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Experience one of the best-designed painting, sketching, and drawing apps for tablets, phones, and Chromebooks. Used by millions, this award-winning app brings rich, powerful features to all artists, whether art is your hobby, passion or career.

– Best-in-class pencils
– Minimal and intuitive interface
– Robust, powerful tool set
– Share Timelapse recordings with your friends
– Convert brush strokes into editable shapes

– Hundreds of built-in brushes
– Realistic brush to canvas interaction
– Over 100 customizable brush settings
– Organize and share your favorite brushes and brush sets
– Designed for stylus devices with full pressure and tilt support
– Apply realtime color adjustments and live effects to any brush
– Sample lower layers when blending
– Import and export custom brushes and brush sets

– More canvas, less clutter with a clean, customizable interface
– Assign finger functions separate from your stylus
– Expand and collapse layers with a flick
– Dock brush settings for quick, easy editing
– Quick access eyedropper
– Rotate and flip canvas with gestures
– Group layers with a pinch

– Pin tools and actions to the main interface
– Pull the color wheel on the canvas with two fingers
– Add multiple reference images
– Lighting-fast saving and loading
– Step back in time with Project History

– Simple or complex symmetry with Radial or Kaleidoscope
– Draw with precision using Guides or Shapes
– Smart shape detection by pausing when drawing
– Innovative Hatching guide

– Design 3D cityscapes with five different Perspective Guides
– Drag Rectangle and Circle shapes in perspective
– Create game art with Isometric perspective

– Seamless Pattern projects
– Selection & Masking tools
– Industry-leading Transformations
– Transform multiple layers at once
– Gradient and Pattern Fill tools
– Target separate layers or all layers with Fill tools
– Drag with Fill tool or Magic Wand for live tolerance adjustment
– Bring your painting to life with Timelapse
– Canvas Preview with flip and grayscale (for checking proportions and values)
– Artistic & Photo cloning
– Tools for pattern creation

– 64-bit Deep Color when painting
– Layer support with 30 blend modes
– Masks for layers, adjustments, and groups
– Clipping masks
– Gradient map, Color Curves, and Filter layers
– Industry-leading color correction
– Over 40 live Filter effects
– Focus and Tilt-shift masking
– Liquify
– Crop and Resize
– Pattern and Array tools
– Powerful selection workspace
– Photoshop®-like smart layers for multiple transformations without loss of quality
– Solo & Trace modes
– Print presets & CMYK color modes

– Import from Photos, Camera, Clipboard, or Image Search
– Search over 1 million free for commercial-use images
– Export images as JPG, PNG, WEBP, ZIP, layered PSD files, or Painter projects
– Share artwork to Infinite Painter’s ever-growing community and see what others are creating #InfinitePainter

– 3 layers at the device resolution
– Solid Fill, Lasso selection, Basic Transform and Symmetry tools
– Seamless Pattern projects
– All the built-in brushes and brush editing
– Smart shape detection

– HD canvas sizes and tons of layers*
– Adjustments and live Filter layers
– Layer groups and masks
– Over 40 powerful, professional tools
* Maximum number of layers depends on the canvas size and your device

See what you can do.

Tiffanie Mang
Yong Hong Zhong
Kamila Stankiewicz
Anthony Jones (RobotPencil)
Andrew Theophilopoulos (Theonidas)
Piotr Kann
Constantine Rotkevich
Diane Kay



- Chromebook and Samsung DeX support. Added cursor types and right-click support (two-finger tap on the touchpad) to open context menus for projects, layers, brushes, and other items
- Liquify now applies effect when holding down stylus
- Several minor UI tweaks

- Importing brush packs
- Eraser cursor getting stuck

- Faster, smoother Liquify. Use a Selection Mask to freeze content.

Visit for more details or reporting issues.


40 comentarios en "Infinite Painter MOD"

  1. This app is SO buggy and has been for years. If you lean your hand on the far right of the screen, it activates the undo button, even though it’s not even over there. I mentioned this in the instagram stories before the big Android update. Said it’d be fixed. It has not been fixed. Now, the canvas/drawing just randomly disappears. And even when I restore it I have to do that multiple times and lose progress. I’m about to start looking for another app that doesn’t destroy my work constantly

  2. DK Barry dice:

    Mostly great! But sometimes it gets overwhelmed and crashes or what I’ve drawn just disappears randomly. Also, it won’t stay on the size of brush I want??? I put it on 5 or 4.5 and it steadily goes down to 3.7??? *update* It has recently been glitching out, and now it just blank screens me. Still have all of my layers, but everything is blank. It actually deleted 3 of my layers and I have lost HOURS of progress.

  3. It was mid, it has a lot of potential but the crashing is repetitive and changing the brush size is increadibly hard. The swipe meathod in the tutorial didn’t work on my device and Ihad to take the long way, however that didn’t worrk either. I just wish that it was a little bit better in the crashing and usability department. Aside from that nothing is wrong with it, they stay true to their word about no ads and everything else stated in the description.

  4. Used to be amazing but for the last month it’s crashed multiple times while doing simple line work. The most current incident it crashed in the middle of the project and had deleted over half of SAVED progress, I was about in tears because it was going perfectly and I just wanted to give up. This is the best app available for android and my last line of defense before buying other tech to accomplish what I want to get at. I hope the issue is fixed because i don’t want to give up entirely.

  5. I never write reviews for anything, but this is by far the best art program I’ve come across for Android. I’ve used Infinite Painter since 2017, so I know firsthand that glitches and crashes are there sometimes, but also that patches get released to fix them. No ads. The UI layout is simple and intuitive, yet pretty much any tool you could ask for is there. Recommend this highly over anything else you can find in the Play Store. Super underrated.

  6. I used infinite painter as my main app for a good while now. I love how customizable the ui is. No ads. Expansive drawing space. My one gripe are the bugs. I haven’t encountered anything aside from errors when importing/exporting psds with folders in it. And excessive use of the transform tool and liquify suddenly adding a lot of noise and grundiness even if it’s a small edit. It’s annoying but I still adore the app.

  7. What a beautiful app but so poorly put together. 🙁 I’m literally so hurt i made a beautiful digital art piece over a decent amount of time and now i cannot get to it, save it, or alter it without the app crashing. it just sits there as a thumbnail that crashes the program every time i touch it, regardless of the updates. im hurt and i would love a way to recover it.

  8. Nine C dice:

    I really used to like this app, i liked some of the updates and i like how precise I can be with detail. But for months now it keeps crashing over and over in the middle of working, corrupting files and distorting my work. It has become unbearable. Ive been using this app for two years and its never been this bad. I’m extremely frustrated and would like these issues fixed or im just giving up

  9. Editing my (previously 5 star) review: Infinite Painter now continuously crashes, the tools after selecting something don’t work, can’t copy anything to clipboard, and the warp tool crashes the app. This used to be one of my favorite apps, but it’s borderline unusable now. This is especially frustrating considering the limited alternatives for Android. Please address these issues!

  10. Was good for a while, but last time I used this, I backed out of my project in order to save it and it basically froze. I was forced to close the app and when I returned, the project was gone forever. This could definitely use an autosave feature and a way to retrieve/backup lost files. Gonna try Ibis Painter in the meantime.

  11. I haven’t updated it yet, I didn’t know it needed updating so if this is fixed, my bad on my part. So earlier I was drawing like normal, it was normal as usual. But I went to adjust some things in layers, trying to make my drawing bigger, moving the other things around but in the midst of trying to, everything lagged! And my drawing, THAT I JUST FINISHED. was suddenly erased in some parts, and it was overlapped by the same drawing, and everything was messed up. It was for someone. ☹️.

  12. This is by far one of the greatest digital art apps I have ever seen. Nothing is too complicated. The overall experience is great. I have been using this app a lot since I found out about it. One little setback in this app is the layers. I know you can pay for the premium version, which is pretty cheap. But, I don’t have a card to pay for it. So, I have an idea for the layers. Maybe let the user watch two advertisements (or more) and then it’ll add a layer?

  13. So I got this app so I could use it to journal. I get that people get this to make art,but if I had a say in what improvements they could make it would be to make it less glitchy, cause I had a problem with that, it would just radomly freeze. And also have an option to type on it. It would be helpful to me, but I’m just another voice in a big croud. Great effort. <3

  14. overall it is a great drawing app. it has a nice selection of tools, and i like the layout of the app overall. simple to use. only issue is that it crashes often. but although yes it does crash and sometimes i do need to reset my entire computer to be able ot reopen this app or any other app, it does save my progress for me to continue on where i was when it crashed. its a good app. just wish the crash problem would be fixed.

  15. Ana dice:

    I really like the idea of this app and when it works it’s great, but it simply does not play nice with Google devices. It is extremely upsetting to finish a project just for it to crash and never let you open it again. I’m really sad I paid money for it at this point because it’s basically unusable. Yes, Ive reinstalled. The options for the touch settings work either, I’m constantly fighting with the janky flow and brush size adjustments when Im trying to move my canvas. Really disappointing.

  16. I want to give it a better rating because it’s very good. …but…I have a Chromebook with more than enough under the hood to run this and the app constantly crashes, stroke lines lag if you move the canvas. With all the positives this program has going for it at the moment it’s unfortunate that it’s hard to recommend it until this is addressed. If it’s addressed I’ll gladly change my rating because like I said, there is alot of good here.

  17. I really like this, it’s easy to draw with and coloring is amazing! It’s fun and dandy until we get to the limitations and layers… Three layers?! That’s it, it’s stupid that devs think three layers is enough.. If you’re gonna limit the layers, at least make it five or something. May I also note the constant pop up if asking if you want to buy the premium or extras, it’s annoying.

  18. This is a great “goldilocks” level app for on the go creation. Lots of functionality with minimal learning curve. It’s not “perfect” but it’s definitely my go-to since rediscovering it after years of using other apps that were too barebones or required a phd specifically in that app to use. It does display some very strange behavior sometimes, particularly with selections (it’s like invisible selections layer up in the background or something and this leads to the app getting confused, I guess)

  19. Honestly this all is awesome! It has everything I want in a drawing app, well almost. I just wish it had a split screen feature so that I could look at stuff while drawing. Downloading pictures to put on the reference tab or put them on the canvas is ok but I really just want a screen split feature 🙂

  20. I tried this app in August 2022 for a simple sketch. A recent update made the app incompatible with the type of stylus I use. Other apps fail in this way too, and the best alternative I found a couple months ago which actually is compatible with the type of stylus I use crashed last night for the first time after I drew a comic/illustration with the works for 30 minutes. This app is good, but now incompatible with my device and stylus. I do not use a Samsung or iPad, maybe I’ll have to get one.

  21. Great app, large variety of brushes and tools, alot of useful tools are for premium only but free apps have to make money somehow, overall a amazing app! The only reason it gets a 4 stars is because it keeps closing itself, like 7 times a minute, it’s almost impossible because I can’t make the art if it keeps closing, But still a amazing app. Edit: I was making a peice of art and the app shut on me, when I loaded it back up… My art was gone! I’m super mad about this

  22. Wizard dice:

    I really love the app, really worth the $10. (Tab S7+) EDIT Here are some things I want fixed/changed/added •Undo and redo glitches (sometimes undo and redo combine two things into one for example I would make a new layer and draw a line then undo when I undo SOMETIMES it would undo both the layer and the new line.) •I want to be able to LOCK THE CANVAS! I’m new to drawing so it’s important the canvas doesn’t move so my drawings aren’t sideways. •Blending that blends realistically too

  23. I have bought the full version on both my galaxy s21 ultra and my iPad air 2019. I’ve used it for personal and professional projects, for concept design, and for sketching quick ideas that I bring into clip studio later. The interface is clean and crisp and I actually like it’s implementation of 3D drawing better than Clip’s. Awesome app. Sometimes crashes, but not for a while now.

  24. Josh N dice:

    This app plus Surface Duo 2 is amazing! Use this app to draw on one screen while having a reference on the other screen is very powerful! If they had a split screen option where you could use the same app across both screens where the reference takes up one screen and the canvas is on the other, that would be ideal!

  25. I absolutely love this app. I love the brushes, and how they blend together. And I love the many different textures that the brushes have- including the textures for the canvas itself. If I could by the whole thing I would. However, the only reason I’m giving it four stars is because it’s crashed on me 5 times. Kicking me out of the app, and leaving the opacity of the layers very low even though the opacity is up at 100%. Again, I love the app but this is an issue I’ve been coming across. 🙁

  26. Should have been good but failed. There is a bizarre canvas duplication that happens every time I touch my finger to the canvas. So whatever drawing was already on there appears twice, but smaller. Different from the Navigation window. There is no conceivable relation to this with the layers, and turning them on and off had completely different results each time. I’m proficient in complex programs, and this isn’t one of them, leading me to believe it was either an annoying “feature” or a glitch.

  27. If you have too much going on in your painting it has a tendency to freeze, At which point you then can end up with your peace either disappearing as a file altogether or scrambling up really bad to the point where you can’t use it and you have to start over and so you end up with your device bogged down with multiple saves just to make sure you have a point to go back to with your art piece. Other than that the rest of it is legit I’d like to see more installable brush will brushes available.

  28. Ben Winne dice:

    This app is really good at what it’s supposed to do (paint), and doesn’t have too many features that are strictly Premium features. But there’s a bug where I can’t open the app anymore. It keeps telling me “Unfortunately, Painter has stopped”, so I can’t even open the app. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app multiple times, shutting down my phone, whatever. Until this bug is fixed, the app is useless to me.

  29. I really like this drawing app! As a novice artist just getting into digital art, I think it’s a really great app up with lots of different tools. However, one thing that keeps happening is the lines become blurred. I don’t know how to fix it and I think it takes my art down several notches. I love the crispness of a well done piece and this is not cutting it. I would bump up the rating if the issue is fixed or I figure out how to fix it. All in all, it’s a good app and I would recommend.

  30. TL;DR: Powerful, but unreliable. . I like the options and tools in this app: big variety of brushes, perspective tools, large canvas size, and the ability to upload brush packs. I was really looking forward to getting into this app and making it my primary program for digital work. However, it quits every minute using normal tools like “Undo.” Extremely frustrating as it sometimes looses my progress. I have the paid version and use it on a Galaxy Tab S4. Basically unusable. Bummed.

  31. I love this program and I want to see it succeed, the UI is so intuitive and it’s comfy to use (my personal preference over Procreate). That said, it’s got SO many bugs that it’s often frustrating to use. – Flipping canvas X will also flip Y when you zoom – App crashes on opening a project – App repeatedly crashes when painting on an old layer – transform/copy + paste tools frequently break – saves will frequently undo themselves on reopening the project (specifically with resizing canvas)

  32. I admire what’s here, however, you may as well just charge people to get this. I spent maybe five minutes drawing and then suddenly, nothing was appearing. I didn’t change any settings, but out of nowhere none of the pens, pencils, etc. Were working anymore. Just pay for premium or do what I’m doing and go through the list until one of them works. Again, admire the app, just can’t use it anymore and can’t seem to find an answer as to why.

  33. Dezi Moon dice:

    I really love this app, but at of late I’ve experienced frequent crashes, losing a lot of progress on a few of my projects. All of the features are great but it’s virtually impossible to use in it’s current state. ***As of November 2022, still experiencing app crashes.***

  34. This app was pretty good when I first started using it. I was surprised that it worked so well for a free app with inexpensive premium features. I love the community sections for pallets and brushes. However, after using the app for about 6 weeks, it crashes regularly. Or the canvas won’t be viewable after I undo. After crashing the layer I was working on will be blank. Its extremely frustrating because crashes can happen at any time. The bugs need to be fixed, desperately.

  35. i decided to buy this app because I seen some reviews saying it’s one of the best drawing apps. The brushes and blenders are good. Although I did have a bad experience. I spent a few days on a high detailed drawing. I decided I needed more space on the canvas so I resized it only to find that resizing somehow erased all the layers so they’re all blank now. I haven’t been able to recover my work. Save multiple copies just in case. Hard lesson learned.

  36. I would give this app a 5 star IF it didn’t keep saying your trial has ended. At times I can fix it, but now I can’t acess the layers so I don’t know what to do. If you can help then that would be great! Everything else with the app is perfect, I can draw well, the colors are fantastic, everything about it. Just that one thing about the little thing that pops up with I try to acess the layers or other tools.”Your trial has ended.” If that could be fixed, I would change my rating to a 5 star.

  37. I downloaded this a while back and did the free trial. I was impressed by the simple use and easy access to all function available at that time. I paid for the full version and it seemed to go well. Recently though it has been crashing alot. The art is simple with only a small amount of layers 4 to 5. So not sure why it has been crashing. Not sure if it’s the Samsung galaxy tab 6 plus or that it is no longer able to hold more than a couple of layers per at piece. I hope this is fixed soon.

  38. Love the app. Really useful, and really intuitive. Biggest problem I have is that the app randomly crashes, and when it does it deletes entire layers. I have lost hours of progress because of this bug, and it has happened several times on several projects. I hope this gets fixed soon. It’s happened over the course of a few months. I really do enjoy the app though

  39. This is from using it on my phone: Will crash once in a while. But, it is a good app! It meets the needs I want for drawing on the go! The pay wall is optional, basic materials as appropriate for on the go work. If you plan to do commission work, it is fairly decent for this regarding layering and material. But it is still better to get a tablet for larger scale works. A phone can only do so much, really meant to be for your leisure use.

  40. I have had this app on multiple devices for over 4 years. I have loved it so much, it was so simple and easy to use. I am commissioned as a digital artist often and this was my software of choice. Today I opened the app to finish a project I’ve put 7 hours into and found that the update has changed almost everything about the experience. Removed the “undo/redo” arrows? No more easy short cuts to adjust brush size, you have to go into options now every time. Please put those features back.

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