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Sketchbook imitating the brush, simple to painting
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PaperColor is an excellent painting application which is imitating the paintbrush to draw and doodle, graffiti. Easy to paint, learning to paint!
We have different styles paintbrush and colour library. Help you to creating the perfect artworks.
Whether you on journey, stay alone, In the party or just want to waste time in the airplane,It is the best application that you can draw on your phone or tablet.

Exquisite drawing tools!
★Handwriting signature with pen after you have finished the works
★There’s many tools which is imitating the paintbrush , ruler and eraser for you.
★Mark in your photo.
★Draw on picture.

Enjoy the painting time!
An painting application which is easy to help you to show yourself.
Base map help you to learn drawing in straight way.
Choose a photo as the base map and setting to translucent .
Dexterous scaling under your fingertip.
Enjoy the drawing experience, and use the tools to coloring it !
Finished the artwork and share it to internet, showing it !


- Solve the issue of users new artwork lost
- Updated License agreement


40 comentarios en "PaperColor MODDED"

  1. Ivy g dice:

    Easy to learn, pretty good function. This app is not powerful enough to do super sophisticated fine art. It’s good for basic sketching, coloring book pages, tracing over photos, and simple drawing. I use it for tracing over photos to create cartoon-like drawings. It’s very easy to learn. Not too many tools. The pro version adds layers, a color wheel, and a few more brushes. For the price, it’s a good value.

  2. Sooo……. it is is a great app, I’m currently using my fingers to draw, but you could differently get some insane drawings with a pen. Although, the VIP is a little annoying, you would get a few brushes from it (3 or 4), and layers, plus some other stuff. The paint does layer because it is transparent. It’s still worth it, though.

  3. Cam Teeps dice:

    It’s a really nice app it just could be a bit more advanced and have more colors, for instance when I am drawing I can’t shade or blur eny of it. There also isn’t many choices for colors. I have also found that as I’m drawing if I set my hand on the canvas it stops me from drawing, and is a bit touchy. Hopefully this can be fixed and if so I will definitely give it a higher review but untill then it’s sadly a 3.

  4. I would rather be able to try out all brushes and features for a limited time, than guess at whether they would meet my needs. I love the ruler feature, but don’t like the maximum width of the lines- I would like complete control over size, from pencil thin to extremely wide- it stops at still way too thin for the look I wanted to achieve. Would also love to see a shimmer/metallic paint feature…so few paint apps have it, and it is very missed here.

  5. Isa S dice:

    I absolutely love this, it let’s you change your colors and edit them. But I ran into many problems. Problem 1: you can’t have layers without VIP. Witch leads to the second problem, you can’t layer colors because they mix and turn into brown. Problem 3: There are little brushes witch is a problem because you can’t blend or do alot. Thank you for reading this.

  6. Decent. The app itself works pretty well but the tools in it are pretty sloppy. All of them leave smudges and there is no blending tool. Shading and highlights look really bad, and I must say, overall I regret spending money for the full version. If you just want to doodle on your phone, it’s a great app, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend for professional art.

  7. It was an AMAZING app to use when drawing, but there were some negatives and positives. Positives were that it had many tools and barely any ads! Negatives were that you couldn’t rotate the screen, and you needed premium in order to use more than one layer. Because of the layer problem, I ended up uninstalling it. If that could be moved to 3 please and I could be notified of the update then I’d reinstall it and bump it up to 4 stars, but until then, I’m gonna stick to ibis Paint X.

  8. I have to admit, this is a good drawing app. I only have two issues though, 1. It would be nice if we could rotate our screen/canvas so we could get better angles. 2. If you accidentally placed something wrong or it was too big/small, you could use the lasso tool to move or shrink/enlarge it. Otherwise it’s a good app, but I’m gonna keep it a four star.

  9. Transparency is a huge time saver or an excellent way to break down an image into the basic shapes if you are a beginner. The brushes in the free version don’t have the fine detail control one would like. It lacks a simple way to overlay a grid on an image but you can layer two images. A little more complicated way to lay a grid but workable. All in all I recommend the app, particularly if you are wanting to work from a reference photo. I keep it on my phone to quickly block in shapes or tones.

  10. I love this app! You have tools, the VIP is cheap, Its amazing! All I think is you should add more editing tools. Like…. The ability to flip the painting, a shading tool, or something a bit more advanced. Otherwise I love the app so, so much. And one more suggestion maybe you should add more colors, or maybe the ability to combine 2 or 3 difrent colors. I also give this app a 4/5. It’s good but needs some work.

  11. Pretty good app for drawing, but paying for the full version leaves a feeling of lacking features. Some tools I use quite often concern layering, but this aspect seems to be severely underlooked. For one, you should be able to edit and merge layers. Besides merging, I’d like the options to duplicate, crop, reposition, and control opacity Besides this, the app struggles to detect small strokes/points. Ive found that it has a better time picking up the pen with big strokes, which is inconvenient

  12. This app is great for sketching out ideas, form and color scheme. If artflow is too much tech for you, try this simple but loaded with options drawing app. Its lightweight, and i dont think ive ever lost a drawing because of app error.The brushes all behave as they should, the effects are very well done, and the saved document isnt degraded. Ive used it on all my devices and it performs on low and high end devices fawlessly. No security issues and no intrusive ads. Works offline. Thanx😃

  13. T Read dice:

    Drew over portrait in opaque mode with fine stylus. Traced and then started coloring in pencil mode. The results are ethereal on the gray hair and eyes with hightlights and shadows. I’m a beginner and even with little instruction this is easy to use and the ability to trace and color photos plus save into different art journals will be invaluable for learning and practicing before I commit to paper. It seems to have some realism in the color and drawing control. I like it. I’ll use it.

  14. Todd Belt dice:

    This is a great drawing app I can’t recommend enough I love it. There are a few features I wish it had I’m not sure how hard it would be but the custom color doesn’t stay in a place where you can come back to it if you need that color again. It would be so great if the tools most commonly used or currently are using would have quicker access to it’s lots of steps to change from pencil to eraser resize eraser back to pencil select size select color window out back to drawing./ NO ADS AWESOME!!!

  15. Omg I love this app! But, I have a complain…. When I press the back button, it gets rid of MULTIPLE strokes. Example. I’m drawing something super good! It’s all going well, but I make a mistake. I use the back button, and it gets rid of lots of strokes that were REALLY, hard to do. 😭 Over all, LOVE IT!! Just please fix that! It’s a five star from me!!

  16. The app does look similar to water color and pencil. I will give it that. However, I do not see learn to paint anywhere. This is just a sketch book with limited options, so limited I am not interested in the VIP option. Also, beware glitches on any drawing that is more complex than a doodle or quick sketch. You can lose the progress of your drawing as you draw. (Random sections dissappear.)

  17. Dude Man dice:

    I like this game a lot because of how simple and fun it is. But I do wish there was a button or option that you would click to be able to move the canvas instead of you just being able to move it with your finger. Just saying that cuz I mess up alot so….. Overall this app is amazing. Not high quality but its free and is the best free art app i’ve ever played so far.

  18. I like the layout of the tools, virtual sketchbooks to organize, and how smooth everything works.. but it hasn’t been updated in over a year at this point.. so I’m a little weary about purchasing the pro version. Also I think there’s a bit too much behind the pay wall.. like at least let people use 2-3 layers for free, or unlock pro tools to test temporarily.

  19. don’t use this app if your art is important to you. Say you’ve been working on something for an hour, it’s looking great, but then you make a small mistake. No worries, because drawing apps have undo buttons, right? But this one will remove 50% of what you’ve done, with no rhyme or reason, and the small mistake’s still there. This app will just erase certain colors and layers at random, not in order of when it was drawn. And the redo button will NOT bring it back. Now you get to start over. TF?

  20. it may look good on the cover, but when you install it, here’s the reality: the brushes it gives you are limited, you cant use layers or choose different colors unless you get VIP, and it is very limited in general. it’s a good app for people with low expectations (simple drawings), but if you want to draw things more like the icon of this app ( the eye) or if you want something similar to Procreate, then this app isn’t for you. it doesn’t satisfy my expectations, and I’m uninstalling.

  21. Paying for “VIP” doesn’t fix the problems where hitting the undo button goes back and undoes more than just the last thing applied (seemingly at random up to several steps back), and it doesn’t fix the app from crashing and NOT saving what you’ve been working on. Spend an hour making an awesome piece, but you didn’t save it every 5 or 10 minutes, it crashed…all gone. But if you DID save it recently and make a mistake and undo it, you also might undo things from BEFORE you’d saved.

  22. *BASED ON FIRST IMPRESSIONS. THERE’S PROBABLY A LOT I DON’T KNOW* So, I decided to use this app for fun because it looked interesting, and I decided to write a review. I don’t really know EVERYTHING about this app, but I have found a few things to mention. Starting with what I liked: The brushes in this app are beautiful. The pen pressure effect is a bit weird, but I think it’s alright. And it’s a really relaxing art program! But then again, so are all of the art programs to me. Now, what I disliked: Is there a reason why the layers are only for VIP users? A lot of people like their layers to be accessible without purchasing things. This is just my opinion, but I feel like this app would be a bit better if non-VIP users got 2-3 layers at the minimum.

  23. Honestly, it’s pretty good. Some thing that aren’t so good, and got it three stars, are that you have limited colors (maybe like 7) unless you get the VIP version. There arms to be no way to change the size of the size /transparency of a brush / tool unless you edit the tool, and you only have 7 tools unless you get vip. Please, make it easier for us to change the size, as well as pick better colors, and i will update this to a better reading. Thank you.

  24. All in all, this is not really a great app. There is such a small selection of brushes and not going to like they kinda suck. Sometimes when you push the backspace button it will get rid of multiple strokes and you can go back. But the worst part is you have to PAY for LAYERS on a DRAWING app. Like literally layers are a must have in digital art and you have to pay? Not to mention it’s 5 dollars?! I’m sorry but this app is not worth it.

  25. This is a good simple and basic drawing app but all the useful tools like layers are features you only get buying VIP for 4 dollars and honestly for a generic app like this it’s not worth that price because compared to other free drawing apps like SketchBook the non payed version comes with useful features already without having to pay and you can get around drawing very decent pictures with SketchBook easily with the tools it comes with. this app just doesn’t have much to offer even with the payed version and you can’t even change the size of the paper. Overall very average.

  26. Good and reliable to a point. Until the program shut me out and i lost all of my work, or when i save something and come back to it it shows the image until I tap on “Continue,” and my artwork is completely gone. I was furious by this, but I’ve dealt with this app until images I have saved and worked months upon months on were disappearing from my photos, which put me into a panic of thinking there could have been a virus attached to this app. Not to mention the accessibility settings bug out

  27. There’s a VIP option that you need to purchase before you can use layers, airbrush, and custom colors. Personally it’s like one of those coloring book apps. I really was looking for more of a fresh professional look and feel for an art app. Could be better. And is a little touchy.

  28. It makes it seem like you could learn to paint, draw, and overall create digital art perfectly, but you can’t even make a new layer. That’s ms paint level stupid. You can’t make custom colors, add text, or anything remotely good about a drawing app. I get it, this is a free app so you want to fish for as much money as possible, but if you take away the important parts of most digital art, you just created total rubbish.

  29. Sometimes I need to draw something on the fly before I forget what I wanted to draw or before I forget my idea. This app let me go in and draw what I want immediately. It is a very very simple app, a GREAT tool to keep on your phone and this app would get you sketching out your ideas in NO time. And this was exactly what I needed. I think that an app like this should come pre-installed on every phone as it could comes in as handy as a word program for taking notes or for writing things down.

  30. B Epp dice:

    It needs to be fixed, and maybe improved. Here are some problems that I have encountered, or suggestions. 1. It deletes things randomly. 2. Not enough options for coloring tools. 3. It deletes parts that a colored and then I have to keep coloring them again and again and again. 4. I have to pay for VIP for a better expierience. Without VIP, it kinda sucks. Fix all of the issues and I will delete this and rewrite it, along with a five-star rating. The suggestions don’t need to be added.

  31. App is amazing. I recommend this app for all the beginning drawers. This app has a lot of things to do like create doodle art, landscape pictures and much more! The problem is on the practice pictures you can delete them. I did that and drew a beach, but you can’t move it to a different folder/file.

  32. I give this a 3 star review. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad app, just frustrating to figure out. But it’s not all on my opinion just wanted to make sure that everyone reading this and about to install it, that it has its flaws and I’m not against that. but a lot of bugs and the thoughts of paying for layers it’s understandable. but a little hard to make art perfect.

  33. I gave this two stars because, yes it does what it says it will but you have to pay to add layers and to use the color wheel. It also doesn’t have very good brush selection. I highly suggest ibis paint x.. it functions very well and has a bunch of brush selections, all you have to do is watch a very short video and you get every brush for 8 hours of you using the app. There isn’t any ads either. You can import pictures and even download your artwork to your camera roll. Ibis paint x gets 5 stars

  34. Decent drawing app but I paid for the upgrade specifically so I could add text to drawings. Turns out you only get a single textbox. Even if you try to add text in different layers it doesn’t work. One single textbox. Seems like a big oversight. Please fix and I’d happily rate the app 5 stars for drawing on mobile.

  35. Paper color is without question one of my favorite games to play😁 I love the texture of the crayons, and how I am able to invision what I want on the canvas and be satisfied. One thing I would like for the game to improve on is the realistic texture of the pencil and rather not vey pixelated. Overall I would definatly download this game.

  36. All of this information required for a drawing app! Far too nosey and intrusive. Why, for instance, is it necessary to know what other apps I use? “…The list of applications and/or processes that are installed or run on your device.” Not a chance. Uninstalling it! Should have checked terms earlier.

  37. L Huang dice:

    I really like this game. It doesn’t need any internet and you don’t have pay for it there are no ads. There is plenty of colors to choose from. And really great tools for making whatever masterpiece you want.

  38. Its a great app, easy to use. The only reason i didnt give it 5 stars is that when i press the undo button to undo a mistake, it removes some of my drawing.


  40. Kids dice:

    What is the point of this game it’s a drawing game and you cant draw and the colors are not realistic I can find a 3 star game better than this.

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