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A little scanner app that scans everything to PDFs.
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Tiny Scanner is a little scanner app that turns android device into a portable document scanner and scans everything as images or PDFs.

With this pdf document scanner app you can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, or just about anything. This pdf document scanner app is lightning fast and gorgeously designed for both phone and tablet.


Tiny Scanner is a pdf document scanner app that turns your mobile into a portable scanner. Scans are saved to your device as images or PDFs. Name and organize your scans into folders, or share them by:

– Email
– Wifi directly to your computer
– Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box

This document scanner app has all the BIG features you need:

* Scan in color, grayscale, or black & white
* AI Powered OCR(different languages, editing results, handwritings recognition, copying, sharing or saving as txt, word, etc.)(Available in subscription mode)
* Can be used in office, school, home and anywhere else you want
* Page edges are detected automatically
* 5 levels of contrast for crisp monochrome texts
* Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more)
* Thumbnail or list view, sort scans by date or title
* Tiny Scanner is optimized to run very fast.
* Quick search by document title
* Protect your documents with a passcode
* Add signature to scanned docs
* Universal – a single app that works on phone and tablet too!

The free version is an ad-supported version and has some function restrictions, we also offer an ad-free version with no function restrictions which is available as in-app purchase.
All Premium Features:
– Scan documents unlimitedly
– AI Powered OCR(different languages, editing results, handwritings recognition, copying, sharing or saving as txt, etc. 200 pages per month)
– All sharing options
– Ads free

Payment models for Premium Subscription:
– $3.99/month
– $19.99/year

Please note the subscription is automatically renewed unless you choose to cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current period in Subscriptions on Google Play.

Permissions Used in Tiny Scanner:
1. Storage: Tiny Scanner needs this permission to read photos from Gallery when you choose to import images from local storage, save images to Gallery needs this permission too.
2. Camera: Tiny Scanner needs this permission to use camera to scan docs.

We’re glad to hear your feedback. If you have any problem about this scanner app please email us at [email protected], and we’ll help you figure it out.


- Compatible with Android 13
- Minor bug fixes
- Stability improved


40 comentarios en "Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App MODDED 2022"

  1. Good program to use when in pinch for a scanner. One thing – when adjusting borders the software is too sensitive. Let’s say, you apply your finger to the screen to pinpoint the cursor to the corner of the page. As soon as you lift your finger off, the cursor is no longer where you placed it.

  2. This is a very good app. I use it frequemtly. The free version allows you to scan a limited amount of documents. If you want to scan more you must delete from the app the first scans after you sent them. An update I would like to see it that it allow repositioning of pages scanned within the document. Example– the ability to move page 7 to page 2.

  3. Pro app doesn”t work as advertised. In order to do multiple pages, I had to upgrade to the pro version. When I did, however, both the quality of the scan with the multi-page selection was lower in the ability to actually add a second page didn’t seem to be available in the app. So far, I have heard nothing from technical support, so 1 star. I’d rate it more lowly, given that they have essentially taken my money for no good reason, but that’s not an option.

  4. Billy dice:

    I have been a big fan of Tiny Scanner for many years and I have recommended it to many people. Unfortunately, everything I loved about it seems to be gone, along with a new, higher, pricing structure. It seems like a greedy move to go so far as to hide the scanned files too, making them a total pain in the arse to use. I’m done using Tiny Scanner and done recommending it too.

  5. When this app wouldn’t open any longer, I deleted and re-downloaded; now I no longer have access to any of my files within the app. Idk if I’d have access to them if I pay for Premium, but I don’t see any benefit to Premium. I don’t need Tiny Scanner to view existing pdfs. Now that my camera has a scan function, I’ll just use that instead and delete this. It’s a better way to organize my files anyway. I did get several good years from this app, but I always resent being forced into premium.

  6. Don W dice:

    This app used to be amazing. Clean, simple, easy. Now they have hidden the storage location on the device so you cannot see any of your scanned pdf files unless you are in the app. This madness makes attaching files to an email a maddening process. If I want to attach a tiny scanned file to a reply email. I first have to email myself the pdf so I can download it to an accessible folder then I can send it onward. This is the most unconscionable change I can think of. Zero stars, app removed.

  7. It required a video to be loaded in order to proceed, but I wasn’t able to for some reason. Perhaps it’s my Internet, but at that point, I may as well go through the hassle of figuring out how my printer does scanning. The design is overly minimalist. It is insofar as how it is unintelligible at times and the ability to change the brightness does not quite satisfy needs of readability despite ‘scanning’ math homework in #2 pencil. Overall, it is more fickle than printers themselves.

  8. The app is very nice and fast if you just want to do simple single page scan. However, it is very limited in terms of what you can evaluate. It doesn’t provide evaluation of the features I really need, i.e. batch processing and cloud sharing. The app is fast and good enough for single scan, but I need to evaluate the process in which it handles batch scan, i.e. does it prompt user after each image to crop/approve (which really slows down the process), or does it allows cropping/approving afterwards. Of all the apps I evaluated, this one is the most intrusive in terms of popping up with upgrading the app, when I can’t even evaluate the features I want. The apps that will allow you to evaluate batch scans without asking you to create account are cam scanner and smart scanner. Other ones such as adobe scan, simple scanner, and Microsoft lens either require you to sign up, doesn’t have batch features, limited cloud sharing features, or are too slow.

  9. This was my favorite scanning app. I paid for the ads free version. Then out of the blue, big update… my scans disappeared and it’s now subscription based for considerably more money; I have no access to the app without subscribing. I would not have bought it the first time had I known the developers would later hold me and my content hostage. Would not have been angry had I received some sort of notice that things were changing. Hate finding out when I need something and can’t get to it.

  10. Only after installing do you find that you NEED the pro version to do anything of value. For example, I couldn’t export a photo to Google Drive which would allow me to move the photo to my photo library unless I have the pro version. Something I would like to know in the description of the app, that is, the differences between the free and pro version.

  11. Seems to have gone paid only recently. It’s a fantastic app, I’ve used it for years, but why have a free version that does nothing but prompt you to buy the pro version? There are free solutions out there, and since I scan once a month at most, I’ll use one of those. Would gladly go back to this, it’s a 5 star app if the pay wall thing is just a bug or unintended feature that gets fixed.

  12. It’s alright, but I have two issues with this app: 1. The interface is unclear. They’re going for the whole “icons only” interface but there’s lots of functionality and many of the icons are very unclear in their functionality. 2. There’s no simple way to export to a PDF file on the device. You can upload to google drive, or attach the file in an email, but there’s no option to simply save the file on your device.

  13. I’ve been using this app to submit exams and homework online and it works great, however recently I’ve been running into an issue where every other thing requires me to watch a video, which isn’t that big of a deal as they’re relatively short. But the videos aren’t loading. I have to close and reopen the app several times for the video to load and its becoming a hassle.

  14. V T dice:

    Like it, but don’t love the fact that you need to pay monthly for it. OCR is convenient, however it’s features aren’t that advanced yet and is just jargon when converting images to text in an unorganized fashion. There should also be a feature to have them not have images automatically load in black/white or monochrome, as I like my photos to be of regular color. Maybe I missed a setting somewhere..

  15. Has worked great until now. But now all I get when I try to take/upload a picture is the “special offer / upgrade to premium” window, making the app basically unusable (unless you pay that is). I would have likely bought the app if it was a flat price and not a subscription system. I get that it is getting updates, but for me they do not justify a subscription model. Not planning to pay monthly / yearly for something I will use less than 4 times a year.

  16. I just have a try and now I’ve fallen love with it. It is absolutely EXCELLENT! There’s a great feature that you can easily modify the gray scale just after taking the photo. I haven’t seen other apps can do this such easily. Also, you can use all the core features without purchasing a pro, ads-free! Although you can’t save the results to some three-party apps with a free version, but you can simply save it to your phone! Great app! But I will still buy the pro, just wanna support it.

  17. It worked fine until a recent update. If you paid for the app and expect an ad free experience, this isn’t it. This app still gives you ads to add ‘premium features’. Moving on to something else as I expect no ads when I buy a product. It’s analogous to if MS Word started displaying ads for 365 subscription while you’re writing a document in your purchased single license. Unacceptable!

  18. This app was the best, until the owner changed the pricing model. With a monthly fee of 3-4 EUR it is really too expensive. Moreover I payed one year ago the Pro subscription… everything worked well. But I inadvertently removed and reinstalled the app… and I lost the PRO version and gets after every scan an advertisement!!!! It is time to change…

  19. Non-buyers beware!!!! Dont get scammed, it’s not free, they trick you into thinking it’s free, but after 3 scans it want allow you to scan… A box will block your efforts, and the only button you push is the Buy now or the upgrade for $4.99, By that time you may have already rated the app with 4 or 5 stars. Oh yeah, that rating request pops up after the first use. Wow, it would have been nice for them to be up front and let the customer make a decision.

  20. I have been using this app for at LEAST a year now. And I loved it enough to pay for the app so I could have the option to have multiple papers in one file at a time. Now, I see an option to pay $9.99 for the year rather than $2.99 a month. Of course, I jump on that but I am just now realizing that ALL of my files are GONE. IDK if it’s bc I have a new phone or not. But ALL of my apps transferred over, including this one, and I can see ALL of my old folders but NO PDFs. Alot of work just gone 🙁

  21. Bought the app ages ago, but now it’s requiring a monthly subscription to do basic things like “scan” more than 4 pages. I thought the cost of the app before was more than fair, but the subscription cost is almost what the app used to cost, but every month. Have uninstalled the app and will have to find an alternative. Thankfully there is no shortage of other apps on the play store.

  22. Well, it’s great at what it does. But, the “free” part only lasts ~3 pgs before they want $5 for the pro version. In these days of the pandemic, I need free to be free. I’ve lost my job because of COVID19. I just needed to scan docs to send to unemployment, not to run a business. If I was going to use it all the time, it might be worth it. The 2 stars is for false advertising, not malfunction.

  23. Tony Reis dice:

    I’ve used this app for business for quite awhile. I’ve never had an issue (until this morning). I can make quick pdfs, email them to clients through Outlook, and have a reference to refer to for receipts. This morning’s issue was because I used a / in the date eg.1/1/21 instead of my usual 1-1-21. I emailed them, and they had the issue resolved by the end of the day. On a Sunday, I might add.

  24. I bought the Pro version a few years ago and found it to be near perfect. It was one of my favorite apps. I even recommended it to my clients. But now I have to Uninstall it, find an alternative, and apologize to clients for recommending it. I can no longer send a pdf by text like I used to be able to do. Image quality used to be flawless but now is quite poor. It disappeared from my Android so I had to install it again. This appears to be related to a recent update and found that they wanted me to buy it again. Since it has been a few years I would have considered it if there was communication about it being a major update. Help in the app brings up websites formatted for a desktop and not for a phone. What’s with that?

  25. 5 stars until recently. I have had this app for a few years to seperate my phone photo files. My phone updated the app a few weeks ago, but I did not immediately check the app. I went for an important file today, and they are all gone. Everything is missing. Luckily, I backed the most important files through my email. However, now I have to hunt for my physical copies to restart my digital files. It will not be restarted on this app.

  26. Love it but…sorry, it was actually easier to adjust frame prior to the update because you could place your finger anywhere near the corner to drag it. Now you have to be right on it. Can’t actually see the frame moving (except for the magnified circle) because your finger is in the way. One point off for “improved” dragging.

  27. I needed to update some paper work for my job and then email them the updated information. This app worked good for the most part. It took a clear picture of the paperwork. I tried to email the completed paperwork directly from the app, but the pdf file would not open up once sent. I couldn’t figure out how to save the file to my phone to email it directly! But I was able to take a screenshot of the same pdf file. It saved! It sent! It all worked out. 3 stars for getting most of the job done.

  28. I really like this program. It is easy to use, makes scans much more crisp and clear than taking a photo of the document. It is east to share files and easy to locate the file you are searching for. The feature I like most is I can either lighten or darken the text on the scan without altering the background color. Highly recommended.

  29. Love this app! It pays for itself over and over in convenience. I first got it to use for mortgage paperwork when I was in the midst of relocating and not set up with a printer/scanner. Once I started using it I have not used a traditional scanner since! Being able to scan as a PDF and email has been invaluable. I highly recommend Tiny Scanner to everyone!

  30. New update ruined it. I’ve had this app for a few years and it worked fine for me. I’ve seen the ads increase over time and limitations put on the free version. It was annoying but workable. I understand money needs to be made. However, now I can’t even share the pdf conversions of the pictures I take. I am using a scanner app for that particular reason. Uninstalled immediately. 1 star across the board. Download Genius Scan. No ads and works better than this app ever did

  31. This is a wonderful scanner; easy to use and easy to send PDFs. After I had used it for a while, though, it only gave me the option to upgrade to the paid version if I wanted top keep using it. Since I don’t need it that often, a paid version is not what I need, so I an uninstalling it and finding another scanner app that remains free.

  32. I’ve had to pay for the pro version twice now just to get it to work. It’s only $4.99 but still. It does make it difficult at times when I’m doing business work and instead of being able to start an email and attaching a file, I have to actually start the attachment within the app first before I do the email which is annoying to say the least.

  33. I want to be sure if anyone has suggestions to retrieve files, please let me know. Just like a review on 10/20, my files suddenly disappeared!!! I received a notice to upgrade to the paid version, and took the trial to see if that was why. Still nothing! can’t seem to retrieve the files from anything, including my cloud. DO NOT USE THIS APP if you want to have your files for later.

  34. I have been using tiny scanner for about 2 years now. I started using it for my work and it works so well I got rid of my home printer scanner and just got a dedicated toner printer. once you learn how to use it which is simple, the scans come out looking like you did it on an office scanner, clear, crisp, in PDF format, collated pages and you can send to destination right from the app. I use this all the time and is one of my favorite apps.

  35. This app is great and gets the job done. Simple to use and the image rendering makes the PDF come out with great quality. The app is intuitive and has decent features. Also, this app takes up less space than others. It would be nice if you could increase the gridline density. Also, I wish this app offered all the features “Simple Scanner” does.

  36. Jim H.M. dice:

    Was sending in FedEx envelopes almost every week for over a decade. Quick and easy and never lost an envelope. Enter: Corona Downloaded the app and used up the free trial. I downloaded another one. I forget the extreme difference of the second one. The simplicity of “scanning” paperwork and sending it to the office could not be more efficient. Better than the ones the millionaires choose for us to use for their end. All offices tallied and it’s a six- figure savings.

  37. *THE TRICK* to getting the best functionality (and not just low-res black and white scans) is to change each picture you take to colored mode after taking each pic for your document. This will display the picture as your phone camera took it without the crappy Tiny Scanner effect. A small change, but a vital one. 4 stars because this is not immediately obvious to the user and the initial experience can easily be sour without this knowledge.

  38. App worked fine with no issues. Now, it has some special offer that keeps popping up and is absolutely worthless now. You cannot take pictures nor do anything. Horrible business move on their part. Anytime anyone downloads this they will instantly un-install for not working. I’m sorry, do better if I have no problems with ads to use the app, then why are you forcing people to buy or not be able to use it at all?

  39. I’ve had this app for years and couldn’t tell you what the UI looks like. I came across is and thought I might need a scanner some day so I grabbed it and it’s been one of the most polite and unobtrusive apps that I’ve ever had. It says that it’s up to date but I’ve never had a notification about updating it, in fact I’ve never seen a notification from it at all. To me, it’s worth 5 stars just for that alone, I don’t even care if it works but it does and works well too, the best scanner app.

  40. The free version is more of a trial than a free scanner. After a few uses I couldn’t scan anymore but was requested to upgrade to the pro version. Contacted customer service and was told that this is intentional: you get three free scans before they charge you. There are other, actually free, scan apps out there. I like the app and if they had been honest about what you get I might have accepted this, but since they basically lie to users I’m going to delete this and find a different app.

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