GT Manager MODDED 2022


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Build up and manage your motorsport team to become the best racing manager.
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The BMW April Season is now live in GT Manager!
Race to acquire the new BMW M4 GT3! Other in-game rewards will be available to win such as a new skin for the Renault R.S. 01 and a new driver card.

Manage your GT team from the pit wall to master the art of racing and compete head to head online with other players.

In your team facilities, improve your racing cars performances and driver stats, research new parts for your car and recycle duplicate cards. Optimize your earnings by choosing the best sponsor for your motorsport team!

Acquire cars from the most prestigious brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, McLaren, Nissan, Audi, Corvette and other top car manufacturers. Connect with the GT Manager community to trade blueprints with other players to add new cars to your garage.

Race sprint, endurance, daily races on 11 different circuits and participate every weekend in the 48H Endurance Series taking place on four different race tracks. Score championship points and climb rankings to move up Leagues.

Instruct your drivers from the pit lane: choose your tyre strategy, adapt your strategy to the weather changes and other race events. Compare your statistics with other players in the race debrief to know what you should upgrade next!

Complete challenges successfully or beat your opponents to get rewards! Collect all of the available car skins, acquire card boosters and earn exclusive new contents each season to improve your team and become the best motorsport manager!

GT MANAGER is free to download and play, however, some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.


New features and improvements:
- BMW April Season contents: new BMW M4 GT3, a new skin for the Renault R.S. 01 and a new driver card
- The speed of the drivers can now be chosen at the start of the race
- The speed of the drivers is now the same at the entry and exit of pit lane
- The trading system has been reworked
- Weather balancing following community feedback
- Various issues have been fixed


4 comentarios en "GT Manager MODDED 2022"

  1. kayden verkerk dice:

    I do love this game its very intertaing and does require quite a bit of strategy to win. There is a huge grind if you don’t pay for things, it’s very pay to win orientated and grinding ads gets you no where. If you just want to watch cars go in circles and occasionally tell two of them to change tires then this is the perfect game for you and it is most definitly my kind of game. I love watching my two driver drive the same car, because it’s impossible to get more, around rotating tracks/condit

  2. Derek Beauregard dice:

    Great game! Really takes a good strategy to get both drivers across the line in 1st and 2nd. Prices are a little high and free incentives should be a little larger. Obtaining vehicles is incredibly difficult! That is the one thing that should be taken care of asap. Only the top car in each class should require blueprints, Others should be available to purchase with in game currency.

  3. Matt Alexander dice:

    Edit: it appears the updates since I posted this have eased that issue, and it is reasonable to get money in game now, even without spending real money. This game was certainly aimed for people to pay for, but it was possible to watch ads and grind for cash. The last update adding an entry fee to races eliminated that. If you can’t upgrade your car/team as fast as the game advances your opponents, you effectively hit a pay wall. I think I’m done

  4. Jonathan Mason dice:

    The game is great. It’s fine and the time goes by while playing the game. However, I am having an issue with the game loading up getting passed the loading screen. The game doesn’t load up at all pass the loading screen anymore and I would like this issue to get fixed asap please. I still give it 5 stars, but I need this issue to get fixed asap so I can start playing the game again asap. Thanks

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