Sketch a Day: Daily challenges & tutorials 2022


Start a great habit that stays for life, in just 5 minutes a day
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Get daily inspiration and get your creativity flowing with Sketch a Day! Join 250,000 artists in the best sketching community around!

The idea is simple: every day, we set a new subject for everyone to draw. You do your sketch or drawing, take a photo, and upload it for that day for everyone to see.

You can sketch, draw, paint, use digital art apps. Whatever you like that gets you into the habit of drawing every day.

Submit as many as you like, and see your progress over time.

And with the all-new Learn section, you will find great tutorials from our wonderful community of talented artists. Want to learn watercolours? Craving crafty ideas? Need to practise drawing people? Then the Learn section is perfect for you.

Lots of people are using Sketch a Day as a great way to start a positive habit. I have had many messages of support about the effect it has had on people’s mental health, wellness and mindfulness. Sketching is a great habit to get into, even if like so many people, you think you “can’t draw”. It’s a very peaceful, quiet and creative pastime, and receiving the help and support of others is a great way to feel good about yourself.

Sketch a Day is a wonderful, positive community with people from all over the world coming together to draw a common theme. If you need ideas for drawing, inspiration, encouragement or just want to look at amazing art, Sketch a Day is the right app for you.

If you’ve ever participated in Inktober, this app is like that – but forever – and you have a place to share your work and enjoy others.

** Sketch a Day is growing fast **

There are over 300,000 artists in the community now. It’s just growing faster and faster all the time!

If you want to learn, want to get back into drawing, or just want a quick practice or warm-up, then Sketch a Day could be perfect for you. For beginners, we have tips and tutorials each day. For the experts, you can post your images and show your skills to the world.

So…go sharpen your pencils!

Did you know?

• By drawing each day and getting likes, you can build your own private gallery of famous masterpieces.
• Parental controls make Sketch a Day a safer place. You can prevent ‘adult material’ from being seen by your children by setting a PIN on the parental controls.
• You can comment on people’s sketches so you can ask how they did it, ask for tips, give them some kudos or just be silly!
• You can also add your Instagram account name so people can follow you on Instagram quickly and easily.
• When you’ve done a drawing, you can share it on Facebook straight from the app.

We have had some really creative drawings in our first few months. We’ve had pencils, watercolours, digital drawing, pen and ink, acrylics. We’ve had kids, adults, beginners, improvers and experts!

I would like to use this space to say thank you to all the people who have messaged me to tell me how Sketch a Day has made their lives better. Drawing every day really seems to have a huge positive effect on people’s lives.


• Create and find sub-challenges using hashtags (we loved #15MinutesAugust) on the home screen. We'd love to see what you create!
• An updated look - we've got something exciting coming and we needed to make some changes so we can more easily add new features!


4 comentarios en "Sketch a Day: Daily challenges & tutorials 2022"

  1. Cassidy Srock dice:

    This is the first app I’ve found that has a social aspect to it that is a legitimately positive space. There are some ads but not too many (Developers gotta eat too) and they tend to be longer ads further apart which is my preference. The prompts are very open ended and the skill level of the users seems to be “I’ve literally never drawn a thing ever” to “I’m a professional and even my 5 minute sketches look professional” but all are given equal space.

  2. Amelio Grey dice:

    I like the app a lot and have a long runnning streak on it. I was going to buy the premium but they don’t give you an option to know what email you signed up with, they don’t give you any options in settings to change the email or password or know which google account you used to log in so I’m not able to buy premium because I don’t want to lose access if I lose my phone. It’s one of the biggest downfalls of this app other than no DMs unless you pay and then you only get to DM others who pay.

  3. Definitely-Not-LordEnglish dice:

    I’m loving this app so far, it’s great daily practise + inspiration for when you don’t know what to draw. I like that there are tutorials for different mediums and skill levels. I think it would be really cool if there was a way to tag your art besides the medium used so you can look at specific things. Alongside a tagging system, blacklisting would also be nice. Then people could have more freedom with what they draw while others can blacklist their triggers.

  4. James Hamilton dice:

    This app is fantastic! Not exactly what i was expecting but i like it. An improvement could be a way to upload video digital animations because I’ve thought of ways to make the drawing an animation but then after i spent my entire day working on it; it seemed to not work, unless i missed something but i enjoy it a lot. It’s very fun and exciting to see new things pop up everyday for you to do and the creative hints are fun. I recomend to anyone who needs a push to (start) draw(ing) (again)

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