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Get the official YouTube app on Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching — from the hottest music videos to what’s popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Subscribe to channels you love, create content of your own, share with friends, and watch on any device.

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● See what’s trending on YouTube and around the world on Explore
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Create content from your mobile device
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● Engage with your audience in real time with live streaming right from the app

Find the experience that fits you and your family (available in select countries)
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Upgrade to YouTube Premium (available in select countries)
● Watch videos uninterrupted by ads, while using other apps, or when the screen is locked
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40 comentarios en "YouTube FULL"

  1. Constant crashing. Sometime in the fall of 22 the app became extremely buggy. It crashes constantly. If I didn’t have premium and a bunch of downloads I would ditch the app completely. I have tried all the suggested steps but it is glitchy and buggy. Playing videos in the browser works fine. Playing them in the app is an exercise in frustration. It does the same with downloaded videos so it isn’t the internet connection. It worked fine in the summer.

  2. Will increase my rating when they decide to program the app to stay in landscape mode instead of flipping back and forth, causing me to hit the wrong things. It’s almost 2023, there’s 0 excuse not to have this set up to stay on landscape. It makes going from one video to another a hassle because I either have to scroll sideways, or repeatedly turn my tablet, in its case that isn’t meant to be turned, back and forth to get it back to landscape. It’s ridiculous and annoying.

  3. Couple things. 1. I use YT for music. When a music video I have in a playlist gets removed or privated, if I don’t remember what song it was, it’s just gone. There should be a way to view just the title of a removed video you had in a playlist. 2. This is something that is very new and it’s quite dumb & inconvenient. If I leave the app for more than 10 seconds, whenever I return to the app, it completely restarts and loses my video. And when I go back to my vid there’s always an ad. Plz fix. Thx

  4. Lily C. dice:

    This used to be a great app. In the past week, any time I click into the middle section (seeing additional replies, thumbs up a video, etc), it glitches. It will blink and stutter repeatedly as it struggles to complete the action. Can’t click anywhere else in the app to get out of it too; have to exit the app and re-open each time for it to be functional again.

  5. The user experience around ads has severely degraded recently. For some reason since the most recent update the video will play in the background while pre-roll ads are running, causing me to have to rewind to the beginning of the video after the ads are done. If I accidentally tap an ad, youtube now takes me to an isolated video of just that ad with no way to return to what I was watching. To add insult to injury, once I’m able get back to what I was watching, often it makes me watch ads again!

  6. Talonkit dice:

    I depend on YouTube for most of my social career, but since the new update it is very prone to frequent crashing especially on mobile when it comes to editing your video. For example, when mentioning someone, the mention immediately stops working, I don’t know why this is. It also continues to break your description to a point where it’s beyond repair. Editing videos is a terrible experience now, and I really hope there is a way this can be fixed, because I can’t always resort to computer edits.

  7. Ads, ads, ads, and more ads! I don’t know what’s changed in the last couple of days but the ads jumped up quite considerably. I had posted a review back in September and things got much worse! I can’t watch a 10 minute video without there being at least 4 ads surrounding it. Then there are ridiculous 15 minute ads too, so then you are forced to skip them. At this point, I refuse to buy anything from an ad that’s not skippable. It’s pretty extreme right now and hope that Google changes it!

  8. So. Many. ADS!!! It used to be bearable, but now, if you’re watching a playlist, there are two ads before EVERY video, no matter how short the videos are! I probably spend more time listening to ads than actual content. They’re also screwing over creators and putting ads on videos for channels that aren’t monetized (in other words, not paying the artists whose videos they use to spread ads). It’s insane.

  9. Operated and used for well over a decade, literally went to Youtube before there was an app or ads. I’ve always been satisfied with YouTube. That was up until yesterday when the pop out window stopped working. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled, I’ve reset my phone as well as every setting I can think of and nothing. It no longer appears on top of anything even if there is no other app running. I’ll change my rating if/when this is fixed

  10. Ryan Redd dice:

    Probably my most used social media app and the best app experience as far as social media goes. I’m giving it praise but I won’t say it’s perfect. The lastest ad model is really too much and in your face. I prefer the more discrete ads it use to have. Also app UI isn’t horrible. A few of the newest changes of look and feel. I do miss some of the previous versions that for example showed the manual quality controls more front and center. Other than small things I’m happy with it for the most part

  11. Sam G dice:

    Good thing these updates have made the app more reliable. Now I at least know for certain it will crash if I try to minimize & have it play in the background – no more question of that. And now there’s a fun game I get to play any time I watch a video; it involves me hoping the damn thing won’t arbitrarily crash while watching. Considering it has 4 times in as many hours, I’m losing. The new interface has apparently done nothing but tank it’s performance, & added useless & unwanted “features”.

  12. Mr Eff dice:

    I like the recent updates regarding the video chapter selection for the longer videos, but the ads forced me to sign up for premium. I am really bummed out about losing the option to sort videos by oldest videos first. A small thing, but I miss it. I like the fact that the new update lets me choose the thumbnail when uploading “Shorts” videos. That really helps to better showcase what the video looks like. Thanks for adding that feature.

  13. I love the app but I swear it is so annoying when you’re just watching a video, and it freezes for no reason, then it kicks you out of the app saying “Youtube has stopped working” it changes but still, it is so annoying and you need to fix that, AND ON THE SIDE NOTE, the app it self is good, but I mean some ads are completely useless or they be in the way or other things. Please fix these issues, I look forward to see something like THIS change the app in the future.

  14. Emma dice:

    Y’all…please stop with these updates. Every day it’s something new. Why. It was good and then you started ruining it. Don’t even get me started on ads. And after a while, the app just lags until it crashes. Anytime I open shorts, whatever was in my search bar is gone, making it so I have to search whatever It was again. Just. Stick. To. One. Version. For our sake. It’s getting annoying. You guys update way to much. The app crashes, I open it back up and, boom, new version. Be better.

  15. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU, give us the option to alphabetize the “save video to”… playlists! You know, when you go in and you click save video, a list comes up, and you have to go find the list you want to save it to? For those of us who have a large amount of playlists, can spend half the video scrolling just to find the appropriate playlist. This has to be a simple thing to give us the ability to have those lists alphabetized automatically. It’s 2023 almost — pls add this feature! 😶

  16. The app is alright but since the latest update I’ve been having trouble with Premium. The music takes way to long to load and doesn’t automatically play the next video and musics when I have my screen off and I wear wireless earbuds but there’s nothing wrong with them. I know it’s the app. YouTube Please fix this issue so I can get back to watching and listening to music without any trouble at all. Thank you…

  17. Spencer dice:

    The addition of shorts with no ability to remove them from your main feed is disgustingly addictive. The design of infinite scroll mixed with no means to remove the option for it to appear makes it all too east to fall into a several hour long trap of mindless scrolling. It is so incredibly addictive. I’m deleting the app because I always manage to fall into the loop that is intentionally designed to be easy to fall into. The shorts content is also usually low-quality and repetitive.

  18. Constant changing videos because of haptics. You grab your phone, place it on the table, etc., YouTube senses the change and then plays an different video. There doesn’t see to be a way to go back to the previous video. It also shows older videos for more than a year ago, rather than the most recent content from the same author.

  19. Although it has a large library of videos, the advertisements are terrible. I can understand an ad for 30seconds, but those that are 10 minutes long is just dumb. They make the experience entirely frustrating. Why should I pay a premium fee for something that is already frustrating to use. YouTube has morphed into something unpleasant to use. The funny thing is, if I visit a Caribbean country, the experience is actually pleasant.

  20. You know I really don’t have a problem with the app other than a glitch that pops up sometimes and that’s the layout on the UI of my subscription page and the icons will overlap each other making it look creepy. I don’t know if other ppl are having the same issue but I’ve noticed this only on the Galaxy Fold 4. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.

  21. Sometime in the fall of 2022, since then the app just hasn’t been the same, QUITE LITERALLY! The app is extremely laggy. I cannot use the app for more than 3 hours without it starting to lag an obnoxious amount! And the gray line on videos is basically pointless! It removes the gray line so I can’t watch videos offline. The app is extremely buggy, when I to go landscape it flips back and fourth, I’ve messaged support and they have done nothing! Absolutely horrible, I would not recommend this!

  22. [Jin] dice:

    ❗🔴ATTENTION🔴❗This is super frustrating!! On mobile, please bring back sort from oldest to newest!! It’s tiring to scroll for 10 to 15 minutes to find an older video on a channel!! Bring back the oldest to newest feature please! At this point I’m considering a different platform altogether if you don’t fix this issue. Also when I set the video resolution, keep it at that number! I don’t want to have to keep setting it every time I watch another video. It’s become very tedious and annoying.

  23. V S dice:

    I used to be able to use the draw over other apps function and the app would work perfectly regardless of whatever else I was doing on my device. Now, it constantly shuts itself down for no reason. Also, there are times where I’ll minimize the app – but when I go to open it again, it has restarted itself and takes down the video I’m currently playing and restarts my feed. This needs to be fixed.

  24. Tim Carr dice:

    Google continues their longstanding tradition of launching a great product initially, and then killing it with “bugfix” releases that add more bugs than they fix, until the software is basically unusable. And then they relaunch a new version that works for a while, and the cycle repeats. Picture in Picture is broken this time, placing the PIP window off the bottom of the screen (unless you open a keyboard, and then the PIP window is placed over the top of the keyboard).

  25. I used to never think about the functionality because YouTube had always been awesome. Now I have the Pixel 3 XL and every time I open a video, I can’t see it because the screen is grayed out with a control panel. I have to actually hit the X to clear it and that moves the video to the end and then i have to spend 10 minutes dragging the slider to the right spot. It’s been like this since I got the phone in October. NOW OVER A YEAR LATER, 12/3/19, STILL NO IMPROVEMENT

  26. I’m giving it 3 stars mainly because everytime that I go to the app. The app itself turns all black. I have to force stop the app several times a day inorder for it to load properly. Video quality keeps reverting to 480 or 360. When I clearly have it set to 720. When trying to watch videos in landscape mode. It rotates back to portrait which is an annoyance.

  27. The last update had caused a lot of issues for me using an android, such as how the app functions when used in pop up, and any playlist you set to shuffle if you skip a video takes it off shuffle and just goes to the next song resting its order to how its set up normally rather than just playing the next song in the queue, if you have it in the minimized screen you can no longer skip ads. You have to open it back up skip the ad then reset to whatever you were doing before.

  28. The screen in screen, video plays while you do other things and listen/watch the video, is buggy. Will minimize, YouTube, but then will act buggy, can’t pause video, can’t move it to another location like I was able to before, can’t maximize video, all it does now is tries to hide near the bottom of my devices screen, or just disappears fully and I have to do so much just to get it to where I can back out of YouTube fully and then have to go back in just to watch a video. It sucks.

  29. Poor management decisions have lead to too many long unskipable adds, sometimes in the middle of a video that never had adds previously. The shorts program never works first try. I am just so sick of the new advertising policies. Edit: I now have a blacklist board for the company’s that show their add too many times, or if the add is exceptionally low quality.

  30. Granted, the majority of the videos I find/ watch can be good, however I always end up watching more ads than videos. Because who thought that it was a good idea to have two 15 second unskippable ads in videos? Its a waste of time and the most annyoing thing about this app. Like just the other day, I clicked to watch a couple of videos that were 7 seconds long, and I get a 15 second unskippable ad. This is ridiculous, stop forcing us to watch these ads and let us watch our videos.

  31. I haven’t seen anyone with this issue yet, but since the update, English subtitles are gone now on all videos, the auto-generated ones. Every other language works fine, but no English ones. Instead, near the end of a video a wall of text appears for a second or two. This is the entire English subtitles for the video appearing all at once, instead of “as you go”. What the hell happened?! I know nobody will even care, I’m just venting. I can no longer watch foreign videos.

  32. As everyone has I’ve always loved you. But quite frankly these advertisements that end up accidentally clicked and I have to go all the way back through my library just to get back to the song that I was on because you don’t offer the option of going back once you’ve accidentally clicked an ad terrible ruins the entire experience every time! I hope you can fix this because Pandora and Spotify are currently winning, shame on🤦‍♀️

  33. No audio controls for Shorts! Google owns YouTube yet as a Google Pixel user there’s no volume control in Shorts when trying to add music. This means I can’t add music to my Shorts. I’ve researched this extensively and what should be a standard feature just doesn’t exist. It seems like it’s buggy on other types of phones but there are at least workarounds. Yet, on a Google phone, there’s no way to control the volume. Please fix this ASAP!

  34. I’ll have two videos on my screen ( it doesn’t matter if it’s home or subscription). I’ll click the top one, and I’ve made sure not to press anywhere near the border, BUT it played the video below where i pressed. Sometimes, if I press on the bottom, IT STARTS A VIDEO OF SCREEN. It does this more often with ads than not, which is weird. I’m tired of not getting the video I selected, and it’s not just isolated to my phone. PS unskippable adds are getting more common sometimes double unskippable.

  35. It is appalling how billions use this app and how little it works properly. I have not been able to execute a single tiny action without literally fighting the apps ui. Literally have you guys even used your own app? Have you tried the remix feature? Desynchronized audio, icons overlapping one another preventing you from accessing them, constant glitches, its literally unusable half the time. Adding a song to a playlist should be a simple task, but no. I constantly have to fight the app.

  36. App has become buggy as hell in he last month or so. Constant freezing on my note 20 ultra. My phones trying to put it in deep sleep because its crashing so often. Especially trying to access the library tab where history and everything is. Sometimes it takes I really dont know how long to find that last video after a crash because I stop trying after 15mins or so. Then some random time later its working fine again. My phones a recent high end device in good shape. Hope they fix soon

  37. Absolutely disgusting, the only reason anybody uses it anymore is because there’s no better alternative. Forces unneeded updates on people, like ruining the whole layout and everything that made youtube iconic, while ignoring real issues such as the scroll on mobile (the main thing people use to watch) comstantly going up when you touch the screen, launching the reccomended videos back to the top, or how half the time when you touch the screen it doesn’t respond, forcing you to restart the app.

  38. This app is so bad on mobile. Watch YT all the time on my TV, but the app on my phone is very different. First, most of what gets shown to me is not videos. It is other stuff like posts and and shorts. The few videos that do get presented as suggestions to me seem to be completely different than what is shown in the TV and not in a good way. Really have to be desperate to fire it up on mobile.

  39. Regular content is great, incredibly entertaining, and user friendly. It is easy to find content from your favorite creators to watch or find new ones. Shorts just plays the same videos over and over again regardless if I dislike them or block the creator. The algorithm is sensitive and will completely change your preferences for watching a video for too long. I have just watched the same seven videos 3 times in a row, and they weren’t even reposts. Not main feature, stop pushing it. Good app 🙃

  40. One of the best updates I’ve ever seen or you can zoom in on the window now and scroll around and not have to hunt for the pause or play button. Yes I am very happy with this it serves many purposes especially when you can’t read something and you need it a little bit bigger or they got a person in the background talking and you need to see them a little bit closer, it helps, thank you.

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