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The PIXIO application is an integral part of PIXIO magnetic construction set in 3D pixel art and voxel art style. The app will give you the possibility to enjoy the game as well as show and unleash your creativity to the full extent.

The main purpose of the app is to inspire and to show clearly how you can create, just using the same magnetic blocks of 16 colors, a huge number of characters from the collection and create independently as long as you wish.

The app is great for development, education and entertainment, both for children and adults. This is a great tool for self-expression and self-realization in a creative sense. Our ideas strike those who consider themselves creative people.

The PIXIO app helps you to:

Create on the go

Don’t miss your inspiration. When PIXIO is in your gadget, all your ideas will always come true. Even without an internet connection.

Study the design

In the PIXIO app you can work with an object in 3D, with any colors and scales

Build for real

Get real blocks to build your art from app in real life

Share your art
With friends, community and the whole world

Get inspired
Online gallery of inspiration, where you can find hundreds of different characters and ideas in a pixel and voxel art style

Reinvent art for free

Just download the app and go to the amazing world of creativity with PIXIO

More benefits

■ A variety of themes and collections for creative activities, ranging from animals and robots to artworks and interiors.
■ Interactive 3D guides, explaining how to create characters.
■ Friendly information on colors and numbers of required blocks for each creation.
■ Regular collections update.

Dedicated to all designers, gamers, artists, architects, geeks, nerds and hipsters, as well as just to lovers, fans and admirers of everything new, fashionable, technological and beautiful.

With the app and with only one set of PIXIO, there can be a new creation on your table every day that expresses your mood and develops your imagination.


4 comentarios en "Pixio® MOD 2022"

  1. Elijah Cohen dice:

    It’s really fun making creations on the app, 2D or 3D. There’s a weird glitch that happens though, if you have a “/” in your creation’s title the app crashes. It’s very minor and you probably wouldn’t really come across it, but I feel like it’s worth checking out.

  2. Nusaiba Munzareen dice:

    I like this app.Its very creative.But the thing is that I tap “create” and try to create something the game freezes and I can’t even create anything! So I hope this problem gets fixed. Thank you.

  3. DownFlame Google dice:

    I just found these today but I’m wondering what the codes are for that come with the actual magnets?

  4. Matthew Newton dice:

    I thought this so would allow my child to create new objects from virtual pixio blocks. Encourage me to buy the real things. A virtual test drive. It doesn’t. It shows prebuilt basic models and let’s you see how to build them. Better ones cost credits. Right now most real items are out of stock. It’s a 3d instruction manual with cost in my opinion. Devs: I suggest, let us build our own, identify and buy the products to make for real them from the app. Drop the credits for existing models.

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