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Addiction Spider Solitaire classic game with gardens and beautiful backgrounds!
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Spider Solitaire is the addiction spider solitaire classic in the world and it is free. This Spider Solitaire is not only a classic spider solitaire, but also classic spider solitaire with many gardens and hundreds of beautiful backgrounds, card faces, card backs which are unlocked by playing the spider solitaire card games. You can use these backgrounds, card faces, and card backs to customize your favorite themes. Try this classic spider solitaire game now! This classic spider solitaire is very fun! Compared to classic klondike solitaire card games, this spider solitaire classic free card game has another kind of fun.

Beautiful Gardens: You can unlock the gardens and plant flowers in your own garden. There are tens of different gardens waiting for you to unlock. Play this spider solitaire garden free card game!
Hundreds of living backgrounds: backgrounds of Ocean fish, Koi fish, Waterfall, Aquarium, Butterfly, Horse, Moon, and so on.
Card Faces & Card Backs: Many beautiful card faces and card backs make each deal of your spider solitaire game colorful.
Animations: Tens of animations can be shown after you win the game, you can choose by yourself.
So many deals: So many game deals are waiting for you to win.
Daily Challenge: Different levels more challenge every day. Spider solitaire classic free is a so challenging game to train your brain, which everyone can play for free!
Good Features: Timer mode supported, left-handed supported, big font supported, UNDO moves, HINTS, and so on.

Come on! Let’s try the addiction classic Spider Solitaire card game for FREE NOW! Try this fun spider solitaire classic card game which has different kinds of fun than our classic klondike solitaire card game! You can also try our other free solitaire card games, like freecell solitaire, klondike solitaire, pyramid solitaire, solitaire lite, and so on! These solitaire games are worth playing with friends.


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40 comentarios en "Spider Solitaire MODDED"

  1. Leeanna dice:

    This is a great game but the experience is hindered because of some ads designed in a way to almost force you to download them because theres no way to exit or click off of them. Especially a fb ad that keeps popping up on me. Every time you try to click the “x” it just redirects you to the site. Having to close windows and hit backspace 5+ times is just annoying.

  2. The number of adds was annoying but I personally could deal with them. There was recently an update to how the cards look when stacked and I HATE it. There is no reason for them to be so spaced out and then scrunched. Everything fit perfectly fine when the cards stacked normally and nicely. The with the update coupled with the adds… I’m uninstalling.

  3. Amy Cole dice:

    This is a great game with lots of prizes,bonuses, and lots of different themes and settings. I love playing it, however these are the most aggressive ads I’ve ever seen on an app. Sometimes they come up in the middle of a game instead of afterwards and it breaks my concentration. I understand there will be ads but these try to force you to download, take forever to watch, and are very deceptive in clicking away from them. Other than aggressive ads I love the game.

  4. MozeyTown dice:

    The number of ads in this game is infuriating. The devs made an otherwise fun game nearly UNPLAYABLE trying to force-feed us an ad-free subscription. I have NEVER before seen a game that forces you to watch an ad before AND after every level of the game (yes, TWO ads between each level). If you switch to a different app – even to answer a text or phone call – another ad is triggered as soon as you switch back. The gameplay is great, worth 5 stars if only the ads were kept to a reasonable limit.

  5. Sexual content in ads. I have played this for a long time up to now the ads could be annoying. Then I started getting ones that portrayed a woman walking in on her husband with another woman. Only showed legs but still inappropriate for an “E” rated game. I got one with 2 women kissing, walking into the bedroom where 2 men were rolling around on the bed. Options: run away or join them. I don’t want sexual situations showing up on my game, but definitely not while a child plays. Uninstalling.

  6. Great, easy, amazing game, would easily give 5 stars if it wasn’t for the need to have a full 30 second ad every time you click something, start a game, end a game, pause for 2 seconds too long, etc. I’d understand if we could skip after a few seconds like most of my free games, but being forced to sit through full 30+ seconds ads every 2 minutes is really really irritating. Otherwise, it’s nice, fun, simple, old fashioned spider solitaire with a couple tiny add on that are actually fun

  7. Game is good but adds come after every level, every selection after a level, and it forces you watch entire add being that it doesn’t have the option to bypass after a certain amount of time. I know that companies make money off of adds, and there is an option to pay for no adds, but this is just excessive. Either I stop playing the game or I’m forced to purchase no add option…

  8. I’m really enjoying this game, but recently I’ve been getting a big bug where i cant press any of the menu buttons or draw new cards. It’s always in the last set or two I have and it’s really annoying thinking im about to win to realize I’ll have to close the app and start all over. Not even leaving the app for a second and watching the add will fix it. I also wish you could play with cards other than spade for single suite. I bet I’m getting all the other fish cards first and never see those.

  9. Ivorybow dice:

    Ads aren’t going to go away on free apps so I’m going to ignore them as affecting my rating. I give this a rare 5 stars for the app itself. It is beautiful – colors are vibrant and there are many charming designs of cards and backgrounds. The ads are as unintrusive as any app I have ever used, & do not overwhelm. An odd thing – took a few days for the choice for 4 suits to appear. Once I could play with 4 suits I was perfectly happy. I recommend. Lots of fun. Good job programmers!

  10. Amazingly addictive! I’m on level 20 now after a month, which is hundreds of games in. The backgrounds and cards are stunningly beautiful and it makes me want to complete more levels to collect them all! I also love how the hints are free – a major bonus. Carry on the good work!

  11. I started playing this on my iPhone nearly a year ago every day. When I switched back to android I was a little more than upset that I couldn’t find the exact game. Then I came across this one & decided to give it a try, it was slightly different but I payed it. Once I got to a certain level & did the update I found that it was the same! One happy camper here. Thanks!

  12. A dozen games in on this required update; mixed on continuing. Like the quick response when tapping. The win celebration is not overly glitzy, but accessing the next game requires a series of Claim actions. Although Daily Challenge is available, I have yet to discover why it won’t open except by luck.

  13. Steve Z dice:

    It’s really entertaining, however the random unsolicited sudden exit to a website had me manually disabling both WiFi and Data. There’s another game nearly identical that doesn’t do that so, uninstalled, thank you. 4★s

  14. Lala :3 dice:

    it’s a good app. Ads are fine, they don’t get annoying. Actually, I’d rated it 3 and 1/2 stars bc it didn’t save my progress and I had to restart my game every time. I don’t know if that’s just me.

  15. I paid to go ad free and it didnt work. Still CONSTANT ads! And the deals are only solvable about 60% of the time. Even if you are using the “magic wand”

  16. If you love commercials, this is your game! I especially enjoy the 30 second commercials that come up right in the middle of the game when you’re trying to get your best time! If you don’t love commercials, then don’t play this POS one.

  17. It’s all right, but very glitchy. Sometimes cards get “stuck”, making it impossible to finish a game.

  18. missyo408 dice:

    Good try, but this is a mess. Cards are randomly sucked right into empty spaces when you are aiming directly for the pile next to it. Someone already complained about this but you’ve done absolutely nothing. Don’t quickly answer a text or your doorbell or you’ll get another LONG convoluted ad! Ridiculous! And it’s also very cluttered with decorative but unnecessary animations & other stuff. There are much better spider solitaire games out there. Uninstalling, I don’t have time for this garbage.

  19. Ads open automatically while playing, taking me more than three times per minute to Aliexpress. It used to be a cool, pleasant game despite the ad-videos. Now, I even failed to meet my daily challenge because of the stupid ads poping out on their own without even clicking on ’em.

  20. It’s ok I just started. Well I am back so I like this game it’s fun and color is beautiful. I love solitaire, I enjoy the the time I spend playing it. I will share the effect it can have on your mood. If you suffer with anxiety this can truly give you the same affect as zanex. Don’t knock it till you try it! Perhaps the programer is a bit of shrink? Maybe? Okay let’s try! Thank you Google!!

  21. Have been playing a while. Got a new tablet and lost all my previous scores. Love the game, but the ads take up so much time.

  22. Like most of the updates, but really don’t like that I can’t turn it to landscape mode! I can barely see the cards!

  23. I like it, the suites are easier to setup. Just have to know how to move the cards around to form a set from King too Ace. You can start out with one Deck of cards to play with or play with two decks and so on, you can change the app background theme or change the app Deck of cards facing and back color, and you can win free coins to increase your play money bye watching a video. You can increase your score bye how well you can form your suites of cards. You can be strategical.

  24. I do not like how you tricked me into downloading your game while I am playing another game. I immediately deleted it. I am giving you a 1 star because of this and will never play your game. “A new version of this game is ready to be downloaded” — that is sneaky and sketchy and I hope you go bankrupt because of it.

  25. Too many ads and most ads freeze making it difficult to keep playing. You have to exit the game constantly to be ae to play.

  26. I really like being able to play a challenging game, or an easy one. Some days, I just don’t have the stamina for a hard game, and I get the choice to start easy or hard!

  27. Challenging, good options for play, hasn’t asked for money Yet, but loads of ads. I don’t care I don’t watch them, it’s just a little break between hands.

  28. MCK NYC dice:

    The 2022 version was easy to use, but after the update to 2023 I can’t find how to change the number of suits. 1 suit is for beginners.

  29. Cards were too small to see what number they were not good for older people old eyes. You have to hold your fingers just the right way to move the cards other than that it’s a good game

  30. Great fun, save to external card optional. Ads are fast & can be X. Great graphics, can make card print larger! Yes recommend!

  31. Too many ads. More ad time than game play. There are better Spider Solitaire games. Graphics are well done.

  32. Very fun, interactive, and a well set up game. No adds (so far) unless clicked on. So many things to do!! Love it!!

  33. Hate it when on 2 deal you start asking if I like your game. Then you stop my play until I rate your game. Maybe after I play for awhile I’ll change it if I like it.

  34. Wish It would rotate with my phone, so it could be a little bigger. I haven’t figured out how to play more tha than one deck yet, bummer.

  35. It’s fun. I had never played Spider Solitaire before, and I found it very easy to learn and play. TBH, I downloaded this app by mistake, but I’m not disappointed.

  36. Rit Allen dice:

    This new Spider game is awesome.. There are so many little surprises as you play. Challenging, and definitely NOT boring.. Love it!!

  37. More adverts than game. Start the game? 30 second ad. Finish a round? 30 second ad. Screen goes standby for literally 2 seconds while you’re figuring out the next move? 30 second ad. Look at the screen funny? 30 second ad. Only complaint about the game itself is cards are far more likely to drop on an empty slot than a card stack, even if you’re obviously hovering over the cards. The ads are what ruin it though.

  38. For about a week now the banner ads starting opening by themselves without me touching it. Super annoying and shouldn’t be happening if I don’t click on the banner ad at the bottom. I’m constantly closing the tab it opens in my browser. You already have so many ads between and during games. Why do you need a banner that opens by itself too?

  39. I do enjoy “Spider Solitaire”. This game was downloaded onto my phone, and I’m not sure how. I don’t remember doing it myself. I could’ve done this, but not sure. This version is ok, kinda like all the others. The cards are small, but you can’t play it in “landscape” mode, I’ve tried putting it in landscape, but it doesn’t work. That’s about all I don’t like. I’ll keep it for awhile anyway, and see how things go.

  40. It would be great if there was a way to transfer your data to another phone. Now I would have to start all the way at the beginning. Like what game don’t have a way to transfer data.Ugh

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