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Swipe left, swipe right, be the King.
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** Play Store Most Innovative Game of 2016 **

Sit on the throne as a benevolent (or malevolent) medieval monarch of the modern age and swipe your royal fingers either left or right to impose your will upon the kingdom. Survive the seemingly never-ending gauntlet of requests from your advisors, peasants, allies, and enemies while maintaining balance between the influential factions of your kingdom. But beware; each decision you make might have implications and unfortunate consequences down the road that could put your reign and family’s dynasty at risk!

Each year of your reign brings another important – seemingly random – request from your unpredictable kingdom as you strive for balance between the church, the people, the army, and the treasury. Prudent decisions and careful planning make for a long reign but unforeseen motivations, surprise events, and poor luck can take down even the most entrenched monarch. Extend your reign as long as possible, forge alliances, make enemies, and find new ways to die as your dynasty marches along through the ages. Some events will span on centuries, with an intrigue involving burning witches, scientific enlightenment, wicked politics and, maybe, the Devil himself.


Corrects a few bugs. Support of 64 bit devices.


40 comentarios en "Reigns MODDED 2022"

  1. Very unique game. It got repetitive and some outcomes make no sense but underneath you see that its really just a numbers game. There isn’t much to build on as you constantly die and assume control of the next king. The choices you are able to make are binary and don’t make enough impact for any meaningful preparation for the future of your “reign.” The dungeon and fighting modes are simplistic and uninteresting. I will continue to play the game though it is failing to keep my interest.

  2. This game is great and I absolutely love it. Problem is it doesn’t scale correctly to my phone. Text on both the left and right side of cards is cut off by the screen. I think it’s to do with my phones screen ratio being 20.5:9 and when this game was originally designed 18:9 was the industry standard. I’d love to see an update to fix the scaling for newer phones with weird size screens. Sadly, I know this game is up there in years and updates probably aren’t the devs priority.

  3. An interesting and affective redesign of “choose your own adventure” story telling as game that is easy to pick and play any time. The short form narrative helps keep sessions and choices short and to the point. I had wanted to try this game for a while, so it was one of my first downloads with the Google Play Pass. I can say that it is worth the premium price point and a no brainer if you have the Play Pass.

  4. A good concept to launch I suppose, but this is a game for a niche audience. The cards are odd and repetitive, the story is random and it’s hard to feel empowered to win or lose the way it is set up. Might as well roll dice for 5-40 years on the throne. The feeling is being powerless in an Alice’s Wonderland sort of World. You can only decide yes or no, and nearly all decisions have consequences. If you plan it right, you can choose if the army overthrows you first or you run out of money.

  5. Yodingo dice:

    I am very happy with my purchase, this game has enough content to keep me happy when I have a minute to spare. I like that there are consequences for being to good to one group and it will still lead to your death. For example if you give to much power to the church they will usually sacrifice you or something. So it’s a constant struggle to keep everything in balance untile you die of old age if you can get threw the old age effect. In conclusion I think this is one you should definitely try!

  6. EDIT: The game is working again! Appreciate the responsiveness. Thoroughly enjoying working to trick the devil again. I’ve loved this game but recently I’m experiencing the bug where the game data gets corrupted. I see there was a fix released for Android 9.0, which I’m running. However, after updating the app and flat out uninstalling/reinstalling several times, it still is not working. Actually, ironically, I didn’t seem to be having problems until *after* the app auto-updated yesterday.

  7. I’m not interested in memorizing the more-or-less arbitrary outcomes of a set of strictly binary decisions.

  8. Repetitive. Is really fun definitely but there needs to be more progression, more story to follow, I’ve read a few different comments and I can totally agree that the main issue is it just gets repetitive and yeah grinding on games can be fun but only if you’re achieving something from it, where as it feels (other than the passing of time and so the addition of characters/cards up until a point) like there’s no progression. Every king the same, with the same options on the same cards eventually.

  9. Good game with minor issues. Screen orientation changes regardless of system settings. Portrait orientation does not show the entire card. Swipe gesture to access the navigation bar is recognized by the game as an action.

  10. Fun and simple (at least for one full playthrough. I didn’t find a second playthrough as fun). Some annoying UI quirks though like autorotation when playing on a bed horizontally which can’t be disabled using the devices rotation setting

  11. Very good game, really fun and ideal for when you’re stuck for ages with just your phone. I can’t really recommend it for short mindless gameplay because it requires some amount of problem solving. I’ve also faced a bit of a scaling problem on my S10+ where the edges are cut off a bit and the vase covers the text, hopefully these bugs are fixed, they aren’t game breaking though. Otherwise it’s a very polished game with near endless gameplay.

  12. Fun to play but I have the same complaint as some others: why does the game ignore my phones screen orientation lock? Impossible to play in bed because the game keeps rotating to wrong position, and no way to stop it. It would also be nice to have some kind of screen lock/pause button so I could access the top bar to check the clock etc. without accidentally swiping the cards. Stars will increase when these are dealt with, because I really like the game otherwise

  13. I actually finished the game (nice ending 😉 btw) took almost a full week to do it. Can be confusing at times but still a pretty neat game. I wish there was a way to continue your game instead of it just ending. I think it’s funny how far in time you go. Well I messed up on the question about resetting the game. If there was an option to answer that question again. Good game overall !!!👍👍👍

  14. Tyler T dice:

    This game is so amazingly frustrating. Your choices are meaningless, and the only real puzzle you have to solve is a randomly generated maze that you randomly get saved access to, and have to solve before a predetermined time. Go a few hundred turns without getting into the maze? Sucks to suck. The maze is so confusing and so poorly explained that with a walkthrough in one hand and the game in the other, after watching a YouTube video on how to win, I still struggled to beat it.

  15. I enjoyed this when I first got it. I haven’t played in a while because I switched phones & hadn’t gotten around to reinstalling it yet. Just did and the game keeps crapping itself. It launches to the title screen and then it freezes and you can’t do anything other than close it. I’ve done a little troubleshooting like uninstalling it and then reinstalling to no avail. I’ll edit my review if it starts working again.

  16. It’s a unique “choose/repeat your own adventure” game. With random chance guiding its narrative. (Instead of something you can get better at.) So it gets a bit repetitive.

  17. It doesn’t respect my settings for auto rotate. The portrait mode resolution is screwed up, the edges of the screen are cut off. The notch covers important UI elements. The landscape mode looks bad. Swiping somehow feels worse than PC, the tactile sense is awkward.

  18. Great game, I love it! but be aware that if you have a tall phone(I have almost a 21:9 aspect ratio) the text and menus will reach to the sides of the screen,making it a bit difficult to read because you get a slight crop on both sides of the screen. Other than that its a great game, and supee fun

  19. It is a great game. I’ve played it on stadia before and I have really enjoyed it. However, the android version doesn’t seem to be optimized for more narrow aspect ratio phones like Samsung Flip 3. The text is cut off at the edges making it really difficult to play.

  20. A very cool and unique game! The choices you make as a king will decide the fate of your kingdom! Lots of interesting scenerios and characters to find. One thing that I think would improve the game is, in someway, we can see how many territories or total land you control. That way you have a sense of your kindom’s size and can watch it grow…or shrink. 5 stars!

  21. So, this may be 100% my fault and why I won’t give the game a 1 star. Just honestly not what I thought the game was. I enjoy the general concept/idea. Sadly, this game doesn’t let you truly “rule” your kingdom. All I wanted to do was have a kingdom that was not religious. Sadly, if u let ANY of the 4 traits fall. U die. In this game, it’s religion or you die. Yet u are supposed to be king? Foolish. Great idea, poor execution. Good if u like games with forced choice.👍

  22. It’s a fine, unique game that really utilizes the swiping mechanics on phones (or as I like to call it, the Tinder mechanic). You can really lose yourself in this game for a day or so. It’s addictive and fun. However, a lot of the puzzles really run by videogame logic, basically, stuff that you could only really have figured out if you yourself are the game programmer or ate willing to put the commitment into this that conspiracy theorists are into conspiracies. I’d still recommend playing

  23. Very eh. It got old very fast. I know that it depends on if you’d like this kinda game (that’s why I didn’t give it a 1 star). However it would be better if it said if it would raise an attribute or lower it. And a lot of the cards are just so random that it makes the game feel disjointed and pointless. It’s also incredibly easy to die.

  24. Nils Vos dice:

    I really enjoy this game, very enjoyable and good story. Though i do have a complaint: Full screen display cannot be turned off for this app, which makes it hard/impossible to read some pieces of text on a device with an odd resolution.

  25. The way of making your own decisions that could affect the outcome of you or other kings is quite cool and amazing. The challenges it provides make me want to go back into the game more. This is has amazing story telling and the ability to change the future really adds on to how endless this game can be.

  26. User has no way of checking Google Play achievements. Simple user interface and control designs, however they may be a bit too bland. Survival, progress and game endings are all far too RNG-based and repetitive, making most choices feel insignificant (reaching 200 years in power is particularly frustrating). Consider adding skill cards that the player can hold on to and use to alter the situation in times when death is imminent. Lastly, the word ‘liar’ is spelled incorrectly on one of the cards.

  27. WOW. I went into this figuring it’d be so-so, but per usual Devolver does not disappoint. Reigns is witty, just challenging enough, and full of content. At the time of writing this I’ve gone through 4 playthroughs (none of which I’m spoiling ;)) and the game has yet to get stale. If I could give it 6 stars, I would in a heartbeat.

  28. Game is ok, but there’s a problem. It rotates the screen on its own and I can’t find a way to disable that(nothing in game’s setting menu is about that) . It just simply ignores the system auto rotation setting and that’s really annoying.

  29. I really wanted to like this game but its pointless. Every round ends because the game drains one of your resources without giving you an opportunity to regain it. Often when you are doing well, the game just decides you die for something outside of your control. At one point in the game I got a power up that basically gave me unlimited money. This finally balanced the game out, but oh no, I lost my kingdom while exploring the dungeon… start over and lose power, or uninstal game. Im done.

  30. Some text goes so close to the edges of the phone. It makes certain letters almost disappear. I wish that was formated better. Most cards I can tell the formating prevents the letters from even reaching the edges of the cards. But a few for some reason do not.

  31. Not that great and not deserving of the rating it has somehow accumulated. There is no true decision making as everything seems to be heavily randomised, with a weighting toward failure. The game put me in a loop where the only thing I could do was take the negative action, resulting in the end of the “reign”. I would have enjoyed the game more if I felt like my decisions were meaningful or the outcome made sense.

  32. I was really excited to try this game out. However it seems to not support my phone’s aspect ratio (Z Fold 3, both screens there are a lot cut off) so it’s currently not playable for me. I’ve seen great things about it but until this is fixed and I can actually read the text, I can’t play it.

  33. It’s fun, but it loses all enjoyment because you can be doing so well, but a tiny little decision completely crumbles everything and you die with having balanced it perfectly for so long, I survived 39 years only to die by preparing for someone to visit me??? Lame. It was a good time killer, but I’ll find something that doesn’t just rip out all your hard work and balancing everything. Honestly it just needs an update to be much more in depth, this is just a one timer game with no updates. Bye ✌

  34. A nice way to spend a little time but it gets old. Game ends if you have too many points (why?) and the dungeon can loop way too much. Eventually you’ll see everything and it’s not interesting anymore.

  35. It’s fun but the Reigns seem repetitive even when you get new card sets and pick different paths you still get the same death outcomes… There is also no gain between Reigns. Would make sense if after you picked a decision on the card it would remember the stats it effect showing up and down arrows rather than a dot for the stat fields the decision would effect. This would allow for players to have longer Reigns experiencing more and getting even more card packs.Currently there’s no progression

  36. Wow this is repetitive. It’s a card based game where they recycle the same 100 prompts over and over again for hours. I’ve played it for a good five or six hours but I’d see that same 50 prompts every playthrough even after I unlocked new decks. I’m sure the later games cleaned this up a but, but you’re better off playing those than this.

  37. tosha dice:

    engaging puzzle gameplay around balancing resources while also looking for opportunities to unlock new scenes, i had a lot of fun figuring it out. NOT a choice-heavy roleplaying game like it might seem from the description, if you play it like one you’ll get stuck pretty quicky.

  38. Game gets very boring and repetitive fairly quickly, often leading you to swipe the same events with the hope you encounter something new. The game does throw in a few tricks and clues in how to trick the devil, but all the mindless swiping and deaths often makes me forget what I’m supposed to do and what conditions I’m supposed to be in when it happens. I got the bad ending first, but uninstalled as soon as I saw I had to swipe the same cards for another 1400 years.

  39. I had some fun but then it was just infuriating. Learned what i had to do to win but it’s so random i couldn’t execute it. Took so long i memorized the steps, then so much longer i forgot again. More than once i got the next to last thing i needed but the game only holds 4 “effects” and getting a fifth deleted the McGuffin. Hours of repetitive work ruined. There’s also a glitch where it seems like one of the steps is done, but you can (and need to) do it again. Maddening.

  40. Amazing, hard to set down and works wonderfully as a mobile game. Doesnt fit the screen well on the S10+ due to the cut out camera and screen size, but I’m assuming it will be fixed eventually.

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