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Video face editor to retouch body and face tune edit, enhance selfie beauty.
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Looking for a handy body video editor and face video editor? PrettyUp is a good choice for you! Not only adjust face and body in photo, but also retouch video easily. Just a few clicks and get face tuned or body enhanced. Even without any photo retouch or video edit skill, you can naturally smooth skin, remove wrinkles and whiten teeth to glam up your selfies. Slim waist, enhance body and get longer legs also become possible with the magical body reshaper. In your vlog, amazing filters and makeup effects are prepared for you, helping you get more likes on social media. Just download and give it a try, you won’t regret it.

As a powerful video body enhancer, PrettyUp can edit multiple faces and bodies. You can choose and adjust more than one face or body in the group. You can also edit video clips separately using segment editor to tune different parts of video. Automatically correct the distortion of camera, recover your true beauty and restore precious moment for you.

#Excellent video body editor
-Get slim & skinny is easy! Slim waist, legs and anywhere wanted with our great video slimmer app and skinny filter.
-Body tuner that helps stretch legs and look taller. Fit thighs and slim legs. A powerful legs editor and muscle editor won’t let you down.
-Tune a flat belly with stomach editor. No worry for wrong angle of camera.
-A wonderful photo reshape app to enlarge body curve.
-Slim shoulder to look in skinny fit figure in slim video editor.

#Magical face retouch app
-Want to fix face swap video? Try perfect face retouch app to slim face. Liquefy face and get thin face with warp feature. Bring your face joy.
-Edit eyes and nose with eyes editor and nose editor. You are the beauty trend.
-With the lip plumper, any lipstick just fits you well! Looking good in a faceplay cosplay video.
-Darken your eyebrows to look elegant for video face editing.

#Beauty brightener and face tuner
-Using this amazing face app editor, create a makeover in your selfie video.
-Smooth skin and clear pimples and acne. A good portrait editor and photo smoother!
-Lighten the dark circles and eyebag under eyes. Erase nasolabial and wrinkles, help you look younger in camera 360° for perfect 365 days.
-Sparkling eyes in face editing app with eye brightener, you can be the star with the video beauty editor.
-Brighten your lips with teeth whitener, your smile always seems so sweet.

#Makeup camera app
-Trendy makeup style for you. Use airbrush, lipsticks, eye shadow, eyebrows, contour, eyelashes, foundation, eye color, blush and more to makeup.
-Photo face makeup editor HD. Youcam put on realistic virtual makeup.
-Touch up face easily and beautify makeup, looking like a celebrity in makeup photo editor.

#Reshape, remove and HD restore tools
-Professional picture fixer, fine-tune photo. Choose reference area to patch and remove.
-Touch retouch with blemish remover to eliminate unwanted objects in your portrait selfie.
-Useful tools to improve video quality. HD quality restore editor for photo and video.
-Video interpolation to smooth video. Looks great in slow motion.

#Skin tone changer and figure decoration
-Easy skin face changer can even the skin tone. Get a natural tan with the skin tuner and airbrush.
-Add six pack abs and clavicle stickers to make me thin. Without photo shop fix skill can do well.
-50+fashion tattoos to decorate body! Look cool in bikini.

#Selfie Filter and effect
-50+video beauty ins filters and Instagram and Tik Tok hitting dynamic effects for your selfie! Take pictures and post on Twitter or Facebook.
-AI avatar comic face effect to make creative photo.

Don’t be hesitated to level up your beauty! Everyone is born to be beautiful. Beauty cannot be scaled or standardized, it lies in our uniqueness and differences. Always be confident to show the best of you. Everyone can make their own master pieces using our easy photo and video editor. PrettyUp always be here to help you.


Added hair dye and smooth feature. Change hair color easily.
Added Conceal to Beauty. Naturally conceal and smooth skin.
Added Face Plump feature.
Added Collage feature. Import more than one photo and try on our aesthetic templates!
Resource updates: Added Christmas effects, makeup and background.


40 comentarios en "PrettyUp – Video Body Editor MOD"

  1. Great app if you could save your work. It let me save the first video just fine, but I’ve tried to save the second video (which is only a 16 second video) 8 times now. It gets to 91% saved and then shuts down! I paid $27 for lifetime use and I’m really regretting it. Hopefully posting in here will get me some help. If not for this issue, I would be really enjoying it!

  2. Very disappointed in this app. After paying for it, the videos I am trying to upload are glitching, losing pieces of its volume and freezing throughout major clips. This makes no sense. I updated the app, deleted all the videos and tried again and still the same things keeps occurring. Glitching, freezing and losing it’s volume on parts where I’m speaking. Highly disappointed and wants a refund!!!!!

  3. I seriously don’t understand how this has any good reviews at all… I’ve been on this app for a total of one day and have accomplished NOTHING.. contacted them and still NOTHING.. No matter how many times I edit a video it does not export/save.. It stays at 0% telling me not to leave the app.. I left it sitting there for 35 minutes and it still did nothing. I noticed that this issue has not been fixed since February of 2021 🙄

  4. Amie robl dice:

    Love this. I couldn’t find ANY other app that you can fix or enhance your body AND face (plus all the extra features like tattoos, abs..ect) on not just photos but effectively in VIDEOS! I love airbrush for photos but couldn’t do it for videos, but when I found this app, it’s like airbrush, but for videos too AND has many more features! I highly recommend this is you want to improve the way you appear in your photos and videos. You can look natural or go from average to supermodel! It’s great!:)

  5. This is one of the most amazing photo editor apps I’ve seen, and as for the body editor, you can’t get much better! Although I have no doubt the paid subscription is well worth it, even the basic, free membership offers enough to radically alter your photos. In only a couple of minutes, a selfie can be stylish, look crisp and professional, and can have you looking a BELIEVABLE 20-30 pounds lighter, in addition to knocking your cup size up one so flawlessly, it puts push-up bras to shame!

  6. App seems to work and have a multitude of functions. I just wish there were more filters for turning an image into art ie. Toon, drawing etc were better and more plentiful.

  7. Oscar Vel dice:

    Keep the good work. I wish they improve the HD quality; pictures look kind of “fake” by applying the effect; plus, it would be great if we could decide the intensity of such feature. Thanks!

  8. I don’t know what’s happened, I’ve had this app a year now and never had an issue, but suddenly, every time I try to save a video, the app crashes. My subscription is about to renew, and if this continues I’ll have to rethink paying for another year.

  9. The app is great. Affordable. Payed full time access. But, there is no chance to identify the body manually. That is upsetting. Would be good if you could add it.

  10. T Mill dice:

    NOT BAD… FOR PHOTOS Doesn’t work well on videos. It’s features aren’t very realistic, so its really just for adding small details at this point.

  11. CD Jay dice:

    Great app but for the past 10 days or so it keeps losing my licence. The help steps to recover just don’t work and I have to Uninstall and reinstall it several times to get it working again. Edit: it now loses my licence after the first use, after reactivating. This is making it unusable

  12. Great app it’s a app which has 0.1 % new features than perfect me app it Edits photo very well but it asks for premium in few features BTW I wanted to give 4 and a half but I am giving full cause there is no option 😉 this app is less mb in size !! Good app 👌 do install if needed but the only problem is ads too many ads show up but it’s fine 🙂

  13. There is a huge lag between the audio and video when shot using the camera of PrettyUp unfortunately. It’s too evident. Please fix it ASAP

  14. Good app, effects looks natural, but it is very expensive… There are a lot of things which i don’t use, and for a few effects, which were free a while ago now they are asking to buy a full version. Pfft, please… 🙄

  15. I edited a video even made sure to have an extra copy because last time I edited a video the original was gone and it did it again edited the video but the original has disappeared I’m not happy!!!

  16. Random dice:

    Unacceptable that this app constantly crashes. Fix it asap! It used to easily render 15 minute 4K content, now it struggles at 30 second 1080p, what happened?

  17. Very easy to use every feature is perfectly work editing is perfect but mostly editing features are pro plz add some more free editing features over all app is brilliant recommending ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. So far so good, and serves its purpose. I’m satisfied also that you can download the finish product without a watermark, that’s awesome!

  19. The app was working fantastic and then I got an update. Now it crashes and won’t complete any video I upload. I tried Uninstalling and installing again and it still continues.

  20. Miles B dice:

    Great but I have question due to an issue. I have the app on my iphone and works great I do 4K videos , but on my android devise why is it not allowing to do videos longer than 5min and in 4K I have paid for both on android and iphone so why does the android version not letting me do as much please.

  21. It’s ok.. Of all the things you can do with it it doesn’t help with double chin.. It really doesn’t change the face that much for what they’re charging

  22. Great Idea! but the makeup seems to only suit one face type . I do like the app just not going to pay for it . Thanks

  23. Capcut is free and can export 1080p. That said, PrettyUp seems more mature and the tools work better.

  24. I love this face app and the so many beautiful functions, its really amazing, and its doing really beautiful pictures. Great job on this app. God bless you all for your hard work in making this awesome app.

  25. Would have given this 5 stars a month ago. Now the app just closes out randomly and I can’t save anything. Will be cancelling my subscription if this isn’t rectified

  26. This App is so nice for video editing, specially makeup and beauty filter. Its so amazing. I recommend it to everyone , download it and enjoy.

  27. M. T. dice:

    Amazing app , for all your photos and video editing 👏 😀 Definitely worth the money and I will recommend it to anyone 👌 I’m going to be deleting my other apps and only use this awesome app 💯

  28. Love it! It retouches legs, waist and belly very well and it’s not possible to understand it in the video!! It also retouches breast but it’s not always flawless , so from time to time you can see something “strange” happening while you move, even though it’s not possible to understand what. If they can fix it, this app is absolutely amazing!!! But even as it is I totally recommend it!!

  29. Love this app. Does the job when i need it. I’ve had no confidence in pictures, and now i do.

  30. Pretty easy to use and the base functions get the job done

  31. Nicole dice:

    Crashes non stop. I can’t even edit a video since the update.

  32. Loving this it does everything. Easy to use and makes good looking videos.

  33. Charged 19.99 even though they offered 3 day trial it took the money straight away. Id like a refund please.

  34. It dont save the 30 seconds vedio! Dont waste your money.

  35. Zen dice:

    Used to work amazing. But after last update unable to export anything

  36. Very helpful and a great way to edit unliked pictures if ones self

  37. Cyphr dice:

    This is one of the best image and video editing apps out there. It was totally worth the lifetime purchase! Just love it! I hope the team will keep improving it further.

  38. It’s nice but it is slow when downloading the final video

  39. Liz Kliko dice:

    Exports don’t work in premium version. I just purchased the lifetime version only to realize that edits are cool but once I try to export the video (which is only 15 seconds long, only HD quality) – it freezes (waited over an hour, tried several times… Nothing). It’s a shame, because I really looked forward to my edits, and if doesn’t work on my Samsung s21+, I wonder if it will on older phones?

  40. I love this app it is easy to use and playful love how I am able to edit my pics best app so far

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