Zombie Hill Racing: Earn Climb MODDED


Win zombie war in zombie car racing! Hill climb in zombie games, die or earn!
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Welcome to Zombie Hill Racing – Earn Climb, one of the best racing games against zombies!

The zombie war is already here! Zombies roam the country and there is almost no escape!

There are few survivors and you are one of them. The only thing left is to find good cars, get on the wheels and drive ahead in one of the best racing games!

Run, hill climb, and kill zombies to avoid the zombie war!

Earn as many coins as you can and build your zombie car. Don’t join the undead! Running over zombies will increase your chances of survival and there will be more living beings in this war.


🚗 Unlock the best cars of racing games.
✔️ New levels and cars!
🔧 Upgrade your car to go faster with nitro.
💰 Earn coins and build the best car of destruction.
💎 Different types of levels.
👍 Graphics optimized for the best performance.
🏁 Finish: win and finish this zombie war.

Play zombie car games with story mode that will fulfill all of your expectations!

All the zombies run at you so don’t let it happen, you need to drive ahead and earn as many coins as possible so you can kill them.

Join the war and let’s defeat zombies together!

Play one of the best zombie car games of all time and experience real survival.


- New stage Prison
- New vehicle Prison bus
- General optimizations


40 comentarios en "Zombie Hill Racing: Earn Climb MODDED"

  1. Knock off of NotDoppler’s “Earn To Die” games. Fairly entertaining. To those who say that a particular level isn’t beatable, that’s simply not true. Learn to conserve your resources. I’ve just completed the game. Controls are not terribly responsive and sometimes requires more than one tap to get the games attention. Scaling of car upgrades is on the low side, so it takes a much higher level of upgrade than Earn To Die in order to be successful. Otherwise, I enjoyed the game.

  2. James dice:

    This is how you do ads in a game. The ads are not forced and the game is perfectly playable without watching a single ad. You can choose to watch an ad if you want to double your rewards after each round which I almost always do to help support the developer and thier choice to not have forced ads. Thanks you! The game play is simple and we’ll done. The graphics are great as well. I love this game!

  3. keel dice:

    This game is a fun time-waster. With the new update, it seems easier to get coins and therefore won’t take you ages to finish. That said, it doesn’t come without it’s fair share of wonkiness. For example, when a zombie leg falls on top of your car and gets stuck on your turbo, sometimes you can’t move, period. Or if a hanging zombie drops and you hit it mid-air, say goodbye to all your speed, because you’ll probably be knocked back a good bit. All in all, it’s a decent game, but needs work.

  4. Richard dice:

    The game was a time killer when I was bored. Alot of advertising and wants you to spend money… however with persistence I advanced without spending any money and was still having fun… until. I came to an abrupt stop. I finished quite a few levels and then it says the next level is still being made. Here it is over a month later and I’m still waiting for the next level. The design of the game is rather simple… not complex at all. Don’t understand what’s going on with the next level.

  5. 神秘的 dice:

    It’s just another Earn To Die ripoff but worse than what I’ve seen. The mechanics are way too similar, you have the exact same goal, the zombies dont pose a threat to your vehicle at all, neither do the boxes, theres just so much about this game that’s complete garbage. If you’re going to try and make a spinoff, at least try harder next time.

  6. Very fun, love the design of the vehicles. Microtransactions are optional and not needed to enjoy the game to its full potential. Only issue I’m having is I’m unable to try and save survivors again after failing the first time, but that could be user error.

  7. I like this game, the only issues I have is the fact you can only play it for so long before you have to wait 12 hours for your fuel to be full, once it runs out you can’t play any more which kind of sucks.. another problem the truck level with the ice is really glitchy.

  8. I am only giving this game a two star rating because it is frustratingly stupid and annoying as the levels progress they get harder to beat and you use so much fuel to try and complete certain levels it’s not even funny and when you run out of fuel you have to wait for it to fill up again or go purchase more from the shop which I have done a few times and as I said it’s very frustrating and annoying especially when you have to go to the store to purchase things because you want to beat it

  9. M Morgz dice:

    Fun game, good challenging maps but have repeated issues with a wheel clipping through the ground and getting me stuck. Getting frustrating. Also a way to link to Google play or fb would be good. Every time I have had to reinstall the game, I have to play it through again 😮‍💨.

  10. Great game barely any ads the mechanics of the game are easy and simple plus it has a bunch of contenti think it’ is a great game for people who like the simple 2d driving pretty fun game. Now I’m going to continue playing.

  11. I like the game a lot, and it is a good challenge. If it were my choice, I’d make it possible to see locations of crates from a map of the level because it’s hard to memorize some of them to know where you need to discover more areas.

  12. I really love this game, is earn to die on steroids. Yeah the grinding is ridiculous but very fun and the ads are not invasive at all! I mean you actually NEED to see them to get a somewhat decent payout but overall I have no complains, great game at least to me!

  13. Ravi Kc dice:

    Hi this game like earn to die 2 but it’s different. I liked the game but graphics aren’t good as earn to die 2 and not much fun. In this game you can only runs and killed the zombies but in another game runs and killed and when cars are becomes too many pieces and drive only one wheel that is so funny.

  14. Done the game but missing few stars, should have indicator on progress bar as to chest location with a colored line. Blue bottom, yellow middle, red top, given the high energy cost to repeat a level this would be the difference for 5 stars for me.

  15. If I haven’t got my foot on the gas it shouldn’t use up the fuel. And If iv run out of fuel but cars still rolling game shouldn’t stop. So good try but games not for me

  16. Jj Melvin dice:

    Really like this game really recommend it it’s definitely a thousand out of 10 because it’s just a way to get rid of your boredom and I love killing the zombies and the fact that you can upgrade your car and good chest is really cool I’m already at like level 3 I’m almost to level four or I mean the cars if you know what I mean but definitely recommend make more games like this please

  17. It’s a fun game to play. However I do have one problem with it. The quests have you going to areas that don’t have any trees to chop down. So now you use your gems to get new quests only to have you chop down trees that are not available on those levels.

  18. The game is good… But I have been needlessly stuck on quests where it says chop the trees. I can’t figure out what it is and have tried hitting everything. I think it’s a bug.

  19. Game is boring AF with lots of microtransactions to progress. It’s linear, repetitive and mundane. For anyone new here, don’t let the rating fool you or waste your time.

  20. It’s mindless fun, great as a way to pass the time while taking public transit or waiting in a lineup…

  21. A simple 3D design, but effective. Enjoyment shouldn’t be complicated, nor art. To the developers of this game, Bravo, well done, I commend you all.

  22. Robb S dice:

    Definitely a pay to progress type of game, better you’ll be grinding away for hours on a mobile game just to have mediocre rewards.

  23. A silver to Earn To Die’s gold. If the physics were adjusted, so all the wheels don’t necessarily have to be on the ground to accelerate and don’t clip through the floor, the this will be more enjoyable.

  24. It would be a fun game only if the directional buttons went in the direction it shows, for some reason it does a back flip when your pressing forward and the controls are also really slow to react

  25. the game seems to be a cooler looking hill climber but it put in way too many obstacles while ignoring basic game car control, like not putting brakes on the car. The guns have an ammo limit but no trigger control, which make no sense to me. As always you can watch ads to double the points, but you can’t play the map over again to explore what else there is or improve your score. To surmise, there’s room for improvement.

  26. I haven’t played much yet, but I thought I would leave a review, this is giving me flashbacks to hill climb racing and I love it, the only thing is I hope some sort of ram gets introduced so that you can smash through the boxes without slowing down your overall speed, as well as maybe a break system, not being able to stop does make it quite challenging to keep control of your car but it’s still manageable. overall 4.5/5

  27. It’s okay but to have to watch an ad every time you collect your coins and stuff like that makes me not want to play I get tired of seeing all the ads

  28. Fun time-waster with no mandatory ads. There’s an issue where I have quests for balloons and trees for cars that have neither, still waiting for a fix. Also what happens to the survivors that you missed? Is there a way to get them later on?

  29. Fun and you choose ads to get useful rewards. Not forced ads like most games. Great game. Devs are awesome for not ruining a great game. Cheers.

  30. Fun game and adds are optional which I usually choose to watch because this is the way adds should be done in games… also this is the only review I’ve ever done because I appreciate it that much

  31. Its just earn to die but worse in every way, no sense of style, terrible sound quality, and the soundtrack isnt even good

  32. Raj 2021 dice:

    After completing 1 level you need to invest money to play further. There are so many other such games which are free better to go with those.

  33. It’s ok kind of fun but it could be better needs more imaginative play , guns, and gun play should be better they aren’t very cool.I expected better a five year old could do better

  34. Good lots of free loot pressure on screen makes for a busy appearance that is abhoratable.

  35. Fun game. Has the normal ads but still worth it.

  36. Dont understand why i move on before finishing all the races are done. Says 3/5 and on to the next.

  37. Love the challenge even if it seams the same, enjoying running over zombies.

  38. Fun game but how do you “chop down trees”!? I keep getting that challenge but I can’t chop the trees down no matter what I try.

  39. Ryan dice:

    It was fun at first, but it gets way too hard way too quickly. I can’t get past level 2-3 even with a fully upgraded car… Uninstalled.

  40. Could of been better, when I got to the semi truck I was very disappointed.. small scale, only the very rear wheel worked as a drive wheel. Just not very fun.

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