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Illustration X Character Upgrade X Strategy Feel the endless fun on the ground!

1. Dynamic Sounds and Visuals
Breathtaking card illustrations!
Featuring 30 voice actors and over 3,000 sound effects!

2. Design the Best Team! Robust Story, Hearty Card Collecting and Upgrading
The game is full of stories of players in five different attributes!
Collect the player cards and upgrade them to build the best team of your own.

3. 24 Hours is Not Enough! Enjoy Unique PvP and PvE!
No need to worry about Energy! 24 hours a day is not enough to enjoy all the contents in Soccer Spirits!
Enjoy awesome contents including Story, Galaxy League, Colosseum Matches, and more!

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40 comentarios en "Soccer Spirits MOD 2022"

  1. BRO suke dice:

    I played this game all throughout highschool and even after, spent money on it too because I liked it so much! Call me old fashioned, but the new update just doesn’t look good. Too many things on screen, too many changes to what used to be balanced character progression. On top of that it feels like they’re pushing microtransactions even more now. Every time I try to do anything, it puts a pop up about a bundle I could get. It’s just not good anymore and honestly I’m thinking about uninstalling

  2. I played the original which was good. The plot line is awesome. The fact that you can get 100 draws on the second day is nice. I wish it was easier to get xp potions. I feel that the crystal price is high and the fact the special skins are so expensive is quite annoying. However it isn’t a bad game. Just could use some adjustments.

  3. Its CCG and gatcha, and yet its unique, fun, and there’s a lot of freebies and events that whaling is not a necessary component to play. I love the art. It does take a while to build good teams, and can be a bit overwhelming at first. The reason for this is that there is a lot of variety in play styles and team comps. But once you have some solid teams for farming and slightly harder game content, theres always more challenges in PvP. Put those thinking caps on, strategy matters in this game.

  4. I’ve been playing the game for a long time, and while the update isn’t terrible, they leave out many things that the previous version have. The biggest issue I have is with the characters that I had maxed out completely with great stats are now borderline terrible. The way to also grind XP potions is also difficult and characters dont gain xp by being in a match anymore. Debating on uninstalling.

  5. Snow Dad dice:

    I honestly loved this game it was my favourite thing to play. The drop rates were hard but fair for the first 3 years of the game, but now I feel like I can summon forever without having to work for it. The new draw style, navigation and the style of the game is terrible. You took something amazing and destroyed it. I will play purely to collect the players.

  6. kaizrr dice:

    Damn, I remember when this game first came out.. I haven’t played in years and I have to say I am very sad to hear that it’s not going to get any story or event updates anymore. I am happy to hear that they’re keeping the game alive for the legacy fans. I also don’t get all these people saying that it’s a super pay 2 play game, it’s not. I have never spent a cent on this game, and currently you even get free 11 draws from doing daily tasks? Anyway, 10/10 will play for as long as its still alive

  7. Returning player from 2016. Game is way more generous than before, and there are lot of things to do (in fact, there is too much to do). Graphic and sound are still great. Can’t give 5* since the game is way too chaotic and complex (too many modes and mechanics), and the balance is kinda wack. Update: support for the game has been discontinued, but you can still play and there are automatic events and small balance changes. Sad that all the good changes applied the last year were in vain.

  8. Comeback to this game many times cause don’t found any other games that has same vibes as this one. beautiful art, music always did a great job for bringing back nostalgia , just please keep games alive…

  9. Used to play the original 6 years ago when i had plenty of time, it was way more rewarding back then because it actually took time and diligence to get progress. Although that’s not the case now, I’ve also become busy and the easier process does make the game more playable for me now. Prefer the old UI, but understandable that it’s changed. Overall still love the game, so many memories and it seems like the devs care about player opinions. I look forward to getting back into this game~

  10. Belserion dice:

    I truly love this game. However, I don’t recommend SS. The game doesn’t get updates anymore, events are on an automatic cycle. BB have historically been very poor with their balancing, so certain players are must haves if you want to progress. Optimising players is also ridiculously difficult, such that it takes me (rank 118) a VERY long time to fully hyperboost just one legendary player. I suggest you pick up a game more worth your time and one that will be more enjoyable 🙂

  11. There’s potentially a lot of depth to this game. Unfortunately, the obnoxious ads are extremely irritating. And the many undocumented mechanics of the game make it less a strategy game and more a game of luck. E.g. one of the problems which irritate me no end – when I pass the ball to my striker, why does she often immediately pass it on to another player? Every time this happens, I pretty much lose the match.

  12. To many changes. I can’t sell the useless players anymore. Everything is just haywire for my eyes. Just go back to the old version. It was much simpler and better. It just need a increase in the drop rate for legend cards that’s all. We do not need this much change. I gave a 5 star back then now 2 just because the only thing I love is the art style.

  13. Soccer Spirits was one of the first mobile games that I had played. It has been 6-7 years from when I first installed it. I would always come back to it from time to time. The art and gameplay was just so unique and original. Upgrading characers was a bit complex before, so I really appreciate the new update. It made the game less rng and more F2P by having the concept of sprials and other materials. I also like the idea of allowing new players to select a few legendary characters of their choice and then completing the team with SRs. I think the revamp successfully pulled inactive players like me back to the game, while attracting a newer player base.

  14. Pretty interesting, but you need to introduce more quality of life feature like say a button or something to expand the number of slots instead of having to have it overflow before you can do so, and sometimes this means you can’t enter a match without using some work around. That’s just bad UI design. Otherwise, pretty fun.

  15. After the new update, I am unable to log in. It keeps saying there is a network problem despite me having good wifi and data. I am really confused developers

  16. Koli dice:

    Throughout this month there’s been huge packets update yet none could fix a certain bug. Long matches will not load the result; leaving would cause the result to be a loss hence unnecessary loses. The new UI is arguauably better and easier to navigate. Match animations feel more lazy and have less impact than the older versions. Draws have become more accessible to free to play players and legend rates have been boosted. The game is more focused on building your players rather than getting them

  17. It’s awesome. Getting 5 star or 6 starred cards isnt impossible, unlike most other games, and with a little bit of luck, your starting team is actually decent… Well, decent enough. It’s all about strategy and luck, but at the same time it’s a lot of fun and really addicting. The only real complaints that i have is that the in game purchases are way too expensive, and it takes a very long time to build one of those really good teams if you have absolutely no idea how to play.

  18. No matter what i do doesnt allow to access to the game. It says clear cache. I done that. Still the gamd has issue with bug. Please sorte it out.

  19. So much has changed )-: I returned to the game after going inactive for shy of 2 years and so much has changed. Even the way you level up characters has been changed. You no longer ascend characters and they are given to you with the already maxed out artwork. Dont get me wrong, it has gotten easier overall, but it isnt the same soccer spirits past me grew to love. Too much had changed this late into the game’s release.

  20. Pros: Good mechanics, artwork and controls, handles the F2P business well. Cons: 1 big flaw, very bad connection to servers, you will get booted and get the message connection lost every single time,unless youbare on mobile data or have a constant 4 bar wifi, game is unplayable with the overwhelming load times and consistent crashing. Probably one of the worst games I have seen deal with this problem. Game has potential, 1 big flaw is what makes this game unenjoyable.

  21. Ive played for 6+ years at this point and untul this new update it was fun and there was always a new rank to grind to, first it was sss, then lll, then g and so forth. Yeah you had to grind but it wasnt super hard. the meta changes. But with how much grinding is required and the lack of compensation as well as loss of resources it is becoming more of a drag. I think they could have at least kept the training and special training system or the opposite with superb and such but both are gone now

  22. It was great all the way tbf but one thing that frustrating me is your guide quest especially for long pass. I ranked 50+ already and I thought to pass and try it again soon as finish the chapter. Now, I’m finished and I’m struggled to do that guide. Was it supposed to be enemy first move? Could you change the possibility? I hv done so many ways yet I still can’t use long pass. Thank you. EDIT: I passed. I took long enough xc

  23. In all honesty the game is really entertaining. Like every game there is always room for improvement. This game has some things that can be improved. Such as: gameplay, graphics, and a more organized menu. However it has many strong points that anyone who plays and likes this game can certainly appreciate. I myself definitely like this game and the beautiful artwork it has to offer. I also like the large custom team you’re able to build for any situation. 4/5

  24. Excellent game. Never gets boring plenty to do. It can be slow going and difficult at times but its nice to have a challenge for once. Also amazing support. Lost my guest account after i tried to create a Hive account to save my progress. The support team helped find my lost account and link it to Hive. Very prompt help aswell.

  25. honestly got addicted to this game. some aspects of it may be repetitive but it’s actually enjoyable. paying is actually really optional as you can get a lot of stuff here for free and from grinding. there are always events so it isn’t always boring for me. my only complaint is that legendary players are SO hard to get like getting them is almost similar to winning the lottery, it’s near impossible unless you’re really lucky.

  26. Played many times and both accounts that I spent a year on have been deleted with no notice and there is absolutely no support for it. Do not invest anything into this game or you risk your account disappearing with no notice and no reason. The game is fun, characters are cool, but I guess that’s the trap :))))))

  27. I used to play this game a lot a couple of years ago, but then chose to take a break from it, because of phone overheating issues. Returned last year and noticed that they had banned my account for logging back in again. I am not thinking of returning atm, but I chose to leave a review after watching them advertise their 7th anniversary. Might give it a try one of these days to see if stuff got fixed.

  28. The story translation is sub par, confusing and bloated, but the card battling itself is brilliant. Beautiful art and graphics; unique and fun gameplay; upgrading and strategy outdoes itself and I don’t feel forced to buy to enjoy the content. I definitely think it’s worth at least checking out

  29. Never stuck to an app game for so long. since 2014. In my experience, I didn’t have to pay to play to advance. Eventually for really addicted and invested into the game. But never have I regretted spending money and later feeling bad or as if I lost something. Will continue to play even if I take a break every now and then. Would 100% reccomend to those who are more drawn to these “type of games”. P.s would love if they could improve the club system so we can have more contact with each other.

  30. Played the game for 6 years+ Its really amazing and I consider it one of the fairest gatchas out there + it has a very unique playsteal and many modes. The reborn patch is still in its early stages and so far its not too bad, though they didn’t compensate old players like they should have done. I am still expecting greater things from this game though.

  31. I like the app and it’s fun to play but recently, there are some issues occurring on the app that is concerning. One of the issue are bugs and glitches, from time to time, the app got glitches and bugs which is very annoying and it destroys the game play experience. The second issue is that the app consume a lot of battery from the device and make the battery of the device decrease in very large amount more than normal games did to the device. The third issue is it’s very difficult to level up.

  32. interesting game, like one of those soccer animes mixed with a gacha. they make it a lot more interesting by adding active/passive skills, commands like passing shooting defending etc. theres no elemental weaknesses, instead giving each element different strengths, and each unique character (of which there are hundreds) has detailed- if not fanservicy- artwork and even a story. definitely worth a try.

  33. I downloaded this game because the gameplay looked fun & because the anime art caught my attention. Only problem is that I haven’t got the chance to play it yet due to some kind of network error? Never had this problem with any other games. Is a super strong network service really required? If I even get the chance to play, ill leave a more proper review

  34. David dice:

    The voice acting is wonderful. The art is beautiful. Experimenting as you build a team of your favourite players is time-consuming, but fun. The REBORN update has significantly lowered the entry hurdle for new players. However, I do not recommend playing this for those weak of heart, or for small whales. You have to dedicate at least an hour every single bloody day to the infinite grind in order to make progress. Most of your time will be spent auto-ing matches. You have been warned.

  35. I really enjoyed this game. But the reborn update, its a love/hate with me. On one hand I am pleased to not have to deal with character inventory anymore. The spirals are an interesting idea but now it is harder than ever to get in game currency and a lot of features I enjoyed are gone. I’m on the fence as to whether I like it or not.

  36. So 3 star because I love the game been coming back to it for years on and off…. but lately I haven’t been able to log in… have reinstalled the game multiple times and it’s very frustrating. I’ve checked on a few forums about what to do, my internet is pretty average when I work away, perhaps that’s it but all my other games and services run ok

  37. WoaH OK,, this game is great and I’ve been playing for years but mY gOd the update is absolutely confusing and I guess they got rid of a lot of things.. Dont get me wrong, the graphics are as stunning as ever and some things done were an improvement. However, they changed just about everything and just shoved all this new stuff in our face. They should really go back to what it was before, and bring back the things they took away. I enjoy this game, I really do, but this update is just crazy.

  38. They reworked the game just too late. It’s smooth and nice now without so many ADs. You can just play the game normally and find whatever you want to buy at shops, instead of bundles being throw at your face every time. Still… connection issues, and bugs are everywhere, so… it’s still not good..

  39. I’ve played this game off and on since it released I’ve always loved the multiple customization and character strengthening systems in the game. It doesn’t look like there’s too many current players though and it deserves more. If you like team building then give it a go.

  40. The latest update is a reskinned downgrade of the game. Not only are many features buggy or broken, they removed many previous QoL features and endgame content. The core issues of the game still persist, a connection unstable client and an outdated core gameplay experience that’s plagued by poor AI and shallow mechanics. The devs have had 6 years to fix things and this is the best we get. Be happy, don’t play Soccer Spirits.

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