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Create beautiful artworks using AI!
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Create beautiful artwork using the power of AI! Enter a prompt, pick an art style and watch Dream by WOMBO turn your idea into an AI-powered painting in seconds.

So how does Dream by WOMBO work?
Type in whatever you want to create! — “Alien Space Station”, “City Sunset”, “Rainbow Forest” or anything else you can imagine are just a few of the billions of potential paintings that could be made. Let your creativity take over!

Pick an art style! — Whether you’re looking for a vibrant colorful painting or something darker and more dystopian, WOMBO Dream has you covered with an array of selected styles.

Generate your painting! — Watch WOMBO Dream use the power of AI to transform your idea and art style into a beautiful painting right before your eyes in seconds.

WOMBO Dream is expanding art to the masses. You don’t need a paint brush, pencil, or any art supplies to make beautiful artwork, all you need is an idea. Take a back seat and let WOMBO Dream be the paintbrush to your artwork.

Share your art to your friends and family and save your artwork to your profile so that you can view it for later, it’s that simple!

Who is WOMBO?
WOMBO AI is a Canadian artificial intelligence company transforming the ways that entertainment and AI work together. Our goal is to provide the world with AI-powered tools to immerse themselves in entertainment. With over 100 Million app installs to date, we’re just getting started.


NEW: Checkout what the other dreamers are up to! Visit their profile to view cool art, get inspired and build on top of it!
* Bug fixes and performance improvements


60 comentarios en "Dream by WOMBO – AI Art Tool MODDED 2022"

  1. I freaking love this app so much. The only things I wish we could have: 1. Pay a one time fee to keep it all open instead of a monthly fee. But less expensive. Not $170. Someone mentioned $20 for lifetime and that seems fair. I would pay $20 for a lifetime of Premium. 2. A way to follow other folks in there. 3. A way to search for other people in there. 4. A way to link it up to have the pics publish to Instagram and FB also.

  2. I had this app before the huge update and I loved it! It was super fun to play with and the generations weren’t bad at all! It was almost fun to interpret what the generator created based off of your prompts. However, I downloaded this app again recently after finding it in my interests again and I am just disappointed. The image generation is slow, and I don’t really see why you need four images to choose from to finalize? As well as the premium only options. I face palmed seeing that.

  3. Tim H dice:

    Pretty good but needs some quality of life adjustments. First and foremost, more aspects ratios. Secondly, it’d also it’d be cool to be able to move our favorite styles to the front of the list so we don’t have to find them every time. Thirdly, the AI just can’t do certain things no matter what. Try to generate “sad clown” and you’ll see what I mean. All in all though, pretty good

  4. Lauren dice:

    Not sure why this is a best app of the year. It’s boring and doesn’t give results related to the prompts I put in. What’s the point in wasting time with all of the setting that seem to have nothing to do with the final outcome. And they want you to upgrade to premium to see more random pictures. I don’t see the point in this when many other apps do more interesting things with images.

  5. The main function of the app deserves 5 stars. But the ineffective photo chooser prevents me from choosing photos previously taken on my phone. The photo chooser should give you the option to choose a location on your phone to import a photo from. It only allows you to choose from a listing of 40 photos, but there is no rhyme or reason as to where those photos come from.

  6. An interesting AI app with some neat features. Quite capable compared to some other AI text to art apps. The app is definitely better than the web version. Some tips: Choose your verbiage and style carefully. Adjust both until you get the results you want. Yes, you will occasionally hit a dead end. Also, as a workaround for the lack of upscaling capability, take your output image from Dream and put it in Starry or NightCafe.

  7. It is definitely a fun app. I am a photographer and this gives a new spin to some of my work. I only wish you were able to do horizontal photos without having to rotate them beforehand as it sometimes negatively affects the outcome. Higher resolution images would make it better, even if only with the paid app. Edit: After paying for the app and my 3 day trial expiring yesterday, the app has basically become useless today and won’t generate any images.

  8. I love the app, but hate crashing. I paid for the one year so I get to enjoy the extra perks. But the app closes on a somewhat regular basis and I have to keep going back in and starting over. And another annoying thing is how it will have a really cool result.. but than go to the black screen meaning the result didn’t work or something. Than there are times it won’t give me results at all, just constant black screens on all 4 boxes. But like I said I really enjoy the app so I put up with it.

  9. I really enjoy the concept of these art generators. This one is a great free option with plenty of styles. My only complaint is the lack of a feedback loop of some sort so we can sort of “signal” to the A.I. that it’s going/not going the direction we want the piece to go. Edit: newest update ruined the app & made it more time consuming. It’s clearly a way to try to push more subscriptions.

  10. You’re not allowed to search certain words yet it still shows up as generating, I’d rather just be told no. Sometimes it’s just plain janky with the results not being clear what the prompt was at all. Overall, results are good either your first or second time around, especially when you change the ‘style’ you generate your prompt in and even when the result is abstract it’s fun to look at. I can’t wait to mess around with it more. <3

  11. Formerly a five star rating. But after the update to make four iterations of a prompt at once, the app constantly crashes. Even if you turn off the ability to do all four at once, you can only watch and pray that the app does not crash while it tries to generate three new images. You cannot select how many images it generates. It will generate all of them at once. Extremely disappointing considering I spent money for the premium.

  12. The AI is getting better and that’s great! But you cannot be serious with these ads. I literally can’t tell if my image generated sometimes because a pop up comes out of NOWHERE and I freak out thinking it deleted my generation! The amount of ads isn’t the problem, it’s the fact that you literally don’t have an “x” / exit button for your personal app ads to upgrade. Seriously, I don’t want to press the back space, make an X. Every single time I think it’s going to delete my image. FIX IT

  13. Michael dice:

    This used to be one of my favorite apps for when I got bored. I loved generating images, and creating genuinely amazing looking art. The pros of the recent updates are that there’s better AI, and more art styles to choose from. The cons, ads are being shoved down my throat, literally every time I generate an image and every time I save an image. This is infuriating. Wears my patience thin and I’m gravely disappointed. 2 stars purely for that. Minimize the ads and I’ll come back to the app.

  14. Pretty neat image generating, but the options to subscribe to the paid version of the app or even use the 3-Day free trial are all broken. Nothing works and there’s no way to press the buttons and “click through.” That, and if you use this app longer than 4-5 minutes, you’re pestered with very long ads every step of the way, so I just stop using it. Also, the app is freezing on the “finalize” screen- constantly. Why would I go for a paid version of this when it’s clearly dysfunctional?

  15. Almost the perfect AI Image Generator… However, it gets stuck on the “choose your output” screen very often. The new update seems to have made it worse than when it was just one picture being generated. Sometimes it gets stuck every dozen or so pictures, sometimes it gets stuck on every picture so you have to restart the app altogether. Also the app can forget that you have a premium account, so certain filters are unavailable unless you reboot the app several times

  16. I found myself spending hours just generating new images, letting my mind create stories for my results. Premium wasn’t shoved down my throat, and my experience without it was wonderful. But now, I can’t bring myself to use it anymore. The new feature where you select an “output” after generating a picture has worn my patience thin. Without premium, there is only one output option. This did not bother me at all…until I realized there is no way to disable it. Please fix this!!

  17. It can make beautiful imagery. I was ready to buy, (its not cheap) then it updated. I loved the previous version. Since the update I barely use it. The image generation is slower and the images seem less intuitive and less varied (when refreshed) and to refresh now requires several steps instead of a single click. Many of the free themes produce messy, abstracted images that look similar regardless of the prompt. Still a good app, but the redesign in the update lost it major points for me.

  18. Update: I love this app and haven’t felt the need to pay for premium, but this new single image option on the unpaid version has decreased in quality to an unusable degree. Please fix this. The image results I’ve been getting have been absolute trash. — (Old review: This app is great and Steampunk was my favorite style until today. Not sure what’s going on, but where I used to get solid shapes, I now get fuzzy, furry lines. If the style could go back to what it used to be, I’d be very happy.)

  19. I use this for ideas for my own hand painted art and it’s great… but it shuts my music off, freezes up and the censorship is a bit much. It’s a little frustrating for we who have paid. The uploading 4 pieces, I feel, is unneeded. Especially when you get more than one that you really like. Also, I think this could be a great social app! It would be cool to follow people and comment on their works!

  20. Sadly my rating has dropped to a three in the last few months. I loved coming on here before bed and seeing what cool art I could’create’ , now there are too many options and buttons and it’s a whole long process, (the ads are just fine I have no problem with them) it’s just too busy, and super laggy with multiple crashes. Love the concept, just not a great app anymore

  21. Just got this and immediately after downloading it started crashing every couple minutes. But not until after I paid for a subscription. I love the art and everything looks amazing. So I keep pushing through in spite of the crashes. But I’ve lost so many images I wanted to keep because of these crashes

  22. This app is amazing, especially if you have a premium account and can get 4 images then use a result as the template for variations. You can keep improving the image till you get something you really like. its very impressive and my favorite AI art application. Having said this, it doesn’t shine with its templates, what is most important is the query itself. Being as detailed as possible can help a lot to avoid vague results.

  23. It took me a little bit to realize all filters are not created equal for all purposes. Some filters are horrible for faces, for example. However, after finding out which ones are correct for the right situations, I’ve been extremely happy with the results. Sitting through ads occasionally is a small price to pay to… not pay a price. I don’t have enough need to pay $5 a month, but it might be worth it to someone who has to create a lot.

  24. Confusing. I was happily creating wallpapers and saving them to my dream name when suddenly I had to sign in or register. Neither one worked. The advice from the makers would take a degree in tech to follow. I uninstalled and reinstalled it to no avail. I’m hoping my son can help me enter the app again, as I really enjoyed it. If I could talk on the phone to a real person, they could probably fix it, but alas. This is not an option. Problem fixed. Rating from 3 to 5 stars. So satisfying.

  25. Doesnt ever get it right! I type in the main elements i want in the pic and it usually has 1 out of 4 in the pic. No matter how many times I adjust how I wrote it, it just doesnt get it right. Makes my pics not personal to me or my ideas. Also being as detailed as possible leads to confusion. The longer the text, the more it looks like nothing you wanted.

  26. I reviewed this in 2021, and it was incredibly buggy but when it worked it made some pretty cool images. Right now it’s been updated and, incredibly, it’s even more buggy than it was before. Now it simply doesn’t output anything for me on multiple devices and connections. It just craps out and says retry every time. The price for a premium subscription is a whiplash inducing as well. I don’t want to deal with ANOTHER subscription to generate mildly interesting nonsense on my idle time.

  27. Marble dice:

    This application can create incredibly interesting, fantastic art; however, currently the development team is clearly focused on getting you to subscribe. They updated everything but harshly press you to give them money; the new settings are very nice to play with but the most frustrating aspect of this gorgeous Ai program is the inability to create without being told you should pay to use the Ai. I look forward to see improvements made to the experience..it just lacks in being user-friendly. ):

  28. The recent version with 4 views cannot be turned off: the app constantly crashes when creating previews, which are too small. I have over 5000 renderings saved, and although the general app has more powerful features now, the engine renders images that the developer chooses to reject due to self imposed censorship. As an old school artist, I find this really repugnant; any subjects involving some nudity, for instance, that were once easily done, now have become nearly impossible to achieve.

  29. This is the best art generator app I have used so far. I’m using the free version and you can generate quite a few images before you have to watch an ad. Other apps are an ad per image. I think the images generated are really nice. There is another app that probably generates better images but the free version is very limited. I think it’s called starryai. I have kept so many images for wallpapers, and I spend a lot of time on this app.

  30. Too much features locked behind premium. Didn’t get any art that accurately described what I typed in. I know it’s just an AI, and you guys need to get paid, but this doesn’t feel complete. Could be good if you get premium, but with what i had access to, I did not make any beautiful or cool images. AI ignored words like “many” and numbers like “4”. Only got 1 object no matter what I typed in.

  31. This app is sometimes amazing, although there are countless glitches and crashes as they update things, and adjust to the hundreds of suggestions they get each day. I look forward to the day when it runs well again. I am a traditional artist who often gets creative block. I find inspiration from the images I can prompt here, and can often get right back to work creating my own imaginings because of AI art.

  32. Wow, great free experience. Thank you Wombo. Would you mind adding a notification when the image is finished downloading when you press “save as phone background”? Like with the google app just a silent notification because currently there is no feedback. Also, I would like a feature to choose the dimensions of the image and I want the option to save as phone background for everything because I really don’t get the trading card thing. Thank you.

  33. Even worse than it was. App performance is generally good but you’ve added even more irksome features. A feature telling me to choose between 4 images to finalize which only lets me select ONE? Whst is the point? That lost you a whole star. Also your censorship of certain images causing the app to ‘fail’ instead of finish lost you a star. This is a sorry reverse indeed for an app I liked so well. I’m NOT paying a subscription. Very disappointed.

  34. Editing my first review. Dream had stopped working, which extremely disappointed me. I then thought to uninstall and reinstall and things seem to be working great again. I would appreciate an option to download an image with a filename chosen by me. That would make image organization easier. I also would like to see a 3:2 aspect ratio option and high resolution output. I use another AI program for those options using the same AI engines, I think Dream should be able to do it too.

  35. Interesting but often not very impressive so far IME. Free with a lot of push to premium, but 3 of 4 options of each starter image aren’t even shown in any way because they are only showing locked premium alternatives. To make it useful, they should show some other non-premium style initial images and give us a simple preview for any premium styles so we can see how much better it might be, but instead they’re just generic locked blurs. Reasonable number of ads.

  36. With 4 iterations the app is crashing about 40% of the time. Sometimes it’s mid generation, sometimes it flashes the four then crashes. I abhor the 4 up, though I understand this app is probably intended for machine learning. Sucks that I paid for this much frustration though. Oh, and now results are too closely representing obviously copyrighted material because you can almost make out artist signatures. Yuk. Yes, updated, restarted phone, and increased power consumption.

  37. Great Artwork, App Crashes Constantly. If it didn’t crash every time you tried to generate an image this would be a 5/5 application. But even with “PRO” it still crashes constantly and sometimes even corrupts the images in the process. It’s basically useless and isn’t even worth the “Subscription” money since it’s so broken. And it’s not a device issue either, I’d expect a Pixel 7 Pro to be able to handle this app, but alas it just crashes and crashes and sometimes spits out something nice.

  38. Honestly solid, would have more stars but they dropped the ball when it comes to inputting a picture from your gallery. I can’t search through different photos. It shows me what appeared to be my most recent photos but it was also a bunch of random ones from my gallery. Unintuitive and annoying.

  39. I used this app for about a month before I bought the premium. During my “free” time the art that was made using it was pretty decent alsmot even good. Things like faces and hands where tricky but not awful. Now, after I bought and updated it it became awful. The resilts are far too abstract and oftentimes fuzzy. I am deeply disappointed by the turn of this app. I’m done I cancelled my subscription !!!!

  40. I had so much fun with this at first, especially with the option to start with your own picture. But now the AI has gotten far too soft and just has a oanic attack when there’s something mildly suggestive It’s quite annoying and unnecessary, if they really want to be so strict they should enable some age thing I guess, I like making horror monsters so seeing it fail constantly just sucks

  41. This is my favorite ai art generator despite one significant drawback. The app is easy to use and fairly intuitive. It creates beautiful pictures, and I have had very little problems with stalls or disconnects. However, for the love of God, please add aspect ratio options immediately!! The lack of aspect ratio options really limits what I am able to do with the generator. Other than that, brilliant work. It has brought me a lot of joy.

  42. Rob Holub dice:

    Just upgraded to the paid version, when generating images I have to retry one or several of them often, but overall it works well. I’d like to see a way to clear the prompt historybor disable it completely if a user chooses to do so. I’d also like it if you could chose portrait or landscape and have higher resolution images. Currently the output image is smaller than my phone screen resolution so using these on my phone results in blurry images since they stretch to fit the screen.

  43. It isn’t Dall-E but it does create some remarkable results, However, this app doesn’t work on chromebook. It only shows 4 filter options (won’t scroll). You can get to the other filters by stretching the app but then the results are flattened and can’t be viewed. Worse, your creations are not saved when you click download. Works fine on my phone and saves in Google Photos.

  44. Celia L. dice:

    Great app, when it’s working well! Not sure if it’s just gotten more popular/load times are longer but recently it just hasn’t been finishing the image and instead just says “retry”. Before this issue, however, it was very fun to try out, and if you can get it working you can get some really pretty and interesting images!

  45. I love Wombo! My only complaint is that I’m an artist who likes to use my own drawings & photos as base images. I am unable to explore my phone gallery on the app. I can only pick from whatever random pics show up from my albums and not search through specific albums. It would be awesome if the app allowed me to search for specific albums like the pc version does.

  46. Angela Y dice:

    Was loving this app until I installed on my tablet. Even tho I pay monthly for no ad’s and 4 outputs, dark mode, when switching between devices, I lose functionality. Examples: no prompt history; won’t engage the last 2 prompts of multiple outputs nor dark mode. Im not trying to use tablet and phone at same time. I log in and out each time I switch devices.

  47. PLEASE HELP!! I actually LOVE this app but something happened with the update. I saved my generated image as always & a black screen popped up over the image saying “failed” and it’s been frozen ever since. I don’t know what to do & I purchased the Premium version. I don’t want to uninstall it & lose all my images! Also would like to see WHICH STYLE I USED ADDED TO the Trading card so I can remember which one I used to generate each image.

  48. Starts generating the absolute perfect image, then moments after you get a glimpse it gets eliminated and you’re left with a black screen with the option to retry. Infuriating because the images it leaves you with eventually are distorted and splotchy and pale in comparison to the ones it thinks about displaying. 60 hours in pressing that retry button and still haven’t gotten what I typed in.

  49. I’m absolutely STUNNED by the accuracy of the A.I. and how beautiful the art actually turns out. It feels like the app pulls the images from your mind and puts them on your phone screen. What kind of art can you create? Your imagination is the limit!!! I’m paying the monthly subscription which is more than worth it but doing so is optional and isn’t required. If your looking for an A.I. art generator app then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!!!

  50. the free version is perfectly wonderful and user friendly, art generates quickly, the ads are not too often/obtrusive and they are all SILENT ads!!! .. I am really speechless at the AI renderings of certain criteria which I input, for example, specific names of unknown people/entities and am shocked at how well it accurately depicts them, one of them even rendered a facial image of the person I was wondering about and it’s as good as if I had asked for a photograph of him?!!.. tho 1 other is 0%

  51. Okay I’ve rewritten this review four times now. I believe the stakeholders behind this app are beginning to find the right balance. I’m not a fan of subscriptions, or throttling generation for free users, but with good prompts and the right filter this app can produce some seriously stunning images. I now randomize them for phone backgrounds. I’m even contemplating the 1-time purchase option, but a sale would seal the deal.

  52. 6 ads to render, then 6 ads to download, then 6 ads to choose another style. That’s ridiculous. Specially since the free image keeps failing to render. But the ones you can pay for are being made just fine. Developer seems to be punishing those of us using the free version. It’s frustrating and it’s sad.

  53. Mr_H dice:

    This app used to be really fun. It used to work pretty good for various AI art stuff. Problem is, now I can’t seem to stay logged into my account, which means any art I want to save to the app simply wont appear. Some kind of bug with this recent update I think. I hope they fix this soon because this app is pretty fun, despite the controversy relating to these types of AI.

  54. It’s a good app, works really well. The only downside is that it keeps crashing, and I lose my progress. It would also be nice if all the styles had the “make variations” button, so I could improve the image without having to do too much editing.

  55. Has a lot of potential for growth. I didn’t realize how new the app really was (just over a year old) but it’s been good so far. It’s worth it to go premium because you have so many more options to play around with. Vids are cool for IG reels. There are reservations though. -Discord. Just don’t bother. Servers are hogged by the same users. -Some prompts have (artist?) names on them which isn’t reassuring to me when it comes to copyright.

  56. Edit: App isn’t crashing nearly as much BUT… now when I am given the option to hide my prompts when publishing my artwork doesn’t work. The prompt is still there even though I slid the hide prompt slider over to the correct side. Also, they are updating the styles to chose from frequently now. So good on them for that.

  57. operaboy dice:

    This app is wonderful for doing exactly what it advertises: creating slightly mind-bending, dreamlike images based on simple prompts. I have very much enjoyed using it periodically over the past few months. The only downside however, is the very high feeling premium costs. I do not know if the benefits are worthwhile though as the price has put me off of trying it.

  58. I really enjoyed this for a while even though it was pretty basic. It was free, simple, and interesting. Now it’s heavily handicapped with frequent intrusive ads and a very hard sell to upgrade. I get that developers need to monetize, but it would be tolerable to use if the ads were less in-your-face, and if it were a 1-time purchase I’d likely do it, but there’s no way I’m paying $5/month for this. I will probably uninstall if it continues this directing. 🙁

  59. Kai Ian dice:

    I would say it needs a bit more progress. I get what I’m looking for maybe every 2 out of 5 times I hop on the app? I DO enjoy its unlimited rendering for the basic app though, obligatory, the ads do get frustrating lol. Sometimes when I do get what I want, I can take it to starryai and it occasionally can make it into something pretty realistic. Keep up the hard work guys.

  60. SUPER buggy. Before the update it would hang on “creating…” and lock up. Well, now instead it blacks out the screen with a window that says “failed” and an option to “dismiss”. The bug wasn’t fixed at all. This is just a bandaid. It worked fine last month. No idea why this is happening more than half the times but the only reason I am giving it more than one star is that when it does work the images look nice. You should really work on this. It’s clearly still not finished.

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