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Add date and time watermark to photos and videos
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Timestamp Camera can add timestamp watermark on camera in real time. Easy to take photos and videos.

● Add current time and location when recording videos or taking photos, you can change time format or select the location around easily. Timestamp Camera is the only App that can record video with the time watermark accurate to millisecond(0.001 second).
– Support 61 timestamp formats
– Support change font, font color, font size
– Support set timestamp in 7 positions: top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, center
– Support auto add location address and GPS
– Support change timestamp opacity and background
– Support add altitude and speed on camera

● Support display custom text and emoji on camera. For example, you can input “Good day at the zoo”
● Support display map, you can change the map scale, transparency, size, position
● Support display custom logo image on camera
● Support record video with or without audio
● Support “Battery saver mode”, the brightness of screen will be 0%~100% of normal when turn it on. Support double-tap to turn on the “Battery saver mode”
●Support turn off the shutter sound when shooting
● All of the time effects are real-time and can be used when taking photo or video
● Can change effect, toggle camera when recording
● Support portrait and landscape
● Support change resolution
● Support capture photo when recording
● Support save photo and video to SD card directly, enable it in the advance setting

Please mail us [email protected] if you have any problem or suggestions. Thank you.


- Support "Import tags from txt file"
- Display tags in order of selection
- Fix "UI is incorrect in dark mode on some phones"
- Show tip if the video format is not supported


40 comentarios en "Timestamp Camera Pro"

  1. Videos recorded through the app “jumps seconds”. I had this issue with the free version and considered that it would be resolved with the pro, however, the issue persists. Also, there are times when I select the red “record icon” and it remains depressed and does not record. It’s disappointing because, I use this for work and essentially need it. The concept is good but these issues undermine the brilliant idea 💡

  2. This app saved my job. It works perfectly. The only issue that I have noticed is when the signal is not that good or flat out bad it’ll show the last address that the place was used on the watermark of the photo or video and that’s sometimes, most of the times if there’s bad signal it won’t show GPS location which is fine. Other than that minor issue this app works great.

  3. Upvoted from 2 to 3⭐s: I use the app as a “dashcam” on my bicycle. Above all issues, still DESPERATELY needs video stabilization. Also, it seems to be producing videos that VLC won’t play, though not all of them. Only thing I can think of is maybe it’s that I changed the default video length to 10 minutes; shorter ones are OK, I think. Lastly, it seems to be making my phone hot; I get a heat warning when the app is running and no other time.

  4. A K dice:

    will not work with camera shutter button. turns off after shutter button goes in to power saving mode or if you switch the shutter device off. Also it would be really nice to have an option to save 1 min video if you’re conscientiously recording. So if you are using this app as a car camera dash cam it would be a great feature. will give this app a 5 stars once bug is fixed.

  5. After using the Pro App for several months I decided to try out the Send Email After Photo Taken option. After setting everything up, I get a pop up window that asks me to select the App that I want to use for Email. I select Gmail but I get an error message that says “Couldn’t Attach File”. The Email template is completed with everything that I previously entered, but the File has to be manually added to the email before it is sent. Auto Attachment of the file is not working.

  6. Rafael dice:

    As a private investigator I use this app extensively. It’s a phenomenal app. If I had any suggestions to make it would be to find a way for the app to make full use of all the camera functions available in the native camera app. Also, it could use better low light and video image stabilization capability.

  7. I use this app for taking geotagged photos that I can show on QGIS. This way I am able to create maps that show the direction and geographic coordinates of each photo. I totaly recommend this app for engineers, biologists, and any other professional that works on the field and needs to record what was seen.

  8. Great! But indicating wrong altitude; can’t remove the “speed” to separate from altitude; missing orientation lock for pictures, it always rotates landscape orientated camera in 90⁰.

  9. uniform72 dice:

    Love how this camera operates and documents with its superimposed time over the pictures. If you do Security, Law Enforcement or any work that requires accurate documentation of an event or the condition of an item/location… Then this is the app for you. I bought the paid version because of professional reasons, also it helps the developers make better products. I will be using this app forever. Very robust!

  10. Love the simple and straight forward camera app. Just what I need for site work. Can choose less file size and quality for daily site use and won’t use a lot of data and phone memory. But I hope there’s an option to choose what camera module to use to have clearer photos on my Galaxy S22 Ultra. Anyway this app is worth a buy.

  11. Best app, EVER! Import tags & click order works great! I can build filenames w/ tags instead of only custom text… Need {truly}{custom}{filenames} & .xcf GIMP image layers… Please reuse tag order code and write a custom file name builder… specifically looking for {customtext}_{tags}_{datetimestamp} order with custom field separators… Please tie the custom text field to speech-to-text microphone button to record audio/text field notes to each picture before snapping… Great update!

  12. Fantastic app, got the full version and works great. Use it for work photos that allows me to give easy reference for each. Highly recommend

  13. miker dice:

    probably the best at what it does. however I’d rate it full stars if it could be made to support galaxy fold flex mode.

  14. I take many photos as part of my work record – sometimes as many as 300 in a week. Any text I put in a picture can be searched for on my pc allowing me to easily sort and file them. The camera part of the app stopped working properly once after I pointed the camera at a very bright light source but a reload sorted that out. A good useful app.

  15. The ONLY camera you should use for evidential photography. Automatically watermarks date time and location and you can add logo too. Also free text option for more information before taking pics / vids. I use that for serious occurrences but take 30-50 pics a day. Only requests I have is option to add what 3 words as a location format. Edit: I have since discovered you can change the directory photos are saved in.

  16. A V dice:

    Highly recommend paying for the upgrade. This one app allows me to create a batch of photos that I send to a desktop folder and not only type in site info but also create a watermark, size it, adjust the transparency and also color code the text to easily separate daily photos from day to day, month to month. Very user-friendly.

  17. It is easy to use, takes very clear pics & videos! I never have trouble with Timestamp Pro- well worth the 4.99 to be able to document the meds i give and the food I cook!! The only minor problem (but it doesn’t bother me) is the address is just a little off. Since I’m not wanting my address out there, if i do post a Timestamp pic- it really isn’t a negative to me. All in all, I highly recommend this app!

  18. Used over the holidays. It was extremely easy to use. I love all the options available.

  19. Worth the extra for the pro version. I use this for documentation on fairly large projects. So being able to add a label is amazing, for example “Bldg #10, left side -3rd floor” then “click”. The taken picture has date, time, location and specifics. Saves me alot of hassle later on.

  20. A very good App.One important point ..please do not leave the location button activated on the default menu..it should be by default switched off. I spent 1 hour filming in bright sun light to find my location on every frame.In addition if you film any name plates the writing will be in reverse and you have to flip the frames when edditing. Improve these items and you will have one of the best apps

  21. Brilliant app, ideal for travel logs and blogs, journals and events, development is responsive and has regular updates but not for minor changes. I also like the fact that it allows live switching between front and back camera 📸, most don’t do that

  22. Kiat Som dice:

    Very useful of its function. All situations no matter it happen, I can find out and show to other people. For example, a car accident, before the surveyer comes to the place, the photoes can be showed all infomations, such as date, time, map attitude, name of the place, car speed will be shown only online with internet. Why not try and proof by yourself. Seeing is believing !

  23. Carl Hsu dice:

    Overall good performance and stable. Need to improve the UI so options and menus are not clustered. Please fix the millisecond clock so that the figures do not move while the clock is running. Thank you.

  24. Great app! Functional and affordable with many options for customizing the image. One of my favorites – easy to get a hang of, does what it’s supposed to, and doesn’t let all of the extra functionality get in the way of playing with your new app.

  25. Very slow to refresh GPS location and gets stuck at last location. Great feature being able to type in a personalized message, unfortunately standing in front of a someone’s door doing food delivery for a minute or two while trying to update the location as they glare at you as their food is getting cold is a no go.

  26. Hate this app. Never worked. Can’t choose photos. Emailed developer asking why I couldn’t get any photos to open to timestamp. He kept replying something about geocoding. I cared nothing about location, only the time. Should have been simple. Went back and forth three times in email. He never let go of the geocoding aspect. So frustrating. I bought this to take hundreds of property inspection photos. Bought another app that works. Bought pro to skip ridiculous issues. This app is trash.

  27. Audio falls out of sync with your lips if you switch the camera back from the oppisite side. Used this for a full day of shooting business promos videos only to find they were unusable b/c my lip movement & sound are not synced. I ended up with Bruce Lee movies…. after upgrading to pro vs. 🙁

  28. Does everything I need it to do. Bought Pro version so I could save pictures to different files that represent different job sites. Also enjoy being able to add free text to pictures. Helps further organize photos for work. Thanks!

  29. Appears to be a decent app, and if I could get anyone to help me resolve a few technical issues, I could give it 5 stars. But no answer from support. That’s not good, for a premium app.🧐 Documentation is sparse too. If I get the issues sorted, I’ll update. I really will. Do if I haven’t updated, assume support is still out to lunch.

  30. The best cam app that allows you to snap HD photos and videos with gps, altitude, velocity, and time/date stamp and with digital compass. However, it sometimes freezes, the developer should solve the issue.

  31. Love it! It recently stopped working and the message, “set parameter failed” kept showing up, so I emailed him. He responded the next day. The update now fixed it. Thanks for the great service and great camera app.

  32. Succinct app. Watermark GPS coordinates, name, time and date, compass on photos Andor custom text tags. Simple interface with tags menu, available on screen for quick change of watermarks. Good for onsite jobs; incident reporting and proof keeping. I work a security job. So it’s valuable. Pro version only costs approx. $8. Worth it.

  33. Great app to take pictures onsite. Can sort them out on widows with the text written manually in the timestamp. Only issue i have is that the widescreen camera of my Samsung s21+ is not being used in the app. Please developers, integrate the widescreen camera into the app it will be extremely helpful.

  34. Poor white balance renders the app useless. Cannot take a balanced picture as they are almost white out, no matter the setting. Camera used for permanent record must have clear detail, which is unattainable with the app.

  35. Tom S dice:

    Great app! I use it a lot to put dates times and locations on a picture. After using the free version for a while, I purchased the app to get additional features. Tom

  36. Great app but thought that maybe it would be enhanced by other options such as panoramic etc. Still a good app and seems to be pretty intuitive. If it were not for lack of other options, I would give this app six stars if possible.

  37. Jose Diaz dice:

    Well worth the money if you do Uber eats doordash or GrubHub. You can physically put in the tag before you even take the photo of whoever you are delivering for. Cover your a** sometimes the geo catch is a bit off when addresses are bunched to close together. In that case just take a picture of building number as well. If geocache is consistently off it’s not that app it’s your phone GPS

  38. Great for my job documenting incidents. Can the onscreen custom text button also add new custom text like the onscreen tag button does. going through the options during an incident is tough Also can we get an option to disable video entirely so it doesn’t change to video accidentally while trying to take pics. Could we get word wrap for tags please all tags go on one line can go off screen.

  39. Very good app. File name might be a bit long for stored photos, especially if stored in embedded folder structures. Developer is responsive and answered queries promptly. Thanks. Well worth paying for.

  40. This is awesome! I like that you can select where the placement of stamp will go as well as select if you want to add geo data

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