Web Video Caster Receiver MOD 2022


Receiver for the Web Video Caster mobile app
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Web Video Caster is the #1 mobile browser for casting videos to your TV. This is the receiver for Web Video Caster. You must installed the Web Video Caster mobile app to be able to use this receiver.

Cast videos, images and audio, live streams, IPTV, and more from the web browser on your mobile phone or tablet to your TV.

1.- Download Web Video Caster for iOS at https://apple.co/2RCUMwW or Android at http://bit.ly/2TAdv9Q

2.- Browse the web looking for videos you want to watch.

3.- Let Web Video Cast help you cast those videos to your TV.

4.- Enjoy! Please visit http://webvideocast.app for more information.


Support for subtitle vertical position.


40 comentarios en "Web Video Caster Receiver MOD 2022"

  1. S.P Panda dice:

    The app has a great ad blocker. I play videos on my Roku tv using this all the time. Also love the option where u can select to play from decive, allowing us to use any video player we want like MX player. Keep up the good work.

  2. Chris R dice:

    The best webcast app out of many I have tested. Keeps getting more stable with every update. Almost never disconnects mid stream anymore. Once you got your settings fine tuned, it plays every time. If not, a simple page refresh usually sorts it out, or maybe the site wants to play an ad first, but you have turned off casting of ads in the settings. I even tried pro on other web casting aps as well, but this one is the one where my purchase turned out to be an investment, continuously improving.

  3. Always a delay in starting, can’t control volume, can’t share externally, hard to initiate/setup & user has no control of wanting to browse additional videos

  4. Doesn’t even work, tells you on the tv to look for a code on the app but doesn’t have no such code or let you go into app just at the page where it tells your where to look for the code but there’s no way to get to the main page.

  5. This is the best app to watch movies you get to watch everything the only down side is you never know when they are going to add a new movie

  6. J dice:

    Works, and allows streams to use subtitles. However, I don’t like the stream menu. If you click enter on your remote it closes the entire stream. It also won’t load a new stream unless you back out of the app completely to re-load the same connection/invitation code (it doesn’t seem to remember your device on the receiver app).

  7. Hands down the best video cast to TV app out there. Use to disconnect midstream occasionally, but seems like the developers fixed that issue. May still do it from time to time, but it’s rare now. So grateful for this app & the developers hard work at making casting from phone to TV as convenient as possible.

  8. If you try to cast directly from the browser it’s a pain in the neck. Every time you touch your phone’s screen it thinks you’re trying to cast something and you get a pop-up that you have to clear. It does this over and over again. It’s not impossible to work around, but it’s damn frustrating.

  9. if this app is anything as good as web video caster pro then I’ll just leave it at five because that is my favorite app and I just downloaded this one and it looks like it’s by the same programmers

  10. Jon Inla dice:

    Hard to cast to New 55″ FireHDTV. This app SEEMS only one that works for my devices

  11. This app has worked great on all the other devices my friend has used this app on but my tablet won’t actually go fullscreen. I still see the system notification bar at the top when trying to watch things ad it is bright blue.

  12. Ruby dice:

    What code ? Where the code ? So complicated made me so aggressive, not really good for anxiety & stress health problem. Sorry but this is one of many apps that doesn’t fonctions, it becoming realistic download an app to trash in the bin later.

  13. Unfortunately, d/l’ng this was a waste. Of time. I could t even make it to get the “code”. I watched the tutorial & again NO joy. There is no place, like is depicted in the video. So, I hope those that are able to get the app to work, enjoy it.?????

  14. Ryan Moss dice:

    Use your app all the time. But I was just thinking that it would be nice if your device with the main web video caster app can see the other device with web video caster receiver and it just starts the video when you cast. Rather than having to open the web video caster receiver and connect your devices. Bubbleupnp has this so I guess I’ll just have to pay for their app and not use this one, for this convenience. Please give this a shot in a future update so I don’t have to do that. Thanks

  15. Man! Where do I begin….this app is the absolute best u can find ! The company’s customer response to ur emails r incredibly fast and they want to help u. This is hands down not a joke ,.the #1 casting , screen mirroring,app out …. I’ve been a premium member for yrs far smoother than all other streaming apps and there’s precise settings to get ur device dialed In and connected to smart tv or dongle..once again Great job guys!! 👍 👍

  16. Very good app however this reciever won’t play video in full screen on tv instead it also shows the notification panel above which is distracting. I hope you guys can fix this issue.

  17. Phil Fox dice:

    Tons of drops since the most recent update. Used to be near 100% reliable even when native casting failed. 5-star when fixed for sure

  18. This is a great app I don’t buy a lot of apps but this is one of them! The free versions fine but once you’ve used it for a little while you’ll want the paid version

  19. Brightness and contrast control doesn’t work in this reciever… work properly fine in chromecast… kindly update this reciever doesn’t allow to brightness and contrast changes as per user preferences

  20. You have to uninstall and reinstall this app every time you get ready to use it and you have to do it several times before it will actually work!! It also cuts off in the middle of the video!! Good luck with this piece of junk!

  21. When i need to cast on tv, Everytime i need to connect. If the receiver remember connect using cookie, and next time it automatically connect. It would be better.

  22. Works flawless for me. Once in a while I have to close and reopen the app. Might be a cache issue. Other than that flawless

  23. This receiver application can not play 4k 60fps movies properly 1. Color without quality ۲. Lag when playing a movie But these videos are played in cast mode without the receiver application program with the best quality

  24. Please make an option so that we dont have to put in a code each time. a check box would be fine that tells the program that this is not a crowded network full of castable devices so that it receives from any device.

  25. Native player upscaling is horrendous. Poor choice for android tv. Useful as it works fine and supports subs but awful picture quality.

  26. Absolutely brilliant app love it ,I’ve been using Web video caster app for a couple of years I even payed for the pro features I was that impressed , there are many casting apps on the play store but this I by far the Best , well done to the dev team

  27. The app works nice however the subtitles are displayed so high up the screen blocking the content, please fix the subtitle positioning or better yet give us an option

  28. Thank you,Great app.I hope someday,this app well cast video from any device,without its app installed in phone,as a transmitter app,Ip camera too,i hope this cast reciever,can also capable of casting Ip cameras,Thank you.

  29. My android phone wouldn’t connect but it worked for my friend’s apple phone. The IP isn’t working when i input it on my phone.

  30. Connor Wu dice:

    I tried several times, I just can’t connect my phone, I entered the code, and my IP address, the two ways are not working.

  31. Just remeber this is the reciver app. You still need to download web video caster app in order for this one to work. But other than that yup the apps work

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  33. I know nothing about #1-ness but it doesn’t use standard AirPlay/MiraCast protocols, you’ll have to cast with their own app.

  34. Nice but everytime i need to connect with my phone. very badddddddd. And if there any option for auto open app if there in background.

  35. The only one that is really doing the job that you searched for. Casting subtittles to your tv.

  36. Dhanuka K dice:

    Please add video transition feature between playlist tracks if possible, or overlay a image at the end of every video

  37. M David dice:

    Terrible. Tells you to find a code. When you watch the tutorial, it tells you the code is a button on the app that doesn’t exist hahaha what is this?

  38. Streaming devices (Google chrome) is not showing up. Works on all other apps.

  39. Useless, both the phone and the TV want the code! At the same time. Sort it out guys.

  40. I haven’t used the sap in quite some time, but when I did it was almost every night after work. For all those hours of entertainment I give it five stars any day.

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