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Build Decks, Trade & Collect Cards on Everything in the Universe & Battle PVP
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Cards, the Universe and Everything (CUE) is the ultimate CCG where you collect and trade thousands of cards and battle them in epic games.

It’s about everything!
– Card duels: Pug vs Loki, who would win that fight?
– Strategy: Would the legendary T-Rex outwit the magic of Houdini?
– Collect & fight: Napoleon vs the iconic Sphinx!

Play cards, build decks, trade and battle in a turn based strategy combat card game where abilities, strategic decks and combos will help you become a champion.

CUE is a totally unique trading card game. Collect and trade to build the ultimate battle decks with almost limitless things: Bears, Dinosaurs, Nebulae, Zeus, Houdini, Samurai, Pika, the Sun, legend Isaac Newton, Volcanoes, Kings & Queens, Calculus and so much more! Collect cards with historical characters, animals and objects from our reality!

Collect and battle cards with unique abilities, then level up decks with new cards and duel against players from around the world in CUE’s iconic arenas! Battle decks in Space, History, Life on Land, Palaeontology and Science levels. Use RPG strategy to prove your card deck is the best.

Card collecting has never been so fun! Card trivia teaches you facts on loads of subjects – Science, Space, Arts & Culture, Palaeontology, History, even characters from legend, mythology, fantasy and, well, pretty much everything. It’s perfect if you like quizzes, trivia and unbelievable facts combined with clever gameplay.

Play cards with friends online! Use your best battle decks and strategy to duel friends. Players can participate in weekly CUE Leagues and events with friends or solo! Trade cards with anyone and receive new cards for FREE in a safe environment.

Game rewards, trophies and epic new collectables await – climb the leaderboard to win big in-game prizes. Card duels and matches give daily free rewards. Card collectors, are you ready to build your CUE card collection and earn new cards to beat the competition?

Download CUE Cards and start card collecting to create amazing battle decks in this epic TCG RPG!


TCG Card Decks:
– Battle decks: Create using a range of epic CUE cards with magic abilities inspired by the real world, Full of facts & trivia on everything: Science, Tech, Engineering, Math, General Knowledge & more
-Try your hand at deck building & play cards to create powerful, devastating combos!

Battle cards in CUE Arenas
– Collect cards & battle against other players to become a champion
– Includes Space, History, Life on Land, Science & Palaeontology and more

Play with Friends
– Build battle decks to duel friends in epic action packed weekly PvP CUE Leagues and events
– Trade cards for FREE in a safe environment

Game Rewards to Earn:
– Play daily to earn FREE unique rewards & build your CUE card collection
– Collect trophies & climb the leaderboard to win big in-game prizes

Weekly Events
– Tiles include: Animation Showdown, Thirst for Adventure, Magic Get Together and Hearth Zone.

– Winner of three UK App Awards: “Best Game”, “Best Indie Game” and “Education App of the Year”

– “A solid, accessible, well-balanced card battler that anyone can dive into and enjoy” – Gamezebo

– “CUE Cards boasts a winning combination of gentle humor and eclectic trivia. It’s suitable for educating kids and amusing adults – or amusing kids and educating adults, for that matter.” – Droid Gamers

So If you love CCG or TCG games and are crazy for online PvP card games, then CUE Cards is the perfect challenge. It combines all the features you love including FREE card trading and crafting, 3000+ collectables, it’s clever, strategic, completely unique and is packed full of fun facts and trivia

Phew. That’s a *lot* of hard sell. We’re going for a lie down.


Bug fixes and minor improvements.


40 comentarios en "Cards, Universe & Everything FULL"

  1. Pretty solid game. It’s relatively straightforward and comical and its absurdity. Luckily the game plays pretty smooth and goes quickly. But the same can not be said about the menus. They are insanely slow and cards take forever to load when you open a new pack. Update: Thank you to the developers for responding! If there is a way to clear cache in the app, I’m unaware of it. Also: didn’t realize till I played more but this game DRAINS battery on your phone. Perhaps a low-battery mode?

  2. Cue is a great game, it’s very engaging, very fun, sometimes there are crashes, but they don’t detract from the fun of the game. I just had one idea for the game, when you level up instead of just getting cards, you could get deck ideas, like three or four cards that go well together, and when you finish leveling that stage you get a full deck idea that’s a full 18 cards, so if the player is running out of ideas for a deck they can get a little inspiration.

  3. M B dice:

    EDIT: Generally, very responsive developers. But you have to fix the lag. It’s gotten to the point where clicking any buttons necessitates a several second delay. Uninstalling and reinstalling helped not even a little bit. Fun, with some caveats. Basic gameplay is great. Otherwise it’s fun, just costs a lot to get any decent cards. Often glitchy, but the developers are pretty responsive.

  4. Cue is a funny game. But it’s wit is mirrored by an insufferable albeit rather enjoyable need to make new deck lists and learn their flaws and try to wring out all the consistency one can. I can’t state enough how much I appreciate the tutorial and guide videos that are available from the home page. The card balance is very good, aside from the odd instance things just end up saying “No” to your whole game plan, almost every card has a form of niche or synergy. All in all, a VERY well made game.

  5. Great Depth and complexity but can get frustrating with being a casual gamer. The game itself is great. However, the speed at which new cards and things to try seems to be geared to people that have played the game a lot longer. Things like recommended cards or combos would be nice for newer players since there is so much going on.

  6. Basically a pay to play. Top 10 cards are difficult at best to get a hold of. Top tier people hord 10 copies of high end cards and buying packs gets exponentially less lucrative. On the other side, it’s a fun game and the ads are optional. Edit: I gave one star back for the quick response from the team. It shows that they are listening. Good job guys.

  7. The trade system is a bit of a pain. I appreciate the need for limiting communication to keep it family friendly but card values and trading styles vary between players. I would like to see some updates to help make that process smoother without having to turn to social media. Otherwise this is a fun and well balanced game for both f2p and p2p. It is NOT pay to win, and I don’t feel like the devs get enough credit for keeping it that way.

  8. Makes you think when it comes to the deck building process, best part of the game by a mile. Profile page is a bit lacking. It would be cool to see your rank listed, an actual W/L record instead of just wins. Win% would be nice too, and a match history page. I want to see how I’m doing in retrospect and not purely on memory. Seeing as there’s a purchase history tab, this can’t be that hard to code in. More pack options too, such as album-specific. Overall, very well done game!

  9. John Kidd dice:

    This game is great. I was watching someone else play it, and once I got it I really enjoyed it. It’s hilarious, fun, it has cool trivia, and it’s got a ton of cards. The background art for the arenas could definitely be made into something much coole than what they are, with all the cool art for the cards. Other than that I love this game. I do think it would be cool if you could offer resources, like gems and coins, in trades.

  10. I love this game. Very fun and all the different cards and descriptions are hilarious and I definitely recommend for anyone to try. I love the extensive deck building and seeing how all the different cards can work together in ways you wouldn’t expect. I would love to see some sort of system to where we could trade more without ads. Even like a subscription cuz I’d pay like $5 a month for unlimited trades. Also would love to see more game modes besides casual and league. Would be a lot of fun.

  11. Really fun game. I enjoy this as a nice alternative to Magic the Gathering, which many of my friends play. The deck building is much easier to approach with only 18 card decks. And the number of mechanics is fairly small: energy, power, burn, lock. What you do with them, who they target, and what phase of the game they trigger (only having 3 phases: draw, play, & return) is awesome. It’s simple enough to easily learn, but complex enough to not get boring! I learned lots of fun trivia too!

  12. CUE is, in my mind, the best of what an original trading card game can be. The development team has put an incredible amount of work into every facet of the game, and it shows. The Balance is excellent, art design is well done, and the entire game is well stylised and humorous. Rewards are handed out generously but not in a way that removes challenge from the game. The skill ceiling is very very high so there’s plenty to learn and improve on even in the late game. Easily my favorite mobile game.

  13. Very cool deck building game with a nice trading system. The UI and menus need a lot of work to make the game easy to use and learn though. Seeing what cards and categories are connected to each other is one of the most frustrating chores I’ve had to do when just learning a new game. Please add a way to look at other cards and categories mentioned on cards in the collection. That will at least get 4 stars review.

  14. Ian Payne dice:

    If you like card games, I highly recommend CUE but it does come with some annoying flaws. The game seems to crash on me when I’m in the middle of building a new deck and the partial deck does not save. I have learned to figure out what will go into my deck before I actually build it but it’s still annoying. Also, occasionally when I try to type something in the search bar it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 mins for the search bar to pull up.

  15. I love the many different types of cards and all the different things they chose to represent. It requires thoughtfulness to build competitive decks. Matches are not quick, the animations definitely slow down game play (to each their own on the topic) seeing the opponents cards takes away any advantage of surprise. All and all a great game for any card collector out there.

  16. This game is a nice simple card game. If you love card games, and your looking for a time blower, and don’t wanna play an intense card game,, this is a good option. Though the reward system is a little lack luster. Being that it is a card game, it kinda forces you to buy packs. So if you want to progress in ranked, expect to drop a little money. Just like any online card game. Though I feel it is generous when you drop money. Still 5/5. 3-4/5 if your not looking for a pay to win.

  17. I don’t normally like these type of card battle games, but for some reason the idea of battling anything vs anything really hooked me. I see a lot of complaints about “pay to win” or “not getting good cards” but I’ve never had those issues; however I understand if you aren’t willing to put in the time to make a good deck that has cards that compliment a strategy. Some would complain how often you’re making decks or trading cards, but thats one of the best parts to me!

  18. It’s fun, engaging, and doesn’t nickel and dime the player for cards or blast you in the face with ads. The writing on the back of the cards is excellent, interesting, and full of personality. The que times for matches are fast, the league mode is a great mix of approachable and challenging, and the gameplay is the exact same. The most notable aspect, however, is the cards. They have great art, and there’s tons of them from lots of different packs that rotate the shop. None of them feel P2W.

  19. Addictive and fun! With so many different ways to build decks and new cards every week I never get tired of this game. League rules and boosts change weekly as well so strategy is key. Crafting, trading, fusing and daily and weekly challenges are a few more fun features. Plus, the creators are super active – always adding new content and fixing any bugs. Great all around game!

  20. This game is pretty good. Simple but good. It’s horribly unbalanced with a few absolutely broken cards in it, but anyone can get them so it is better than it could be. The changing leagues keep it fresh, and the info on the cards is fun to read. The new Quest system is OK, u think I liked the daily objective system better though. You need to reload the game after quests refresh or else they won’t count towards your progress.

  21. I’ve been playing this for over a year and spent a lot of money on it. I love this game except for one giant flaw – it constantly crashes. I’ve sent in probably over 200 error reports and contacted the developers a handful of times and gotten sincere apologies, but nothing gets better. In fact it has been getting worse. I have the latest version, I have logged out and back in numerous times, I have cleared data, cleared cache – NOTHING helps. I haven’t built a new deck in months. Not fun anymore

  22. I think overall its a good game. Bothers me you need to rely on trading to complete certain collections as drop rates for some cards are almost impossible. Maybe with the addition of a way to unlock a card of your choice once in a while it may make the game feel a bit more fair and balanced as now having certain cards can result in an overall depressing experience.

  23. Mosiah dice:

    Overall a really great game. Continually being updated with the ability to collect so many different cards. Also, strategy styles for the leagues mode change weakly so if you’re unlucky one week you might do better the next. Strategic, Fun, and even a little educational. (If you read the card backs.)

  24. I normally don’t leave reviews, but I thought this game deserved one. I am a big fan of card battlers, but sometimes they can be overwhelming. This one cuts the mechanics down to just a few, but without sacrificing strategy. I love the card variety, and it makes deck building fun. Love the game and would highly recommend!

  25. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing (yet) but it’s fun just collecting and reading the cards. I play the game pretty much to get coins and gems to buy more cards, and it doesn’t matter if I lose. The games are off-puttingly fast-paced, especially as small & hard to read as the card images are, but I do OK just picking out the highest numbers I can find. One of the few games I’ve found that doesn’t try to force you to buy stuff. Biggest flaw is lack of basic help files; all social media & no index!

  26. Well finally after many many attempts to get through the first loading screen it finally got through to login, and it will not login. It just keeps on going back to sign in with Google or sign in with email. I tried to reinstall I tried to restart 20 plus times I’ve spent about a hour trying to play the game and haven’t had any luck. Hopefully this can be fixed soon with some sort of compensation for the players that want to play but cant.

  27. I LOVEEE THE GAME, BUT.. one major flawed issue is that most of the time when I play leagues, my opponents disconnect and the game just gets pretty much stuck on “opponent reconnecting” and nothing at all happens!! I’ve waited decent enough for them to reconnect and I end up having to restart the game and my progress in the leagues has been lost due to that irritating discrepancy.

  28. Seems cool, but I’m having a hard time enjoying it. As a new player, it’s been fun getting matched against players that have perfect themed out decks that can produce 200+ point swings just about each turn. Out of 10 matches at least 8 are people who clearly have either put money in the game, or has clearly been playing months compared to someone who has literally just installed the game. I mean what separates this from any of the other mobile tcgs. They all do this.

  29. Super fun card game, that is if you stay away from the ranked mode (Leagues), which is extremely pay to win, as it’s all about stacking epic/legendary cards of a certain type, there is almost no other strategy and it doesn’t even feel fun to win that way. Casual mode is more balanced, more strategy and deck-building focused, and really fun.

  30. Fun and Strategic card game, easy to learn hard to master. Developers are still in full swing bringing new cards and fun facts alike. My only descrepancy is that I often experience a bug where the ad will not load to make a 2nd free spin on the wheel, and I have to back out to main menu. Since the wheel button cannot be clicked on again until the “cool down” timer runs down, I cannot close and reload the app to try and get the ad to load. I ultimately & commonly lose out on the 2nd free spin.

  31. Not bad. I’m still learning decks and combos and probably have a ton of cards to craft and create. Once you complete daily/weekly missions though, it kind of slows down. I’m only a few weeks in and already halfway through the campaign rating or whatever it’s called, but it has slowed down somewhat now, so advancing will take longer. Overall good game as long as they keep releasing content and variety.

  32. Pep dice:

    Been playing this for a few weeks and have some points. I love the idea of the game,it’s fun, silly and fairly simple in concept but can become quite strategic, which i enjoy. The big downside is that it becomes apparent that it’s heavily geared towards pay to win if you want to accomplish a good deck or be competitive against other players. I understand you need to profit but if it was friendlier it would keep a wider audience around longer. Eg. give more coins and gems from vs’ing people Also

  33. I like the cards and the game. Its genuinely fun. But once you’ve finished your first set of daily tasks, you get immediately put against OP cards. You can’t win without paying money. Shame really. Would be nice if you got put against other players or bots who are similar to you. Make a points system based on matches won/card levels owned or something. The pay to win people can stay at the top of the leaderboard and casual players can actually play. If you want money, play ads sometimes.

  34. It’s pretty good and fun. I enjoy the deckbuilding and collection aspects. The game itself is fine with decent synergy possibilities and a nice back and forth tug-of-war system but it’s also not super deep which might be good or bad depending on how you look at it. The only downsides: 1) collecting cards is pretty luck-based and dependent on how much money you throw at it, and 2) the meta is pretty established, as with any card game, which is annoying when you always see the same combo’s appear.

  35. Honestly pretty fun game, only problem is that if you do nothing during a game and that timer pops up next to the “End Turn” button make it more noticeable (example make it cover almost the entire screen). That way I don’t accidently play nothing because I thought I still had longer time to play my turn. Other then that, fantastic game. 5/5 would recommend.

  36. I have spent alot of time playing this game with minor complaints. The game itself is fun to play and collecting cards is great. I have 3 issues with this game. 1) While playing against the computer, it can pull cards out of nowhere. 2) Trading for good cards can be a nightmare. 3) The game can freeze in a loading screen when it should be rewarding you with gems. Apart from those minimal issues, it’s a fantastic game!

  37. This app has so much potential to be a great game, the layout, the style, the wit. It’s a pleasure to view. This app smacks of pay to win. The shuffling algorithm seems weighted or dependant upon the user level. The bot opponents are endowed with high powered cards more than general players. As a casual player there is little to draw me back in and continue. A better matching system for players especially against bots. Furthermore, there needs to be penalties in leagues if you stray from themes.

  38. Not your typical card game! Unlike other card games that utilize characters and spells created for the game only, CUE utilizes a vast (and I mean universe-spanning level vast) array of characters, creatures, machines, and concepts from real-life conquests throughout our actual history. Playing has never been more informative. The mechanics are also very easy to understand but the level of attention to detail and creativity is commendable. TLDR: I LOVE IT!

  39. -Aku dice:

    People don’t give the developers enough credit. This game is making card battlers accessible to everyone by having a theme which works for all kinds of people. Using real-life images instead of artwork in cards is also genius, since they don’t even need to hire artists for card images! This game is definitely something everyone should try. It’s simple, but allows for competitive play. Mechanics aren’t too complex, but also allow for enough strategies. No energy/fuel system! Big plus.

  40. Lin Yixiu dice:

    Hi so it has been about a month since I started playing and the experience has been wonderful! However, the free card s/gems links that are in the CUE newsletters I receive in my email doesn’t seem to be working. It doesn’t open my CUE app when I click on them from the phone I have installed CUE on. Is there a way to fix that? The browser I use on my phone is Chrome.

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