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FacePlay – AI art generator, one click takes you to the dream of the two-dimensional anime world!
AI technology will quickly generate digital works of art in seconds. FacePlay provides a wide range of art styles for you to choose from, such as pure mixed, sexy cat, cyberpunk, sports boy style and so on, as well as a variety of cartoon styles like devil, anime, romantic couple, etc. Take you to enjoy a tour of the ACG world!

「Anime animals」
Want to take your pet to the anime world? On FacePlay, your pet can be a comic character or human. Come and make a cartoon picture with your pet!

「Anime Play」
Whether it’s anime, sports, pure, sexy cat, cyberpunk or gentle, demon style, just upload a photo, AI would help you draw your own cartoon photo.

「Anime couple」
Not only self-portraits or pictures of your pets, you can also try using double comic SE with your partner or friend to get a beautiful anime photo and use it as your avatar or phone wallpaper.

FacePlay-AI face-replaced, to see one of you in the metaverse!
3000+ costume video templates let you play different characters and have a wonderful life. On FacePlay, to meet yourself in parallel world! Wedding templates, snow sights, 56 ethnic exotic customs, ancient Han clothing, the Chinese cheongsam, flower feary and spirit, romantic flower sea…… Whichever you like, you can make a face-changing video with one tab. You can also use a double template with your partner or friend.

【Couple photo】
One tab to generate Chinese or Western wedding HD video, it’s easy to make a wedding video which shows you and your idol with only one of your idol’s photos.

【Chinese Hanfu】
The beautiful Chinese Hanfu will take you to ancient times and dream of ancient costumes. You can also feel the romance of ancient beauty.

Terms of service: https://static-ai.s3.amazonaws.com/FacePlay/TermsOfService.html
Privacy Policy: https://static-ai.s3.amazonaws.com/FacePlay/PrivacyPolicy.html

Are there any features you would like to see in future versions of the application? Don’t hesitate to communicate with us by clicking “Settings” – “feedback” in FacePlay.


40 comentarios en "FacePlay – AI Art Generator FULL"

  1. This is cool and all. But it makes me pay for every feature/filter, even if I subscribe it makes me pay again to be able to use that features. There should at least be a 3 day free premium to let people test out the different kind of features before deciding to subscribe or not. There’s also the problem of the free features, when I input a pictures it created something way too different, like for example if I put a cat picture it would make a car. By far the worst app to download.

  2. X Z dice:

    Honestly, everything seems like it takes money to get- there are times where I don’t wanna subscribe or can’t afford it. Also, there’s not much access to “free” options. I remember when I first got the app, it felt pretty fun the things I could get and do, but now, I can’t do much without having to buy subscription. Not to mention it changes every few hours or two which is just weird.

  3. this app is such a scam, I got it to do a trend to put affects on my art. and EVERY. SINGLE. FEATURE. is unusable. as soon as you click on it the app shows you an add for the premium version, which costs money. and unless you buy the premium version you cannot use the feature. don’t get the app unless you want to spend almost 20 bucks on it every six months.

  4. Not the best,It was really great while it lasted but the paywall as someone who can pay for it is severely irritating, Less of it would be great. It was fine even with a few filters unlocked without needing an ad, But then it was closed off and I kinda just felt robbed. High quality pics tho if ur willing to pay for it. And limiting the amount you let us do just becomes a loophole

  5. The Ai system is super cool and it made some pretty awesome art pieces, but the premium stuff is very annoying. It seems like they also keep updating it and changing things around and now apparently you can only use it twice and then you have to pay for premium/VIP afterwards?? Like this app has a lot of potential but they’re so money hungry it’s ruining the experience 😮‍💨…. Like atleast give Ads to watch -.-

  6. Kit dice:

    So I have to say this is a good app the ai for it is absolutely amazing, however filters aside they put way too many things on premium. I feel as if for stuff they want on premium they should at least have a ads option for those whom don’t have the financial stability to afford their prices, and at least compromise with ads. Then have the ones for free ad free. Lovely ai, sad platform.

  7. When I first got it, a bunch of things were premium, but I didn’t mind it much and still had a lot of fun on the app with the free ones! But then suddenly I come back today and I can only do 3 images per day?? Everything is free now, which is great, but I want the old version back so I can mess around and have fun more.

  8. Jo jo dice:

    Do yourself a favor and use actual ai, this is just a cheap gimmick and for fun so don’t take the results as what ai can actually do. This is just a bunch of random templates to make things easier for those who don’t know how to use ai. If you use actual ai, you’d get far better results as you can tweak things. This app is comparable to slapping a new coat of paint on a picture.

  9. Pa Thao dice:

    Absolutely impossible to even start!!! My friend and family were all enjoying this app so I thought I’d give it a try as well… very disappointed. Once the app opens up, it takes repeated clicks for it to proceed to the next screen (subscription payment). On that subscription screen, it does the same thing (took one too many clicks) before the payment info for Google came up. I made that payment of $2.68/ per week, but that got me nowhere. I’m obviously uninstalling the app. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

  10. Nick Nick dice:

    The app is good, but at least try not to make almost all filters premium; it makes the person’s experience horrible, as I mean; by giving people some more filters to use instead of 3 or even fewer from different selections. I recommend at least making a free trial so people can have the opportunity to test out other filters. Having to constantly watch ads to see the results for some of the filters is ridiculous; try to make more filters accessible, will you?

  11. yuuta dice:

    It’s a fun app, not going to lie this could get addicting. But I could only subscribe weekly when I wanted to subscribe for the whole year. I tried to search different ways as to find a way to change my subscription and nothing turned up. Still stuck at the weekly subscription. If someone can explain or reach out with help, I would greatly appreciate it.

  12. Not very good. I think their technology is probably very new and under-tested. The software they use to identify and re-face their videos is not that effective. They could do a lot better. Saw those videos on Insta as good enough for me to be willing to download the app and pay for a weeks subscription just to TRY it. Not worth it. Half the videos didn’t even load and had error msgs!! I have cancelled my subscription. Been using Reface for over a year its so much better and u can use it for free

  13. Pretty cool where technology has taken us. I know that this is an Asian app and their facial features are the most adaptable for this sort of app, the only thing I would say is not good about this app is the lack of representation of body sizes and if somehow the generator could pick up of skin tone to be sure that the exposed skin on the rest of the body matches the face.

  14. I like the filters,but you can’t use almost anything for free. If you care about money so much,you could’ve just made only the app purchaseable,and then everything would be free. You’d have more income if you’d do that,because most of people won’t be paying such a high price monthly for some filters. You could also at least make a free version in which some filters were disabled. It’s like after your free 1 week trial ends,you have to pay all the time to use this app. You’re such extortioners.

  15. Zoe A. dice:

    At first, everything went great and very smoothly. Everything was fine I can make my arts into AI’s. But the next day when i tried to make another one and watched a ad in order to make one, the app said “Ad failed to load” so i was like “maybe i just need to wait for like a few minutes”, when i did it was still like that. I tried retrying several times but it wouldn’t work. I uninstalled and updated, it still didn’t work

  16. Got the app to mess around and once I get in, it explains NOTHING. It takes you to a screen begging for money, then you go to a page with other ppls photos (not actually but it’s meant to look that way), only to not be able to use the app untill you unpromptedly click on one of the photo examples which is aparentally how to use the app…? Even after that, when I FINALLY upload a photo it makes me watch an ad, wait for it to load, and then say “failed to load video”… it wasn’t even a video…

  17. At first it was fine, then all of the options that had previously been free were made into ‘premium’ filters. Now, they are free again, but there is a ‘daily usage limit’, which wouldn’t be too bad, except for the fact that the limit is 2!! You can do 2 images a day, and that’s it! Terrible.

  18. The app is good, I don’t mind watching ads. But, every time the page updates, the filters that was free turns premium and it was very annoying. Buying premium is not worth it and I’m glad i didn’t. Also, there was no limit on how many pic do u want to change, but now there’s a limit. I don’t like the app but I don’t hate it either…

  19. Very outstanding app. The AI ability to seamlessly merge a face to a body and make it react and flow as if where the actual person, is quite impressive having sampled other app that don’t really hold up. And the fact that they allow you to view ads in place of forcing you to purchase, and though they only offer this on a select few, the quality is so top shelf, that it makes the decision to purchase a no brainier. Definitely 5 star all the way.

  20. This app is good, Overrall, there are many cool templates, but all of them are premium, you cant just make good pictures with free templates, they look bad, instead of just paying money for templates, put ads instead of paying money for it. If you want to make a Good app, just put these Premium templates unlockable by ads, very easy, not that hard.

  21. You get 1 star for having some free options and being kinda fun. You lose 3 stars for having a “free to use” button, that always says “failed to load ad” thus not allowing me to use the ‘free’ option. I even reinstalled the app to make sure the mistake wasn’t on my end. Also you lose the last 1 star for the extremely loud music thats blaring while saying “upgrade” because it is INCREDIBLY annoying.

  22. Neko Toca dice:

    It’s really easy to spot the flaws that are in this application. Specifically, there is so much pictures or photos that are premium which you need to pay for it and what happens if some of us don’t even have money or is not even allowed to spend? When I was experiencing this application I finally found one without needing any money, or premium, but you need to log in, but I’m fine with that. The problem is when I’m trying to log in it doesn’t let me, it just kept loading even tho my WiFi is fine

  23. I really like this app, it’s just that you have to play for a lot of the good filters. If it was possible to watch an add to gain access to the premium filters, I would totally rait this a 4 maybe even 5 stars. But overall FacePlay is a fun app and if you are a anime freak like me and you wanna see what you’d look like, this app is perfect for you!

  24. Para Came dice:

    While there is a lot of ads, they only show when I try to use one of the options, which is fair since it’s the payment. They aren’t intrusive either and it’s always my choice to watch the ad. With careful manipulation and by studying the AI’s patterns, I can easily create amazing artworks.

  25. Pretty good alternative to different dimension me. This app is really fun to use as I can turn some movie posters into an anime inspired poster that looks equally as cool. My only complaint is that the app locks off most features unless you pay a weekly/yearly membership which wouldn’t be a problem aside from the fact you only get a few free stuff whilst almost all is locked off to either a paywall or an add. That and it seems like this app has trouble recougnising guns in pictures.

  26. Time by time this app is no longer usable to change any face because it need to be premium which some people can’t afford (including me) For my suggestion can you add a permanent free options of face change so more people can use it?Ok at least the app is still working.finally after some time they’re permanent face changer with a good quality

  27. Needs to fix the crashing, when i try to select the image it crashes. It sometimes changes the race of people. Suggesting that people with no accounts should be able to use the app, the ones who have should have access to more AI’s. Overall i wasn’t able to use the app because it keeps crashing, i recently deleted lots of apps and files but it keeps crashing. Fix it please for old android users.

  28. Nate H dice:

    App works, sometimes. The reason my review is bad is because the app constantly bombards you with advertisement, or subscriptions, and doing 90% of anything in the app either forces you to watch an ad (and if it fails to load the image it’ll force you to watch another ad to do it again) or requires you to subscribe. Meaning it’s a money hungry app, honestly ruins it because if you don’t want to spend money, you’ll spend more than half your time using this app, watching ads.

  29. I just downloaded it today because my friends used some artwork for AI to recreate. So I downloaded it as well to try my own art, but everytime I do it keeps saying it can’t scan. Just, what the heck!? If it worked for others it should work for me as well but it didn’t. I don’t know why its acting up but can you please fix it so I wouldn’t have to keep pressing on it over and over again?

  30. although sometimes some of the filters cost the cool thing about it is if you come back on a different day they could be free to use. Like when I initially got it there were filters I wanted to use that I couldn’t, and when I came back the next day they were actually available while some of the other ones I had used the day before we’re pay to use now so they swap which ones you have to pay for around and I think it’s actually handy. Super good images 99.9999% of the time too.

  31. I enjoy this app, and like how each day it lets you sample a different filter for free or by watching a 30 second add. I am really disappointed that it doesn’t pick up skin color though, and no matter what everyone becomes light pigmented. POC should be able to see themselves in anime form in their own skin tone too. If you can update that feature, I’d give it a solid 5 stars.

  32. The way this app is managed is awful. The free version has basically nothing, but it’s still constantly changing making it unpredictable. Simple sollution: Free rotation done right: once a week at a time we already know, have 5 filters selected randomly to be free for the week. Filter the filters: Let users filter effects by whether they are free for the week or require premium More premium options: Add a 3rd option for premium subs. Not as short as a week but also not as long as 6 months.

  33. I really love this app to the creator of this app it’s such a wonderful concept but as now that you remove all the feature of having tour all over the world I might say that it was no longer good all I see was all indoors dancing and anime please bring back those outdoors and tourist activities like before it makes your app unique and superb

  34. Well, when I first installed it, I had good free options to choose from. I enjoyed it. Soon after a while the options that were free turned into premium. Im not about to waste money for just a little picture. Im willing to watch ads but not to pay weekly for this.

  35. App works nothing like advertised or shown in the examples. Result doesn’t resemble the picture I used at all in pose, angle, hair or eye color, clothing, background, etc. It’s like it didn’t even bother using the picture I gave and just threw a random image at me that was totally unrelated.

  36. I’ll give it about a 3, cause it’s unique in it’s own regard. But the amount of Ads is utter nonsense, and the limited amount of uses and restrictions for a day and not having premium is God awful. If you want us to enjoy this more, only put something worthy of the premium status on the premium (IE newer than what was already in the app) And make the rest Free to use, With Zero ads, cause it’s purpose of ads on the effect to remove the water mark, is fine enough. While not under premium. Please.

  37. Total Scam. The app says you can Unsubscribe at any time, but offers no such option before deleting your account. The better version being locked behind a pay wall, this company will take your credit card information, and not allow you to unsubscribe. I’m going to need feed back on this from the developers. I will be doing charge backs through my institution.

  38. The Filters were “Good” until you guys updated the app and turned those into “premium” features only. We are willing to watch the ads in exchange for each usage of those filters but the update made it inaccessible. You should put the “Watch Ad to use” option back because the Premium offers are not practical since not all of us are gonna use the app everyday, most of your users are merely here to try it out maybe for 3-10pictures.

  39. I like it. Simple and user friendly. Even sometimes the results are not good on some videos, but overall it is ok. But for the last update with comic content, it’s not interesting for me, because the results is absurd. I don’t like it. Please add more videos or pictures for couple.

  40. Cloud dice:

    This app is awful. Firstly, you have to pay to use the majority of the features. Secondly, the interface is laggy and not at all intuitive: virtually unusable. Thirdly, there is no tutorial on use. Finally, apps like these (AI art apps) steal artists’ art. They take art from online and use it without permission or credit. That’s theft. Sadly, most artists do not have the resources to sue. Don’t use this app, and don’t encourage for more to be made in its sickening image.

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