Hill Climb Racing 2 MODDED 2022


Race and climb your way uphill in this epic online multiplayer car driving game!
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From the Creators of the original Hill Climb Racing comes Hill Climb Racing 2! It’s Bigger, It’s Better And It’s Much Much Funner!?

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a 2D online multiplayer racing game with dozens of tracks, vehicles and character customization options at your fingertips.

Feature List:
● Race uphill in over 20+ different vehicles – Cars, trucks, bikes and even a tank!
● Unlock & upgrade new vehicle parts for your favourite vehicle!
● Customize your character and vehicle’s looks!
● Team up with your friends online & race in teams mode!
● Arcade racing fun while performing cool stunt tricks!
● Dozens of tracks to race on!
● Classic adventure mode makes a return
● Weekly events that change up the gameplay in new exciting ways!
● Race up hill to win In online races and earn epic loot!

Hill Climb Racing 2 takes all your favourite parts from Hill Climb Racing 1 and expands on them. The favourite adventure mode is back and bigger than even with gorgeous new tracks. You can race against other players from around the world in cups mode and even create a racing team with your friends to earn epic season rewards! We have expanded vehicle customization with new skins and upgrades to vehicles that enhance your driving experience! Race on!

Remember that we’re always reading your feedback and are hard at work creating new original content for our car games: new cars, bikes, cups, levels and features for HCR1 and HCR2. If you find a bug or have a crash let us know so we can fix it. We really appreciate it if you’d report what you like or dislike and any issues you may have with our racing games to [email protected], please include your device make and model.

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Hill Climb Racing™️ is a registered trademark of Fingersoft Ltd. All rights reserved.


* New adventure level: Canyon Arena
* New adventure token currency for unlocking adventure levels
* Gameplay tweaks to the Beast vehicle
* Stability improvements and crash fixes
* Various bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Hill Climb Racing 2 MODDED 2022"

  1. A waste of time. The game is basically a pretext to make you watch a bunch of long, annoying ads. Sometimes it felt like I spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game. In order to avoid that, I purchased a VIP pass to remove ads. I made some progress but suddenly, when the game prompted my to synchronize my game to my Google account, it was all lost. Support from the developer was awful, with lots of standard responses. At the end, they just refused to do anything to help me.

  2. Hey guys! Never really did a review before. For everyone looking to see if they should download it. YES!!! This game is amazing always has been since the first. You won’t be disappointed. Developers: Not really liking the new update concerning adventure tokens. It was a good idea and I see where you are going with it. Unfortunately it’s more of a grind on your terms now and not ours. If you would like me to elaborate drop me your email for support. Either way keep up the great work!!! Much luv

  3. Overall Good. As an og that played when the first Hill Climb released, I think this game is definitely an improvement over its predecessor in terms of the new features it presents. Where it falls short in correlation is the variety of maps to choose from and vehicles. Having only 4 maps to choose from feels and is very restricting of how much money you accumulate because of the hard cap they locks other majors behind a ton of bridging that you need to do vs. being able to buy them.

  4. I really liked this game for a long time, there’s tons of content, almost always some kind of event going on that keeps it from getting boring. However this newest update is pretty bad. The addition of adventure tokens to unlock levels is awful. Where it used to be difficult but a fun challenge to unlock new levels now it’s just a tedious grind. The rest of the game is great but this update is almost enough of a slap in the face to get me to stop playing.

  5. I don’t know what happened, but out of nowhere the app crashes 95% of the time before even getting past the loading screen. Sometimes I’ll spend half an hour restarting and troubleshooting the game in every way imaginable to no avail. I don’t want to change my rating because it’s a great game, can you guys please patch this though? This is the only game or app that has this problem and it just randomly showed up recently

  6. I’ve been playing since the first Hill Climb Racing. Playing part 2 for couple years on my game phone that went belly up. I have no clue of my email address. So I started over on my personal phone. This game is a blast to play. Many vehicles and different tracks. I lose track of time and play for couple hours. It’s fun playing, even when I win or lose some races. Great work on creating a fun game for all ages.

  7. New update to adventure is horrible. Been playing for a while and was super close to unlocking the next adventure, but now it’s going to take forever to try to get it with having to get chests. Adding a different way to unlock is one thing, but to completely replace for those that have been playing for so long is bs. BAD update.

  8. Willy H dice:

    Fun game to play. Not too many “forced” ads. You can actually complete up to 4 races without an ad. Optional Ads for everything else though. And upgrades both parts & vehicles is super “expensive” you can watch 1000 ads voluntarily & make limited progess. But the game play is still engaging as you basically compete with players at the similar levels. The ‘events’ are another story You will be outmatched for long time unless you spend. I will make a purchase but it will be a drop in the bucket TY

  9. I love playing this game, but the recent update to adventure is b.s.! At first I thought it was great that another option for unlocking new maps was added. Until i realized the original way of getting stars for distance no longer is an option! I was soo close to unlocking the next map and now it will take forever to unlock it with the new point system. I could get adventure stars all day everyday but now I can only get it with the blue chests. Which are generally ridiculous vehicles in difficult

  10. M Howard dice:

    This game has me playing for way longer than I initially plan on doing so. The fact that you do have to watch an add for Alot of things does get annoying from time to time. Being someone who has played Hill Climb 1 this is definitely an upgrade! I would recommend this game to someone who needs to pass time or wants a challenge.

  11. Every time an ad comes up, it freezes the game and I have to reload the game again. Whenever you press a button, it takes several seconds to load. Generally a good concept for a game, but poorly made… I’ll give to you Fingersoft, you tried… Also the upgrades get way too expensive too quickly. BTW: This is just my personal preference, your preference of Hill Climb 2 may different, try it out if you want…😊 Edit: Everything is better… 5 stars

  12. j dice:

    Nephew got me playing this. Lately it’s been acting up too much. I won’t play it much more. Too many interruptions with the app and malware. The game is still messing up all the time. Ads take control of the app. Frustration removes enjoyment. Another thing that I see all too often is the “savage” notification! Lose chest, $, and levels. I’ve been playing for years and the corruption software is getting worse. Ads take control of the game and I constantly have to reboot the game.

  13. A masterpiece of physics, art and fun. Gameplay is simple but based on some very complex engineering models, so there is always something new and exciting that can happen. I still enjoy HCR2 after 5 years of daily play. In my opinion the only thing that could use some improvement is the support staff help. 2 years ago they were very helpful, but the last year ,for some people, not so much unfortunately. Hopefully this is something that will be improved. All the best to Fingersoft! Great game😍👍

  14. just started playing, but at the moment it is fun. will update if that changes. Edit: changed from 4 to 5 stars since, i haven’t stopped playing since my original review. Being on a team helps keep you going. But what matters is how well you adapt to new team events. Once you can do decently it much less rage inducing. But still frustrating.

  15. I’ve played this game from the start, but it has gone completely (screw the players). Ever since the last update, it’s almost impossible to advance past a boss. Fully upgraded car with, perks, and the boss just takes off and drive off the screen. I signed up for a monthly subscription, and it got harder to beat the bosses. There are a lot more credible games out now days, I would pick something else.

  16. I love this game honestly. But when I turned my phone off and turned it back on the game would just show me a black screen. So I deleted the game and tried reinstalling, but now it won’t even download or let me cancel it. I’ve spent so much time on this and I can’t lose my account. Please if anyone could fix this it would be great. (Edit) I’ve now lost all progress and had to restart everything. (Edit x2) I can’t even get the game to start again and it won’t download.

  17. Chris dice:

    Fun. Finally a game that’s fun. Most games try to be so realistic that it’s not fun. My only problem is the lack of the tutorial, so other than the racing part, I often don’t understand what’s happening. When I buy upgrades, I don’t know how to assign them to a vehicle. If they’re automatically assigned, I haven’t noticed any performance enhancements. A tutorial or FAQ or something would improve the experience.

  18. Hill Climb has definitely came a long way since the first one. I like the challenges and the added characters and customizations. The only real issue I have had so far, is what I have found to be a glitch within the water. Ive noticed that when I have chosen any character or vehicle, when i come to any part of water, the screen glitches out and its like it has to reset which sometimes throws me off. Other than that, great game for sure!

  19. I like the game, but I dont like that you need an online connection and have to race to unlock vehicles. I think it has made the grind for vehicles less so than the first game, but I want to be able to progress offline as well. And now, watching videos for free upgrades of any kind does not work. I’ll watch the whole stupid video and never get the upgrade. The whole game freezes for about 20 secs and then nothing happens. The FREE button is still there even, but does nothing when clicked.

  20. This Game is great just like the first one. I haven’t had a single problem with it and unlike the first Hill Climb, u can watch a short 15 second video ad to go ahead and unlock items instead of waiting the time allotted before being able to unlock or upgrade an item. Your not bombarded with Ads like other games at all thank goodness. I’ve yet to have an Ad pop up on my screen. Anyways it’s a great game and an even greater time killer.

  21. It’s a fun time killer, overall a good experience. My only complaints are the controls momentarily freezing once in a while and the very annoying gap in all the music loops. There is not one song in the game that doesn’t have a half second gap when it loops. I’d really like to see this fixed……but that aside, it’s a good experience.

  22. Game is ok and has good potential, but is BADLY squandered. Biggest problem is the car is propelled by the rear wheels, which very often causes you to flip backwards until your car is upside down. It becomes extremely difficult to climb even the simplest hills because of this, since you’ll flip backwards instead of driving up said hill. The later, more advanced courses are pure chaos. Obstacles everywhere. So many times I’ve been in 1st place during a race, but I’ll get crushed by an RV, or an alligator bites my tires and I get stuck or die. Luck becomes a huge factor in the later levels, skill and car strength is secondary. Needs to be more a focus on challenging courses that dont involve a bunch of gimmicks.

  23. Every time i accelerate or hit a hill, the cars just want to wheelie and flip over backwards! Constantly hitting the brakes! Also, I just got the dune buggy I am at level 1, and I end up in races with guys that have advanced vehicles that are so much faster I just can’t possibly win. That’s not really fair. But I have the first game and I love this one, it’s just frustrating that I can’t keep my finger on the gas pedal and just race without worrying about flipping.

  24. Super fun but to many ads. Ads after each circuit race, ads when you switch between modes, ads every time you hit the back button. It really is fun and addictive, once you get to a certain point. Before that point it’s a struggle to want to play and it’s very slow progressing but once you get 1 very good vehicle and can win some races it’s much better. But the ads, my God the ads.

  25. I really enjoyed this game at first. One of the few games I spent money on. The more you climb levels the harder it gets and the less fun it is. Once you get to water stages, mines and mountains it gets less fun and more like work. When you cant see ahead and get hit with sudden deaths it gets bad. I had so many races where me and 2 other people die before the end. Needs lots more game testing. Many times I got hung up inside objects and could not finish the race. Needs more straight races

  26. I have mixed feelings on this. The positives are that it’s very fun to play as well as challenging. The randomness of the rewards can be much needed. Now, the negatives. -The pay-to-win turns a lot of players off from playing longer -the adventure has no course checkpoints, so you must be perfect to get to 10,000 meters. -you have to buy unlocked vehicles, unless you’re willing to pay real money -the part chests are random, so what upgrades you want, you probably wont get.

  27. One of the few games ive redownloaded on multiple phones. It’s enjoyable to play and great for killing time. Even if your only killing 5 minutes waiting for your coffee you can play a couple races. And if you have longer it’s more than capable of keeping your attention. Only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is the offline is very restrictive in comparison. I would like to at least have access to the racing tracks for time trials. Otherwise great game.

  28. I love this game. I’ve been playing it for years. Normally, I would give it 5 stars, but not now. Ever since I installed the latest update, whenever I press accelaerate, the vehicle slows down, reverses and does a backflip, resulting in car death. I was unsure about installing the update, because sometimes they come with new glitches. I installed it anyway, hoping it would come with a fix to the ‘offline’ situation. It did fix that, but now the vehicles’ basic operations are completely broken.

  29. I do enjoy the game. But there are spots that could definitely use some attention and updated. It is a long process to update your vehicles without spending money. The challenges for trophies are meaningless to do after you got your achievements for it. They need to have more attention brought to them. I do like the skins and various vehicles you can use. But it does take time to unlock them. The team challenges are challenging yet feel a bit repetitive. So mixing it you should help greatly. 4⭐

  30. The game is fun….when it doesn’t go offline, which happens alot. The other thing I noticed is when you win 2nd or 1st you progress a little bit, but when you place 3rd or 4th you digress a lot and have to win 2-3 races just to get back to where you were. The last thing is the ads, too long and half the time I don’t get the prize for watching, the devs almost make you have to buy the VIP to rid the ads. If your board and wanna kill time this is the game for you.

  31. This is fun though you have to watch lots of ads to progress at a tolerable rate. I have an issue though that sometimes (for my device at least) the screen will go dark grey and I can’t do anything. Don’t think it’s happened during a race, just in other screens. I have to switch to the phone’s home screen and then open the app by tapping the icon for it (switching back to it via the app switcher does not resolve the issue).

  32. I loved the original HCR, and played this one for a lot of time. It is a fun, interesting game that really gives off vibes of the original. The racing, tuning, and customization variety is wide, and it was great to get a bit of a challenge going up the ranks to Legendary. That was until the most recent update where it just stopped working. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. A pretty good game for those who just got into it or want to. Props to Fingersoft for a fun game.

  33. Amazing game. Top-notch graphics and controls, so few ads you almost forget they’re there (not to mention most of them are optional for small rewards), and enough gameplay modes to keep you entertained for ages! You work for your upgrades, but you don’t have to save coins up for weeks either–you really get out what you put in, all in all. Can’t wait for more updates!

  34. i have some difficulty with the controls, “occasionally”. I will be pushing a control but not getting the response I expect. Looking down I find the reason is that my thumb possition is off the pedal. I was wondering if U could make the entire corner active for control. Especially if there is an inactive strip(s) of pixels below or to the outside of the active pedal area. So that there is no dead space between a pedal and its two window boarders.

  35. Game starts out great. Haven’t had any issues with glitches, but once you get past a certain point it takes forever to upgrade. The upgrades get more expensive, but the rewards stay tiny probably in order to get you to spend real money. Good time killer, but it gets boring when you’re stuck losing because you can’t upgrade fast enough without paying real money.

  36. Honestly, this is better than the original. The ‘multiplayer’ (which is actually online ghosts racing you) is entirely optional – Some of the areas from the last game return here, along with new ones. It has great graphics, actual races are a fun new take on something that was confusingly named in the first place, there are new customization options and also parts that do things like a rollcage, jump suspension, and more. It’s great, I recommend it.

  37. Played the game often and experienced an issue where a “cheat” was detected, even though there was none. Took a little while, but support finally fixed the issue completely and restored all my old progress. Was frustrating, and I initially gave a low rating, but because of how helpful support was for me, I’ve since increased my rating to 4 stars. It’s a fun time killer if you’re in transit to and from work.

  38. Extremely poor support. It is a very fun game and I enjoyed playing it. Played it for years. However my progress was lost when I switched to a different device. The ONLY thing that did transfer was my VIP subscription. In other words I was back at square one. This has happened before and my game was restored within 24 hours. I do not believe the support tech tried very hard to help me. I find it very curious that nothing transferred but my VIP subscription. Support staff? There was no support.

  39. FAR too many ads. I played the original a lot and got this one immediately when it dropped. It was better back then. Also, DO NOT CLICK on any part of the game that says “FREE”. It wants personal info and permissions in order to tailor the multiple ads to you – and you cannot click out of the screen without allowing it. You have to forceclose the app. Not worth it. You get 3 races (maybe 45 seconds each) and then you are hit with 1 minute of ads. Otherwise, it would be a very fun game.

  40. It was a lot of fun but now it’s simply too buggy. All types of odd scenarios happen when you’re forced to lose because of bad game design. Artifacts pop out of nowhere. Get stuck between objects. In certain cases you can’t get out and have to wait until you run out of gas because you can’t move forward or backward. I have screenshots you wouldn’t believe. Seems like the developers aren’t testing it out but rather focusing on adding more levels and more things to sell their base. Really too bad.

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