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Ready, set, GO! Race as your favorite engine in this kids’ racing game!
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Join Thomas and his friends on exciting racing adventures! Race as your favorite engine on incredible tracks filled with twisty rollercoasters, splashy waterslides and epic jumps! Play against rival engines or challenge a friend in the 2-player mode! Use speed boosters to help you race your fastest and collect golden cogwheels to upgrade your engines. Full steam ahead!

• RACE as Thomas and his fantastic engines friends: Percy, James, Emily, Toby, Rebecca, Nia, Yong Bao, Spencer and more!
• PLAY in either “1-Player” or “2-Player” mode to challenge a friend!
• TAP the green button as fast as you can to get going at blazing speed!
• PERFORM special abilities, such as the Whirly Wind or the Wheelie Surf, to get a speed boost and puff even faster!
• USE the stunts button to flip, twist and barrel roll!
• EXPLORE new exciting race tracks, from the countryside to the castle!
• COMPLETE a full golden cogwheel to evolve your engines’ speed, boost or acceleration!
• BUILD your collection of classic and newcomer engines friends!

• FUNNEL TUNNEL: Race around the windmills and jump over a mountain in the countryside of Sodor!
• DARING DOCKS: Plummet through containers and jump off the biggest ship in Sodor! It’s a pulse pounding race to the finish line!
• FRANTIC FORTRESS: Rocket though tunnels and jump off the stained-glass window inside the castle! This is a real rollercoaster of a race!
• ROARING FALLS: Venture in this majestic mountain in the shape of the Lion of Sodor! Only the most courageous engines race on its tracks! Come make a splash at the Roaring Falls!

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Minor improvements. Thank you for playing Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas


40 comentarios en "Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas MODDED 2022"

  1. one of the best Thomas games in awhile! i’ve been wanting a game like this for the series since the early 90’s when i first got into the series. While yes it may be a tad simple, the high speed 3D action is actually quite exhilarating. my only request is more tracks cause this game definitely needs more content. i would absolutely love to see a version of this game with 20+ tracks, more characters, and of course better graphics to come to the Nintendo Switch! I would buy that day one!!

  2. Please will you improve the graphics cos recently when I have been racing it decides to glitch on me and makes my trains go the wrong way then the train that glitched gets stuck on the jump part of the game. This issue is on both the race with a friend and race on your own AKA solo and vs. Please fix this issue ASAP.

  3. I gave it one star because 1. Game features r kinda boring when the concept is to just tap the screen, 2. When you start playing you only get one free character and there’s no way to unlock any others, 3. It’s an ultimate preditorial machine for young kids as it teaches them how to drain their parents wallets just to have 5 minutes of fun and 4. The CPU’S are way too hard especially when the theme is targeted at 2 year old’s. Deleting this game right now

  4. only one train unless you are willing to pay. additional trains and tracks cost too much and no way to earn through progress. also as the races progress it’s impossible for kids to beat. requires coordination and reflexes most little kids don’t have. lasted a couple of weeks then uninstalled.

  5. I really like the game but I am upset about having 1 map and engine. Do this to make your game even better,as soon as the game start we can select one more engine to play multiplayer,DON’T Get rid of Thomas and progress and engines plus i will rate full stars.

  6. Nice game play. Simple for little ones BUT clearly designed to encourage spending money. The most desirable engines are only available via upgrading to the whole game play costing £14! I dont mind spending a bit of money to unlock certain features when a game is well designed but this is massively excessive for a pre school game. Will likely be removing it from my phone to avoid further upsets when i say no to paying for streamliner Thomas!

  7. Good game. I didn’t put the last star because I can only play with thomas because others are locked. I can unlock it but I should give money. I don’t want to waste money by unlocking a train. 🙁 You can do like watching 3 ads or 5 ads and unlock a train. Unlock everything you can make to give money. And tracks also you can do 3 ads 5 ads. But still love this game

  8. This game is good,It has good graphics good mechanics and game logic,although very small part of the game is free,I do recommend you try the game but the gamr actually makes you pay everything so after maxing the level of thomas you literally cannot do anything anymore it makes you buy the track the trains and everything,i highly recommend for the game to give like coins or gold after winning a race and make the trains and tracks buyable without real money i feel bad for the kids who play it

  9. The ads keep popping up so much if you don’t let them play through to their absolute end making the game unplayable for an impatient little boy. Also its fare to easy for children to accidentally buy stuff when wanting to play as their favorite characters. Probably by design I’m sure.

  10. I have made a purchase for roaring falls that includes 2 train ashima and young bao. I have been charged on my account but nothing has been unlocked. Tried to restore purchase, reset phone and deleted and reinstalled app and nothing has helped. I would like this sorting asap. Either a full refund of 3.99 or the purchase I made unlocked.

  11. After spending money on the old version for all the trains and then updating to this new version, I didn’t expect that all the money spent would have gone to waste. Would be nice if the upgrade would have come with some bonuses for those who have bought all the addons of the previous version.

  12. Great game but would be better if the kids could win other trains instead of them having to be purchased. The amount of ads could be less as well, especially since the game requires you to purchance any advance progress

  13. Paul dice:

    It is an amazing app it always works it is a little bit different. It’s a little bit difficult because you have to make a Gmail and it doesn’t let you make a new one and I forgot my to it was very hard and it is very it is not the easiest app to setup other than that it is the most funnest game mode child have 5

  14. Stefan B dice:

    I purchased the app for my son unlocking everything, but the app os not working in “versus” mode so he can play with other friends. The app is installed on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 and every time he’s trying to play with someone else the system crash and logs you out of the app. Please fix this issue, otherwise I will request a refund even though my son will be very dissapointed.

  15. brilliant for about a month, kids love it, paid $25 dollars to unlock everything And now have ads!!! beyond angry!! fix it! * thanks for the reply, i can’t find anywhere in settings to turn ads off, if this gets sorted I will adjust my review, it’s a great game but $25 for ads after each race is messed up

  16. Thank you , it’s very cool, i’d ever update it and get versus trial , Also the new version is cooler than the old one The diffrent: In the old version you can only race in one track( 1 engine can’t choose another track) But in new version you can choose track , amazing! Thank you very much !!!!!! I love it!!

  17. I quite like this game, despite it’s simple premise. I also enjoy the presence of other characters and the CGI art style, although, my one gripe with this game is that classics such as Henry aren’t here, it’s only a minor issue, but one that slightly annoys me. Otherwise, 10/10 game. Please do keep the CGI art style, as it’s easier on the eyes than the AEG stuff. Have a nice day lads/ladys/everything in between.

  18. I mostly liked the actual cartoon but then when I actually figured out that this game was way way to awesome. Since I loved trains, I had to install this app. I am a gamer after all. This is my favourite game yet. I love it, way to much, and mostly Thomas, since he is the main character. And he is blue, my favourite colour. And yes, I may also agree with the not unlocking new character thing, but without that, everything is great!

  19. we are upset that after purchasing this game… it only worked twice! Now, after picking your engine it will go to the map and IT HANGS! its frozen and wont let you play. we have to restart again and again because it no longer works! We want our money back… unless it works! SOS!!!

  20. I gave it 1 star because if you want to get you favourite character you just have to pay 💴💴💶 you can’t do anything else it would be nice if you have to get all the engines upgraded to get a new engine and the only free character which we have is Thomas at least you should have given us 5 characters and two maps. I would really appreciate it if it had some extra characters and extra maps 😐😐

  21. Really good,I just wish that you could unlock all the characters and areas with out microtransactions but that could be an alternative if you wanted them instantly. Do that and you get 5 stars.

  22. Budge, nearly all your games are good… except for this one. 1. The update has new characters, which means you get more $. You have to buy at least one character from the shop, just to play multiplayer, unlike the original version. And I dont like how you tease children with being able to use Percy for three times in multiplayer, but have to pay for him afterwards. 3. This is the worst thing, you can get Streamlined Thomas, but only in the $20 everything pack… please dont pray on children.

  23. Its a fun game, but the fact that you have to buy the other trains, and tracks is annoying and gets boring like that. I installed this game for my younger brother and now he dislikes it. Its too easy to finish the game (without buying anything) so it would be better if I didnt have to buy all the tracks and trains.

  24. This is a good game but it’s a real shame that you can’t unlock characters and maps by winning!!! If you changed this it would keep children interested and playing but as it is my child is getting bored that he can only play the same character and map over and over!!! In app purchases are fine but this is extortionate

  25. Ughhhh!! My son loves this game, but EVERY 2 MINUTES an ad pops up. I would much rather spend $10 not have to deal with that and have all the trains but I cannot find a way to get a paid version to get rid of these damn ads!

  26. Too many ads. Neverending purchases. Bought the whole game once, then tbey introduced a few new trains and reskinned the same tracks and asked for another $20. Major games from reputable developers for tablets PS4, Xbox, etc. cost way less.

  27. It’s all right but I’m more of a classic Thomas fan when they used custom made models from the 80’s then it was discontinued at the early 2000’s I hope it’s possible for that to happen but it’s a doubt knowing Mattel won’t go with the classics and they’ll stay with the child friendly cartoon thomas that half of the community hates. (This was written by a 14 year old because I wanted to see nostalgia)

  28. Hey Budge Studio can you make Go Go Thomas even better with the engines voices during the races I would really like it so much and also can we get 3 pieces of the cog wheel to upgrade our enginges faster. Also can you lower the superstar racers races numbers to number 14 so it can be easier. And last but not least can you guys make the engines speed to level 3 because when I start a race I am so slow so can you please make our speed to level 3 please and thank you. Please make it better

  29. Ripped off. I paid to unlock everything maybe 2 years ago, and that has been undone with all of the recent visual updates. I believe I paid about $10 at the time. I will not pay $20 to unlock everything for this game ever.

  30. So many ads that it’s unplayable. Had to put phone in airplane mode to get through one level. Very boring. Not worth the trouble.

  31. This app freezes at times when the trains playing against one another meet in the middle of the screen. The only way to resolve it is to fully restart the device.

  32. This game gives an unfair advantage two or the computer player the Boost should be given at the same time once you get to the super racer or the highest rank in the game it’s impossible to win with your engine since the computer is given an unfair advantage against the player if you can improve its that’s fine and also most of the time when I’m ahead of the computer in the game it says that I’m in second place even though I’m ahead of it so that’s why I’m giving it one star

  33. I was under the impression that the small fortune I spent last year on buying my son different engines and tracks was able to be restored from Google Play. It isn’t. All purchases are stored on the memroy/SD card that you originally purchased them on. It didn’t make that clear or known when he started with this game last year on his old tablet. Hopefully Budge will get that its parents that pay and if you wind them up no matter how good the game is it WILL not get played or recommended!!

  34. Fantastic, my son loves it.. However I’m angry that even tho I have previously payed for engine’s to be unlocked.. Since the most recent update I have had to unlock more! Also, the pop up message at the launch of the game states that any single purchase will stop adverts.. But we are still plagued by them. Please could you help me out?

  35. The following document document copy to me know when I was thinking that I have attached a copy for you to the inbox folder and then I will have the right side and I have been sent using my personal experience and education in a while ago but never the case with you to see the status is a very much appreciated thanks again I have been sent using my personal experience and skills to the next week or next year old daughter is of a week we have been waiting www interface is not an option in settings and the same

  36. I like the new update. It’s a HUGE improvement from when it was previously released. New engines, better graphics, better sets, it’s all there. One suggestion I do have is, maybe include a set that features Henry and Shane. Henry, so that all the members of the Steam Team (old and new) are present and Shane because he’s the only S22 international returnee not yet included. If Ashima and Yong Bao can be present here, then I think it’s only fair to include Shane as well.

  37. Game good but purchase con? I just bought the “Unlock All” pack for 13.99. as soon as my boy played it I was like hang on, I already bought this – and sure enough I have the receipt emails from early sept. So, why did it go away – I tried restore purchases because I THOUGHT I had it but it said there was nothing to restore. And how do I get refunded for the 2nd £13.99 I’ve just spent? Same device, same Google account, everything

  38. My daughter loves this game and plays it on her tablet all the time. She eventually persuaded me to buy some of the other trains for her and so i did…only to find they cant be accessed on her child account. Waste of money. EDIT: Emailed Budgie and they resolved the issue. Works perfect now! My daughter is very happy. Sorry about the delayed edit. Thanks, Budgie.

  39. I hate it i have finished a track and I can’t go to another one when I have been playing and playing and playing everytime I open the app I always feel like other racers go to other tracks while am stuck on one track that ran out of rewards and whats worse is that you can’t get a new train and am always stuck with Thomas am angry that I can’t use this out loud so am gonna do this yyyyyyyyyyyy i hate this game so much he iiiiiiiiii hhhaaaatttteee uuuuuuuuu.

  40. When I was 5 I really like to watch video of this game (old version) on YouTube. I kinda don’t like the new one. Yes the grafic and gameplay is more good but still…….. Every Thomas Budge Game Really Hungry With Pay Real Money!!!! still good but too hungry for money💰💰💰

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