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PvP Drift-Racing
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Drift your way to the world league! Introducing new exciting racing game, where you can test your drifting skill against real people from around the world. Download for free and start drifting now!

Collect and upgrade cars, take on solo and team challenges, win in one-on-one duels and get to the top position of world wide league. Would you choose Muscle or Street cars, Super cars or Off-Road SUVs? Pick the best car for every race and leave your opponents in the smoke of your hot slide.

• Duels with real opponents
• Collection of more than 30 unique cars and more coming
• Muscle, Street, Off-Road and Super cars driving physics
• Amazing environments, weather effects, shortcuts and boosts
• Team and solo challenges
• Perfect fast-paced experience

Heat up your wheels and become a legend!


Two new cars!
New skin!
Two new plates!
New special deals!
Bug fixes and improvements.


4 comentarios en "Hot Slide MODDED 2022"

  1. Brandon Archer dice:

    One of the better driving games I’ve played, but became frustrating after a while. Matchmaking is atrocious, car level would be a much better system than trophies, especially since those change with wins AND losses. It runs mostly smoothly, but there are definite issues with controls at times, the camera puts you at the wrong angle for turns a lot, and times get don’t get updated in time trial races. Basically, good graphics, decently fun for a bit, but the engine is terrible.

  2. Matthew Fusco dice:

    This game is absolutely amazing. Every car has a different form of physics and you don’t have to spend money to be competitive. The game moves at a great pace but obviously you can spend money if you want a certain look or cosmetic or a certain car. I have already supported this game with a few dollars because I wanted a certain car because it’s absolutely amazing and so much fun.

  3. falloutboy music dice:

    There are still problems when turning, camera angle isn’t enough in some maps, the turning is limited. And the matchmaking is unfair for a couple of times. And sometimes it doesn’t save your best time when doing races with others online. Also it’s a pay to win situation in this game.

  4. John Ex dice:

    Really fun gameplay and good concept. If you like drifting give this a try. It’s easy to play but hard to master, and skill does make a difference. There are cool maps and challenges however the only issue I have with the game is that some maps are really annoying to play, mainly because you cant actually see where to go. Examples of these are the snow and highways maps. Also a feature that is very necessary, but is completely absent, is a mini map, as it is very hard to memorize every turn.

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