to another with GemsFlow app. I did not loose any projects, I’m so thankful. Truly impressed with this app. Thanks

  14. It’s a great app and does what it is meant for. Wish there was a bit more customization and other information like artist name. Wish list could be downloaded in an excel or cvs file.

  15. This app has been a very useful tool for tracking the kits you got, are about to receive, have started and finished. It also has a guide on the bead colors as well as option to purchase.

  16. Love, love, love this app. Keeps a tally on all my projects and all my spares drills. Time taken, stores pictures of all products and all info of when and where I brought my paintings from so I can go back and tell people where from and how much I paid So easy to use once I got used to it. I recommend it to anyone who asks. Thank you for this app.

  17. Just started using the app and it is such a huge help organizing my projects and stash. Very cool! I, however, wish the Started projects are up top (instead of the received, not started) and a timer with a start and stop would be more awesome.

  18. I just found and trying to set up for a project that I started before finding this app. My problem is can put the hours already worked on. Other than that seems like a great log! I’m sure stars will come up when get use to and use more often.

  19. R D dice:

    The app is great for tracking my diamond art projects. Date ordered, received, started, completed, log hours, track leftover drills. Would recommend more sorting options for dashboard and a “damaged/missing drills” category. A timer option for tracking time, like a 1 click on/off timer option that accumulates for each project individually. Otherwise it is super easy to use & navigate. Everything in one place.

  20. Good for logging diamond painting projects & wish lists. Contains the vital info like canvas name, company, measurements, from where purchased & cost, website, & types of drills. Note section for additional info, pictures, & ability to log relevant dates & time spent working. I would like to be able to customize the organization of which section of paintings is on top, and the order of projects. I like the search features in the project section. Would like search ability in Wish List.

  21. I loved it til I got a new phone and all of the things I added were gone. I logged into my account and everything and now I can’t decide whether it’s even worth the effort to put them back in or not. I started making a paper log and still have the app so we will see.

  22. Nice app. Some options that would get the 5th star from me… 1: Field for Artist Name. 2: when looking at the list include additional fields beyond project name and picture (preferably customizable). 3: A way to indicate multiple sizes for dp projects that may be multiple panels.

  23. I love this app! It helps me keep track of all the kits I’ve already purchased. When it’s time to start a new painting, I just scroll through this app and choose one.

  24. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ quick thought. It would be very helpful to possibly include websites where we could sell our complete diamond paintings since you have a drop-down option where we could click what we do with them once we complete them just an idea LOL

  25. I absolutely love this app! I have a lot of diamond art so it’s hard to keep track and I fell in love as soon as I started. GemsFlow has become just as much an addiction as actual diamond painting hahaha thank you.

  26. I love this app! It is so nice to have a complete list of my projects. It’s very helpful to have the list of colors used. It takes a little time, but it’s worth it.

  27. Pretty good so far. I do have an AB #102 in my first diamond painting kit. For some reason AB #102 is not listed in the colors to choose from. It would be good if this AB were added to the app.

  28. Shelli D dice:

    I only have one problem with this app, the started projects should be at the top, but I really love this app! Not only can I order DP projects but I can track all of my DP projects in one place!! Also I can keep track of my excess leftover drinks in this app!!! I just love it!!

  29. It’s a good tracker for any diamond painting addict. I would prefer a stopwatch style timer to track the hours done as I go to it back and forth through the day and night around the kids. A separate time for kitting up would be nice addition too. It’s really straightforward and easy to use.

  30. Love this app its quick and easy. Noticed there isnt a field for drill count. Would be a nice addition.

  31. Love this app! I love tracking my time so this feature is great. When I need motivation I just open the app & scroll through the pictures of my paintings. I would love a desktop version that syncs to my app & an excel download option. Oh, can we get a ‘gifted the kit’ option please? I have gifted kits to people but I can only log them in the completed gifted section but I didnt complete them.

  32. Lisa Ann dice:

    I Love this app.. organizes my project’s.. can put all pertinent info. With pictures.. the only thing I would like to see improved is if we could edit Account info. When I 1st set up my email.. I accidentally mistyped .. as far as I can tel.. I can not edit to change.. I created an accurate one.

  33. Love this wish I knew about it sooner. It makes it so easy to organize your diamond painting horde. Those of you that are into diamond painting will know what I mean. I highly recommend it.

  34. Wonderful app. Love the ability to track all my projects!! The information captured is perfect. Couple of things that would make the app sensational: 1. allow sorting by different attributes like ordered from, date ordered, description, etc. 2. Have an export feature to export either to excel or pdf. 3. Add search functionality

  35. This app is genious!! My bff introduced me to this app and I love it. This is so useful. I am able to see at a glance what colour my drills are, what brand they are and how many I have of them. Up to this point I was disorganized with my storage. I didn’t realise how many art pictures I had in my collection. I highly recommend installing and using. It is easily navigated. Each part is easily accessible and flows to the next part 😊

  36. It’s great to be able to track everything related to my diamond painting. I would add a stop watch to help us keep track of our time (maybe with optional occasional beep/notif that the stop watch is running. I always forget to stop the watch & log my time). And maybe an accessories tab to track all your accessories & everything related to them. The accessories are as important as the diamond painting itself.

  37. This app helps me keep track of my diamond paintings. The hours I put into doing them. Where I get them from, progress photos, when I ordered, received them, started and finished them. Down to the cataloging the drills and if I kept the painting, gifted it or sold it and for how much. I am better organized because of this app than I was before. Thank you!

  38. It’s a good way to keep track of your projects. I’m just discouraged by the fact you can’t like… login on a different device and all your projects are there. I’ve switched phones 3 times and I’ve quit logging stuff.

  39. Just fantastic! Easy to use and very straightforward. It’s great having a place to keep track of my stash and what I’ve done! A stop watch would be awesome for adding in hours to a piece but I saw on another review that the developers are planning to do that soon!! In app store is kind of limited in my opinion but there is definitely a good selection still. I would be weary of ordering a custom thru it tho. Will they get back to you with previews? Or tell you if the size you picked is sufficient

  40. I just started using Gemsflow, so it is taking some time to learn. I like the setup except for COST. Most of the diamond vendors have discounts and coupons that affect the final cost. It would be nice to track this on the cost line rather than making extra notes.

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