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Pixel Studio is a new pixel art editor for artists and game developers. Simple, fast and portable. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. Create amazing pixel art anywhere and anytime! We support layers and animations and have a ton of useful tools – all you need to create cool projects. Add music to your animations and export videos to MP4. Use Google Drive to sync your work between different devices and even platforms. Join Pixel Network™ – our new pixel art community! Create NFT! Don’t doubt, just try it and make sure you’ve chosen the best pixel art tool ever! Over 5.000.000 downloads around the world, translated to more than 25 languages!

• It’s super simple, intuitive and user friendly
• It’s cross-platform, use it on mobile and desktop with Google Drive sync
• Use layers for advanced pixel art
• Create frame-by-frame animations
• Save animations to GIF or sprite sheets
• Extend animations with music and export videos to MP4
• Share arts with friends and Pixel Network™ community
• Create custom palettes, use built-in or download palettes from Lospec
• Advanced color picker with RGBA and HSV modes
• Simple zoom and move with gestures and joysticks
• Use Portrait mode for mobile and Landscape for tablets and PC
• Customizable toolbar and a lot of other settings
• We support Samsung S-Pen, HUAWEI M-pencil and Xiaomi Smart Pen!
• We support all popular formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PSP (Pixel Studio Project), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), EXR
• Autosave and backup – don’t lose your work!
• Discover a ton of other useful tools and features!

More features:
• Shape Tool for primitives
• Gradient Tool
• Built-in and custom brushes
• Sprite Library for your image patterns
• Tile Mode for brushes
• Symmetry drawing (X, Y, X+Y)
• Dot Pen for precise drawing with a cursor
• Text Tool with different fonts
• Dithering Pen for shadows and flares
• Pixel art rotation with Fast RotSprite algorithm
• Pixel art scaler (Scale2x/AdvMAME2x, Scale3x/AdvMAME3x)
• Onion Skin for advanced animation
• Apply palettes to images
• Grab palettes from images
• Mini-map and Pixel Perfect preview
• Unlimited canvas size
• Canvas resizing and rotation
• Customizable background color
• Customizable grid
• Multithreaded image processing
• JASC Palette (PAL) format support
• Aseprite files support (import only)

You can support us by purchasing PRO (one-time purchase):
• No ads
• Google Drive sync (cross-platform)
• Dark Theme
• 256-color palettes
• Tile mode for making seamless textures
• Extended max project size
• Extra formats support: AI, EPS, HEIC, PDF, SVG, WEBP (cloud read only) and PSD (cloud read/write)
• Unlimited color adjustment (Hue, Saturation, Lightness)
• Unlimited export to MP4
• Extended storage in Pixel Network

System requirements:
• 2GB+ of RAM for large projects and animations
• Powerful CPU (AnTuTu score 100.000+)

Sample images made by lorddkno, Redshrike, Calciumtrice, Buch, Tomoe Mami are used under CC BY 3.0 license.


• Loading old project formats fixed
• Minor bugs fixed


44 comentarios en "Pixel Studio: pixel art editor MODDED 2022"

  1. It isn’t the most technical software compared to a lot of desktop apps, but it is the best and easiest to use that I’ve found on android. works great on my Galaxy ZFold. only issues I have are that symmetry mode only works for drawing with a pencil or eraser and nothing else. then layer properties are pretty basic. otherwise it is really good if you pay for the pro version. The basic version is really basic though.

  2. Fantastic. I’ve barely used it for more than 20 mins and already have a few animated sprites for testing. Ads are far and few between. Almost all options are available for free users. Files can be saved to many types of folders, as different types of files quick and easy. Its extremely helpful for my adhd, allowing me to make and animate a sprite whenever it may pop into my head. Honestly an amazing piece of software.

  3. ID give it 6 stars if i could. super easy to get into, love the set up and ability to art on the go. there are ads, homie’s gotta make that money, but only when you’re trying to save work and does not interrupt the work phase. fun and simple and looking forward to making more art pieces!

  4. So far, Pixel Studio is a really fun and easy to use app! It may look complicated at first, but it’s easier once you get to know the tools and features. There are tips about the tools and features that I love, but I think a beginning tutorial would be nice. One that can be skipped for those who don’t like tutorials. It takes away the confusion and complexity of the look so beginners aren’t scared away. Overall, I love Pixel Studio!

  5. Chaos Cat dice:

    This is such a great app! The autosave feature is amazing and rivals other art programs! My only complaint is that I wish you could combine layers! It makes it a little difficult to manage so few layers, so I think the option to combine layers would be a life saver!

  6. I love this app, it’s been so useful for drawing what I want and it works so well with my artstyle. my only issues with it, one time it reseted to the default set up when updating but that was easy to fix. the one major change I suggest is making ‘yes’ and ‘no’ buttons more distinct from each other, I cant tell you how many times I accidently pressed the wrong button and deleted hours of work. overall great app and look forward to using it for years to come!

  7. Holy I cannot believe how many normal art program functions are in this app. Like I wasn’t even expecting it to have a way to select and manipulate specific areas, let alone allow me to do all this! I can’t believe there’s so much in a mobile app. It’s almost like a normal drawing program on your computer, just tailored to pixel art. The only gripe is it’s kind of hard to figure out how to do certain things sometimes. It’s perfect otherwise.

  8. Bryon dice:

    lovely pixel art editor, nice layout, and awesome animation functions. the only problem is a tutorial, or lack thereof, other than that, this is the best one on the market!!!>Edit, have been using this for awhile now, the animation system is just bad and it feels like oleg just kinda ignores the pleas to fix it, will put review back to 5 as soon as animation system is fixed!

  9. i was searching through as many mobile art programs- that could animate- as i could. not only is this the most accessible one, but it has SO MUCH STUFF. it is a proper art program put into a mobile format, instead of just a watered down version of one. the only drawback(s) i’ve seen are a missing clipping layer function, which honestly i’m sure i could find if i looked, & not being able to rotate the canvas. other than that, very accessible, very well put together menus! thank you :]

  10. Absolutely amazing! I’ve been using it for some animations, sprite sheets, and some quick pixel art on the go. This has become my #1 app for pixel art, especially considering the ads are few and far between, while also staying non-intrusive. You have every tool at your fingertips practically, without having to offer up a subscription fee, which is a godsend. It’s quick and easy to set up your own pallette, and the storing of your projects lets you stop and continue anytime without fear!

  11. baconbro dice:

    amazing tool for pixel art, highly recommend, the only issue I find with it is finding certain settings can be hard if you want to do a certain thing. Another problem is sometimes after long sessions it will start to break, it only needs a restart of the app, just a mild inconvenience.

  12. Amazing app! Super easy to learn and understand everything you get for free is more than enough to work with. Even so im considering buying the pro version it looks worth every penny. The only ‘glitch’ ive found is the flipping by x or y after moving some pixel first, itll just not move and youll have to rehighlight and tap flip again but its not that serious. The backups are super convienent especially if your device dies. I highly recommend and have even shared this app with friends

  13. Hi_iamBob dice:

    Great app! It has a great set of colors and tools to pick from. You can create a lot of things with how big the canvas can usually get. It’s also cool that you can create pixel animations easily and move frames and layers to change things around. Again, great app. I would give more stars if I could.

  14. Athena dice:

    Great app!! Has more animation features then some legit animation apps (has a lot less ads too). Every problem that I have i end up figuring it out by looking around the many features. The only problem I haven’t solved yet is that I can’t see the outline of a previous frame when I start a new one. This has made my animation process a lot slower. Still better then any app out there though, highly recommend!!

  15. J S dice:

    Best sprinting program on android, seems to have all i need, i would like an option to hide and bring out the color pallette via a swipe or something, it sometimes gets in my way and I change the color with the side of my hand when using my S pen (left handed artist). Update: Copy and paste function, works fine, but when I flip the copied portion I should still be able to move it, this is not the case as it’s automatically pasted on the spot or off to the side depending on the size selected.

  16. Company dice:

    Very good compared to the other apps I’ve used which due to its difficulty but I still have some problems about tapping certain elements as I continue to edit and save, pick colors, and use certain tools like paintbrush and create line. It sometimes interprets that I want to move it although it just may be my fault. Anyways, it’s good.

  17. Easy to Use, AND FREE For a free program on mobile and pc, this works amazingly on both platforms. The animation funtion works simply and smoothly, letting you use multiple layers if desired, and a customizable canvas size lets you adjust to your likings. Convenient color sliders, pallets, and pickers make getting colors not a hassle, and it overall feels responsive and pleasing to use. For a free program, this is 110% worth at least trying!!

  18. With the addition of Lasso I can finally say this app is PERFECT! for a while lasso selection wasn’t a thing and it kind of drove me nuts but the developer listened. The app is great it has a lot of great tools for pixel art and animation. You get a lot of things for free with the execption of an ad maybe every half hour. Not annoying at all but buying the pro version with no ads gives a great peace of mind. Perfect Pixel App!

  19. Derpy Kat dice:

    It seemed great, till I tried the “Dot Pen”. It gave me precise control of coloring each pixel at a time, but there needs to be a way to lock the screen from moving on its own. Every time I tried to use the Dot Pen, the screen kept flying to one side on its own. And if the screen keeps moving on its own, what good is it?

  20. Good, but importing is a crapshoot. Seriously, you have to import from photos because it won’t let you go outside the PS folder the in app file explorer, and then every single time I have something selected from photos, the app restarts. Every. Single. Time. Please fix this, it makes sprite edits nearly impossible.

  21. Edit: I got it back from the backup because for some reason the latest one was in the middle instead of at the end or beggining. It’s an amazing app to draw on I genuinely love it except the part where I can’t really save properly on my phone and sometimes even on the app itself. I was going to buy the pro but at this point I don’t know if I should just buy a different app which sucks because I really like this one but I wanna save my work.

  22. as someone who has always wanted to get into art, but never had the time or energy to get good at it, I can say with confidence that this app is perfect for beginner artists to experiment and make art that looks good easily. After only a few hours, I feel comfortable with the controls, and have already started seeing my art improve. I have not needed to spend any money so far, however if I get any more serious with my art, the cost of full access is more than affordable for any serious artist.

  23. As far as creating goes, I love this app. But the file management feels a little buggy. Like when I save a file, it doesn’t show the other files in the folder so I’m not sure I’m saving it exactly where I want it to be. It would also be nice if I could save to external storage for keeping files backed up, but it doesn’t seem like I can completely control the file path, it only lets me create folders. Also, Pixel Network says I have no previous works, but I just uploaded one a couple days ago.

  24. So far, this app is great! I like that there’s a shape tool so you can easily make a circle with just dragging~ My only complaint is that I frequently get an error with loading and using color palettes. I save the files correctly, and they’re in the correct place, yet I get a red screen and an error half of the time, even with copy pasting the name to download it from the app.

  25. Nadini dice:

    Great pixel art tool! My only complaint so far is that certain functions are a little screwy. Mirroring objects sometimes revert themselves back to their previous states for seemingly no reason. Though by playing a little with the app, I found a way to easily circumvent this issue. Other than that, it’s super easy to use and very thorough. Highly recommend~

  26. Works well, and is easy to understand and use. By far my favorite pixel art app that I’ve tried. However, I’d like to bring a glitch to your [the developer] attention that is relatively minor, but throws me off when it happens: the image of what you’re drawing will turn into a mess of random pixels from time to time while drawing. It’s fixed by simply tapping again, but as I said, it kinda throws you off for a bit. I’ve done a small amount of testing to try and figure it out, but I’ve got nothin

  27. The app contains pixel art tutorials that I found extremely helpful, and its relatively easy to use to make pixel art and animations. Thankfully, you dont have to pay to get everything, just a few extra features that I don’t find necessary (but I am an amateur and just doing this for fun). Very useful app, only has a few ads and is great for making little fun animations on the go. There are a few minor bugs, but it has not affected me very much. 10/10 would doodle again.

  28. Possibly the best pixel art app on android. Slightly less robust than other options, but it makes up for it with a fantastic, easy-to-use interface. For basic pixel art, this is going to be all you need. One feature it lacks that I would like, however: the ability to import a saved pixel art piece into the current project. EDIT: Oh, wow, can’t believe I didn’t notice that the feature already exists. Whelp, there we go, the perfect program.

  29. Overall, this is a great pixel art app. But it has the tendency to suddenly freeze up on me while I’m working, especially on larger canvases. I’m thankful that it auto saves because I have no choice but to swipe out of the app when it freezes. However, when I swipe out and come back in, relying on the auto save isn’t completely helpful because sometimes it deletes some of my pixels. Other than those problems, I’d say this is a pretty good app.

  30. I had a project going, but out of no where an entire layer disappeared. All I did was press the undo button to undo a minor part of it, but it erased the entire layer somehow. I tried using the redo button among others, but nothing recovered it. Very frustrating, since I had spent a lot of time on it. It has a lot of ads, though they don’t bother me that much. It has a great layout and it’s fun to use, but the bugs may, unfortunately, mess up your entire piece

  31. Kevin R dice:

    Genuinely a good app. It’s not overly complicated yet has everything. Want normal pixel art? You got it! Want a complete animated pixel scene? Also completely doable! I’ve done a lot of animated characters this way and it’s honestly a lot of fun and really rewarding if you have the patience for it. It has a bunch of tools to help, even one that automatically makes a customizable color gradient for you, though I don’t find much use for it based on the stuff I make. Anyways, it’s great and free 🙂

  32. Easy to use, easy to master, is not a common phrase. Being free, AND the best on the Android platform is a great combo. Animation, layers, multiple file type saves, etc. The only thing it loses a star for is because the ads are randomly very intrusive. They’ve popped up while I’m trying to save and I have to get off the train in a few seconds, not cool. While I also think devs should charge more for their work, $12.00 for the app is by far the highest price I’ve seen (to get rid of ads + more)

  33. It’s fine but there’s somethings I would definitely added in. First off is something to rotate the canvas, it does ache my fingers when I can’t change the angle of the canvas to draw and I don’t want to rotate my whole tablet, it does get annoying. That is my biggest compliment here. I would add a blending mode to help with shading, lighting, etc. Lastly, I think adding a clipping layer would be nice addition to the app. For my style, makes it easier to add color to my linework without going over the line. If I do missed these features in the app or if these features are in the Pro version, do tell. That’s just my piece of thought of what I thought the app needed. I think it’s good for the most part, just minus what I said.

  34. EDIT: I updated it today, still have the issue. When Pixel Studio saves a project, it DOES NOT match what was created in app. The transparency is off and some colors do not match. I have no idea what is causing this. Initially I thought it was an issue with using partially transparent layers, so I switched it so all layers were at 100% opacity and the colors were partially transarent. This did not solve the issue. To me this is a HUGE problem that basically renders the app completely useless.

  35. I’ve been using this app for over a year. I originally gave it a 5 star review with its ability to import palettes, images, and the large selection of tools that other apps don’t include. however one of these tools had made my life in pixel art a living hell. The selection tool won’t let me select and drag, copy or cut anything. It keeps flashing and once I let go of the area I want to select it disappears. Great app, but it’s making correcting proportions really hard.

  36. As an aspiring indie dev having tried the rounds with other pixel art tools (both Google Play and Windows), this one takes the cake for it’s simplicity and functionality. As far as I’m concerned, it’s got every feature I could’ve asked for. UI is remarkably intuitive and particularly welcoming for inexperienced artists, though I feel it’d be powerful enough to more than satisfy veteran artists as well. All-in-all, I really feel like this is the go-to for mobile pixel art and animation.

  37. one of the best pixel apps I have ever used! It works well. It’s easy to use, and it is very useful for those who struggle with making pixel art on the computer! Also there aren’t any pesky ads every 5 seconds! The only ads you get is the one every so often when you open the save menu options! Definitely 5 stars! You should definitely try it out!

  38. Basically the best pixel editor available. I don’t give 5 stars easy. App has almost no bugs, easy to use tools and a helpful UI. Not to mention the ad control. It gives you an early warning when ads are about to pop and you never have to watch more than 5 seconds before being able to skip. Seriously a good app, I’ve been using it for like a year now with no issues 🤟

  39. This is a pretty good app don’t get me wrong, but I find that there are a few things they should add. I think #1 they should add in a rotate, they have a button to move the object, but I can’t seem to figure out how to rotate, although i don’t think you can. #2 like before, they have the move button, but you can’t shrink or make what you are creating bigger (I’m not talking about the zoom, just to widen, or make an image skinner, or manipulating the image to what you like).

  40. This apps great, but there is one issue. It crashes constantly which can be a bit annoying at times. It’ll work fine for a few minutes, sometimes around maybe 10 minutes before it crashes again. Thankfully, it’s not too big of an issue thanks to the feature that saves the progress of an artwork automatically, so when it does crash I don’t lose any progress. I wasn’t sure if this has already been reported or not but I wanted to write this just in case. Still an amazing app though! ^^

  41. this has been an incredibly comprehensive art app, especially for pixel art. I have very mixed feelings on the lay out of multiple context menus using the same type of iconography, but considering the limited screen space I understand why it’s the way it is. the only real issue that I’ve run into is that the buttons are not always the most responsive to my stylus, so quickly changing buttons usually requires pushing the button two or three times.

  42. Kixad dice:

    It’s really neat and easy enough to understand. I don’t animate much using the app but I grasped that feature fairly quick too. The frame linking feature is a little weird for me, that’s just a nit-pick though. I really like making character sprites in the app and doing simple idle animations. I do wish there was a way to organize the color pallet but other than that no real big complaints.

  43. A one star simply because it still contain ads even after paying to remove them in the first place! I feel ripoff and screwed over even if is small or non intrusive! I don’t like ads and is why i paid for the benefits and the ad to be gone! You got your money but I’m still stuck with these ads! Unless I’m wrong but i can’t even find away to shut down! Like i really needed to go through that when paying for it should have remove it completely! is a scam don’t buy if you hate ads! Also expensive!

  44. Very good; simple and sleek interface, many useful tools, and *very* few ads (i’ve been using the app for 3 days now and have gotten a grand total of 1 ad). normally this would be the part of the review where i list the things i don’t like about the app. oh wait, there are none! superb job. EDIT: The removal of the ability to “cut” from selections was uncool.

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