Classic Drag Racing Car Game 2022


Ride classic cars in a drag racing driving game, touch no limit in speed
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You’re the new fish in the capital of street racing but you will need more than your driving skills to survive in this car game. You’ll have to make friends, prove your loyalty, learn car tuning with a mechanic, and challenge the toughest street racing crews and drag racing gangs who have each carved a part of the city for themselves. Use your superior driving skills to get a great start to the race. Push to the top speed to the finish line in your favorite classic race car.

Are you a fan of hot rods and know your way around classic cars? Is the desire for a high speed no limit drag race with an engaging story something you crave? Wanna get to tuning your cars and hear the engine roar like a beast? Make sure to install Classic Drag Racing Car Game now!

More than 100 classic cars and racing cars await you in this no limit driving simulator with full car customization options available in the auto body shop from engine, tires, rims, traction, clutch, full-body wraps, and more that improve your race car speed. Marvel at your car inside your garage and head to the customs shop so you can race in style! Classic car lovers won’t miss the chance of playing such a high quality no limit drag racing car game with classic cars in an NHRA format. Throughout the campaign you’ll get the chance to pimp your rides in the custom shop, restoring it to your preference; you’ll need some motivation to win those races and save enough cash for upgrades!

Still not convinced? Here are some of the cool features you can find in Classic Drag Racing:

– More than 100 Classic Cars with new cars added over time
– Accurate simulation of driving physics and cars like in real life
– High quality environmental graphics
– Simple controls but tricky mechanics to win every race for each car
– Hit Nitro to tear up the asphalt
– Tons of personalization options for all tastes
– Engrossing story that brings you back everyday
– Fun daily quests and competitions with unique twists each day
– Leaderboard to size yourself against other drivers
– Offline mode to tear up the road whenever and wherever
– Online drag racing against friends and more game modes coming soon

Classic Drag Racing is a drag racing game with classic cars of different time periods, exciting story and engaging in-game mechanics. Like in real life, your car has a fuel tank so each time you race you’ll spend either one or a couple fills to compete in the race. Once inside the race you’ll have to rev your engine just the right way to get a head start on your rival who can turn on a dime but don’t get distracted with the ultra-realistic engine sounds unique to each car! You got that head start but your rival’s car is simply better than yours, this is where you’ll need to time your gear shifts and nitro. Proper nitro usage helps you close the tiny gap between you and your rivals!
This is a fast and thrilling racing kar game with over 100 classic cars, show trucks, muscle cars, racing cars, and street rods starring famous car brands of different generations and more NHRA cars on the way in future updates.

Classic Drag Racing Car Game is a free to play drag racing game developed by Kingkode studio and published by Raya Games. If you’ve previously enjoyed games like GT Club, CSR 2, Asphalt or Need for Speed then you’ll find the best features those drag racing car games had to offer experiencing no limits. Step behind the steering wheel of your favorite classic cars in this high quality graphics drag racing game with the finest drivers of the city to progress the story. Cruise at high speed against other race cars in this adrenaline packed race car game for mere seconds and millimeters to the finish line!


Minor bug fixes and performance improvements 🚀


40 comentarios en "Classic Drag Racing Car Game 2022"

  1. So I’ve been playing about a week. It was a lot of fun to begin with and I didnt mind too much watching ads. As with most games the higher you progress the more difficult they become. However with this game once you reach the T3 car they make it nearly impossible to progress without spending. Im getting ready to delete it as I write this. So unless you are willing to spend be prepared to quit after 1 week.

  2. Complete Copy of CSR Classics The list of cars, design, map layout etc, are the same as the ORIGINAL game: “CSR Classics”. Rather get CSR Classics instead, better experience, gaphics, sound, gameplay, quality, and performance. I’ll give the creator credit for not stealing music and engine sound. The engine sound is fine, but the music doesn’t match.

  3. Update: game working after corrected update. Great time waster (compliment). Proper and smart use of ads like a motivator to keep playing instead of an obligation. Good graphics for a mobile game. Win credits a bit low making the game repetitive in some segments. 8/10

  4. sshgfwb dice:

    Way to many ads. You spend more time waiting for the ad to finish than playing, and I’ve given up on the daily challenge because I almost never win. Then you answer with a canned response?

  5. Just another Tap festival ! It doesn’t require any skill or knowledge at all ! Any dummy can tap their phone . You can’t tune your car or change your gear ratio , all the upgrades are pre-set witch doesn’t anyway because everyone’s car is the same It’s all about ” TAP ” timing which isn’t accurate at all but mostly it’s the game that decides when you win & when you loose ” PERIOD!” don’t waste your time ! If you really like racing try ( DRAG RACING by CREATIVE MOBILE ) … TRUST ME !

  6. It is a great revamp of a former game I used to play, and it’s bringing the classic cars back into mobile gaming. I love the Oldsmobile 442, just wish there was a 1968 Oldsmobile Demont 88 as a tier 3 car. Keep up the awesome work, and please don’t let this game die. You guys rock!

  7. I really enjoy this game for 1 you don’t have to be online to play the most of it but the reason why I’m giving it a 2☆ is the same reason the person below me said, the screen goes black, it’s like the game crashes. Until they do an update to fix the issue it won’t be a 5☆ game from me.

  8. Had a lot of fun with this until I hit the level 4 cars. Race winnings are realistic, but car prices and upgrade costs are stupid ridiculous. No one pays these kinds of prices in the real world. Probably going to delete this game soon.

  9. I think the game has great graphics fun to play but wish you could customize your car more like looks rims,body,bumpers, hood scoops, also how can you sell your old cars for cash? Other than that if we can get some more changes will give more stars thanks

  10. Game crashes once you get passed the second boss. It’s confusing as to why really. But a good game other than that. Wish y’all would fix it

  11. Been playing for a couple weeks. Fun game. But now when i load the game, iy says “Error, unable to intialize the unity engine.”

  12. Still a decent game, but downgrading my rating. When you’re doing the ladder or boss races, the screen will go black after a few rounds, and the game will crash, and crash often. However, you can do the regulation races all day long with no problems, why is that????

  13. This game is is BAD A$$ !! It’s VERY addictive and a whole lot of FUN !! Thank Y’all developers for this FANTASTIC game … I give it 6 STARS out of 5 ..

  14. Love It. One problem for me is my thumbs must be bigger than most because I find it hard to be able to see the shift light to know when to shift. But I have adapted. Play it, u just might get hooked like I am. PeaceOut

  15. This is a Fantastic 🆓 Game 👍🎯! You Rock Developer’s🔥& As For The Cars, Truck’s Graphics, Control’s & GamePlay & Celebrities I Noticed Them… It’s All💯%💥🌟 Awesome! 😜😎👌You Nailed It & The Sound of the Motors As I Hit The Gas & The Motor Makes The🤯 Front Raise! Yeah!🤯I’m Doing The Tim Allen Grunt Right Now But You Can’t Hear It. LoL! Download This🔥 Awesome Game Friends! & You Can Hear The Engine’s Roar Thou! Thanks Again Developer’s I Just Hope That It Is Really Offline🙏

  16. Great game still, could use an overhaul on the graphics, and sounds of tha cars. Iv played a lot of drag racing games and this one is legit

  17. Well my friend it still has bugs when I play the on line games sometimes it will go to a blank screen n still take my money that’s not right so please fix or I’m done so far its toke over $300.00 thousand dollars from me not happy at all

  18. Awful funny this morning I gave a two-star review they answered me the publisher that is I go to look for his answer and my review I can’t find it so just shows you you want a real racing game go play no limit too…. You can work your way up the ladder without spending a penny of your own money unless you actually want to..

  19. This game does an excellent job when it comes to car variety and paid tribute to classic old school drag racing. Amazing storyline and characters, best of all, it’s got full English localization. Congrats to the devs out there. If I can make a suggestion, I think that unlimited fuel would be a good option to add.

  20. Awesome game and love the cars. Only problem I’m having is about every 2-3 races the game seems to freeze in loading leaving a blank screen. Close out and restart and works fine. Just a minor annoyance. If not for that would be 5 stars all day long

  21. Very nice drag racing game, lots of classics to enjoy. Bought a Countach very early on with real cash then using the gold towards in buying it. Graphics is great and playabilty is also great in this game. Fuel pips are at ten so must make smart descions to make the most out of it, can watch ads for fuel pips (only 15 a day) If you love the classics as much as me, this drag racer is for you.

  22. Great game and story but still needs the bugs ironed out. I’m really playing for the Countach. Update: Screen goes blank at times when trying to start a race. I have to come back later to play further.

  23. Devs. You have a good start. Need more colors and colors choices, also rims exhaust decals etc on customizing. Also the engines need to be more realistic on stock power . Like the 327 on the impala has at least 310 hp stock, not 230 hp . Do ur research on engine stock power from those cars stock engine hp for the size engine that is supposed to be in that particular car. Thanks

  24. Its a damn good games classic cars 5 stars except for I go do a race on tier 2 car dodge dart it just stays at a blank screen

  25. Love the game very nice would recommend it to my friends…PS it has a glitch in it sometimes it just goes blank when you start a race and please get rid of the pop up adds I know it’s only once in a while but still it’s annoying otherwise great game great fun well done creaters

  26. Good graphics and fun but a big RIP off. Made it to tier 5 and just spent over a million coins on upgrades for my performance points to drop and my car to get slower. What’s the deal? And why does 1 engine upgrade cost more than any car on the game. Race for a week for an upgrade to do absolutely nothing. What a RIP off. Dont download this game. Trust me. You’ll be pissed!!!!

  27. One of a kind nothing out there can beat it but I would like unlimited fuel but other than that the games awesome keep it up😁

  28. I love the cars but you have to pay to upgrade the car or do anything. Not worth paying.

  29. How do i get the Dodge Challenger RT. My game is updated. If you go to tier 5 to buy car. There is only a white stripe across scrren. Not telling you where and what to do to get the car.

  30. Great game! Thanks to the developers for making such a great game, really enjoying it so far, a d have gotten pretty far in a short time, and the detail is great on the cars!

  31. Great game and graphics but it needs more customizable mods for the cars and trucks other wise id give 5 ☆s thank you

  32. Tony Nico dice:

    Latest update issues, not rewarding any gold coins from start on game or in game.

  33. I was having problems with the screen turning black so I kept on going back in it and it keep on doing it then I uninstalled it and then I reinstall it then I lost all my cars and stuff how do I get it back


  35. Great drag racing game. Cool cars & great graphics.

  36. Another video slot machine that doesn’t pay real money disguised as a racing game.

  37. It is a literal copy at ripoff of csr classics. Down to the same cars and mechanics of the game. Way to be original.

  38. I would like to tell the main director the main person did make this game app thank you very much this game app it’s really magnificent it’s one of a kind good games that I can play so I appreciate you and your team and the great work that you put into this game app

  39. When I’ve opened the app up I’ve realized something, this is a literal copycat to CSR classics, it’s not just them having the same cars, it’s more like them being just the exact copy you start off with the same cars, the mini, the Impala and the Audi, your test car is a mustang 2+2, the only difference is the characters, just go play CSR classics if you want a classic car drag racing experience

  40. Jconn79 dice:

    Great game like the variety of vehicles. My only issue is the customization. Only having a few paint options for the body and decals is not enough. Different colors for the rims would b good maybe some different rim options ill still give 5 stars just the customization needs alot more

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