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Share the joy of painting with ibis Paint! Drawing anime and manga art.
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ibis Paint is a popular and versatile drawing app downloaded more than 280 million times in total as a series, which provides over 15000 brushes, over 15000 materials, over 1000 fonts, 80 filters, 46 screentones, 27 blending modes, recording drawing processes, stroke stabilization feature, various ruler features such as radial line rulers or symmetry rulers, and clipping mask features.

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– A Highly functional and professional features surpassing that of desktop drawing apps.
– Smooth and comfortable drawing experience realized by OpenGL technology.
– Recording your drawing process as a video.
– SNS feature where you can learn drawing techniques from other users’ drawing process videos.

ibis Paint has high functionality as a drawing app along with features of sharing drawing processes with other users.

[Brush Features]
– Smooth drawing at up to 60 fps.
– Over 15000 kinds of brushes including dip pens, felt tip pens, digital pens, air brushes, fan brushes, flat brushes, pencils, oil brushes, charcoal brushes, crayons and stamps.
– Various brush parameters such as starting/ending thickness, starting/ending opacity, and initial/final brush angle.
– Quick sliders that allow you to quickly adjust brush thickness and opacity.
– Real time brush previews.

[Layer Features]
– You can add layers as many as you need with no limit.
– Layer parameters that can be set to each layers individually such as layer opacity, alpha blending, adding, subtracting, and multiplying.
– A handy clipping feature for clipping images, etc.
– Various layer commands such as layer duplication, import from the photo library, horizontal inversion, vertical inversion, layer rotation, layer moving, and zooming in/out.
– A feature for setting layer names to distinguish different layers.

*About ibis Paint purchase plan
The following purchase plans are available for ibis Paint:
– ibis Paint X (free version)
– ibis Paint (paid version)
– Remove Ads Add-on
– Prime Membership (Monthly plan / Yearly plan)
There is no difference in features other than the presence or absence of advertisements for the paid version and the free version.
If you purchase the Remove Ads Add-on, the ads will not be displayed and there will be no difference from the paid version of ibis Paint.
In order to use more advanced functions, the following Prime Membership (Monthly plan / Yearly plan) contracts are required.

[Prime Membership]
A prime member can use the prime features. You can try it free for the 30 days at the time of the first purchase. A prime member can use the following features and services
– 20GB of cloud storage capacity
– Prime Materials
– Prime Canvas Papers
– Prime Fonts
– Tone Curve filter
– Gradation Map filter
– Levels Adjustment filter
– Replace Color filter
– Clouds filter
– Reordering artworks in My Gallery
– No advertisements displayed
* After you become a prime member with the 30 days free trial, if you do not cancel your “Prime Membership” at least 24 hours before the last day of the free trial, your “Prime Membership” will be automatically renewed and you will be charged for the automatic renewal.
* We will add premium features in future, please look out for them.

*On Data Collection
– Only when you are using or going to use SonarPen, the app collects audio signal from microphone. The collected data is only used for communication with SonarPen, and is never saved nor sent to anywhere.

*Questions and support
Questions and bug reports in reviews will not be responded to, so please contact ibis Paint support.

*ibisPaint’s terms of service


Thank you for using ibis Paint!
The summary of this update is as follows.

[Fixed Bugs and Problems]
- Addresses a bug in the most recent update, Ver. 10.0.3 (a problem related to left-right flipping of layers).


40 comentarios en "ibis Paint MOD"

  1. Best drawing app on Play store!! You don’t know how many apps I’ve gone through trying to find one to do what I needed. Many had me yanking my hair out out of frustration and anger. Many apps have similar features which fall short. Most fail to use the layers properly or effectively. I’ve used some where you could only move the layer down… seriously, it was a headache. Also I’m using a drawing tablet hooked up to a Chromebook whichs works great. It’s like drawing on real paper. 10/10!!

  2. This has become my favorite way to doodle and sketch on my phone! Edit: Bringing it down a star because it’s been having a lot of issues with suddenly crashing or going black-screened when I try to start a new canvas via importing a picture for some odd and frustrating reason? (And I think it’s also done it a couple of times when trying to open it in general??) I think it started after the most recent update, so I’ll change my rating back when it’s fixed/stops doing this.

  3. Alina dice:

    Honestly I really love this app!! Out of all the other drawing apps, this one is the easiest to use. I adore all of the little functions that come with it, (My favorite being the reference window)! My only problem with it is that it still promotes a subscription after purchasing, leaving a lot of the materials unavailable unless you pay. Despite this, the app is more than usable if you don’t get the premium subscription and I still recommend that any digital artists out there check it out!

  4. As a handicap person with extremely limited movement, consistent of a sixth digit stylus. I find this app (and a few others) very good at allowing me to be creative again. However I would love if there was a way to lock the tools and move the picture around 1 handed, and a blend tool would be awesome! Other then that highly recommended

  5. The only app for art I have used on mobile successfully, and I’m impressed beyond belief. The touch controls are intuitive and responsive, there’s a cloud for saves, and even in the free version (IbisPaint X), there’s a way to get the paid brushes for free, and they stick around for a while. Worth every penny, especially if you do art on the go. Word of advice though, get yourself a nice stylus or something. (And if you get the electronic one that connects to android, it has built in support!)

  6. dreamer dice:

    It’s has good features. the brushes given are nice, yet overwhelming(never had so many brushes before to choose from and im not complaining lol). Still playing with the app, to know how to use it better. With the amount of brushes given, can you add a favorite feature with its own tab? Like adding a ❤ or a ⭐ beside the brush to add it to a list. I just like my brushes organized so i can get to use them faster.

  7. Ira Segal dice:

    I’m still loving Ibis. Using everyday since my last review over a year ago. In terms of functionality it’s so easy.The UI is intuitive. Brushes react nice. I’d give more stars if I could. My wish list is, layer masks, a better organizing system for brushes. An option to bold, underline, and Italicize single words for comics, ability to lock layers, ability to mport a full color palette. Also a more aesthecally pleasing UI. But these are little issues for a near perfect app! Thank you Ibis!

  8. One of the best purchases i have made to date, i love creating with it, and I’m very hesitant towards buying apps. For anybody who is interested, passionate and/or serious about developing their digital artistic abilities, it’s so easy to use and easy to get lost in your own portable desk! And S-pen / Apple pen compatible!! 15/10 would highly suggest to anybody 😊

  9. Well, it’s a just good app. But it might just be my tablet, but I ran into a problem no one else seemed to address. Whenever I have the app pulled up, the volume on my tablet is fine, but then when I exit the app or shut off my tablet while I am using the app then my volume is reduced to zero. It’s usually not a problem, but when I’m say, listening to music? It goes completely mute whenever I have to import a picture or grab a reference. If this flaw could be fixed, that would be amazing. Edit: It was fixed 🙂

  10. Jey dice:

    This really is a great drawing app! There are so many options and brushes to use, and it’s pretty easy to learn and navigate through too! I still have a problem with colors though, I want to be able to organize them easily, like having different customized palate folders for easy organization and access. Other than that, I really recommend this app for others! Worth the money!

  11. I’ve been using Ibis paint x for over a year now, and decided to finally buy the app since I loved the free version so much. Upon trying to draw, the delay between strokes and seeing it appear on the canvas takes from 2-3 seconds. The app literally freezes when I put my stylus down to draw. I’ve never had any problems with the free version, and yet the paid version appears to be broken. I even installed it onto another phone, same thing. This is upsetting since I genuinely love this app a lot.

  12. This app is great. I’m so glad I don’t have to watch ads for the brushes. By the way, I’d like to point out that in a review someone said they downloaded the computer version and it worked awfully. This program isn’t meant for computer, and whatever they got was a rip off, so they should probably change their review to match with the mobile experience. Overall, it’s a great app, and it rarely lags.

  13. I’ve been using this app quite a bit. I wasn’t happy about the subscription based premium service but found I can live without it anyway. It’s quick on my note 10 and I like the desktop level of brush control. But one REALLY annoying thing is that when using a stylus your finger still acts as a brush too. This makes it far too easy to leave marks when zooming that you dont find till far too late. Most programs disable finger touches for painting when using a stylus. This needs to be fixed.

  14. This drawing app has been amazing! It has pretty much every feature that I want! The one thing that has been irritating me, however, is that with my Note 10 it recognizes my S-Pen as a drawing tablet pen, but won’t let me turn on palm rejection, where pretty much every other app allows me to not only turn on the palm rejection, but also allows me to use my finger to move the canvas. Otherwise, the other irritation is color blending and no blend tool. It’s not terrible, just not amazing.

  15. Kaley L dice:

    The app is great, I love the array of brushes and tools, however I do have a few problems/suggestions with it. 1. I paid for the premium version, yet there’s STILL paid features I have to buy a subscription to use. 2. It would be nice to have a gradient tool, like in photoshop or medibang, instead of the effects window. 3. You can’t group layers and move them. 4. You can’t eyedrop while using a special brush. 5. The lasso tool is very pixelated. There’s more that I can’t fit here 🙂

  16. Coming from ibis Paint X (the free version) and there’s no easy way to import all of your gallery from the old app to this one. I don’t want to get rid of my old work, but also don’t want to keep both apps on my phone. Wish they would make an easy way to export/import between the two apps, considering they’re literally the same minus the ads.

  17. Ibis Paint is a great tool for drawing and artwork in general, I love all the brushes and everything is simple to use. But, I can only give 3 stars because despite all the brushes and tools, ibis Paint is still a little basic. It certainly isn’t for professional artists, it’s more for beginners. Plus, I find it a little ridiculous to have to pay for the app and still not get all the features? ibis Paint isn’t worth paying a membership for, at least not until they step it up a bit. Overall, 8/10

  18. It’s great! However, this may just be me but I would expect everything else to be unlocked after I payed 8 dollar (+tax). As far as I know, you only unlock the brushes and that’s it. For 8 dollars? Eh, probably not worth it I should have just stuck with the Ibispaint X and get the brushes for free just by watching an ad. Why spend 8 dollars on something that I can literally get for free?

  19. Hi! I love this app very much, and use it for all my art projects- in fact, I would love to take it to another level! I was wondering if it’d be possible to add more functions to the app involving animation, so that we could make all art entirely on Ibis. I’ve used the original app for four years, and last year I finally got the full version! I hope you consider adding animation functions, I think it could be a massive boost for the app! I wish you all a lovely 2021, thank you for this app 😀

  20. Rpoxxu dice:

    It’s a great app for drawing, but I don’t really see a difference with the other version except no ads and all the brushes are free. Anyways my problem is the app is very laggy, when I use the smudge or blur brush it lags so much I can’t even zoom out and sometimes it crashes. It does the same thing with the eraser brush or when I use a brush and set the size of it to big. The lag is super annoying and it stays like that for like 2 min so it’s hard to draw with the lag.

  21. Absolutely the best I’ve found. It’s like a mixture of Photoshop layers with Painter’s brushes. Interface is easier than both. Brushes are unique and varied, completely customizable. Newest update makes my Sonar Pen crash the app. Sonar Pen turned out to be barely functional anyway. 😔 $50 and 3 month wait for nothing. Don’t endorse a product that barely works, ok IbisPaint?

  22. SWEET! but interface/ menu is bit hard to nav. I have to question if im actually saving my work or not and where or whats places its being saved. But there alott goin on, and no matter who you are, takes a second learn. And you always have plenty options to discover something more 10 STARS coming from a rookie in digital drawings. Way cool and im sure you guys put in crazy amounts of effort to make it what it is. Props.

  23. When I first got this, I had an amazing time using it, it was a tool that allowed me to start digital art in a space that worked well. As I’ve used it, I’ve had several art peices crash do to errors, the entire app crash when I miss click the bucket tool, and a very laggy and buggy app. I don’t know what happened, or why this app has such a hard time handling some things, but I can’t use it, and that makes me terribly sad, beco I love this app. If it gets fixed, I’ll use it, but I just can’t

  24. This is honestly the best drawing app available hands down. It runs smooth, never crashes or deletes work, brush options for days, infinite color scale, you can zoom in close enough for miniscule details, the filtering options causes technological arousment. You can have a good peak of your potential as a digital artist with this app. I even use it for photoshop due to the ability of the brush being able to accurately mimic natural coloring. I’m mind blown. Way to go with this app guys, truly.

  25. I love this app for drawing. I have used the free version of app for many years and changed to this own because of the add, but ever with that I really do love it, I can’t exaggerate it enough. I found it very easy to use and enjoy being able to use every brush without having to watch an ad. Of course there is flaws like it not doing what I want it to do and not being able to find the right brushes, but that’s a me problem. Would recommend to anyone getting into digital art!

  26. Honestly it is a really good and worth it app. It can be confusing at the start be you soon get used to everything and figure it out. Though of course there could be some improving like on the resizing, moving, rotating, etc. Other than that it’s honestly amazing.

  27. It’s overall a great app, however. Having only three options to log in for saved works is absurd. Not everyone has, or wants Facebook or Twitter. And not everyone is using apple devices. So maybe should have other log in options. Like google, or even connecting their DeviantArt accounts. And for those who have the paid app, I really don’t believe that the ones with the paid app should not have to pay extra for more storage to save their drawings. Otherwise it would be a five star review. Thanks.

  28. Niq dice:

    It’s a good app but I’ve been experiencing issues since I bought this. So first it was very laggy and was barely letting me draw anything. There was a text say “there were too many layers” but there were only 9. Then it said something about the canvas so I changed it, but it kept saying the same thing, WHILE LAGGING. I went off a couple of hours but now the picture I’ve been shading isn’t loading. When I tried to reload it, the app kept crashing. I don’t know what to do!

  29. Ok as someone who’s been using this app since around 2018 the app is good don’t get me wrong, it’s a great starters tool and offers so much. But what’s wrong is even after you pay for the app you’re STILL at a loss because you can’t get the full experience without a MEMBERSHIP. But that asside, as of late the app has been buggy I get 1/4 through a layer only for the previous action to CONSTANTLY undo itself & after fighting with it the app crashes within a few seconds & all that progress lost!

  30. I recently bought myself a new Samsung tab6 tablet and there aren’t a lot of drawing apps compatible with non iPad tablets which was pretty off putting to deal with when I first got it. I’m very pleased to say that this app actually is very great for drawing. It’s easy to use simple and very new comer friendly. If you don’t have an ipad and are looking for a decent drawing app I can’t recommend this enough.

  31. I love love love this app! Only thing is… I would love it if the app on Android is compatible with other pens that have pressure sensitivity like for example, the Adonit Dash 3 stylus. Since it’s compatible with Android and apple. As well as other pretty mainstream ones. Regardless, this app is perfect for the type of art I want to do and with endless choices of, well, everything, I want to continue using this app to the fullest. Hopefully, in the future, this will be able to work out 💯.

  32. It’s a good app, i use it alot, problem is i don’t really like the new update with the blue box around things you want to move/rotate. I liked having the freedom of the whole screen but now i’ve gotta try and move the box, which also gets rid of the purpose of the move and rotate buttons. I just think it was easier being able to use the whole screen.

  33. It’s a very good app and I’ve been using it for several years now but I want to add this comment to try to convince them to Maybe add a animation program because I feel like if people could make animations on it by switching modes or canvases and also adding audio like flip a clip it could really be a beneficial especially with all the amazing brushes!

  34. The app is great!! I’ve been using Ibis Paint X for years, upgrading into this app is even better, the only problem that I have is the subscriptions, I feel like we should have the full deal when paying for this app. But other than that, it’s amazing!!!

  35. Good, but even though I bought it, some basic features are still locked behind premium, like being able to rearange my images. I would also like to see a folders feature to organise my images.

  36. So much stuff to use, I guess it is worth the 500 price tag. Although there are some issues with some stuffs. Some brushes takes all the ram of your phone, especially the brush that spreads the colour. On larger canvases there’s a square shape area near the top of the canvas where all the brushes jus buggs out and just keeps on making squares and lines. Fill tool is also buggy like sometimes it doesn’t know what to do so it makes a tringle instead of filling the area.

  37. I love the app. To use this app properly I have also bought ‘Deco mini 7’. One problem occur while using this app is colour blending I can’t blend two different shades of same colour. I tried smudge, blur tool but nothing give the satisfying result. Please add a colour blending tool. Edit-Can you add option to add different selection layers.Option to have more than one selection layer.

  38. Great,AMAZING app would definitely recommend. But… there is one thing I would love,a search option in you’re gallery,like for people who have lots and lots of pictures. Instead of scrolling up and down to find ONE particular picture you could just search the title and it would pop up.

  39. SEEQ dice:

    Had a very good experience so far. I made more than 800 art already. Nothing crashes. New updates is awesome. So many useful features were added. Also hope the time lapse feature will be improved in the future with better resolution and quality. So far so good.

  40. My go-to drawing app, love it so much. Only problem I encounter is that sometimes when I import an image, it breaks and kicks me out of the app, then I have to go back in and redo it. But honestly I don’t mind. I could never rate it lower than 5 stars. 🙂

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