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Generate AI and NFT Art from Text Prompts.
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starryai. lets you generate incredible artworks in one simple step.

1. Enter a prompt for the AI to work with (it can be anything! even emojis)
2. Select a preferred style

That’s it. Within minutes your AI generated artwork will be ready for you to enjoy.


Introducing Retouch: Easily erase & replace parts of your creations


40 comentarios en "starryai – Create Art with AI MODDED 2022"

  1. This is actually a very nice ai text to image app. I use it quite a bit when I’m mobile and can’t access my home Stable Diffusion setup. I had previously given a 2 star review because multiple times in free mode all ad turned my phone’s volume up and woke up my spouse. Not cool, man. They seem to have stopped letting ads turn your phone volume up tho, so I’m writing this revised review. Carry on.

  2. Back in July 2022 I gave this app 5 stars. Now I rate it two stars because the images are not custom. It gives you several pictures that are the closest to the topic. What happened to that actual AI and not the Google AI image sort of thing that’s going on now. I use to enjoy watching it create images and the anticipation of the final product. Now 5 seconds later you get a notification of your Now “images” are ready. They don’t match up. Literally not stupid here.

  3. It should be called “Create Art with AI for a price” it’s a bit cool but price is pretty high if it’s longer than a month getting pro and even then it isn’t unlimited, a bit pricey for mobile. Looking at the credits now they’re way too pricey as well for the amount you get when it can use 1 or 2 credits at a time when you evolve your art you did it if it didn’t turn out the way you were expecting at all. You only get 3 to experiment with starting off and then you have to buy more.

  4. I used to love it… But with some of the updates it is now ugly and unintuitive to use. Now the style images are darkened and covered with text so you can’t even see the example of the art. It just adds them to the art prompt rather than having the styles be separate, so it becomes sorta confusing when looking at the prompt for your image. It now has the vibes of a badly coded website. I regret giving them money.

  5. It was fun and quirky for a while and the ads were non-invasive and appropriate. It used to cost 1 credit to make something, you got 5 credits a day. Now, you get 5 credits, but they changed the price to 3 credits and now it’s useless. I can only input one prompt a day? Where’s the value in that? And the worst part is I’m pretty sure they do this on purpose to those who’ve had the app a month or so. Disgusting. Corporate greed like this will always be the bane of quality things.

  6. Recently it hasn’t been generating anything. Just grey pictures with nothing in it, and it won’t refund me my credits. It also sometimes takes two credits when it should only cost one. There is also a problem with loading ads. Both for the daily 2 credits and when they randomly pop up when you’re generating art. Now the pos app is just generating the EXACT SAME IMAGES over and over regardless of initial image or prompt. Of course it took my credits as well.

  7. Ellarie dice:

    Really good ai. However, I made over 20 pieces and I opened the app today to find all of them gone. Anything I create is gone, instead of in my creations where it usually is. Also, instead of having the individual styles you can click to delete, sperate from the input box, everything is in the input box now. It looks terrible and it’s less practical. The new update ruined this app. Also, it doesn’t link your account, so if you need to delete the app and reinstall, all credits n posts wil be lost

  8. TL;DR: Good image generation, but seriously awful software user experience; save your time and avoid! Details: > The new/trending discovery method sucks; your art disappears so quickly from rotation > I’ve never seen an app crash so frequently that I retype the same request five times in the same hour before giving up and uninstalling the whole damn thing > There’s some nostalgia factor for this being my first AI Art tool (hence 2 stars) but this failure rate isn’t acceptable for ANY modern app

  9. Amy Hantz dice:

    I loved it when I first started and was using free credits only. Now that i purchased credits, my art is coming out strange and shi**y, and when I pick a decent one and try to evolve it, there’s no change hardly to the image at all. I feel like yall owe me some credits Starryai, I’m feeling played that I finally purchased credits and now everything produced with them is sub-par in comparison with the free credits I was previously using. Other than that it’s a brilliantly amazing app.

  10. Cheese dice:

    It’s ok. I’d say it’s really good at AI generating (it’s main purpose) however unless you want to pay in this app it’s really not worth it. You are given 5 credits in total. Credits are used to spend and make artwork. So at most, you can use this AI 5 times a day. At least, you can use this AI 3 times a day. If you want to buy credits be prepared to spend a hefty amount. The prices don’t fit the amounts given. A mere 40 credits can cost you up to basically $16.00 meanwhile 1000 is $150.00

  11. Almost Perfect! My complaint is that portrait sizes cost money. I get that they need to monetize but this feature feels too basic to basic to pay for. I’d happily watch an ad each time to change the portrait size. This app is good so I really hope they fix this one issue. Especially since they’d get more money this way I’m sure. Seriously though, I’d recommend this.

  12. The actual AI is amazing, but I would like to see some quality of life updates for the app itself. I would like to be able to reorder the images the Argo algorithm gives so I can put the best image first when I publish. I would also like a more detailed look of what each artsyle does so I can get a better idea of how they will influence the images. Lastly, would just like to see the app be more stable, which i’m sure they’re working on.

  13. Sarah E dice:

    Great for one off work, also wonderful for evolving on going pieces. One complaint is there is no way to pay one monthly fee for unrestricted use. When you’re hunting a specific image and need to keep evolving you don’t want to worry about running out of credits when you already pay a monthly fee. This is a very sticky point for me and I can see it causing me to leave the app behind. Also throws out exact duplicates when “evolving” occasionally. Wasted credit with no returns.

  14. I haven’t used the app very long, but from what I’ve seen I’m quite impressed. You get a certain amount of credits free per day so you don’t need money to enjoy it. There are different options relating to the style your AI created art will try for and the customer service is super good, even for a simple question, they got right back to me and fixed a glitch quick. I didn’t rate it 5 stars because sometimes the art comes out looking strange, like staircases and ladder’s. Great otherwise.

  15. I like the app’s customability. But you’re handcuffed by it’s pay wall. It’s most likely a 5-star if you pay for the extras. I hate that it’s the only app of it’s kind that cost coins to actually use even the free stuff. There are some issues. The icons are terribly hard to see. If I don’t know the artist and their style off-hand then I’m stuck taking a potshot and hoping it turns out decent. Also, it’s AI doesn’t usually hit on what I’m looking for and I give detailed keywords.

  16. Very cool app, the AI has created some wicked cool art from my prompts and I love how streamlined it is. Very detailed. The only thing I’m sad about is that it doesn’t give you much to play with for free. You only get 5 credits and the more detailed you want the art to be, the more credits you use. Also the only setting that gives you multiple images is Argo. The other 2 AI programs only give you one image and they also cost more due to more iterations. It’s a fabulous tool, but they want money

  17. K L jr dice:

    I’m loving the app so far! I love that you don’t need to create an account just to try it out first. I love how it takes practice to make something cool. I love being able to see everyone else’s creations too. The only thing that irks me is sometimes it has me watch an ad before an image generates & when it’s over, it says reward granted. However after my image is created, I’ve lost a credit. What was I rewarded with then? Seems to be a bug so please look into correcting this in the next update

  18. The artwork I’ve generated is actually quite awesome. Due to limited runs, select your text input carefully, be detailed & specific. Research the AI methods used and the styles available. You can earn a few extra credits via publishing, but I only wish there were better or a few more options to learn. I’d settle for more credits by watching more ads.

  19. 2 things keeping me from giving 5⭐: 1-The default “Argo” setting seems faulty. Example: I enter “robot riding a sea turtle” and I get 4 images of sea turtles, even after investing 3 non refundable credits on increased iterations. 2-I’ve shared 3 creations with on Instagram and made sure I followed all qualifications including tagging them in the description. I’m not absolutely sure about one but I know for sure 2 of them were never rewarded after several days. Other than that it’s perfect.

  20. this is really amusing. I intend to play around with this more. all I’ve done so far is generate a few images with default settings. I think I’ll try some words with meanings dependant on context, or a person’s culture as well. “nun pun” was a weird one. there were some nun like objects. The AI seems to understand the concept of “tricycle” yet produced some entertaining things that couldn’t really exist.

  21. So, I signed up for Pro and not only does this app have a million bugs, but I was constantly throttled. The credits I purchased to use with the app expired at the end of the month because I was unable to use them due to constant bugs and throttling killing the app. Unsubscribed. Cutting my losses. Wonder does a better job, no throttling, faster, and you get a lifetime subscription for what this app charges every month!

  22. They used to give you 5 free daily (per 24 hrs) credits to make creations with options to earn more credits in various ways. You can watch a few seconds of an ad to get 2 credits, but there not much you can do with that. And now, for whatever reason, it says to come back at 5 a.m. to get my 5 credits. I haven’t used the app in weeks, so the credits should have been reset to whenever i open the app. They want a minimum of $11 to get the minimum credit offering. Terrible, imo.

  23. Pretty cool. Sometimes it will nail it. Now it tends to shy away from adult content ( drugs ,sex, human anatomy, gore ) which is strange as art is and should be free with no filters or censorship but with a few upscales and having AI rethink things which cost credits of course sometimes it gets the concept of things. But me having my human brain and all can still imagine things much greater than any AI ever could.

  24. This is an excellent interface for creating AI art. – UI is friendly enough for beginners and flexible enough for “pros” – recently added “Argo,” which uses the powerful Stable Diffusion model – free to use, but you can upgrade access for expanded “pro” options – there is a Discord community with galleries, helps and tips, support, tips, and frequent contests to win bonus credits. Generous! – customer support honestly seem to love their community and product – a tad buggy, but it’s new!

  25. Good app, would reccomend, but there’s a little bug, I’m not sure if anyone else has it, but when I try to use a starting picture, and I press, ‘take photo’ when I take the photo the entire app crashes, deleting whatever I was working on. But it’s only mildly annoying. Also, suggestion, would reccomend as a feature when publishing Argo, it should allow you to chose which picture is the cover because if the cover is bad it doesn’t get as many likes. All around good app though.

  26. You get 5 free credits each day. You must click on the credits to claim them. It took 1 credit to create the image and another credit to regenerate. There are a variety of styles to choose from. I didn’t see much difference when adding styles to redo a picture. It was not able to give me a three eyed purple rabbit only a regular purple rabbit. It’s easy to use.

  27. Far too many ads to be useful. This said, it was a nice app l liked in the past. Especially with all the detailed options in the creation process. However it got useless after they forced you to watch a 30 second app to get a creation started. The pro version is not an option for me (not enough credits) and the credit packs on their own are far more expensive compared to other apps. I uninstalled it. There are just better options out there, now, with no ads.

  28. 4 stars based solely on a handful of issues. Upscaling has glitches and wastes credits. Premium should give more credits than the 5 everybody gets. There should be other ways in which points can be earned such as through referrals. However i gotta say the app is amazing. Addictive. If done right, one can take in some very very captivating images. Its a revolutionary concept i believe is changing the status quo of the art world. Generative art is not going anywhere. 1 of my Top 3 AI apps.

  29. On its website, it boasts being fully free to use, and then in app has you use “credits” to make art. You get 5 credits a day, and it takes 2 to create something. To get more credits, you’ll never guess….you pay for them! Also numerous additional options in the creation process are locked behind a pay wall. I’m tired of apps being falsely advertised as free and then pushing in-app purchases

  30. Always amazing!! I’ve been using starryai since the early days and it was great then…but now the addition of all the new features and different versions of your creation have really taken things up to a whole new level. 5 stars even tho I wish the payment options included a membership that had unlimited credits and could be paid monthly instead just being able to buy credits.

  31. Dax Child dice:

    So we are clear, this app is good at what it does. The problem is the credit system. If you buy a credit pack, then not only can you make more art, but you don’t get anymore adds and you get different sizes of canvas instead of just the normal square one. The thing the app doesn’t explicitly tell you is once the credits you buy are gone, the extra features go as well. Essentially creating an endless pay wall. It’s partially on me for assuming but It should also say explicitly when you buy them.

  32. Sucks that there is a credit system and some ads, but it’s not really a big deal if you’re patient and you get to make stuff for free. Really fun app to generate art work with and there are a lot of modifiers to get creative. Only encountered one bug where trying to access older works crashes the app, so if you like something you generated make sure to click the save button to get around that.

  33. Feels really greedy to have all kinds of credits that have to get used for anything from creating an image to getting a useful sized version of it. If the credit system wasn’t bad enough, there’s a weird processing queue that can be 1 minute or 5 minutes and worst of all – all kinds of ads. Any time you want to do something in this already limited app, you have to watch an ad. Wombo dream seems like a much better use of time.

  34. I’m torn about the new update. On the one hand, the new UI is way less intuitive that the initial release, and not as good for screenshoting to show off settings used. Also paid content, as always, sucks. On the other hand, the added styles are very pleasant, adjusting images is way easier, and more ways to access free credits is helpful for experimenting a bit more (though again, the nagging problem of a paywall exists). Overall it’s a few steps forward and backward. Would tenuously recommend.

  35. Easily the best AI art app on the internet right now! I see a lot of people complaining about the credit system, and while i do believe the credits are a bit overpriced to buy, you get five every day for free. Not to mention the fact that you can share to get more credits. I also love the fact that you can now upscale and change the canvas size (with the use of credits). Again, amazing app! 🙂

  36. This app is amazing. Sure, it takes a bit to learn the right settings to tweak to steer the art into what you’re trying for, but it is also a lot of fun to make weird stuff as you figure it out. Super cool. Super fun. I just wish I credits weren’t quite so expensive. I plan on getting the pro plan when I get paid, which I think has fair pricing, but I think the credits are too expensive. I’d even prefer to have a $1 and $5 purchase option for less credits.

  37. I am just blown away by the power of AI generated digital art work, and as by time of this review I didn’t encounter any technical issue. You can earn credit to generate your art or just pay for getting more credits. Also there are different ways of getting credit. However I didn’t get credit yet and I have to wait for now. But I do like this app and it has great potentials.

  38. Dawn dice:

    I have got to say this is an interesting app I do love how it has so many options, and it uses coins system versus a monthly subscription. (with many ways to earn the coins including using the app.) It’s very clean and easy to navigate UI. I absolutely love how you can see what others have shared and it shows the options used to make them which helps with learning how it looks to know what you can use in your own pieces.

  39. Amazing app. By far the better quality versus the other Ai art apps. Just wish we could see samples of the individual art styles to get a better idea on it’s style before spending credits to find out the style wasn’t what you were expecting and if you chose a different style. Something as simple as having every style draw “Apple 🍎” and then we can see each style interpretation so we can better predict the outcome style. Better quality images would be shared more and I know this app can do it.

  40. Great fun app that takes your prompts and AI turns them in to art. Some are cool and some weird but they are 100% original and it would be near impossible to get a another AI art prompt to look the same. There are so many different opinions, But the only draw back is that is your only allowed to make so many a day, and there is a premium version too, but you DON’T HAVE TO BUY IT. That’s my favorite part of this at it is 100% free unless you want to buy the in app purchases

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