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V Recorder: Record game with sound, capture recorder, edit screenshot with music
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V Recorder is a stable screen recorder/game recorder/video saver for android, also a powerful all-in-one video editor and photo editor.

VideoShow Recorder allows you to record game while playing, capture screen with one touch and edit video with filters, effects, music. It’s our duty to offer users high quality video and clear screenshot with no rooting and no recording time limit. You can draw on the screen while recording, record phone screen with internal/external sound easily.

Powerful Recording:
– You can easily hide the recording window for frameless video while recording or capturing screen, change the aspect ratio to widescreen, vertical or square.
– Record internal audio, this screen recorder supports recording internal sound.
– Custom floating window: replace the default floating button with any feature you like.
– GIF Recorder: Tap to record gif, convert video to gifs. Easy-to-use gif editor, create and edit animated gifs.
– Facecam Recorder: enable camera to capture your reactions while recording.
– It’s a stable screen video recorder for you to record video, record the tutorials and capture screen.
– It only takes one touch to start recording on your phone with sound, one single tap to pause/resume at any time.
– Simple interface, easy to record games while playing, record video calls or live shows, capture screenshots, rec screen and edit images.
– This video capture provides high quality and customized settings, support HD video, both portrait and landscape video orientation. With this screen recorder, you can change the video settings at will to meet your needs and record clear video.

Professional Video Editing & Photo Editing:
– Trendy filters: we offer popular filters to make your videos unique.
– Cute stickers: with funny stickers and GIF,you can make a popular video with simple steps.
– Themes: We provide trendy themes to fit all the occasion.
– Fully licensed music: You can download music online or add local songs from your device. You can also use voice-over, record your own voice, use sound effects such as cartoon characters/robots to make your video popular.
– Powerful video editor: reverse/rotate/trim the video you record, compress video without losing quality. Speed up or slow down your recording clips at ease.
– Speed Control: Adjust the speed of your video easily.
– Text Editing: Free to add custom fonts on your screenshot.
– Rotate and Crop: Rotate screenshot to a perfect angle. Crop photo to adapt for social media ratios.
– Magic Brush: Touch screen to draw, doodle anything you want to make an original video. You can even blur image, add mosaic to cover areas you do not want to show. Or convert video to GIF. V Recorder offers you professional editing tools to make popular videos.

Share your recording clips with friends:
– VideoShow game recorder can record your phone screen to HD mode or fast mode.
– You can also record audio from the mic automatically which makes it convenient to create a personalized video.
– It’s a stable screen video recorder for you to record the tutorials on phone

VideoShow Screen recorder with audio and editor is a well functional app that captures all your precious moments with your smartphone, capture screenshots and edit images.

1. This application is not related to YouTube. It is a recording tool. Please strictly abide by YouTube’s platform terms before using this application to record.
2. We respect the copyright of the owners. Please confirm that you have obtained the owners’ permission or authorization before using this application for recording.
3. This application is only for your personal study and research use. The recording content should not exceed the scope of personal use.


Hi friends! In this update we bring brand new features:
- Photo Editing: Screenshots and photos can be edited and exported to image format.
- Photo Crop: You can crop the screenshot to any ratio.
- Magic Brush: Rich special effect brushes inspire your creativity.
- Add Text: Add text effects to screenshots and photos.
- Add Stickers: Add emoji stickers to screenshots and photos.
- Mosaic: Various mosaic styles protect your privacy.


42 comentarios en "Screen Recorder Video Recorder MODDED 2022"

  1. This screen recorder definitely is great. However I rate it 4 stars for a reason, because it gets buggy and sometimes doesn’t record audio and flips you’re screen sideways. However to fix these problems you gotta make sure In settings it’s set to microphone. This overall is a great recorder since it was the first screen recorder I’ve ever used, however it definitely has a lot of bugs.

  2. When it works properly it does an ok job but getting it to run properly may take several re-recordings. I have had tons of issues with the audio not recording, corrupted video files, echoed audio, slow frame rate, the app only works in portrait mode so if you’re videoing in landscape you have to switch to portrait while in the app. Overall video recording not good quality. I would avoid the purchase unless it underwent a major overhaul. I gave it 2 stars because I actually got 3-4 useful videos.

  3. This app does a fairly good job of recording video online. It’s limitation is recording the audio. It can only record the audio from your microphone. So you have the speaker up and it records that along with the video stream on you phone screen. That means any other things on your screen are saved and any sounds in the room are recorded as well. And it puts an app stamp on the video too. Not perfect but it can be really helpful.

  4. Way too expensive.. What’s up with that? After I seen that it said “free for 3 days and then $80.00 per year”, I immediately uninstalled. AZ Screen Recorder is just as good, if not perhaps even better, because it offers the same quality of recording, with no watermarks and very minimal ads, for FREE. There’s absolutely no way to justify $80.00 per year in my mind for a screen recorder, when there are apps like AZ Screen Recorder that are free.

  5. It’s a very useful and convenient application for screen recording. I use it to capture social media stories & other videos that I cannot share due to the privacy settings of people posting them, however, to give you the heads up before you install, it also picks up the audio going on around OUTSIDE your phone, not just on your phone, so if you’re recording, I highly suggest that you do it where it’s quiet of you don’t want other noises in your finished screen recorded video.

  6. I recorded a short video to test the app, and despite the fact that I selected 720p, the recording was so pixelated that I could barely tell what game it had recorded. The audio was out of sync, and in certain places it cut out the audio entirely. (This is slightly unrelated, but why do many of the negative reviews only receive Thank you for your feedback! We are working hard to improve this software! Like how about*actually* improving the software?) I won’t give a higher rating until it’s fixed

  7. This app was really bad. The record button shows up in your video and so does the notification that it has started recording. Also, it has a delay of 3 seconds after you press the record button, which some of the other apps have aswell but it’d more useful for capturing everything completely without the delay. And lastly, you have to pay in order to be able to crop the video.

  8. Machi-Ato dice:

    So, while recording my screen, the audio coming out was very choppy and ugly sounding, it also made my phone heat up in about 5 minutes, and to top it all off, it didn’t SAVE the video because it was “too large” even though I had only been recording for about 7 minutes. (Like straight-up. It just didn’t save any footage. All I got was a 0:00 long video that wouldn’t open at all.) The only thought that comes to mind anymore is, “Wow, this is bad, this is very bad.”

  9. Thank you! So, when I used it, the video was very pixalized (sorry if i spelled that wrong) and the audio was not very good either. Then, because I had recorded for too long, when I went to edit the video, there was no trim unless you bought something, the trim feature is usually allowed without having to buy something in other apps. Then there were just so many ads, that right after everything I did, they popped up. I was really scared I was going to get a virus and all of that.I hope u fix it.

  10. It is a great app. You can merge videos, and it does what is expected of it. And deleting the videos in Google Photos does not delete the videos in the app, which is another plus. But trimming is a VIP feature, when there are already ads almost everywhere? I will not be using this; switching to XRecorder. I will say thank you though, for informing me about the screen touches option in Developer Mode.

  11. I used this app previously and it was great. Months later, I redownload it for my new phone and the quality has decreased. For one, you have to pay to use certain features now when they were all previously free. Next, after editing a video by splitting, trimming, etc. the sound gets marred. The original video’s sound will be just fine. This is after changes have made to the from what it was previously. I would suggest recording videos on this app and going to a separate app to do actual editing.

  12. Really cool and fun video editor to use! Only problem for me is, I think it would really help if I could raise or lower my video audio only including the music. I’m not a big fan of the scaling option between the video audio and the music. Adding more features like animating or moving pictures would be alright.

  13. So, I got the app. And was recording, everything worked smoothly, then the app I was using while recording started become laggy so I put it at a lower quality. Then, my phone crashed! I couldn’t turn it off, or on. It was stuck on a black screen I couldn’t restart it. Finally, it restarted, then I tried once more and it crashed again. Not worth getting, it will break lower quality phones 🙁

  14. I use this app to screen record different video clips, usually small things, for my podcast when I’ve mentioned specific content/videos if I’m having to work exclusively from my phone on that particular day, and this app makes it incredibly easy to do so. I don’t need anything fancy, usually just need to highlight small clips, and this app let’s me resize for different platforms as well. Does what I need it to do, easy to use, and I’m very pleased with it.

  15. Terrible. Constant adds for the premium version, they make it so difficult to turn down the free trial I almost just accepted it until I saw a tiny little exit option. This is probably done so you just accept the trial then forget and get stuck paying for premium version. Even just simple editing is terrible. Trying to trim down a clip to just record what you want takes forever, and most things are only available for premium.

  16. I don’t understand why this app doesn’t allow android devices to record internal sound. The problem I have with apps recording games is that they require you to turn on your volume so the game sound can be recorded, but this can cause external sounds you don’t want to be included. There is an option to turn it off, but then it doesn’t record game sounds. Can’t there be a single app that can record the game sound and nothing else? I’m tired of hearing external/distracting sounds.

  17. I miss the old vrecorder. I don’t like the new update because of the quality and whenever I try having access to sound in the recording there is no sound still. It’s frustrating when I have to do the recording again just for that. Not to mention the floating ball thing doesn’t work either. I recommend not downloading this app if this bothers you.

  18. Swim27s dice:

    I’ve been using this app for a year now and I love it!! I gave it 4 stars because sometimes the audio gets a bit loud. It uses your phone speakers to record sound. Since my phone microphone is next to my speakers, sometimes the audio is messed up. Especially bc my speakers are a bit messed up from water and stuff. Wish I could record audio without the speakers but all in all this is the best screen recording app I’ve found tht works on Android users!

  19. This app is really cool. You can edit your videos and it gives you an option to hide the recording button or not. You can also add funny affects and music. It also has the option to have how many minutes you need. It gives you a count down in case you’re ready, its fun. It would be better if the trimming was free and other editing tools were. I’m sure you can use this app offline and you have fun with this app.

  20. So I wanted to show my friend this song that I’m making, the app I used doesn’t let you just share it. So I decided to get a screen recorder. When I was done, it didn’t pick up any audio. So I tried just speaking to it, and guess what! No audio! Its not that my mic isn’t on because it was, my volume was at full, and this app just sucks. Oh and my god you can’t even go a second without getting an add when you’re on the screen recorder app. This was just unbelievable.

  21. makehappy dice:

    I like this app, but I have issues. I record, rewatch it, and it’s all pixelated and blurry. I posted a video onto YouTube and no one could see the screen because of how bad the blur and pixels were. Theres been a huge glitch that causes it to not record or stop recording automatically, and it’s really getting on my nerves. Sometimes it won’t stop recording and it goes on for 1hr. I would reccomend this app but with these problems, it’s a bit hard.

  22. Can’t export long videos, and the overlay is visible. Meaning whenever I try to send long videos to other apps it would cancel. Then there’s the recording overlay on the side of the screen… I thought it wouldn’t be visible to the eye, but it was as I replayed the video. I think there should be a option to have it hidden or something even if it’s recording, so people don’t see it in videos. I have no problems with the watermark its fine nothing wrong with that.

  23. J Aquino dice:

    The app has great quality, but there is one problem. I had this problem for the last 2 yrs I’ve been using it, everytime I try to record it does the count down but the recorder goes away like 4 seconds through the recording and I don’t see that its recording, but once I get out the app I tried to record, it was recording the whole time. Please fix this problem!

  24. The app is good but it have a notification for when my phone is on low battery and that kinda gets in the way. It edits really nicely also pretty good sound, but when the floating ball disappears I have to go back into the app to see how long or to stop the recording. For a while (I don’t know why) the app hasn’t been working well it won’t let me leave the app to record. ( I go into the app, get the floating ball press record then it will just stop recording all of a sudden)

  25. Garbage, just like most other screen recording apps. 1: you can’t crop, apparently. Such a simple feature is nowhere to be found even if you pay $80+. 2: Trimming is a VIP only feature, which is ridiculous as it is such a basic feature in most other apps. 3: At the very start of a video it says the app is ready. which shouldnt need to be said. There’s no option to turn this off in-app, you have to go into your system settings. This app is overall garbage and overpriced. Stay away.

  26. I listen to teachings from the bible app, and sometimes it doesn’t allow me to review what I have seen before, so sometimes its easier for me to use this screen recording app. It allows me to video record for at least 3 minutes (not sure what the max is) and save the video on a decent resolution. The app allows you to do some things, but you must upgrade through money to unlock some features. Thankfully I dont need any of those features.

  27. When I record, things were good, until whenever you move and it makes noises, it goes into the video which technically ruins the video, whenever you sneeze, cough, or get interrupted, it goes into the video which ruins it(do all of these are external audio). I hope you add a internal audio option, that would be helpful, thanks!

  28. Won’t record anything because it can’t allow sound. I don’t want it to record any sound, microphone or internal and I had already put it on mute. Still wouldn’t record past half of a second because there’s no sound. I. Don’t. Care. About. The. Sound! It wouldn’t be that big of a deal but now it also won’t let me delete the video clips it made of a blank screen. I decided to use this app because it worked fine in the past, but now it’s just a money pit that doesn’t even do its intended job.

  29. I loved this app, but there is only one problem. Every time I try to record, the watermark stops recording at between at least 11-40 seconds. It always stops recording whether I pause it or not, and when that happens, I can’t quit the recording so I always have to re-download. If that is a bug, please fix it. Other than that, this app is a recorder, and an editor in one, its helpful, useful, I make so many videos with it!

  30. I have a love-hate relashionship with this app. Some cons are that the icon on the side of the screen is really hard to get to. What I mean is its half way on, and if you have a samsung the bookmark bar will open. It also gives you an ad as soon as your done recording. Some pros are it saves what you record. It does a really good job recording the screen. It records everything you see on your screen.

  31. Seems like a decent enough app. The lack of internal audio recording is annoying but a limitation of the hardware, not the app. Only giving 2 stars though because it seems intentionally confusing to figure out how to unsubscrive to the premium service after you elect to do the 3day trial. I still havent been able to figure out how to cancel the subscription.

  32. Good but could be better. In my test it did record, and had plenty of quality options. It does use system memory, but the reason I Uninstalled it was the cost. My usage of screen recording is for leisure and so, I could not justify 12.99usd per month. Maybe, 1.99usd, but if I were a frequent user maybe. The clip editing feature is locked and couldn’t be tested with the free version.

  33. I love this app it’s so good but there are a few glitches. you know the settings button in the app I tried clicking it but it didnt work it stayed on the same screen where your screen recorded videos are stored. And there is another glitch were it wont pick up the audio from the device/game/video its will only pick out audio from the microphone. That might not actually be a glitch but is there a way to stop it from doing that?

  34. EDIT: Subscription issue has been resolved. Ads are unobstructive and it’s easy to use. Free version has plenty of features whereas 90 dollars a year for premium is incredibly high but the features beat out any other screen recorder on the store. Unfortunate the year subscription is the only option rather than having alternatives like weekly or monthly. Regardless, pretty good for its intended purpose

  35. Things I like about this game: it’s really easy to edit videos MOST of The screen looks really good. PROBLEMS with this game: this screen recorder doesn’t fit my screen, and my videos ALWAYS corrupt it’s already hard editing and making the video but it corrupting after all that time…yeah that’s just NO. And if it doesn’t corrupt then it SOMEHOW loses audio. (The audio thing only happens a little bit though) Those are my only problems with this game. Please fix this it’s really annoying.

  36. TumbleY dice:

    It’s always around or less than 15 fps, ads pop up constantly, and the audio keeps muting itself. It doesn’t even record internal audio for people with pre-Android 10 phones (which is probably over 90% of us), there’s much better recorders for Android. Edit: It’s ok to give us ads, but please let us use internal audio independently. I don’t really see why only Android 10’s and above can use the feature. It still fulfills it’s purpose of screen recording, but please fix the fps as well.

  37. I want to give this app five stars again, but it won’t let me access my videos, and I can’t switch to internal storage. I spend hours editing videos, then I go to export them to YouTube, and the screen turns white and takes me back to this app without saving all my edits done to the video. It’s really frustrating because I wasn’t having this issue before the update. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM! I literally cannot upload any gaming vids until you fix it!

  38. This is a decent recorder. It’s great for catching footage on video games, and excellent at catching speedpaints. But, my friend made an outro for me, and the recording stops as soon as it starts, when I attempt to capture the video. I had to install a whole other recorder, JUST to capture my outro. Could you adjust this? Thanks!

  39. I used V recorder to record a Google Duo call with my Dad in his nursing home today on Android. It was a great call that I was excited to share with my siblings since Covid has kept us from visiting him for 4 months. No audio when I play it back. I’ve read that there are problems with “internal audio” using this app on Android but my voice was of course not internal and Dad’s voice was coming through the speaker loud & clear. Please let me know that the audio is there somewhere and I just can’t find it? I had the system volume turned all the way up as well as the media volume. I’ll change my one star review if I can do more than just watch the video with our mouths moving with no sound. Please help. It was such a great call.

  40. Okay so, I was using this app for less than 5 minutes to recorder my friend and I on video chat. And when I tried to see my video it had no sound. And I tried to see it. My freaking phone froze in the middle of my call. I couldn’t even tap on anything because it was frozen, stuck, not functioning. My phone is not old because I just got it to months ago and it’s the latest model so it’s just the app. I am beyond pissed. If I could give it 0 stars I would!

  41. Kat dice:

    I was using this app to record myself drawing on my phone for a speed paint, and while I was doing the line art section, my phone powered off and all the line art footage got lost! So I figured that I’d just skip the line art part in my video, and move on to some of the coloring. But when I had finished shading the character’s skin and eyes, I pressed the stop recording button on the app, and it just said that I had recorded no videos, even though I was recording! This app doesn’t even work!

  42. JLM _2021 dice:

    I like the app so much except for 1 thing. There was an option to record audio, and I thought it was going to record The game’s audio, but it actually turns on your mic. I didn’t notice it until after a 2 hour Sonic the hedgehog 2 playthrough. If there’s an option to record The games audio, I’ll change my rating.

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